UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ¼ حرمة - by علي المقري Ali Al-Muqri

حرمة By علي المقري Ali Al-Muqri,

  • Title: حرمة
  • Author: علي المقري Ali Al-Muqri
  • ISBN: 9781855168541
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “حرمة”

    1. I reread the book, not something I do much but there were points I wanted to clarify in my own mind on exactly how Islam is taught to women in a conservative Muslim country such as Yemen The quotes are apparently quite real and not made up by the author Rather than paraphrase them, these are the quotes What do we gain from woman when we call on her to study at primary school, secondary school, or university Isn t it enough for her to study until she turns nine This is the age at which it is perm [...]

    2. What does it mean to be a women in a poor Muslim Country I really don t know and I can t pretend or imagine what it feels like to being women since I am man, but maybe it is different and strange how difference in gender can affect your world view and shape how you live your life which is ironic and tragic at same time.Well since I live in northern Somalia which is close to Yemen I guess I can describe and feel relate to the daily trouble women s face daily in their life from the ugly FGM tradit [...]

    3. From now on porn films are to be referred to as Cultural Movies This subject of this book is a burqa and niqab wearing very religious and sex starved Yemenite woman it is written by an Arab man Definitely a 5 star read and so is my friend, Ina Cawl s review which comes from an equally foreign perspective, that of an observant, erudite and kind hearted Sudanese man.

    4. A nameless female narrator from Yemen attempts to reconstruct her childhood and youth Her formerly communist brother, who became a radical Islamist Her scandalous sister who was allowed free rein because of her high paying job The sex tapes she and her friends watched in secret The fatwas that restricted every part of her life Her marriage to a jihadi.This psychologically complex book provides the insider woman s viewpoint of restrictive Islamist society, jihadis and terrorism More than that, it [...]

    5. At the outset there are some flaws in the narrative flow and structure of this novel, particularly its rushed second half but overall it did not take away from what is a fascinating look at the life of a young woman growing up in an Islamic household It certainly reminded me that underneath the clothing required by religion there is a woman as sensitive to issues of doubt and sexual experience as any other individual reaching sexual maturity.Hurma means someone to be sanctified and the unnamed h [...]

    6. It s soooo sick and twisted and disgusting this kindda books is the reason why I stopped reading Arabic literature for a while,,what the hell was he thinking when he wrote this,,no point what so ever and Arabic publishers,, please when you publish an erotic novel let us be notified on its cover because it s not cool discovering this mid reading.

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