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  • Title: Still Life with Shape-Shifter
  • Author: Sharon Shinn
  • ISBN: 9780425256817
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Melanie Landon and her half sister share a unique bond For her entire life, Melanie has hidden the fact that Ann is a shape shifter The never ending deception is a heavy weight to bear, but Melanie is determined to keep Ann s secret and protect her from a world that simply wouldn t understand.For months, Melanie hasn t seen or heard from Ann, in either of her forms WhenMelanie Landon and her half sister share a unique bond For her entire life, Melanie has hidden the fact that Ann is a shape shifter The never ending deception is a heavy weight to bear, but Melanie is determined to keep Ann s secret and protect her from a world that simply wouldn t understand.For months, Melanie hasn t seen or heard from Ann, in either of her forms When a man shows up saying he s there about her sister, Melanie fears the worst But Brody Westerbrook doesn t have information about Ann he s in search of it.A freelance writer, Brody intends to include Ann in a book he s writing about the existence of shape shifters While Melanie is immediately drawn to the stranger on her doorstep, she denies his claims, knowing that trusting him isn t an option.But when Ann finally appears looking thin and sick, Melanie realizes exposure is the least of their worries Protecting her sister has always been such an enormous part of Melanie s life, but as Ann s health rapidly deteriorates, Melanie must come to grips with the fact that saving her may mean letting go
    Still Life with Shape Shifter Melanie Landon and her half sister share a unique bond For her entire life Melanie has hidden the fact that Ann is a shape shifter The never ending deception is a heavy weight to bear but Melanie is

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    1. This is a sad, sad book, beautiful and absorbing but melancholy, emotionally intense, almost heart rending I cried in the end I hesitate to pigeonhole this tale to a genre it transcends genres As a love story, it might be categorized as romance, but it s so much Published by Shinn s lifelong publisher Ace Books, a traditional fantasy publisher, it s a fantasy on the surface After all, it deals with shape shifters, but when I look deeper, inside the allegory of shape shifters, this novel tells a [...]

    2. Best Sharon Shinn ever Coming from a Twelve Houses fan Still Life with Shapeshifter was unexpectedly moving and bittersweet and human This is magical realism than urban fantasy because Shapeshifter hinges on a visceral event located in every person s life letting go of a loved one That s Shapeshifter s theme No adventure So I d relate this to something like My Sister s Keeper than, say, Moon Called I waffled between four or five stars because this could have been even stronger, perhaps without [...]

    3. 4 1 2 stars for me I loved it.The follow on to The Shape of Desire is not as claustrophobic as the first book And I think that s because the major storyline focuses on a young woman trying to protect her shifter sister, not a lover Melanie seems a bit mentally balanced than Maria, the heroine of the first book And young Ann, the shifter sister, is a down right bon vivant.There are plenty of cross over characters we get to see Maria, Dante and baby Lizzie Ann s lover is Dante s brother William A [...]

    4. Still Life with Shapeshifter was much better than the first book in Shinn s Shifting Circle series, The Shape of Desire, but it still pales in comparison with her Samaria or Twelve Houses books I give Shinn props for showing the downside of being a shapeshifter unlike many paranormal romance novels, the shapeshifters aren t all powerful sex gods, but beings whose animal lives are fraught with danger and whose lifespans are shortened by the strain of the constant changes The terrible downside of [...]

    5. According to , the first story of men turning into wolves were written hundreds of years ago In the Satyricon, written about 60 C.E by Gaius Petronius Arbiter, a character transformed into a wolf Europe has many legends of the were wolf while North American Indians had tales of shape shifters The fear of werewolves and the evil they do is a fairly well known part of the legend It is commonly thought that were wolves have super human strength and speed, being only harmed by special silver bullets [...]

