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Nighttime Ninja By Barbara DaCosta Ed Young,

  • Title: Nighttime Ninja
  • Author: Barbara DaCosta Ed Young
  • ISBN: 9780316203845
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Late at night, when all is quiet and everyone is asleep, a ninja creeps silently through the house in search of treasure Soon he reaches his ultimate goald gets a big surprise Will the nighttime ninja complete his mission With spare text and lush illustrations, Nighttime Ninja is a fun, adventure filled story about the power of play and imagination.
    Nighttime Ninja Late at night when all is quiet and everyone is asleep a ninja creeps silently through the house in search of treasure Soon he reaches his ultimate goald gets a big surprise Will the nighttime ninja

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    1. Check out picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterLate at night, when all is quiet and everyone is asleep, a ninja creeps silently through the house in search of treasure Soon he reaches his ultimate goald gets a big surprise Will the nighttime ninja complete his mission I was totally DECEIVED by this book My nephew wanted to read it because NINJAS And I admit I love them too but yeah, NO Not this time there were so few words in this which technically isn t a problem but with the yucky art [...]

    2. This review first published at rawrisforreading.wordpressI LOVED this book I can be a critical reader, but this one had me completely engaged I spent a few minutes on each page because I thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations and the suspense of the story It doesn t contain many words, but it s still a book you can spend a while reading to kids because the illustration is so mystifying.My favorite aspect of this book is the relationship between the visual and verbal narratives The images and the s [...]

    3. As the clock strikes midnight, a little boy with a huge imagination transforms himself into a ninja to sneak his way to the kitchen and steal ice cream from the freezer before getting caught by his mom and sent back to bed.Granted, I am an adult who is reading a picture book and may have a different perspective of things in the world, but wow, how I did not like this book The beginning is absolutely creepy The clock struck midnight and it looks as if someone is trying to break into their home Th [...]

    4. Actual rating 2.5Barbara DaCosta lives near me so I really want to give her a shining review, however the book didn t meet my expectations I can t really say what I was expecting, but it wasn t this However, I can totally relate to the nighttime ninja when I was little my mom says I used to wake up in the middle of the night and eat all the cheese in the fridge Haha The book is alright The illustrations are creative and different and the story is cute My expectations were just a little too high [...]

    5. Cute papercut illustrations very minimal text would be a short one for story time, there s a lot of wordless pages , but would be a cute short book for a story time interlude I m glad there s ninja books being published I have some small patrons who have read EVERY ninja picture book a thousand times, so it s good to see a new one.

    6. Cute, and VERY short Will probably use for pajama storytime, especially since it ties into bedtime and sleep It will make a good last story of the night.

    7. I feel like there s something vaguely offensive about this book, but not being an expert in ninja culture by any means, I can t put my finger on it I like the silhouette illustrations, though the ninja in those images has a mature body than that of a child who is supposed to be in bed There was something vaguely unsatisfying about the end of the narrative, and the structure of the narrative as a whole was nearly nonexistent That which was evident was clich However, I can see kids enjoying this, [...]

    8. the lad says i thought the ninja was funny the ende parent says a nighttime story about a ninja the mixed arts that were used in the story was a creative choice and different from most children s stories a good read.

    9. This story did not capture my attention, and I m not sure it would capture the interest of my students either The ending was cute, but there isn t enough of a story to it The illustrations, although artistic , were not to my taste.

    10. intricate illustrations I liked that they were done by cut paper rather than just drawing The story was very short and simple

    11. Very few words and simple illustrations Nighttime ninja gets children thinking about the characteristics of a ninja.

    12. Paper collages show a ninja moving around in the night.Just before the completion of his mission, the light comes on and his mother sends him back to bed.

    13. NOTE I gave this a 3 on which denotes the book being just ok would give it a 2 So please note any discrepancy The title of this book caught my attention which is why I purchased it without really looking through it I usually at least do a quick flip If I had done so, I would have known this is essentially a picture book with very few words The book is targeted for kids 4 7 but in truth, I think it is 2 5 and only that high in age because an emerging reader could handle it.The book starts out re [...]

