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Bard's Oath By Joanne Bertin,

  • Title: Bard's Oath
  • Author: Joanne Bertin
  • ISBN: 9780312873707
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In The Last Dragonlord and Dragon and Phoenix Joanne Bertin created a world unlike our own, where Dragonlords soar in the skies above the many realms of the land The Dragonlords magic is unique, giving them the ability to change from dragon to human form to communicate silently among themselves and other abilities not known to mortals For many millennia, the DragonlorIn The Last Dragonlord and Dragon and Phoenix Joanne Bertin created a world unlike our own, where Dragonlords soar in the skies above the many realms of the land The Dragonlords magic is unique, giving them the ability to change from dragon to human form to communicate silently among themselves and other abilities not known to mortals For many millennia, the Dragonlords have been a blessing to the world, with their great magic and awesome power And though they live far longer than the humans who they resemble when not in their draconic state, these fabled changelings are still loyal to their human friends Now in Bard s Oath, their magic is not the only power abroad in the world And not all the magic is as benign as theirs Leet, a master bard of great ability and vaulting ambition, has his own magic, but of a much darker nature Years ago, death claimed the woman he loved, setting him on a course to avenge her death, no matter the consequences Now, mad with hatred and consumed by his thirst for revenge, Leet has set in motion a nefarious plot that ensnares the friend of a Dragonlord, using his bardic skills and dark powers only he can summon, to accomplish his bitter task Raven, a young horse breeder friend of the Dragonloard Linden Rathan, is ensnared by Leet and under the bard s spell, is one of the bard s unwitting catspaws When accused of a heinous crime, Raven turns to Linden, and while Dragonlords normally do not meddle in human affairs, Linden comes to Raven s aid, loath to abandon him in his time of desperate need But Raven, and others victimized by Leet, are at the mercy of human justice Can even a Dragonlord save them from a dire fate before it is too late
    Bard s Oath In The Last Dragonlord and Dragon and Phoenix Joanne Bertin created a world unlike our own where Dragonlords soar in the skies above the many realms of the land The Dragonlords magic is unique givin

    One thought on “Bard's Oath”

    1. DNF at 40% What we have here is a chasm between my expectations and what the author delivered It was an okay book if you like horses, horses, and horses, but I was hoping for dragons, dragons, and dragons Full RTC.

    2. holy shit I ve been waiting on this for a decade A DECADE 11 28 2012OMG I GOT IT IT S IN MY HANDS I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT

    3. I almost feel that two stars is too kind I loved her first two books, but this bookI don t think I ve ever read a book that s actually made me utter out loud UGH this is so BORING I heard she had a loss in the family that put her in a depressiond this book seems to reflect it It really feels like she was almost saying noI have to write this readers are expecting me to finish it so I will The writing doesn t flow like her first two books almost feels like she was suffering a writers block but wro [...]

    4. Apologies, I meant for this review to be short, but by the end it was quite long and descended into me ranting I m not going to lie I do not consider Joanne Bertin to be a particularly good author If she hadn t snared me whilst I was young and impressionable with the Last Dragonlord, I would not have read Bard s Oath this week However, 15 years ago snare me she did, and she did so with the storyline Having read LD again a month ago, even that has lost it s appeal However it still has a plot, it [...]

    5. So here it is After 10 years of re reading Last Dragonlord and Dragon and Phoenix, I finally get to see what happens next Was it worth the wait I m not sure After thinking about it for the past few days, I just feel like something was missing from this book Some intangible quality that the other two books had that drew me in instantly The characters seemed less colourful, the world was less magical, and the adventure was on a much smaller scale There were also not enough dragons at least not unt [...]

    6. rantingdragon review oJoanne Bertin s debut book, The Last Dragonlord, was published back in 1998 Two years later, the sequel, Dragon and Phoenix, was released and those of us who d read them eagerly awaited And waited And waited And eventually I gave up hope of ever getting my hands on the third book that was promised when Dragon and Phoenix was released Imagine my shock and glee this past November when I saw on the coming releases list a little heralded title by an author many people have for [...]