    6. HERE S THE THING I love Sharon Shinn I ve read every single book she s ever written, and there really aren t that many authors I can say that about I love her brand of fantasy sci fi, I love the characters she creates and writes about, I love the way she tells stories AND HERE S THE THING ABOUT THAT I liked this book But I do not like this series Everything that I love about her just does not work for me when placed in a modern contemporary setting THAT SAID, I really liked Melanie, Brody is a f [...]

    7. Originally reviewed here AngievilleAs you know, Sharon Shinn is an auto buy author for me Ever since the unparalleled experience that was me reading Archangel, I have been an unabashed fangirl I have my favorites, but I read everything she writes because I love her ways with words and her way with worlds Which was why I was so intrigued and excited to hear she was working on an urban fantasy series She s done sci fi, she s done high fantasy, she s done YA It only makes sense she should find her [...]

    8. I was one of the people who really, really disliked the first book in Shinn s shape shifting series I feel that Shinn s particular brand of romance doesn t work in a modern real world setting the way it does in fantasy or science fiction reading about women or men who will die if they can t be together makes me roll my eyes So I went into this book expecting little to nothing, after the dissatisfying tale of Maria and Dante and a relationship I thought bordered on the emotionally abusive.I m del [...]

    9. update i just re read and i have to reiterate how much i love this book quiet, emotional i have since read the first one and liked but not as much as this one the concept really defines love and commitment Really enjoyed this book As the book s blurb says, Melanie Landon is a human with a half sister who is a shapeshifter I loved their relationship, and how much both rely on each other Mel was greatke many fantasy heroines, she s smart, feisty and loyal but unlike most, she s a worrywart and cra [...]

    10. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty I really had mixed emotions about this story about a woman who is willing to ruin all her own personal happiness to keep an eye on her younger sister, while another woman is willing to ruin her life just to be with the one she loves I enjoyed this story in the end, I just had a hard time with the morality of the characters and the life decisions that they choose for themselves.Opening Sentence I m sitting at one of the three stoplights in Dagmar on [...]

    11. Still Life with Shape Shifter is the second book in the Shifting Circle Series Even though it features shape sifters it is really a story about love, love in all of its forms I always call Sharon Shinn s stories gently stories Don t look for non stop action, a lot of sex, or over the top stories She writes in a very down to earth style with a lot of character development that builds the story.Several of the characters for A Shape of Desire are in Still Life Dante and Maria are side characters he [...]

    12. Ouch So much sadness This is a beautiful, well written novel and though it is not as oppressively sad as the first in the Shifting Circle series it is still ultimately a pretty bleak read I love Sharon Shinn, but this much loneliness is a bit much for me right now Her books set in worlds she created herself are often full of connection, friendship, love and adventure, but this series set in our world, dealing with shapeshifters and the people who love them is an altogether less hopeful place, on [...]

    13. A lovely, bittersweet story about ordinary people with ordinary lives they work at middle class jobs, they worry about paying their bills, they love their families The difference in their lives is, some of them are shape shifters.There aren t any villains in this novel No vampire councils, no wolf packs, just people like Melanie and Brody Melanie s spent her life protecting her half sister Ann, a shape shifter who turns into a white husky Brody s a free lance writer introduced in The Shape of De [...]

    14. 3 1 2 stars I stayed up late finishing this, and it made me cry a few times, but I still finished it feeling as with the first book ultimately unsatisfied I just can t seem to get the point of these stories, which all seem to be about obsessive love for shapeshifters who lead very sad, difficult lives This story adds a twist in that the main character s love is for her shape shifter sister her actual romance with a nice, normal guy seems totally anticlimactic There s also a secondary romance, al [...]

    15. I loved this book I ve said it before but I ll say it again Sharon Shinn has a way with words I swear I could believe this is real and not fantasy because it feels so real Like The Shape of Desire, this book is quiet and you hardly know what is happening or where it is supposed to end, or how you even know when you get there It pulled me in completely I m dying to get the next one right away because I know the library has it but I think I need my emotions to settle back down before I destroy the [...]

