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The Lovesick Cure By Pamela Morsi,

  • Title: The Lovesick Cure
  • Author: Pamela Morsi
  • ISBN: 9780778313762
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • For Jesse Winsloe, the answer is clear head into hiding Single again and laid off from work, Jesse flees to Onery Cabin to lick her wounds with her ancient aunt Will a Granny woman with the secret to healing the lovelorn.Sure, Onery Cabin may be right out of Hollywood s Lifestyles of the Poor and Hillbilly, but Marrying Stone Mountain has its charm including the local phFor Jesse Winsloe, the answer is clear head into hiding Single again and laid off from work, Jesse flees to Onery Cabin to lick her wounds with her ancient aunt Will a Granny woman with the secret to healing the lovelorn.Sure, Onery Cabin may be right out of Hollywood s Lifestyles of the Poor and Hillbilly, but Marrying Stone Mountain has its charm including the local physician s assistant, Piney Baxley, a past recipient of Aunt Will s pungent heartbreak poultice Between folk remedies and a no strings attached romance, Jesse is beginning to think she s found her own brand of lovesick cure because there s nothing like a pinch of confidence and a dash of attraction to mend a broken heart.
    The Lovesick Cure For Jesse Winsloe the answer is clear head into hiding Single again and laid off from work Jesse flees to Onery Cabin to lick her wounds with her ancient aunt Will a Granny woman with the secret to

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    1. We can t have sex in Aunt Will s rocking chair, Jesse declared Absolutely not, Piney agreed, solemnly Totally inappropriate What would you think about bending over the kitchen table When Jesse Winsloe loses her job as an earth sciences teacher and her fianc to another woman, she heads to the small town of Marrying Stone in the Ozarks to spend time with her Aunt Will An old time healer or granny woman , Aunt Will uses herbs as remedies for all types of ills, including lovesickness For six nights [...]

    2. I ll tell you a secret about the men in this world They like young pretty girls, but when pretty teams up with smart and resourceful, it s than an elixir, it s nearly a dad blamed aphrodisiacwords of wisdom from Aunt WillWithout a doubt Pamela Morsi is an author with incredible talent In The Lovesick Cure those attributes shine The book flows beautifully and is so well written that as I read Jesse, aka DuJess, and Aunt Will s story, I felt as if I was there among the locals of Marrying Stone Co [...]

    3. I felt like I was transported to the deep South, and could easily be sipping sweet tea, sitting on a porch swing, while reading this It was a sweet tale of family, getting over heartbreak, and finding love in unexpected places And while there was little in the way of drama, I was totally immersed in this sweet tale.Jesse has just had her heart broken by what she thought was a fine upstanding man, Greg The principal of the high school she where she taught earth science It seems that another caugh [...]

    4. I have to say that books like The Lovesick Cure are really not my usual fare I like my drama much intense, my romance much steamier and the action to be a lot edgy but they say a change is as good as a rest and I m happy to report that I really loved this book It definitely was a change of pace for me and I actually felt myself slowing down, relaxing, savouring every word normally I do everything at breakneck speed and this book really did calm me Of course, it made me cry like a baby too So, [...]

    5. Prepare a bucket for a wonderful tearjerker journey to Marrying Stone I ll tell you a secret about the men in this world They like young pretty girls, but when pretty teams up with smart and resourceful, it s than an elixir, it s nearly a dad blamed aphrodisiac I love everything about this book Sweet, funny, romantic full of lessons.I want to pull wise Aunt Will and give her a hug for all of her wonderful wisdom She s my favorite until the end She deserve all the respect and love that all the p [...]

    6. 10 16 2012 Full Review posted at 2GeekGirlsReviewBooksSome of my favorite books are Pamela Morsi books So, when I was awarded the ARC for The Lovesick Cure, I was excited After I read it, I was disappointed It missed the mark for me on most every category It isn t the Pamela Morsi I ve come to know and if this were the first book I d read of her, I wouldn t be in any rush to read another.Overall Rating 2.9Book Cover Book Blurb 3 5 total of 4Writer s Voice 2.5Character Development 3.5Story Apprec [...]

    7. I can t call this anything other than sweet It was good to get back to PM s world, as I hadn t been there in awhile I have always loved her historicals and to me no one does Americana as good as she does She had moved into the chic lit genre and left me behind as a reader That is ok the separation was good I loved this little romance There were no sparkling vampires, werewolves or whips and chains Just a woman and a man trying to find their way back to romance I could completely identify with th [...]

