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Taken By Benedict Jacka,

  • Title: Taken
  • Author: Benedict Jacka
  • ISBN: 9781937007720
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mage apprentices have been vanishing without a trace and someone on the council might be involved Alex Verus has no evidence, no witnesses, and no suspects All he knows is that someone is keeping tabs on him And after assassins target his own apprentice s classmate, Alex sees that he doesn t know the half of it and that he could be the next to disappear
    Taken Mage apprentices have been vanishing without a trace and someone on the council might be involved Alex Verus has no evidence no witnesses and no suspects All he knows is that someone is keeping tabs

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    1. Oh yes Third in the series and still firing on all cylinders This really is as good a series as the Dresden Files and I would just love to see Alex Verus team up with Harry Dresden to wipe the floor with all those nasty Dark Mages Sorry I have only just finished the book and I am still a bit excited Seriously, if you like this genre then this is a series for you to read Verus is a delightful character not one of those out to kill everybody type heroes, but of a thinker and a planner and very ad [...]

    2. Top Shelf Urban Fantasy 5 StarsBenedict Jacka raises his game in the third installment of the Alex Verus series After a shaky start to the series, he has produced a book I can gladly display next to my favorite Urban Fantasy novels by Jim Butcher, Ben Aaronovitch and Larry Corriea I have a soft spot for the wizard mage who honestly attempts to solve a mystery As in the early Dresden novels, the mystery and the investigation that takes centre stage Taken first and foremost tells a great story Bey [...]

    3. I ve had this on my currently reading list for a while, thought I ought to get around to reviewing it.These are joining my favorites list I think the first Urban Fantasy I ever read was Harry Dresden I burned through the ones that were already published then and have snapped up each as it s been released since It also set me off on trying to find other UF books or another UF series that I d like as well Mostly I ve been disappointed I find that a huge percentage of what gets labeled urban fantas [...]

    4. Solid read that s building on the precognition premise, this time revolving around missing mage apprentices from both the light and dark camps All are taken without a trace.What can go wrong Well, for starters, Alex can pick up a few stragglers who might just want to go just as independent as he, for one And we can do it all in the middle of a mage tournament he would never have considered attending, if he hadn t been forced to do it for the investigation.Oh, and Luna is getting beast Gotta love [...]

    5. 4.5I could probably find a couple of nitpicks if I tried really, really hard But I won t I had so much fun reading this book that I don t even care if there are any The main premise is simple enough mage apprentices have been vanishing and Alex is asked to find about it As this is the third book in the series, it s not surprising that nothing is that simple when Alex Verus gets involved There isn t a single boring or even slower moment here The best part There are so many surprises throughout t [...]

    6. I feel one of the best compliments I can give an author is that their work continuously gets better, and that is definitely true of Jacka He writes a wonderfully tight story, with great pacing, and lots of interesting characters This is most certainly becoming a favorite, and after the end of this book, I can t wait to see where it goes from here

    7. Continue to love this series, I just LOVE IT Urban Fantasy at its best, so great to see that by book three I m still dying to know about the main character, the world, and everything I guess the relationship between Alex and Anne is a BIT odd, like someone gave the author a note about what direction it should be, but other than that, love this series

    8. This series is okay but there are too many things that bug me about it for it to ever rise above three stars IMO.1 The way Mage society is run makes no sense It seems terribly inefficient and just dumb.2 It s hard to buy that Alex always has little tricks and spells to negate or lessen the impact of the powers of powerful mages but none of those other mages ever seem to have anything to counteract Alex s powers.3 We re now three books in and none of the secondary characters have been fleshed ou [...]

    9. These just keep getting better, just the right amount of tension and ending on a higheps me looking forward to the other books to come.

    10. This was probably my favorite of the Verus books so far the writing seems to be developing a sparseness that appeals to me, and the world building aspects were definitely kicked up a notch this time I m also finding the characters sympathetic and relatable with each book, which is slowly making this one of my favorite series.Unfortunately, the ending was rather spoiled for me since the final setting, villain, and several scenes were extremely similar to those of the manga Ghost Hunt , published [...]

    11. I have trouble praising books, I much prefer to criticize them cause it s easier So that is what I will do I have seen many reviews about books that say, I couldn t put it down , I read all night , etc That is my complaint with this book I have typically 5 8 books on my currently reading list Some are very good others are ok I have books on my phone, tablet, computer, and actual books in the bathrooms The book I have in the second bathroom gets the least attention The last time I read it, it was [...]

    12. Persistence is paying off with this series Alex is very slowly becoming appealing as a hero and the growing cast of secondary characters are interesting From the beginning I ve enjoyed the myth building behind this series It makes sense and is different enough from everything else to make it feel unique.

    13. There s just something really addictive about this series and I can t quite put my finger on what it is Yet again, a super enjoyable book in the series and I m excited to see what Alex gets up to in future adventures.

    14. I found this very difficult to put down, and I m really enjoying how the series is developing The premise of the book was fascinating, and the action picked up quickly I was glad that some of the usual suspects didn t make a showing in this outing, but I suspect they will be back The build up to the climax, and the climax were rather delicious I m disappointed about a portion of the resolution, I m hoping it will be resolved later in the series.

