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Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room By Geoff Dyer,

  • Title: Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room
  • Author: Geoff Dyer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From a writer whose mastery encompasses fiction, criticism, and the fertile realm between the two, comes a new book that confirms his reputation for the unexpected.In Zona, Geoff Dyer attempts to unlock the mysteries of a film that has haunted him ever since he first saw it thirty years ago Andrei Tarkovsky s Stalker, widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all tiFrom a writer whose mastery encompasses fiction, criticism, and the fertile realm between the two, comes a new book that confirms his reputation for the unexpected.In Zona, Geoff Dyer attempts to unlock the mysteries of a film that has haunted him ever since he first saw it thirty years ago Andrei Tarkovsky s Stalker, widely regarded as one of the greatest films of all time Every single frame, declared Cate Blanchett, is burned into my retina As Dyer guides us into the zone of Tarkovsky s imagination, we realize that the film is only the entry point for a radically original investigation of the enduring questions of life, faith, and how to live.In a narrative that gives free rein to the brilliance of Dyer s distinctive voice acute observation, melancholy, comedy, lyricism, and occasional ill temper Zona takes us on a wonderfully unpredictable journey in which we try to fathom, and realize, our deepest wishes.Zona is one of the most unusual books ever written about film, and about how art whether a film by a Russian director or a book by one of our most gifted contemporary writers can shape the way we see the world and how we make our way through it.
    Zona A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room From a writer whose mastery encompasses fiction criticism and the fertile realm between the two comes a new book that confirms his reputation for the unexpected In Zona Geoff Dyer attempts to unlo

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    1. about 15 yrs ago, while working at kim s underground in nyc, i met the great russian poet yevgeny yevtushenko at the time i knew him only as the screenwriter of i am cuba so we dished on cinema i m pretty sure my snotty little fauxpunk former self convinced him to rent just one of the guys and he spoke for a bit about his friendship with andrei tarkovsky the highlight, of course, when he referred to tarkovsky as the saddest man i have ever met to put this statement in perspective, yevtushenko wa [...]

    2. Only encountered Tarkovsky s Stalker earlier this year, and while not prostrate with admiration the deliberate snail s pace caused my watching companion to doze off , the movie was captivating in a manner difficult to express, leading me to this magnificent pr cis, analysis, explication, and personal take from the conversational, erudite, impish, and serious novelist and essayist Geoff Dyer, who articulates the fascinating philosophical conundrums at the heart of the movie, while digressing in t [...]

    3. I love books about a single movie two recent corkers were Chain Saw Confidential and The Disaster Artist, both written by actors But those short love letter to my favourite film books are good too, like Withnail I and Meet Me in St Louis in the BFI Film Classics series In those kind of books you get to find out who was doing what with who to get the part Lucille Bremer as Judy s sister and who nearly got the part Shirley Temple for Dorothy in Wizard of Oz Of course and all that Hilarious So this [...]

    4. Here is a book about a movie No, let me rephrase that Here is a discursive, personal, digressive, long winding, breezy, ponderous, chatty, observant, essayistic commentary blog post of a book about a movie, Tarkovsky s Stalker It is about the movie in the most obvious sense it is a summary, nay, that s not it, like as Dyer would put it it is an expansion and a commentary of the movie, bit by bit reconstruction of every scene with running comments about the production footnoted , about the autho [...]

    5. Every blue moon, an artwork comes along that seems like it s aimed solely at you Something so specific to your particular interests that it s difficult to imagine an audience for it larger than one For me, that work is I m Not There, a movie about Bob Dylan minutiae that s structurally inspired by vintage Godard films On the surface, Zona looked like another one of those works A favorite writer devoting an entire book to my favorite film by the dauntingly arty Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky H [...]

    6. Stalker is astounding to me, as are most of Tarkovsky s films But reading this book is nearly the opposite experience of watching the film Stalker is a suspenseful, hypnotic experience Tarkovsky sustains a rich feeling of beauty and simple profundity, inspiring confidence in the viewer that he will not let you fall or waste your time by negating the trust built up between you The suspense of this book, on the other hand, lies in dreading the next inane observation or mundane association from the [...]

    7. What we have here is a triptych three linked works of art, one based on the other First there was Boris and Arkady Strugatsky s Roadside Picnic 1972 , perhaps the most memorable of their science fiction novels Then came Andrei Tarkovsky s film Stalker 1979 , ostensibly based on it and, in fact, employing the Strugatsky brothers as screenwriters Now there is Geoff Dyer s long essay entitled Zona A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room This last is in a genre by itself, an extended commentar [...]

