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How Mirka Met a Meteorite By BarryDeutsch,

  • Title: How Mirka Met a Meteorite
  • Author: BarryDeutsch
  • ISBN: 9781419703980
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Mirka is back, and this time she takes on a misguided meteor who s been set in motion by the troll and turned into Mirka s twin by the witch Doppelganger Mirka is out to best the real girl Our heroine will have to beat her own other self in a three part challengeor be banished from Hereville
    How Mirka Met a Meteorite Mirka is back and this time she takes on a misguided meteor who s been set in motion by the troll and turned into Mirka s twin by the witch Doppelganger Mirka is out to best the real girl Our heroine

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    1. The last time I read a comic book, uh, I mean graphic novel in sophisticated fonts was ages ago when they were still simply called comic books I almost forgot how enjoyable they were until this cute book It s a witty, charming and really funny middle school story about Mirka, an 11 year old Jewish girl, her adventures and her explorations mostly of her identity The graphics are awesome and hilarious, I kept snorting in laughter Here s a preview I was surprisingly affected by Mirka s introspectio [...]

    2. This graphic novel wasn t in my tbr list, but when my sister handed this book to me this morning to pass it to my daughter ,as I was checking the coverI couldn t resist but look at the cute graphics that made me flip some pages until I was actually reading it already lol Surprisingly,It was an enjoyable read I loved the storyline cause it was charming and hilarious And though this is the second book from the Hereville series,you wouldn t mind not having read the first one,because this one s a s [...]

    3. A great follow up to the first volume I still love Mirka herself She s a character with a lot of fire, and though she can be a little self centered and has problems listening to and taking advice, her heart is often in the right place And her stepmother, Fruma, has really grown on me The story is kind of basic, but Deutsch has applied a lot of imagination to the specifics His troll looks like no other troll I ve ever seen I strongly suspect that the story was partly inspired by Stardust, but it [...]

    4. This is the second Hereville book, and I was relieved to see it s just as good as the first I m also glad that it answers some questions from the previous story while leaving some open Barry Deutsch is carefully crafting a story for us, and it s one that will take than one book to tell.In this volume, Mirka an Orthodox Jewish girl with a sword she won in battle and a rebellious streak a mile wide gets to have adventures and solve problems using her wits as well as her strength Readers get to [...]

    5. I m not a fan of graphic novels, and this book didn t change my opinion of them, although I liked it Charming and humorous, it seems a perfect little volume for kids in elementary and middle school It took me a couple of hours to finish, and I did have fun while reading the story It was original and funky, if a bit didactic, but I kept wondering if I might ve liked it , had it been written as text with a few illustrations I suppose some pictures enhanced the story The troll was definitely a bonu [...]

    6. My 10 year old managed to get her read in before me We both love Mirka, who is strong, and smart, and troublesome I really enjoy the way Deutsch shows the normality of Mirka s orthodox community, and how that influences the characters, but not exactly the plot This is some very grounded fantasy Go, Mirka, you flail about vigorously with your sword, girl.Library copy.

    7. Mirka and her siblings, a strange predicament, an interesting witch cameo, a nice not so evil step mother, a troll who s probably watched too many Woody Allen movies, some Yiddish, a meteor turned doppelganger, and some great problem solving how to keep Shabbat under difficult and fable y circumstances, how to beat a very talented meteor turned human ish in a contest I enjoyed this book I wish the witch would have been in here a little , and that I could relate to Mirka a little , but this is a [...]

    8. Thanks to Abrams and NetGalley I got a sneak peek at the sequel to Barry Deutsch s Hereville How Mirka Got Her Sword It should be noted that the advanced copy peek was pre color and still sketched at the end, so I cannot speak to the color throughout or any detailing toward the end, but I can say that it is drawn and formatted consistent to the first book that is good news, by the way Love the cover How Mirka Met a Meteorite picks up after the events in the first, unsurprisingly grounded So whil [...]

    9. ARC provided by NetGalleyAlthough the first volume of Mirka wasn t my favorite book of the year, I did find it interesting and was pleased to see a sequel was is coming out as Mirka provides a unique point of view to readers It s a different environment than most folks are accustomed to reading about it I know it was for me and I like that she s a strong female character.Mirka is back She s still a sword brandishing, monster fighting girld she s still grounded from her last adventure of sneaking [...]

    10. How Mirka Met A Meteorite from the Hereville series, is a riveting book written by the author Barry Duetsch This book is a graphic novel about a young orthodox Jewish girl named Mirka Mirka is all about fighting evil and becoming a hero, but she is faced with the biggest fight of all, against herself Mirka won a sword in the first book, and when she goes to collect it, the troll she won it from casts a meteorite to come and crush Earth Mirka runs to the witch that helped her defeat the troll and [...]

    11. Another cute volume about a young Orthodox Jewish girl having supernatural adventures in her home town and the adjoining woods What s cool about these books to me, beyond the obvious Women centered Jewish SFF , is that the plots aren t just modernized versions of familiar and therefore predictable folk tales, but completely new and unpredictable stories that nevertheless use the ethos of those old stories to resolve their conflicts.At the core, this one is about a supernatural double of the prot [...]