    15. Alex is the kind of character I love he wins not because he s the strongest mage he isn t but because he s become really good with the gifts he has his divination , he s super smart, he s worked hard to compensate for the things he lacks he s become really good fighter in a world where mages only trust their magic , without any crazy ego he s not afraid to run away if that s the safest choice and he s ruthless when he needs to.I ve loved every single of the books in this series The investigation [...]

    16. Taken is the third Alex Verus book and so far it s been my favourite I began Taken with a pinch of salt I d not enjoyed Cursed very much at all and I was afraid that, for me, the series was slowly heading the way of the dodo Thankfully, that didn t happen and I m going to stick around for news of subsequent Alex Verus books Handy, really, since Benedict Jacka commented on his blog earlier today about just this.Cursed was a boring, predictable flop for me, especially having had a few months to r [...]

    17. When Talisid approaches Alex for a case mages have noticed apprentices vanished without a trace or proofs it takes Alex and his apprentice Luna to Fountain Reach, where magic tournament called White Stone is held On top of the missing apprentices, one of Luna s classmates, Anne, seems to be having a death target on her back With magic tournament and secrets inside a wall, I can t help thinking about Harry Potter in this one I keep wondering whether the winner of the tournament will get The Goble [...]

    18. There was a chorus of screams, one of which might have been mine A reader has to love a man who admits in a grammatically correct sentence that he girly screamed And that same reader needs to remember that laughing out loud in public is a hazard of reading the Verus books I finished Taken and went straight to Jacka s website, with my fingers crossed, to check for news of Verus 4 and found it The new characters are great Luna s abilities are growing the horror is less quiet, and the writing remai [...]

    19. Alex Verus 3This book seemed less put together than the previous There s a lot of things going on, a huge cast of characters, and several plot threads running all over the place The author manages to tie most of the threads together by the end, but still leaves a few hanging On the plus side, Luna wasn t acting like a spoiled brat in this book A good read, but not on par as the previous two.

    20. Nah Done with these Just too silly inconsistent illogical I highlighted a bunch of annoying stuff when kindling it, but not bothering to check back through that now Sorry folks.

    21. Okay, so I just read all eight Alex Verus books by Benedict Jackad I m looking forward to reading number 9 when it comes out this year I haven t binged read a series of fantasy books like this since I was a little kid reading under the covers at night so my parents wouldn t catch me awake FYI, I m old enough to not be the target audience for fantasy books, but also old enough to know that fantasy books are wayyyyy better than reality, so then shouldn t that make me the target audience I m also w [...]

    22. rantingdragon review oTaken is the third installment in British author Benedict Jacka s urban fantasy series centering around a wizard named Alex Verus Having run ins with experienced battlemages and coming out victorious seems to boost one s reputation Such is Alex Verus discovering Where a few months ago he was a relative unknown in the supernatural circles, Alex is now drawing the attention of some powerful players As a very competent diviner a mage who can see into the future Alex s abilitie [...]

    23. Third in the Alex Verus urban fantasy revolving around an independent well, he s trying not to belong to a faction mage in Camden Town.My TakeI find Alex Verus world fascinating And, sad to say, sadly realistic with mages who are interested in self advancement, revenge, and power than doing the right thing Alex, naturally, is one of the few good guys, interested in good and protecting others, and I love how Jacka easily lets us know how very powerful Alex is even as he balances it with Alex s d [...]

    24. Someone is making apprentices disappear.Alex Verus, who is rapidly gaining the reputation as the go to wizard if you want things done, is charged by the Council to find out what has happened to the apprentices.I didn t enjoy this one as much as the first two The place was slower and the plot seemed to plod in parts However, there were enough new characters, and returning old ones, to give the story a lift Well worth a read.

    25. In full disclosure I won this book in a giveaway.Taken is set several months after book two, Alex Verus s fame is growing which is both good and bad, Luna is now his fully fledged apprentice and training with the light mages.Alex is approached by a mind mage Crystal wants Alex to work for her to help keep an upcoming Light tournament that she is hosting safe, something doesn t feel right so Alex declines.Alex visits Luna while she is in class and meets some of her friends and enemies Alex meets [...]

    26. This book continues a series that impresses with it s quality.In this book, Alex continues to grow as character and starts to become a lot confident in himself and focused in his motivations, becoming a much rounded protagonist We meet some old friends and enemies as well as a few new ones, which look to be ongoing members of the Verus cast The characters are three dimensional because the author has taken care to make sure that everyone has there own motivations and interests There is nobody [...]

    27. Another entertaining, if quick, read from Benedict Jacka In this, the third Alex Verus story, he is asked to investigate the disappearance of several apprentices He soon finds that there is far than he expected, and is soon in danger, along with his own apprentice and two newcomers.The author continues to expand his world in this book, giving us insights into the world of the light mages and the complex world they live in Much about the levels of the mage world is given here, though sometimes [...]

    28. This is the third book in this series and I loved it just as much as I loved the first two This is a book sort of along the lines of Harry Dresden and is kind of a boy book in the urban fantasy genre I tend to like the boy books as they have less sex, a male main character, and there s plenty of action And Alex is one of my most favorite characters because he feels so real He s afraid at times and he says so, he knows he can t win every fight and tries to avoid them, but when he can t he jumps i [...]

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