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Sad Desk Salad By Jessica Grose,

  • Title: Sad Desk Salad
  • Author: Jessica Grose
  • ISBN: 9780062188342
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • As a writer for Chick Habit, an increasingly popular women s website, Alex Lyons gets paid to be a bitch She s churning out several posts a day, and she saves her juiciest ones for blog prime time, when working women eat their sad desk salads in their offices Alex tells herself she s fulfilling her dream of being a professional writer so what if it means being glued toAs a writer for Chick Habit, an increasingly popular women s website, Alex Lyons gets paid to be a bitch She s churning out several posts a day, and she saves her juiciest ones for blog prime time, when working women eat their sad desk salads in their offices Alex tells herself she s fulfilling her dream of being a professional writer so what if it means being glued to her couch and her laptop from six a.m to six p.m scouring the web in search of the next big celebrity scandal Since Chick Habit s parent company keeps close tabs on page views, Alex knows her job is always at risk.So when an anonymous tipster sends her the year s most salacious story a politico s squeaky clean Ivy League daughter caught in a very R rated activity it s a no brainer But is Alex really willing to ruin the girl s life by igniting the next Internet feeding frenzy And what she doesn t yet realize is how this big scoop is about to send her own life spiraling out of control.
    Sad Desk Salad As a writer for Chick Habit an increasingly popular women s website Alex Lyons gets paid to be a bitch She s churning out several posts a day and she saves her juiciest ones for blog prime time wh

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    1. When you linger over the two star review option on this side, a little pop up appears that says, It was okay It was okay.This is the book I am afraid I would write if I tried to write a book A little too close to my own life, a little exciting than my own life, a little too expose y of my career, a little too this friend of mine from college, that friend of mine from college, this ex boyfriend, that ex boyfriend, this grown up realization that I am responsible for my actions, that grown up real [...]

    2. SAD DESK SALAD takes a snarky and impassioned look at American society through the eyes of Alex Lyons who has much to offer than just snarky wit and charm This tongue in cheek approach to the Internet way of life had me nearly in stitches at times, and at other times, I seriously questioned the sanity of our society I mean, many Americans literally live for the latest antics of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes and seek out the latest celebrity sex tape scandal like it s a ticket [...]

    3. This book made me feel about a hundred years old The whole way through I wanted to grab Alex by the shoulders, give her a good shake, and then tell her to a take a shower and WASH YOUR HAIR THIS TIME b eat some food that is not from the bodega across the street and c take off that goddamn muumuu and burn it I m not a mother, yet I felt like someone needed to tell this idiot what the basics of human care are Maybe you d be less of a psychotic freak if you got than a few hours of sleep at night I [...]

    4. The Good Stuff Delightfully wicked and fun Perfect for a day at the beach or for commuting Good character development and relevant to today s life Damn people get paid to blog cough cough somebody pay me please Actually makes you think about the moral dilemma involved what would I have done in the same situation do we have a right to intrude into the family of celebrities, etc Laugh out loud funny yet almost heart warming at times Nice to see realistic friendships between the characters Actually [...]

    5. I was very excited by the premise of this book An internet blogger dealing with the fallout of a post and how we aren t just anonymous and what we say and do even online has consequences That we can t or shouldn t separate who we are in the world from who we are online and think it is okay to do something morally ambiguous because its coming from a keyboard and not face to face All great ideas and could be thoughtful and insightful.However, Alex, the protagonist of this story, is a whiny self ab [...]

    6. 3.75 STARSAlex Lyons is a 25 year old living in New York City with her financier boyfriend, Peter If you think that sounds glamorous, well, it s not Alex is a writer for a infotainment blog called Chick Habit, and she is literally on the computer looking for her next post, every waking moment She is pretty snarky, but never thought she d done anything bad enough for someone to target her on a hate blog And things go from bad to worse when Alex posts a video of a celebrity daughter in a compromis [...]

    7. I m not quite sure how I came across SAD DESK SALAD, but I believe it involved shopping on many months ago while half asleep, mindlessly clicking and inevitably buying something I didn t mean to In my haze, I forgot to return it, and in the end found SAD DESK SALAD by Jessica Grose sitting on my Kindle as I browsed through After finishing HOW SHOULD A PERSON BE by Sheila Heti, honestly the written equivalent of the show Girls by the way, Lena Dunham is not the voice of my generation, so critics [...]