    8. Rating 3.5 starsThis was my first contemporary read by this author, after having loved her historical books To be honest this one was just not that great for me The heroine has just had her heart broken and stomped on and to recuperate she goes to her aunt, someone she hasn t seen for a long time The hero is a single father of a teenager whose heart has also been broken, but that was a long time ago This book is about the community than the romance We have Aunt Will, the hero s son Tree and his [...]

    9. This novel is not written in what I would call the traditional romance normally associated with Harlequin.The maturity and depth of the plot surprised and pleased me, the characters and story line exceeding my expectations Well written I found no errors the story of Aunt Will, Jess, Piney, Tree and particularly the growing up of Camryn is handled sensitively, but without sentimentality The cultural aspects of life in the Ozarks were interesting and added greatly to my enjoyment.The love story of [...]

    10. Jesse s boyfriend leaves her for another woman, and she loses her teaching job, so she decides to leave town for awhile She ends up visiting Aunt Will in Arkansas Aunt Will is the local granny woman She uses herbs to cure illnesses Piney Baxley is the local doctor s assistant He meets Jess when she goes with Aunt Will for a doctor s appointment view spoiler Aunt Will has liver disease, and is getting worse Jess has no idea how sick Aunt Will is hide spoiler I really liked this book It was really [...]

    11. I always love Morsi s voice, and I loved going back to Marrying Stone This is a good book, but it s not the catch in the throat, punch in the heart read that some of her books are Full review posted at Just Janga justjanga 2012 08

    12. I haven t been particularly interested in Morsi s contemporary fiction, but when I saw that the main character of this book was named Jesse Winsloe and that it s set in Marrying Stone, of course I had to read it Jesse is indeed a descendent of Anthea Winsloe from the wonderful Simple Jess, and Jess s namesake Like those books, it s a slightly comic yet warm and intimate depiction of life in the Ozarks.Jesse sets out to visit her father s Aunt Will in an aimless sort of way her fiance s marriage [...]

    13. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookReading of The Lovesick Cure was very special for me for two major reasons one, so far, I haven t read any of PM s contemporaries I picked this one because the blurb reminded me so much of Marrying Stone series, which is the reason number two I have to admit in both regard, I m very happy This book was beautiful, both in characterization and in plotting, along with the narratives But then, I know PM can deliver it [...]

    14. Jess plasters a big fake smile on her face as she repeatedly reassures everyone she is so happy for her ex fianc and his new wife The truth is deep inside she is not okay, she is heart sick How could Greg after eight years abandon her and break their engagement Jess needs to escape She was recently laid off from her teaching job, by her ex fianc , and with no wedding and no job life is depressing Quickly, Jess plans to visit her aging Aunt Will in the Ozarks Some time away will do her good Aunt [...]

    15. Jesse Winsloe came to Marrying Stone, Ozark, Arkansas with her heart broken Her fiance dumped her and married another woman She also lost her job as a teacher in a school where her ex fiance was the headmaster She lived with her old Aunt Will, the former traditional healer, who tried to help her fixing her broken heart Funny incident caused by Aunt Will s Lovesick Cure, brought Jesse to meet Piney Baxley, a local physician s assistant, who apparently was the former Aunt Will s Lovesick Cure user [...]

    16. this book was like coming home all the familiar characters from Simple Jess and the Marrying stone came home like a wonderful meal that fills you up this book did it for meThank you Thank you

    17. Jesse Marie Winsloe was named for her famous ancestor Jesse, is broken hearted and has no fiance and no job She decides to leave Tulsa to spend some time with her Aunt Will who lives in the Ozarks in Arkansas, whom she hasn t seen in quite some time Upon her arrival, she finds Aunt Will is older than she remembers and has retreated to living on a mountain in a ramshackle cottage with limited access, and is welcomed with open arms What she discovers in her time there will change her forever Pamel [...]

    18. I was delighted to see that this book is tied to some of Morsi s early historicals It was wonderful to be back in the setting of Marrying Stone, this time in contemporary days I liked the set up for the story, with Jesse having been jilted for another woman by her fiance and Piney living alone for years after his wife left him I thought that Jesse and Piney were meant for one another and enjoyed their interactions I was saddened by the illness of Aunt Will, but really enjoyed the other aspects o [...]

    19. Review The Lovesick Cure Pamela Morsi August 2012Imagine one day having everything you want , a good job teaching a subject you are passionate about e.g for Jessie it s Earth Science and being engaged and planning your wedding to the school Principal Then a few months later , you have lost not only your job but also your fianc has replaced you with a new bride and to make matters worse , you live in a small town This was now the prospect of Jessie Winsloe s life , she had no job and no fianc and [...]

