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Psalm Twentythree By Tim Ladwig,

  • Title: Psalm Twentythree
  • Author: Tim Ladwig
  • ISBN: 9780802851604
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Through poignant, heart warming images of an urban African American family, children experience the comfort and encouragement this favorite psalm still offersthe powerful message that they can rely on the Lord as they thread their way through the risk filled maze of daily life in the city.
    Psalm Twentythree Through poignant heart warming images of an urban African American family children experience the comfort and encouragement this favorite psalm still offersthe powerful message that they can rely on

    One thought on “Psalm Twentythree”

    1. This book is so beautifully illustrated and captures Psalm 23 perfectly Tim Ladwig s artwork is brilliant.

    2. Text is exclusively Psalm 23 This pastoral prayer is juxtaposed against scenes of urban family life Beautiful illustrations, kudos to Ladwig.

    3. Psalms 23 illustrates the day of a little boy who lives in a big city The little boy s situations correspond with the different verses of the psalm For instance, the little boy walks by what looks to be some rough characters gang members to the verse, Even though I walk through the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me Beautiful illustrations I especially like the stained glass window of Jesus where Jesus is not depicted as a blond, fair skinned man.

    4. Ladwig s full color paintings interpret the words of the Shepherd Psalm in the inner city world of an African American child Green pastures become the grass of the park Your rod and your staff become the stop sign of the school crossing guard The valley of the shadow of death is a scary street lined with thugs and aggressive dogs Not all pages have words, and children have to study the pictures, rich in detail, to find the story The lesson that God is there for them in their world will be clear [...]

    5. the two other women at my job saw this, sighed with that deep wow what a great book pleasure, and announced who was receiving this for a Christmas present A mother, a brother I think this might be the book I want to donate in honor of my mother that I like to do every year on her birthday I love how it expresses the grace in everyday life something I am apt to forget if not reminded and I love how it shows the loving grandparents raising the children A story brought to life via the wonderful ill [...]

    6. PreS upper elementary middle schoolThis is an amazing book It takes the text of the bible passage from Psalm 23 and puts it in an inner city setting The juxtaposition of the text with the joys and troubles of a real family in this case, African American, is just really amazing Published originally in 1993, then again in 2003 by Eerdmans In a very few cases, the people are a bit stiff, but mostly really well done acrylics or oil paints in strong colors.

    7. I just love how Tim Ladwig paints African American children in urban settings paralleling the message of beautiful Scripture passages I pause on each page and read the phrase while considering the painting very much like doing a centering prayer, but doing this with my 3 year old, too Psalm Twenty Three is just as colorful and calmly centering as Tim Ladwig s The Lord s Prayer.

    8. The 23rd Psalm narrates the day of an African American brother and sister as they get ready for school and walk to school and back again at the end of the day They are raised by their grandparents and live in an urban setting where shady characters hang out on the streets But they are buffeted by the love of their teachers, grandparents and God Lovingly portrayed with realistic paintings.

    9. One of the best children s books ever It is simply the 23rd Psalm, illustrated It shows 2 children who live in the ghetto, and shows their day as they walk to school in the morning, play, eat their meals and bathe and go to bed Simply put, but incredibly moving Makes me weep every time I read it.

    10. Through the words of this psalm and beautiful illustrations of African American children, this book shows the meaning and application of the scripture.I thought this book was so sweet and beautifully done.I might not read this aloud, but would definitely be one I would keep in my library.

    11. Great art and Ladwig has us rethink the way we see the Psalm by moving it from a rural setting to the city.

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