    16. I have had this book in my to read pile for a while now, why did I not read it sooner Wow, what a read I got sucked into that one I had many good cries at the end I love a book that can make me cry That was really well done I loved Janet s story That was unexpected and really well told I think it was much better than the first book I am intrigued to see what happens in the next one.

    17. Review originally posted here thebookpushers 2012 11 28 Publisher AcePublish Date Out nowHow I got this book ARC from the publisherMelanie Landon and her half sister share a unique bond For her entire life, Melanie has hidden the fact that Ann is a shape shifter The never ending deception is a heavy weight to bear, but Melanie is determined to keep Ann s secret and protect her from a world that simply wouldn t understand.For months, Melanie hasn t seen or heard from Ann, in either of her forms W [...]

    18. Up until about 75% of the way through this book, I thought I was going to rank it a little lower due to seeming as if it was two pretty good stories that didn t connect at all But I clearly did not have enough faith in Sharon Shinn, because they DID INDEED CONNECT, and it was absolutely beautiful, and definitely propelled this book to one that I liked considerably better than the first in the series And made me really excited for the third book which I m enjoying a lot so far.I still vastly pref [...]

    19. I think Sharon Shinn may be the most reliable author I have ever read You know what you re getting with her books, and each delights and transports in a similar way without ever getting boring or traversing the same path While it s true that they also don t necessarily surprise, I don t find myself missing that when I read one of her books.This novel is a sequel but with mostly different characters the ones from the first book get cameos here The plot is very simple it s really character based, [...]

    20. I opened this book with a little hesitation The first in the series, good as it may be, didn t totally work for me But that reading made me curious as to what is going on in this new Shifting Circle book What a difference nearly a year makes This story took me across the emotional spectrum, including tears, which I very rarely shed when I read.I m going to get my nitpick out of the way first As in The Shape of Desire, we don t get any point of view from any of the shifters I m quite curious as t [...]

    21. I think Sharon Shinn could write about ANYTHING, and I would find it engrossing Thankfully, her world building is so thorough and meticulous, I don t have to try very hard to suspend disbelief Another excellent, excellent read

    22. An odd book Sharon Shinn writes books which look like one thing, but turn out to be another Her prose in this book is much better than in her earlier work On the surface, the book is about shape shifters and romance It is really about dealing with self destructive and ill relatives.

    23. Beautiful, well written and dark Unlike most other shape shifter novels, this story looks at some realistic aspects of what shifting can do to the shifter, and ain t pretty.

    24. I love Sharon Shinn usually, but everyone in this book seemed really over dependent on their relationships, and I had a hard time getting into the characters and the choices they made.

    25. Well written, but sad AF I don t think I will read another of Shinn s novels because I lack the emotional stability to do so.

    26. This book is really two stories in one book We follow Melanie and her life as she deals with the comings and goings of her sister, Ann, and the ups and downs of that We also get to read about Janet and her life from the time she was 16 and helped an injured wolf in her back yard While I think the book blurb told us a tiny bit of what happens in the story it doesn t even begin to explain the emotional situations that this book delivers I kind of have to start at the beginning of the story with An [...]

    27. I don t use star ratings, so please read the review Description nicked from BN Melanie Landon and her half sister share a unique bond For her entire life, Melanie has hidden the fact that Ann is a shape shifter The never ending deception is a heavy weight to bear, but Melanie is determined to keep Ann s secret and protect her from a world that simply wouldn t understand.For months, Melanie hasn t seen or heard from Ann, in either of her forms When a man shows up saying he s there about her siste [...]

    28. The second book in this series is much better than the first, in my opinion I found Melanie to be a sympathetic character the protective older sister who s practically raised her shape shifting sister, Ann Ann is young and heedless, fun loving and full of enthusiasm She doesn t worry about much of anything, whereas Melanie worries constantly Enter Brody Westerbrook, a secondary character in book one, who is researching a book on shapeshifters, and all of Melanie s instincts go on high alert Mat [...]

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