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Silent Weapons By David Mack,

  • Title: Silent Weapons
  • Author: David Mack
  • ISBN: 9781451650730
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • The second book in a new trilogy by the national bestselling author of Star Trek Destiny Three years after the disastrous final Borg Invasion, a bitter cold war against the Typhon Pact has pushed Starfleet s resources to the breaking point Now the rise of a dangerous new technology threatens to destroy the Federation from within Captain Jean Luc Picard and the EnterpriThe second book in a new trilogy by the national bestselling author of Star Trek Destiny Three years after the disastrous final Borg Invasion, a bitter cold war against the Typhon Pact has pushed Starfleet s resources to the breaking point Now the rise of a dangerous new technology threatens to destroy the Federation from within Captain Jean Luc Picard and the Enterprise crew answer a distress call, only to become targets in a deadly game of deception To protect a vital diplomatic mission, they must find a way to identify the spies hiding in their midst, before it s too late But Worf soon realizes the crew s every move has been predicted Someone is using them as pawns And the closer they get to exposing their enemy, the deeper they spiral into its trap
    Silent Weapons The second book in a new trilogy by the national bestselling author of Star Trek Destiny Three years after the disastrous final Borg Invasion a bitter cold war against the Typhon Pact has pushed Star

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    1. This is the second novel in the book event Cold Equations from Star Trek The Next Generation featuring the return of Data.OK, why so low rating to this second book in the event Precisely because my humble expectation was that this novel would present a story tied to the event and not using a cheap trick to make it appears as like it Sorry, but I didn t bite the bait On the first book, The Persistence of Memory, there is a forced small moment when a ship escapes with some Soong type androids from [...]

    2. The Romulans have a saying, Never turn your back on a Breen Silent Weapons is the sequel to not only the The Persistence of Memory but the Typhon Pact series David Mack is exceptionally good at spy fiction and this book is one of the better examples of it in the Star Trek setting The premise is Data is pursuing the mysterious Flint, the universe s greatest cyberneticist, in hopes of resurrecting his daughter Lal Along the way, he ends up on Orion and finds himself accused of murder Simultaneousl [...]

    3. The 2nd book in David Mack s Cold Equations trilogy Silent Weapons takes us 3 months beyond where we left off in The Persistence of Memory finds the Enterprise on a mission out of Starfleet s way Data making backroom deals on Orion looking for info on the one person who could help him find his mother When the Bank of Orion is robbed, Data becomes the prime suspect the Enterprise is summoned covertly away from their original mission to aid their missing officer From there we learn of Breen treac [...]

    4. I m reading this trilogy out of order, not having seen Book I, yet When I picked up this second of three, I thought I d glance at it, put it down, and search for Book I Alas, the writing and the plot grabbed me right away and the appearance of a totally unexpected character don t let me spoil it for you searching for an even unexpected character no, no, I don t want to spoil it for you sealed my fate I finished the book in one day Excited to find Book III and finish this captivating story can t [...]

    5. A sequel to The Persistence of Memory that does not require reading of that book to enjoy Data is captured on the Orion homeworld for murdering a Starfleet officer He is innocent, obviously, but why he is being considered suspect number one is what makes this book interesting Full of politics, but of the plans with plans variety, rather than the boring rote procedures, the Breen, Orion, Gorn, and Romulan all play a part in this book as one of these groups looks to strengthen their position with [...]

    6. Generally, I tend to think of these types of books exclusivity as professional fan fiction, and the type of book you pick up at the grocery or dollar store on a whim While I don t think this is the case in this series, I still wouldn t recommend this for anyone but earnest star trek fans who have at least seen all the movies But if any books I have seen in the tng series could breathe new life into the world, this trilogy can That being said, we join the Enterprise crew in an adventure that is w [...]

    7. Summary A Federation scout ship out in BFE discovers what appears to be an old Federation mining ship crashed on some desolate planet When they hail it, however, there is a flash of white light and the scout ship mysteriously vanishesThe Enterprise is off on some bullshit mission trying with futility to create the metaphasic radiation effect from TNG Insurrection in the inert rings of some random planet when Starfleet phones them up and tells them to go check out what happened to the missing sco [...]

    8. Great Star Trek political thriller.While a direct continuation of the events of book one, Silent Weapons was very different from the first book and a standalone adventure in many ways The politics of Trek take center stage as the Breen maneuver and manipulate major powers in the Alpha and Beta quadrants for their own devious ends Getting such an in depth look at the Breen society was definitely the best part of this novel The role of the Breen in Deep Space Nine was a minor one and their culture [...]