    8. Over the RainbowThe premise of Zona is that there exists a Zone which houses a mystical room a room where your deepest desire will manifest That s the pared down version of Dyer s short book but Zona is the antithesis of pared It s lush with references to movies and books It also has philosophic and art and music highlights though not as numerous No one has a real name They have titles that refer to their functions Stalker, Writer and Professor are the main protagonists Ostensibly the book is an [...]

    9. Zona by Geoff Dyer is a curious little book Over thirty years ago Dyer first saw the film Stalker by the Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky Still fascinated by what he saw, he s written a book about the film which is a synopsis and interpretation of the narrative But that s just the start point because it s than just a movie to the author There s layered meaning, if not in the story itself, in the rich cornucopia of allusion it pulled from Dyer the viewer He uses its plot elements as referents t [...]

    10. I haven t read the book nevertheless, I started my preparation for reading it See below, how.I am indebted to Geoff Dyer, due to his recent first visit to Portugal and the interview he gave to the newspaper Publico 31st of May 2013.In it he spoke about several things the publication in Portuguese of Yoga for People Who Can t Be Bothered to Do It,its content.but also about Zona a sort of literary meditation The interview triggered all that follows,in the present text.Watching Tarkovsky s movie St [...]

    11. Zona is a puzzling book an engaging read with plenty of fun insights that ultimately felt shallow Dyer s thick description of Andrei Tarkovsky s Stalker is at its best when it demonstrates the film s expressive possibilities I enjoyed his speculations about character motives and symbolic meaning, as well as the few times he offered cinematic or historical context The book drags when Dyer talks about himself I wish I didn t know that he attends the Burning Man festival, which was one of a few per [...]

    12. Quick review I may write later I recommend this for anyone who s seen the movie Stalker a science fiction road trip by director Andrei Tarkovsky that s a modern classic of Russian film and for anyone who wants a glimpse into the mind of a true cinephile By true cinephile I mean not an aficionado of film, but a habitu of the cinema as a physical place, someone for whom cinema going is and, to the point, was an essential part of the movie consuming process The key thing that occurred to me as I [...]

    13. Better than three stars,but not quite four however I may change my mind in the future if I find this book has rattled around in my mind for a while The best way to read this book 1 Get the Dyer book, put on shelf 2 Scan the movie listing regularly to see when Tarkovsky s Stalker will be showing You really need to see the movie in a theatre, mostly so you can be held hostage for nearly three hours to the movie s pacing To watch it in your home, it would be too easy to pause it You really need to [...]

    14. very strange book, though not as strange as i d like it s basically dyer live blogging the experience of watching andrei tarkovksy s 1979 film stalker which is one of my favorite movies or used to be, back when i actually watched movies and didn t just stare at the interworld all day as he walks you through the movie, he has lots of thoughts, both about the movie and tarkovsky and the making of the film, and about his dyer s own life as a fan of the movie different times he s seen it, etc and ot [...]

    15. Dear Goodreader who has found their way to this review looking in hope as always for something to feed their soul, give me your time and I shall not disappoint But first what the hell, man This isn t a book, this is an inflated Guardian article Was I surprised or not, sad or glad to learn that parts had indeed appeared in The Guardian before Presumably with usage of the word Machiavellian evidence theguardian public leaeguardian football 2eguardian commentisfeguardian tv and rad I got this seco [...]

    16. Every adult understands that a book has the potential to outshine a film on the same subject matter For emotional and intellectual stimulation, my experience is that a book is almost invariably far superior to a film What then about about a book about a film written scene by scene Such a book is Zona , a slim tome on that later about the great Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky s Stalker , itself a film adaption of a book undermentioned in Zona Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.Stal [...]

    17. The struggle of Dyer s writing and perhaps his life has been to find out what he really wants His books are generally him viewing himself through the cognitive lens of other people s thoughts and art This time the focusing device is Tarkovsky s film, STALKER, which Dyer ruminates, is all about finding out what one really wants, and the perils that lie within and at the conclusion of such a quest One of Dyer s lightest writings, ZONA is just barely a book rather than an essay, due only to the she [...]

    18. This is one of the most original books I ve ever read in terms of its structure Only a genius like Dyer can pull this through to describe scene by scene Stalker, one of the most tedious films ever not in his view, of course and make this description captivating and universal Basically, Dyer uses the film as a mere device once again to address his usual, exciting, obsessions with the place of art in our lives, Rilke, timelessness of some geographical spaces, shabbiness of the human nature and abo [...]