    20. The book tell the story of Jess whose heartache bought her to Aunt Will It was at the mountain that Jess begin her journey of recovery with the help from her aunt Aunt Will is an independent lady who lots aof people admire and some rejected her Through Aunt will, Jess begin to learn about herself and soon, she begin a relationship with Piney, the local Doctor However, there were things that Aunt Will is hiding from everyone including Jess which will give a shock to the villagers and to Jess espe [...]

    21. I won this book from RomanceJunkies and I liked it alot.I have always loved the Ozarks and the way of life that mountain people have.Jesse,aka DuJess, is unemployed and just dumped by her fiance so her life is Tulsa is not what she needs So her Mom suggests she go see her Aunt Will,kin from her Dad s family,to get away for awhile and rethink her life She doesn t realize that she will end up on a mountaintop and have to learn to take care of chickens and hogs and milk a Cow She finds solace talki [...]

    22. Ms Pamela Morsi, I think you do a fantastic job of writing old school sweet romances I can t begin to say how much I loved Simple Jess.Jesse has been dumped by her fiance and heads off to stay with her Aunt Will She works hard like a farm girl and eventually will come to take care of Aunt Will To help her cope with her broken heart, Aunt Will gives her love sick cure Piney is the town s physician s assisant who has a nerdy sense of humor and is very responsible and is attracted to Jesse His ex w [...]

    23. I love this book I give a 5 Stars I am a big fan of Ms Morsi s books, but this one was one of my all time favs Her characters are always real and relatable What she created with Aunt Will, make me laugh, cry and feel a warm place in my heart while reading her story Is there really a Lovesick cure, well according to Piney Baxley, he was cured and can Jesse Winsloe feel the effect of the heartbreak poultice like Piney did Jesse and Piney are attracted to each other in the physical sense, and when [...]

    24. This is the first contemporary romance novel that I have read from start to finish It was very well done, although it focused a lot of the teenage son and his rather bitchy, yet realistic girlfriend I would have loved to see the two main characters often I felt it was awkward when the main hero and heroine would talk so bluntly about being horny It seemed to have happened so quickly in their relationship too but maybe it s just because I am used to only reading historical romances and the dirty [...]

    25. I recieved this book through Netgalley and I couldn t have been happier to read it.Jesse once had it all A great job, a fiancee, her own independence After losing her job AND her fiancee, her parents suggest she visit relatives in a backwoods country town Figuring she needs the time away, and really, she has nothing else to do, she goes.I Marrying Stone people believe the old tales and still see the little old lady who is known for her homemade remedies Enter Jesse s aunt While working the land, [...]

    26. I wasn t sure if I would like this book or not, but after the first paragraph I was hooked It was a smart, funny, sexy, touching book The characters were complex, interesting, and realistic I was afraid when the teenaged characters and their relationship showed up in the plot line that it would ruin the story between the main characters, but it did not It was handled smartly, the younger characters weren t dumbed down or used as plot moppets to move the story itself along.I could tell that Jesse [...]

    27. When Jesse Winsloe loses her job her fiancee she wants to run away for a while She runs to her Aunt Will who as the perfect Lovesick Cure, it doesn t smell to pretty but in six nights suppose to make her forget all about her lost love In the midst she meets handsome Physician Assist Piney Baxley, who is busy taking care of the mountains sick, and raising a teenage son Jesse Piney come up with their own cure for the love sick, will it turn into a love everlasting This was a great book full of lau [...]

    28. Well done, Pam Morsi The hill people were depicted with love and a soft brush dispelling the cliched Hillbilly tag.The central character, Aunt Will, was a wonderful, powerful character No spoilers, but I cried at the end The love story was well done, yet different The secondary characters were well rounded and real.Forgive me, I don t repeat the plots in my reviews put pick this one up you won t be disappointed

    29. Pamela Morsi can always be counted on to deliver a heartfelt and thought provoking novel with a charming cast of characters that will capture your heart and The Lovesick Cure is no exception To read my review in its entirety, please click HERE.

    30. A really enjoyable read Gentle and thoughtful I loved reading of a way of life so often portrayed in less than complimentary terms, and yet, as real and honest, and maybe sympathetic to the environment than the way of life lived by many who would talk in a derogatory way.Loved the way the author wrote of these people and their lives.I ll miss them.

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