    9. Star Trek The Next Generation Cold Equations Silent Weapons by David Mack Plot While on a routine research mission, Geordi is contacted by Data who calls for help He got arrested on Orion for an attempted break in into their bank, one of the most secure buildings in the galaxy, and murder of an Starfleet Intelligence officer The evidence, the bank s sensor data indicating a Soong type android strongly suggests his involvement And so, the race is on to clear him and uncover what s really going on [...]

    10. The last time David Mack penned a Trek trilogy, billions upon billions died Destiny , the Borg were vanquished, and thousands of readers minds were blown by the intensity of it all Now he s at it again with Cold Equations, set in the era of the Typhon Pact A half score of the Federation s most chronic enemies have their own confederacy, and the two states have been engaged in a cold war of sorts for the last couple of years, vying for power through covert missions The Persistence of Memory opens [...]

    11. David D Murder Mack strikes again Reading his Star Trek work is engaging and frustrating at the same time It s engaging because he clearly understands the characters and writes a good story He also does his homework for the most part he does well with picking up from different authors and not blowing continuity by, say, using a character that a different Trek author killed off in a book that happened before his did.It s frustrating because he keeps killing off good characters, and as much as I w [...]

    12. Der Mittelteil von Davids Mack neuer Star Trek Trilogie ist wunderbar Eigentlich ist es ein Teil der Typhon Pact Serie mit dem wiederaufgestandenen Data im Mittelpunkt.Bekanntlich sind die Breen, ein Volk des, gegen die F rderation gerichteten, Typhon Pact B ndnisses, in den Besitz einiger Soong Androiden gelangt siehe Band 1 der Trilogie um die Kalte Berechnung Diese werden durch einige skrupellose Breen Politiker zu einer vermeintlichen Verschw rung ben tzt, um einen Krieg der F rderation gege [...]

    13. After thoroughly enjoying the first book in this series, I dived right into the second because the author did such a great job capturing the experience of being in the Trek world The world building and the characters were again amazing in this book there are so many details that bring everything to life perfectly The plot however was not as absorbing for me.There was a lot going on in this book, but it was all sort of a mystery until the very end as the author kept jumping to the actions of diff [...]

    14. I don t have much to say about this entry The main story it tells is nicely cohesive and rather compelling, although I have to admit that I m not terribly fond of the serialization of so many of the books that have come out in what I ve come to call the Post CBS Paramount Split Era Some of the earlier books in this ongoing series I didn t pay as close attention to when I was reading them as I could have, and now I find myself occasionally working hard to dredge up some memory of some event in a [...]

    15. David Mack introduced several different threads in the first installment of Cold Equations, one of them being the genesis for this second book After Starfleet was successful in destroying the Borg android factory, a handful of androids were still missing Now, the Enterprise is called back into action after Starfleet Intelligence arrests Data for the murder of an SI agent The Enterprise and her crew set out to prove Data innocent and in the process stumble onto a much larger mystery that threaten [...]

    16. Much like book 1, I felt this was decent to slightly above average, just kinda meh overall though The trilogy holds together as related only in so far as all the stories are about AI and involve Picard s Enterprise That s about it Not was I was expecting after the excellent Destiny crossover trilogy from Mack I found this book to be a bit lacking in explaining the motivations of some of the bad guys maybe it would be clearer if I was 100% up to date with the other Typhon Pact novels, or maybe it [...]

    17. For me this book dragged slightly at times I m not all that interested in hearing how the Breen and the Gorn and even the Romulans feel about things, when I read Next Gen literature I want to be swamped by the main characters from the show and feel cheated if there are large sections or chapters without them but it was worth it in the end A lot of the political stuff was boring as hell but I loved all of the interaction between Crusher Picard why is she still called Crusher She s clearly not aga [...]

    18. Well done David Mack This novel has it all Mystery, suspense, action, adventure, sci fi, intrigue, and Data Oh yeah, Data is back and in full force in this installment However this is less a sequel to the events of the previous book as it is a separate, but albeit, awesome story that reintroduces us to Mister Data and how he has grown accustomed to the new body his father bequeathed him.The complete cast returns and is thrown into all types of situations that challenges the crew of the Enterpris [...]