    8. Alex works for Chick Habit, a gossip blog Perk Alex gets to work at home Cons Alex can never go anywhere without her laptop Also the death threats are a major con You have to take the good with the bad when you write for a gossip blog Alex s day starts with her waking up early, chatting with her boss where her boss gives her four topics to choose form to write about on the news for the morning and then the rest of the day involves Alex writing fluff pieces about random topics This is when the mo [...]

    9. I received this book as an early copy from another website and of course, I had hoped to enjoy it and not be bored or irritated by it but I didn t expect that I would like it as much as I do.It was a great story There were times when I couldn t put it down It shows a life that I am not familiar with but I see from a distance I see those postings on Yahoo and other places but I never really thought about who would be writing them and why, where and how And how the writer might also be reading tho [...]

    10. I think that anyone who blogs will appreciate Alex s story for sure, especially those who blog professionally Internet and blogging ethics are still evolving and this book is a great commentary on the nebulous state of them today Also, the author worked at both Slate and Jezebel so I assume that Alex s story is fairly realistic as far as what it s like working as an online writer.Alex has to keep up on pop culture as part of her job and this book is full of pop culture references which was fun i [...]

    11. I don t quite remembering yelling take a shower or change your clothes quite so much at a fictional character before So, that was new More of a two and half star book interesting look at the rather cutthroat business of celebrity gossip via the internet but presented through a week in the life of someone who, aside from the before mentioned hygiene issues, is highly unlikable because she sits and thinks through all the reasons she shouldn t do something and then does it anyway That gets annoying [...]

    12. I waffle between 2 and 3 stars The book was not what I expected from the title, which is great, and what made me pick up the book I spent too much time being annoyed at the main character she suffered from the urban 20 something version of the romance novel trope of misunderstanding Also there were some odd occurences in the book that were intended as red herrings to the sort of mystery, but they were never explained.

    13. The title is what caught my eye first I too find salads eaten at one s desk to be unbearably tragic Then I saw the author s name and the fact that she is a former blogger for Gawker media, and a light bulb went on over my head she used to write for Jezebel She wrote a book based on Jezebel I opened it up and was hooked it s official this smart, funny book based on my favorite blog has me wanting

    14. This book about professional blogging was TOO REAL and made me anxious enough that I had to repeatedly remind myself that I never have to do that job again.

    15. Vapid, not a whole lot happened, and the title is a dumb phrase that appeared in the book but has absolutely no business being the title because it isn t related to anything important.

    16. This book was a gritty, urban chick lit where the heroine didn t always do the right thing and was sometimes unlikeable I liked it Alex grew as a character and we got to see her through those growing pains Don t get me wrong, I enjoy reading about sweet characters falling in love against a setting of cozy tea shops in small towns, but I do wish there were books like this in the genre like there used to be protagonist in the big city trying to find her way and getting a whole lot of lost along t [...]

    17. 2.5 stars Alex is a blogger for a website called Chick Habit that basically rounds up interesting news from around the web and summarizes it up along with snarky commentary the hits her posts receive, the happier her boss is and the likely she is to succeed at her job Posts about celebrities get hits and comments than ones about serious news, so she s glued to the computer, waiting for new scandals to hit so she can write about them She takes criticism from commenters on the blog really perso [...]

    18. ARC received through the First Reads program.I wish I could have given this book 2.5 stars, but since that is not possible I made the decision to round up after I realized how quickly I had zipped through the book It may not have been my favorite, but I definitely wanted to know what happens next.Sad Desk Salad chronicles a week in the life of Alex Lyons, a blogger for the gossip website Chick Habit From Monday to Thursday, Alex s life becomes progressively hectic, and on Friday it finally look [...]

    19. When I heard about Sad Desk Salad, I wasn t entirely sure if I wanted to read it I mean what kind of title is Sad Desk Salad However, despite finding the title just a little bit strange, I decided to go ahead and see exactly what the book was about and after reading it, although I still don t think the title sufficiently sums up the book, it IS a part of the book therefore, it works I thought the synopsis sounded excellent so when I saw it was on Edelweiss to request to review, I went ahead and [...]

    20. This sort of roman clef is about Alex Lyons, a 25 year old New Yorker who blogs for Chick Habit, a snarky women s website that closely resembled the real life Jezebel where Jessica Grose previously worked The book spans roughly 4 days, during which Alex suffers moral pangs after posting an incriminating video featuring the daughter of a Republican politician parenting advice author Under pressure to attract traffic to the website, Alex writes increasingly outrageous and unkind things, while simu [...]

