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Caresses diaboliques By Gaelen Foley,

  • Title: Caresses diaboliques
  • Author: Gaelen Foley
  • ISBN: 9782290037218
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • De retour Londres apr s deux ans d absence, le marquis de Rotherstone esp re r tablir la r putation de sa famille en pousant une demoiselle exemplaire et en fr quentant la haute soci t Quand on lui dresse la liste des jeunes c libataires, c est Daphn Starling qui retient son attention Le marquis ne peut r sister ses charmes, mais la jeune femme s inqui te Qui estDe retour Londres apr s deux ans d absence, le marquis de Rotherstone esp re r tablir la r putation de sa famille en pousant une demoiselle exemplaire et en fr quentant la haute soci t Quand on lui dresse la liste des jeunes c libataires, c est Daphn Starling qui retient son attention Le marquis ne peut r sister ses charmes, mais la jeune femme s inqui te Qui est il vraiment et quel est ce lieu secret qu il fr quente, surnomm l Inferno Club
    Caresses diaboliques De retour Londres apr s deux ans d absence le marquis de Rotherstone esp re r tablir la r putation de sa famille en pousant une demoiselle exemplaire et en fr quentant la haute soci t Quand on lui dr

    One thought on “Caresses diaboliques”

    1. Way too much stuff is tacked onto this story for me to go on I kind of like Daphne, though Foley lards on enough drama sauce for any ten story pies I mean orphans And a wicked stepmother And done wrong by a man And family newly in financial distress It s like a party with a live band, jello wrestling, acrobats, and a dancing bear Save some of that for the next story Gads.And she does the same thing to Max, only he doesn t have any charm or kindness or caring to draw me in He s just a super secr [...]

    2. Has the right ingredients, but unfortunately falls a little short 3.5 stars Setting London and Worcestershire, England, 1815My Wicked Marquess is the first book in Gaelen Foley s new series The Inferno Club Foley is generally a hit or miss author with me I absolutely loved Lord of Fire and Lord of Ice, Books 2 and 3 from her Knight Miscellany Series, however I had a lot of problems with The Duke the first Knight book and Prince Charming the last in her Ascension Trilogy they are two of the few H [...]

    3. There were some spots I loved and some spots I disliked, and too many spots that were just mediocre in this uneven beginning to this series Max, Lord Rotherstone, has just returned from his successful mission during Waterloo, and he is dead set on doing his duty by his title and making his family name respectable To do this, he asks his lawyer to draw up a list of potential brides who are beyond reproach The fifth name on the list, Daphne Starling, intrigues him because she has just rejected a [...]

    4. Started out great, and initially I really liked Max and Daphne They had great chemistry in the beginning But then the story itself didn t really go anywhere it was mostly laying out the good vs evil background story that will follow into other books It was interesting, but still not much happens And then Daphne started to become annoying, but not TSTL thankfully And it had a long, drawn out ending just to set up the next book In summary I loved the opening, started to get bored about halfway, an [...]

    5. San r m ilk defa bir Tarihi A k roman nda erkek karakterden ok kad n karaktere hayran kald m.Daphne sen nas l bir Krals n yahu Ana kurgu a r sa lam, romantizm dozunda, karakterler muazzam zellikle kad n karakterin hikayenin ba ndan sonuna kadar geli imi beni mest etti bee Kendi d ncelerini sonuna kadar kabul ettirebilen, gerekti inde hayat i in irkeflik yap p kurguya y n veren bir karakterimiz var ve erkek karakterimizin b t n hatalar n y z ne y z ne vurup adam yontmas kitap boyunca okumas en ze [...]

    6. 2.5While My Wicked Marquess has all the expected traits of a historical romance featuring a rogue and an almost perfect woman, this one has a couple of things added into the mix They may make or break the reading experience for a reader Personally, I found the origins and the mission of the Inferno Club interesting enough to continue with the series Yes, there is that pesky requirement of suspending your disbelief, but everyone knows that.I liked Rotherston Now, he may annoy a particular group o [...]

    7. This book was being given away by my local library, and I picked it up despite the godawful cover because, as a mortal human female, I am constitutionally incapable of passing by any novel with Marquess, Duke, or Earl in the title Besides, I thought, how bad can it be Mmm Yes About that My Wicked Marquess REALLY IS THAT BAD To take one of many demonstrative instances from the opening pages our heroine Daphne, we are informed, takes a special interest in the plight of orphans, because she is one [...]