    7. Dude, where s my plot I count Dragon and Phoenix as one of my favorite books of all time I ve read it over and over I ve been waiting for the follow up with bated breath, lo these many years, until I m practically given up hope for it to ever arrive I almost didn t believe it when sent me the announcement that it was coming out I couldn t wait to get to it, anden I did.Can t wait to find out what happened to Yesuin and Xu, Shei Luin and Xahnu What about Miune How is Jehanglan faring as it strugg [...]

    8. To say I was disappointed in this book is a bit of an understatement After waiting for a decade for this book to come out I expected something wonderful To be honest, I m not sure how I feel about this book When the book was good it really was good, but when it wasn t it really wasn t The biggest issue I had with this book was that it was incredibly slow in the beginning It took a long time to get to the good stuff, but once it did I actually don t feel she rushed it I think this book was suite [...]

    9. The first 2 books in the series were much better This 3rd book focused on the character of Raven, Maurynna s childhood friend who ends up with the magical Llysanyin horse Frankly, he bored me.I wanted to read a book about the Dragonlords and Maurynna and Linden Rathan s relationship Instead, I was forced to spend a lot of time in the mind of a murderer There was no romance in this book Most of the book was told from Raven s point of view And a 13 year old Beast Healer I m still not sure why the [...]

    10. This book is set in the same world and follows the same characters as Bertin s previous two books, but it works well as a stand alone story Here we find Dragonlords people who are half dragon and can shift between forms Linden, Maurynna, and Shima and their human compatriot Raven caught up in the vengeful machinations of Leet, a master bard who has found a way to use dark and dangerous magic to achieve his ends Bard s Oath is a wonderful mixture of high fantasy and detective story, with great ch [...]

    11. A little bummedlove, love, love the first two books in the series I literally checked for YEARS for news about the long awaited Bards Oath Honestly, compared to the others, the first half of the book feels like a way too long prologue not nearly as exciting, and so little is about the dragonlords they re basically secondary characters this time, and the huge introduction of Shims last book and the potential for awesome stories of him as the newest dragonflies were completely passed over I was lo [...]

    12. I liked the book, but I wasn t really in love with it I felt the ending just sort of fizzled out I was really excited about the fact that it was taking place at a horse fair, but it wasn t as prominent as I was expecting The climax of the story was alright, but I feel the resolution is what kind of killed it for me.

    13. I read the first two back in 2000 I can t believe we finally get to read the last book in the trilogy I am just soooooo happy

    14. Only waited 12 years for this one Hope it s worth the wait Going to have to re read the first 2 books in the series in preparation.

    15. This book honestly felt like it should have been the fourth, not the third, in this series and I can only hope that there is a fourth coming at some point to fill in some holes left from the first two books Considering that this book was a decade in the making, I have some hope that this will still happen.For the most part, this was a good book, but it got a three star instead of a four star rating because I was expecting something that would close up all the loopholes left by the previous two b [...]

    16. Truly, the title should ve told me everything Bards, in the other books of this universe, were supporting characters for the Dragonlords big bad adventures showdowns against evil magic for the fate of both their souls Here the bards and other normals in the Five Kingdoms take the spotlight The problem is that without the focus on the Mary Sue dorable Dragonlords and their fate of many kingdoms challenges, other elements of Bertin s storytelling fall apart Her books were always very slow to devel [...]

    17. OK I didn t know this book had finally been released until I saw it on the bookshelf at my local bookstore last week I read Bertin s first two Dragonlord books when I was in high school, so when I saw Bard s Oath on the shelf, I shrieked loudly enough to frighten some nearby customers I don t read many paperback books these days, but I bought this immediately.First I still absolutely love this world I love Linden and Maurynna and Shima and Lleld and all the Llysanyins I love Otter and Raven and [...]

    18. I can t believe Joanne Bertin has finally finished Bard s Oath I read her first two books in high school back in the early 2000s and had practically given up hope of the third book ever getting published.Overall it was okay, but the story develops at a slower pace than I remember for the first two books I also had trouble jumping back into the series and remembering who all the characters were, but luckily there is a brief summary of the second book before the story even begins to refresh the re [...]