    21. Chick Habit is a sponsored website where a group of women are paid to write what others refer to a gossip column, posting comments on contemporary social and cultural items of high interest throughout the entire day Their success depends on the number of hits they achieve each day for the advertisers and promoters, and the ceiling rises with time Alex Lyons works for this site, known as Chick Habit Alex works from home in a smelly mu mu and leaves the apartment only to get her lunch of the title [...]

    22. Taking us behind the scenes of the world in which author Jessica Grose has forged her career, Sad Desk Salad gives a lighthearted insight into modern day tabloid journalism Alex Lyons is a blogger for Chick Habit, an online zine site focusing on celebrity gossip, fashion, pithy social commentary and controversial opinion Responsible for publishing a dozen or posts a day, Alex obsessively browses through Twitter, Facebook, her RSS feeds and news sites for inspiration from her couch, churning out [...]

    23. Well, if you re reading this, you re connected online in some way reading blogs, surfing websites, tweeting, posting etc Now how much time do you spend online Alex Lyons, the main character in Jessica Grose s debut novel, Sad Desk Salad, spends a minimum of twelve hours a day online She s a writer for Chick Habit a women s website that skewers just about anything and everything When Alex receives an anonymous email with a link to a blockbuster scoop, she has to decide if her job is worth than h [...]

    24. I didn t not like this book, but it wasn t the best thing I ever read, either Alex Lyons is a writer for a website called Chick Habit, a kind of celebrity gossip site that also has some real news stories She had always dreamed of being a serious writer, but since jobs were scarce and she needed one, she has this one She works from the apartment that she shares with her boyfriend, but seldom leaves the apartment, since there are a certain number of stories that must be done on a certain deadline [...]

    25. The Deal For the last six months, Alex Lyons has been working for Chick Habit a up and coming blog that covers all sorts of women related things like celebrities and pop culture and though at first it seemed like a great opportunity, it s starting to drive her crazy.She spends her days glued to the computer iphone, showers only occasionally and has been wearing the same ugly muumuu every day of the summer so far And she has melt downs each time she gets hate mail Still, she can t seem to tear he [...]

    26. I usually enjoy light, funny, commiserating books aimed at females I won t call it chick lit, which sounds as stupid as ditzy rom com Unfortunately Sad Desk Salad did not live up to its cute title or its author s slick blogging cred I did get the requisite goopy thrill out of the quirky cast of characters, could relate to all the discussion about gossip blog culture, and was initially empathetic to the narrator s work related anxiety Beyond that, the book fell short as both a comedy and, as you [...]

    27. First off I have to say that I first heard about this book from Jennifer Weiner tweeting about it If Jennifer Weiner recommends a book, it s safe to say I will definitely want to read it Sad Desk Salad is a quick and fun read which explores what goes on behind the scenes of online blogging What makes it juicy is that part of it is blogging about the entertainment and celebrity worlds Right from the beginning Alex, the main character and narrator, sucked me in Over the course of a week, readers g [...]

    28. A sad desk salad is the lunchtime standby of the working woman that meal you consume at your desk either working or while surfing the net.Alex Lyons is one of four writers for Chick Habit, a popular website for women, where she is responsible for ten posts a day mostly salacious celebrity gossip and stories about those not so regular people that you might see on Jerry Springer She spends her days waiting for news feeds to drop stories interesting enough to write about and post to hit her work qu [...]

    29. When Alex Lyons said she wanted to be a writer, Chick Habit wasn t exactly what she had in mind Sure, it s fairly simple find a topic, write a scathing and bitchy piece pertaining to said topic, then sit back and let the hits begin But Alex doesn t necessarily like being known as a bitch In fact, for each mean post she generates, she worries herself sick And when a new hate blog aimed right at Chick Habit appears, Alex becomes a bit obsessed over who could be behind it The added stress of contin [...]

    30. ARC received through the First Reads program.Sad Desk Salad is a very funny book about a twenty something woman named Alex who writes for a gossip site called Chick Habit that is aimed at women The author, Jessica Grose, was formerly an editor at Jezebel It definitely shows I definitely recognize the commentor archetypes Grose s novel is humorous, but also captures the stress of the gossip blogger lifestyle I can t imagine being chained to my computer the way that Alex is The day I lug a laptop [...]

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