    8. Bu kadar ok sevece imi bilseydim san r m elime ald m o ilk anda yar m b rak p k eye kald rmazd m Ba lang i in dura an olduysa da ilk y z sayfa sonras nda kitap hareket kazanarak soluksuz ilerlemeye ba lad Bol aksiyonlu, eksik olmayan gizemi, bitmeyen s rlar yla merak unsuru hep artt Kitap Waterloo Sava ndan sonras n anlat yor Y l 1815 Tarihi a k romanlar nda genele s k a rastlanan soylu beyfendilerin bir kul be yeli i bu kitapta da var Cehennem Kul b d ar dan bir g zle ahlaks zlar kul b olarak g [...]

    9. I really REALLY want to give this five stars because it was a really enjoyable fun read and well written Loved the set up and loved the Inferno Club members The love story in this was really sweet and nicely done, had a lot of passion which I wasn t expecting and is why I loved it all the I just had some problems with the heroine in this.This is the first book in the Inferno Club series The Marquess of Rotherstone, Max is a leading member of the Inferno Club He s decided it s time to settle dow [...]

    10. Classic case of ok writing but no story to tell I didn t mind the writing at all Foley has her way with words I have read writers whose eloquence really amazes me Foley isn t one of them but she is definitely not a bad writer But this book is a bit thin in the plots for me Too much spy business with all the spy men yeah that s what I call them lol I had trouble keeping all the male names straight The good men, the bad men, it is raining men, man Then relationship development was hardly original [...]

    11. I was excited about this one because I could tell from the start the main characters weren t the run of the mill characters The hero and heroine were two socially conscious rebels in a time when the ton is preoccupied with material things and outward appearances In fact, they seemed to be too perfect and selfless, but I knew Max and Daphne s flaws would soon show.Max St Alban, the Marquess of Rotherstone, had returned to the ton after years as an agent for a governmental agency that doesn t exis [...]

    12. I ve given this a C for narration and a D for content at AudioGals.My Wicked Marquess is the first book in Gaelen Foley s Inferno Club series, and having enjoyed reading some of the later books, I was pleased to see this appear in audio format Annette Chown is a new to me narrator and from reading an interview with her posted on Ms Foley s website, it seems she s fairly new to the world of audiobook narration, too , but I like to give new narrators a chance everyone has to start somewhere, after [...]

    13. Nope, not for me The info dump slowed the story down too much for my taste And I didn t like the alternating his her viewpoint chapters either.May or may not continue with the next book in this series The stories themselves sound interesting enough I just didn t appreciate what I read in the telling of this one.

    14. This is the absolute hardest book I ve ever had to rate, because I really loved our hero, Max, I liked the plot, but I hated our heroine Daphne.I went from wanting to like her, to trying to like her, to not liking her, to downright hating her at one point.She doesn t really do anything wrong, per say When we first meet Daphne, she is helping out orphans Our hero Max is in a secret society that battles evil He is in the Order of St Michael, they are the Council of Prometheus he is basically James [...]

    15. Me gusta mucho c mo empieza y la qu mica que tienen los protagonistas, pero no tanto el desarrollo de su historia A n as es un libro bastante recomendable.

    16. My first full review in months Sorry about the lack of proper reviews but I have of course been adding status updates.So I discovered Gaelen Foley just recently with Princess which bagged a spot on my favourites shelf Of course I m now trying to read every book of hers I can get my hands on This one was my second book by her, currently I m on my third My Dangerous Duke.My Wicked Marquess was another fabulous effort by Gaelen Foley and she has truly cemented her status as my author of the moment [...]

    17. The Wicked Marquess is the first book in The Inferno Club series by Gaelen Foley I haven t read anything by this author before, and have only read a handful of historical romances, so didn t know what do expect What I got was a delicious, passionate romance combined with intrigue and suspense.The Inferno Club on the outside is a scandalous club where rich men of society go, and ladies of society do not as it s full of wantonness and depravity But this is only a disguise of course, for what reall [...]

    18. 3,5Me sigue gustando c mo escribe esta autora, para mi un gran descubrimiento Hay cosillas me gustan y a la vez tambi n me desagrada sobre lo que escribe.Por ejemplo, no se corta ni un pelo haciendo desaparecer a personajes, no hago spolier, pero te presentan personajes, le da forma y luego te los quita.Por otro lado, me parece que crea muchos romances muy del tipo instalove , algo que a m no me va en algunas ocasiones Pero este instalove , avanza, de detiene, suceden hechos que no me gustan y l [...]