    19. I should have re read the first two books before tackling this one, because after than a decade, you tend to forget a lot about the world and the people in it I DID remember the peculiarity of the weredragons Dragonlords and some of the characters, but that was about it And after spending many years reading books written in first person or having tight, third person narration, I just couldn t enjoy a cast of thousands novel The book could have been a lot better if we just followed Linden Rathan [...]

    20. Well worth the long wait In the first book the story takes place in a nearby country, in the second the stakes are high in a far off land And in Bard s Oath the glorious cast of characters are back in their area of the world This book shows that the characters need not travel far to live an adventurous and intriguing life Which is something that I find appealing, personally, than books where the stakes are monumental such as in Dragon Phoenix This book contains everything a good tale needs to b [...]

    21. Not that it s the best book in the world Not that it s going to meet every expectation Not that the fact there s so much massively published bullshit like Twilight makes it truly outstanding But Joanne Bertin won my heart with The Last Dragonlord when I was a child, had a huge influence on me, and I can t be anyhow objective Sure, BO lacks the spirit of the previous books, you can tell it s been written in a long time and under pressure, but if there s Linden and Maurynna, I m fine with anything [...]

    22. This book came out over 10 years after her most recent book It was mostly worth the wait It suffers from the same issues of her two prior books it is hard to create true intrigue when your audience knows exactly what happened because we watched the villans do it in an earlier chapter You spend a lot of of time shouting at the book and willing the characters to figure out the obvious to you clues However, the characters, despite not figuring out the plot until the exciting conclusion, are likeabl [...]

    23. I liked this book a lot I have enjoyed the other two books in this series and waited nearly a decade for this one While it is different than her other two books, I still found it enjoyable The best characters from the previous books were back, with a few new ones thrown in for good measure Others have said it takes awhile to get moving, and that is true, but her other two books were like that Ms Bertin likes to spend most of the book setting up the last few chapters and then the action moves alo [...]

    24. So I finally finished the story It had a very Johnny Depp Sleepy hollow feel to it I kept imagining Gull looking just like Christopher Walken as the hessian horseman with the wild hair and sharpened teeth coming out of the tree that was supposed to keep his soul bound After waiting quite a few years for it, I was a little disappointed Not so much that it wasn t a good story, that it was a repeat of a story that was already done I thought It had a good flow Joanne Bertin did a good job laying it [...]

    25. It has been a long time not as long as it took for this book to come out, but still a long freakin time since I ve picked up a traditional fantasy novel and actually read it, so I was pretty sceptical at first when I got this one The plot started out a little confusing it takes a lot of effort to remember the characters from books that I read so long ago, and much to sort out their individual stories but once Bertin got into stride I as hooked All the major characters were connected smartly, an [...]

    26. Not as good as the first two, and there are just too many holes in the story I was so mad during the first three quarters of the book because it was taking too long for things to happen And then the last part just happened waaaay too fast and felt rushed.The story idea itself was nice though The telling of it could have been better I m still hoping there might be a fourth book I m rather fond of the dragonlords, and you could give me a story about them having dinner and I would eat it up oops I [...]

    27. I started this book immediately after finishing Dragon and Phoenix and I loved it At the time I read it, I had no idea it was written so long after the other book The characters still rang true and the setting was wonderful I love horses, so a horse fair couldn t have been perfect I also liked that Bard s Oath picked up on a minor reference to Bard Leet s choice of reading material in Dragon and Phoenix and expanded that to be the major plot line in this book It makes me wonder what gem in this [...]

    28. An entertaining novel, faster paced than Dragon and Phoenix The author brings us back to the part of her world she explored in the first book in the series and weaves a story of music and deadly magic that also give us a glimpse into Otter s past.Ms Bertin is quite adept at developing her characters When she wants you to dislike a character, you can t help but go along with her I found it impossible to like Raven in the second novel because of his senseless jealousy although he does redeem himse [...]

    29. Pretty disappointing, after having waited so long I ve never waited for a book, as I ve waited for this one Absolutely last the first book in the series The second book was very good, but seemed to drag in long sections without the dragonlords And, not to mention that horrific, and ignorant, attempt at a draconic dialect.Bard s Oath is not exciting It carries on from the second book as if it were an extension, not the third book in a trilogy The story wanders around the narration blathers I only [...]

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