    19. I m a big lover of Star Trek books, and a big lover of Star Trek books by David Mack Mack has an energy and way with his words that keeps me flipping the pages, reading for hours on end The Cold Equations trilogy, though, has been disappointing so far I found the first book largely followed a character I dislike and, though Mack did a fine job of it, I had trouble getting into it By the time I reached the end of that book, I had trouble garnering the enthusiasm I normally hold for a book.This on [...]

    20. Not bad, but felt a bit drawn out.The character of mrhov bothers me a bit Her attitude seems reckless, violent, and even a bit at odds with Gene Roddenberry s vision of humans I haven t read all of the previous novels, so this may have already been established, but it seemed bothersome in this one in any case The Starfleet she s representing here seems like a violent police state with no cares for individual rights, and that disturbs me.It also seemed as if some of the main cast especially Worf [...]

    21. Quite an enigma It s supposed to be the second volume in a trilogy The first book in the trilogy told an intriguing story that was left partially unresolved, so we anticipate resolution here The first chapter of this book indeed appears to continue that story, but then it diverts into a side story This side story continues for the entirety of the book and has nothing to do with the original story Finally in the epilogue the narrative returns to the story that we actually came for Very frustratin [...]

    22. Unlike the first and I understand, the third volume in this trilogy, Silent Weapons focuses on Trek headline characters in the books regular continuity of the cold war with the Typhon Pact There s a Breen plot in motion, and it may be entangled with a secret summit meeting Only somebody being in the wrong place at the wrong time starts the plot unwindingIt s a solid enough story, but when your characters than once describe the plot as excessively convoluted, you re missing the mark somehow The [...]

    23. If anyone follows my reviews of Star Trek books, you ll know that what I love the most is when the story connects to the Trek verse at larger and especially in this current series when it progresses the Typhon Pact storyline This book really delivers on that The political intrigue in this book is insane and I love it The way it ends is even better since it really shows some of the inner workings of the governments within the Pact and how the nations of the Pact work with each other In particular [...]

    24. I would rate this as 2 1 2 stars, actually The second book in the Cold Equations series, Silent Weapons takes the reader back to the Enterprise and then to the planet Orion, where the Federation and the Gorn are holding a summit And then, basically, everybody starts overreacting Worf is overreacting Crusher is overreacting And then ludicrous things happen An innocent bystander just happens to be in the right place at the right time to provide La Forge and another officer with critical informatio [...]

    25. This was book 2 in the trilogy and author David Mack doesn t let up Giving us the surprising twist that android creator Noonien Soong was still alive in the previous book, we focus now on the implications of the Breen and how they are attempting to control the Typhon Pact The Enterprise crew is drawn into the fray after an old friend requests their help, only to discover that they are in the middle of a political situation that no one expected Suffice to say, things are looking grim.This is not [...]

    26. I m so glad I stuck with the trilogy because I loved this book This was a full on Star Trek mystery novel, which doesn t happen nearly enough for my tastes.I m also really enjoy this new Data I ve never been a fan of Data and his endless naivety you d think he d eventually learn something Data 2.0 is the Data I always wanted him to be like Crusher got on my nerves in this book Her endless worrying and fretting often bugged me in other things Picard retiring Blergh What s the point to go on Then [...]

    27. I guess I might be a little bit biased David Mack is my favorite Star Trek author but once again in he has delivered I didn t enjoy this book quite as much as the first one is the series, Persistence of Memory Only because at times there was so much going on bute way everything comes together at the end is awesome It left me super excited to read the next book in the series not only as I mentioned is David Mack my favorite Star Trek author He s just an all around great storyteller If you re not [...]

    28. A fun read It s obvious some major changes are coming at the end of this trilogy, just not sure how much I will like it.Picard is being set up for retirement and not an admiral promotion it seems for some reasons and Worf s leaderships is and explored.I though that the Breen plot was kinda of far fetched especially at the end there However, Picard use what made me loved him in the TV series, his superior intellect to deduce the plot.Although, I agreed that change is good, I really hope that, D [...]

    29. This is a very well written book with an interesting plot that manages to engage the reader s curiosity by hinting at the chess game being played by the Breen without giving away enough to spoil the surprise And what s even better, this miniseries seems to do what so few trilogies manage it continues sub plots from one book to another, while keeping the main plotline complete within a book, so that while there may be a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the book, and certainly, this book builds [...]

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