    19. 3.5 stars If all his years of wandering had taught him one thing, it was that the heart was its own place, its own country and for him, she was its queen There was nowhere else he d rather be than right here in the arms of the woman he trusted and loved, his mate, his wife, his angel I really, really enjoyed this It s not as addictive as the Knight Miscellany books, but I still really enjoyed the romance between Daphne and Max Max is a spy, so we have to deal with all the traits that come with a [...]

    20. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book This one s got 2 parts.Gaelen Foley is one of the authors who writes spy stories at its best After reading Lord of Fire, I can hardly doubt that, right But this book is nothing like that To me, it feels like a theatrical I seem to be laughing at places I have no business of laughing at all Does that make me boo boo in the head sThe whole theory and idea behind The Inferno Club St Micheal s Order is unbelievable bu [...]

    21. My Wicked Marquess is the first book in The Inferno Club series from Gaelen Foley Max St Albans, Marquess of Rotherstone has returned to England after Napoleon has been defeated Max is part of a top secret group called the Order of St Michael The Order is in a constant fight against the evil Promethean Council who want to take over Europe These two groups have been after each other for hundreds of years Max is now retired from the Order and has a new mission He must find the perfect woman to mar [...]

    22. This novel would have been better if the heroine had not been such an annoying whiny little brat She complained about every fucking thing The H was too good for her I almost gave up on this novel a couple times because I kept wanting to bitchslap the heroine It took her too long to stop behaving like an asshole I hate regency romances with heroines who act like they re from the 21st century The one good thing about the heroine was her dedication to the orphanage I loved the H though and the seco [...]

    23. Not bad, but not that great either I feel the chemistry between the two is missing something The word Love was thrown around a lot but I don t really get how they get there so quickly Sure, he finds someone who cares about his well being after getting in a brawl with a bunch of bad guys at the beginning while saving her , but I feel like that s what any normal person would do What if it was a guy who sent for help instead Would his heart skip and race because he s so overwhelmed by the fact that [...]

    24. Let me be clear THIS BOOK IS TERRIBLEIt only gets a bonus star for sparking two of the most hilarious conversations I have EVER had, and it only got two stars in the first place because I finished it, rather than throwing it across the room I still maintain that Gaelen Foley is paid by the word She has no idea what character development or pacing are Her prose is plodding, her dialogue simultaneously stilted and too modern And someone never got a lesson in showing as opposed to telling Our Hero [...]

    25. lk kitab n ard ndan kan bu kitab nda teredd tl yd m zira ilk kitab ok sevmemi tim ben hatta konusu bile akl mda kalmad Bir anlamda zincirleme etki ile okumaya karar verdi im bir kitap oldu ncelikle hem Neslihan a hem de Yumru ya te ekk r ediyorumKonusu gere i ok etkileyici bir hikaye olmasa da karakterleri ve yazar n onlar n i d nyas ile birlikte okuyucuya aktarma eklini sevdimMax n tutkusu, aresizli i ve a k beni etkilediBayan karakterde kimi yerlerinde beni bile bunaltan inat l n saymazsak key [...]

    26. Blech Don t bother I like romance but this was too cheesy, too two dimensional and a very thin and predictable plot Once the heroine had pouted and said that man it was pretty much all over for me The dialogue sadly didn t improve, and although I don t demand historical accuracy this really was pretty hopeless not about the wider background for example the stock market troubles following Waterloo are well documented but the way in which society worked and much of the language used by the charact [...]

    27. Bir ka olumsuz yorum okudu um i in kitab okumaktan vazge mi tim ama Neslihan c m n nerisi ile ba lad m ve iyi ki de okumu um.G zel bir hikayeydi ger i baz detaylar sizi yorabilir de ama erkek karakterin srarc l e lenceliydi.Birde nedense Clayton ile benzer y nleri var gibi geldi Bayan karakteri sevip sevemedi imi s yleyemeyece im,bazen erkek karakteri sinirlendirdi i gibi beni de sinir etti Konu olarak belki ok m kemmel de ildi ama s k lmadan okudu umu s yleyebilirim, zellikle yazar n son b l md [...]

    28. Yazari diger seriden ve orjinal olarak okumus biri olarak bu kitabin ceviri ve edit kismindan dolayi haketti i levelda olmadigini d n yorum Kaynamis guzelim kitap.Neyse kurgu saglama benziyor ordan kurtariyor ceviri ve edite ragmen Yoksa cok s k lm tim bir ara.

    29. uzun zamand r bir historical romance bu kadar severek okumad md.evet belirli yazarlar m varonlar her t rl harika ama bu ok farkl yd.vdim defalarca ilk c mleye bak p kapatm md r kitab P MANIM daha nce okumad ma

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