    12. This is book to in the Hereville graphic novel series and Mirka is just as dramatic as ever I really, really enjoyed this storyline Searching for her place at school and home, Mirka dives into mischief with a troll and a witch No good can come of this Mirka instead must face the reality of her dealings while connecting with her family and faith These could easily be very heady topics but Deutsch intertwines with storyline with humor, Jewish culture, bits of Yiddish and their translations and the [...]

    13. Yay for Mirka I m so happy to see the adventures of my favorite sword wielding, Orthodox Jewish comic book character continue Though I m not sure how much of a distinction that is the only competition that comes to mind is Judith in comic book versions of the Torah Thoughts on sequels I feel like the witch keeps hinting that eventually Mirka is going to struggle with her Judaism and come to the witch for guidance, but the comic books seems so positive about Orthodox Judaism that I m not sure whe [...]

    14. Story 5 starsArt 5 starsChildren s graphic novel with Orthodox Jewish characters and some fantasy elements thrown into the mix Characterization is superb Story line is interesting Very original series Art is above average.I ve never encountered a children s book that incorporates religion so well into the story The Jewish ness isn t just an incidental part of the characters to add some flavor it defines who the characters are The Jewish customs and culture are woven tightly into the plot as well [...]

    15. I got to see the Advanced Reader Copy at NetGalley Much of the artwork was unfinished which makes me looking forward even to October when I can finally see the finished copy Looking at the ARC is like looking into Barry s artistic process A sword, a troll, a meteorite, a magical transformation, a Mirka doppelganger, a contest that will have a winner d a loser who will have to leave Hereville forever.A longer review to come with the finished project in October, but put this one on your reading r [...]

    16. I LOVE THESE BOOKS Not only is there a kick ass female character who s absolutely human not only is there reverence for old world culture and playful embracing of the new not only are there fantastically fresh voyages into magical realms not only are the relationships complicated and unexpected but there s ALSO deep faith permeating everything the world, the characters, and the PLOT, which I almost never see in any books, much less kids books BRILLIANT

    17. 4.5 stars As much as I enjoyed the first Hereville book, this second installment needs no laying of the groundwork that slowed down the first volume As such, How Mirka Met a Meteorite contains a compelling story with depth than the introductory volume Very eager to read the newest volume.

    18. This volume finds Mirka fighting a meteor who well I don t want to ruin it But I love this series for its depiction of religious people and a close family Honestly, this is a great series for anyone It isn t only Mirka who is the strong one in the family Different kinds of strength and intelligence are shown It s quite lovely.

    19. That meteorite turns out to be Mirka s double but not her EXACT double I think this second outing is little preachy than the prequel, with a closing slip into metafiction that s a shade coy It s still funny, sweet, scary and wonderful in many, many ways.

    20. I for one am not a huge fan of graphic novels because pricey but I saw this one at Booksale and I don t regret buying it I like Mirka and the creativity if the story The illustrations are superb and very colorful Will definitely be on the hunt for Book 1.

    21. As much fun, and with as much wisdom, as the first one I only didn t love it as much as the first one because I loved the first one beyond description.

    22. How would you like the witch to give you a twin one who is smarter, better, faster than you She s really nice, though she only wants half of Mirka s life Half her meals, half her classes, half her basketball games how will a nice Orthodox Jewish girl get her life back And what does it mean that Mirka doesn t like her better self very much Mirka starts the book with hating to knit just like last book Knitting will be pretty important, later just like last book.Playing chess with her step mother i [...]

    23. I kept seeing this book pop up on my lists as recommended It is definitely targeted at 10 year olds, but when I saw it at the library the other week, I picked it up anyway It is pretty high on the cute meter and it also had some really thoughtful themes that were presented in an approachable way While it is not Zita, it was still beautifully constructed and made me wish books like this had existed when I was 8 10.

    24. Another fun installment in the series I felt like this one had action plot and moved a little quicker than the last I know, I know, the first book has to set up everything , but also stuck to the message of figuring who you want to be and that you are your own best you Anyhow, as I said, a great Telgemeier read alike

    25. Character, spunk, pizzazz Hereville has all and some to spare It should be mandatory for all middle school libraries to have this graphic novel series in their collections Mirka is needed just as much as Hermione Granger, Matilda, and Katniss are Hereville is happy to be Hereville, rich and celebratory in its identity and existence, and does not need explain this to anyone Not only do these books portray Jewish customs and include Yiddish words and expressions, but they do so in marvelously fema [...]

    26. I really enjoy this series I like how impetuous and immature the young protagonist is and how much she is able to learn from these strange situations Her whole family of orthodox Jews have their own distinct places and personalities and the world they live in is in many ways different but in many ways just the same.I look forward to Enjoy

    27. A story for adults and kids alikeThe qurkiness of the story will make it entertaining for children and the symbolism that speaks to the human condition makes it inspiring for adults.Let me put it another way This story was inspiring than any motivational poster.

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