    19. I caved in and read it mostly because I finally got around to watching Stalker, which, inspiring immediate and total adulation, left me bereft, as Tarkovsky neophyte, that it was so soon over when have 2 and half hours felt so short , and like any mourner needed to immediately replay it over in my mind s eye, or chew the cud of it as it were So I picked this up Dyer s ok as a film companion, sometimes managing to be genuinely witty and enlightening about the film and other tidbits, but his chatt [...]

    20. I won t read this because I love Stalker too much I read some of the first page and the line about the floorboards in the bar thinking made me cringe The book is contingent and unnecessary Watch Stalker yourself, and then write your own book At least see Stalker before reading this book if you must and then you won t need to You don t need any help with the film, and this book will spoil the experience It is a marvellous film, but Dyer is merely basking in its reflected glory.

    21. For me, a clear case for a five star rating It happens to be about one of my favourite films, but there s to it than that It s not a novel, in the conventional sense, but exactly the kind of novel I like to read Great style, brave disclosures, and numerous intersections between fiction and research into the real First time in a while that I ve slowed down reading a book because I wanted it to last longer.

    22. A wonderfully not serious book about the serious business of having your life changed by a film Great sense of humor combined with love for Tarkovsky and films in general, make this book a sincere and heartfelt testimony to the power of art.

    23. Incredibly erudite, but weirdly a straightforward description of the film Stalker, filled with entertaining digressions As a book, it is unlike the movie which plows ahead implacably Dyer is bringing no particular theory to bear which calls to mind Keynes comment Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist In this case, some defunct theorist But what he does also bring is his own life it s both a book [...]

    24. There was a fair amount of buzz surrounding this book when it was released back in February And I ve been itching to read this ever since It definitely lives up to the hype I ve read a few essays in various magazines and newspapers by Dyer but nothing of significant length, so reading this was a bit of a delight One trademark of Dyer is his attention to detail and this book is very much about details The premise of the book is straightforward and exactly what you would expect with that title It [...]

    25. Back in the 1980 s I used an iffy videotape to record a rare television showing of the classic films Solaris and Stalker by the Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky I didn t think I would want to keep them I certainly didn t expect that than twenty years later I would be watching Stalker while reading a book about it The author, Geoff Dyer, would not be impressed One cannot watch Stalker on TV for the simple reason that the Zone is cinema he says, it does not even exist on telly Zona reads like a [...]

    26. Dyer claims that a work of art that changes your DNA can only be experienced at a young age, typically in your teens or twenties and can not happen later in life That art for him is the 1979 cinematic sci fi masterpiece Stalker, directed and written by the legendary Russian Tarkovsky.I wasn t particularly interested in reading about the movie Stalker since I hadn t seen it, but when I picked Zona up in the bookstore I could not put it down.The influence of this film on Dyer is evident as he pass [...]

    27. Geoff Dyer has an openness to experience that finds the truth in what I might discard as debris, until, of course, his discourse reveals that its detail is intrinsic to any understanding Nothing is unexamined and, remarkably, the balls are all airborne the scholarly research, the history, the personal, the travelogue, the fantasies, the references none fall to the ground It s a display of criticism as art, proof that the source can often be a springboard for a new art born from art After reading [...]

    28. It is hard to quantify this book as it doesn t fall into any established category It is a dissection of a favorite film that digresses into personal detail so that the reader finds himself learning about Geoff Dyer than about Tarkovsky or The Stalker It wasn t love at first sighting, but Dyer found the film remained in his head, causing him to seek it out whenever it was showing and looking it up when visiting New York or London in this hopes it was on a screen somewhere A purist, Dyer is a man [...]

    29. Seeing Andrei Tarkovsky s 1977 film Stalker, where the eponymous guide leads his charges to a room in the wasteland called the Zone the aftermath of a meteor strike an alien visitation that promises to fulfill their innermost desires, is one of the handful of experiences that has changed my life forever Tarkovsky s slow and careful pacing that he called sculpting in time and the film s recognition of a human instinct to commune with the Unknowable make it profoundly moving The writer Geoff Dyer [...]

    30. Zona is indeed as its subtitle describes a book about a film about a journey to a room I would recommend it to film buffs, fans of the film Stalker or its director Andrei Tarkovsky, or fans of Geoff Dyer s The of these interests you have, the better.I hadn t seen Stalker before I started reading, but it didn t matter since much of the book is Dyer s detailed recollection of the film Not quite a perfect summary though For me, the heart of the book is in its numerous footnotes easily accessed at [...]

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