    14. What is a ninja anyway The dictionary states Japanese a member of the ninja who were trained in martial arts and hired for espionage, sabotage or assassinations a person skilled in Ninjutsu They sound scary to me Don t mess with them This book is a children s adventure thriller with a great surprise ending A ninja goes on a very suspenseful missionghts out one awakel quieto his kitchen The book is full of wonderful verbs and gentle, quiet action words that perfectly describe the stealth, agility [...]

    15. In the dark of the night the ninja creeps and climbs, crawls and leaps through the house Everyone is asleep as he slips from shadow to shadow As he takes up his tools to work, the lights flash on and his mother appears Even though the ninja protests that he hasn t finished his ice cream eating mission, his mother has another idea, Well, how about a getting back into bed mission The sparse text has a suspenseful feeling and readers will think they are reading a story about a real ninja right up t [...]

    16. I like the lay out of this book, the style of this book, and the illustrations of this book better then I like the actual story of this book The cover of this book is intriguing with just the ninja eyes poking out of the dark I liked how I had to turn the book vertical a few times to read it and see the full picture, I think this is engaging to the reader and allows them to not get bored while reading I loved how the texture of the pages switched back and forth between glossy and matt I believe [...]

    17. The text itself is sparse and is somewhat eclipsed The mixed media illustrations in this book are true stars, quickly capturing the attention with a thrilling adventure Perhaps the merest bit too cluttered, they illustrate the protagonist as a sleek ninja all in black, who scales walls with grappling hooks and creeps into compounds The story seems to pick up mid adventure, an unusual and refreshing beginning to a picture book, where the concept of once upon a time seems to firmly hold sway than [...]

    18. I enjoyed reading this book and discussing the topic of waking up at night with other readers It resonates with me when the mom tells the child to refocus onto a get into bed mission I was drawn into the story instantly on the first page showing a masked face in the dark My transaction with the text was most powerful when it was written the lights flashed on suddenly I will carry with me from this experience a better understanding of what it is like for other moms to find their children out of b [...]

    19. DaCosta Young 2012 Nighttime Ninja Little, Brown and Company New York.Picture Book Choice2013 ALA Notable Children s Book Reviewed in Publisher s WeeklyThis book is about a little boy who pretends he is a ninja and is stealthily moving about the house after bedtime in search of the prize ice cream The artwork is a rich tapestry using cut paper, textured cloth, string and color pencil as the media The text is really simple, with only a sentence or sentence fragment per page I think it s well suit [...]

    20. Nighttime Ninja was a great book A little boy is dressed as a ninja and he is on a mission around the house He is suppose to be sleep He get caught when his mom finds him around the house and tells him to go back to sleep I really enjoyed reading this book I like how the author used very few words I think young boys in the grades of kindergarten 3rd will really enjoy this because a lot of boys that age are really into ninjas They will connect with the little boy in the story.The illustrations we [...]

    21. The text Nighttime Ninja by Barbara DaCosta had a childlike storyline in which children can relate closely with because every child has had the experience of sneaking through the dark corridors of ones home without stirring their sleeping parents in order to get away with a late night snack This book caught my attention because of the illustration on the cover, however, as I began to flip through the text the illustrations were a disappointment and did not do the story justice I am not impressed [...]

    22. K picked this book up at his school library So I read this at bedtime and I thought okay Nighttime ninja what could it be about But I was kind of disappointed When we start out you are seeing a ninja what looks like to be climbing a wall, but at the end you realize the ninja is a boy who was going after something he wanted when everyone was a sleep So I was a bit like umm okay I think it would have been better if we saw him sneak out of his room, roll past his parent s bedroom door, creep down t [...]

    23. Synopsis Late at night, when all is quiet and everyone is asleep, a ninja creeps silently through the house in search of treasure Soon he reaches his ultimate goald gets a big surprise Will the nighttime ninja complete his mission With spare text and lush illustrations, Nighttime Ninja is a fun, adventure filled story about the power of play and imagination My Review A cute story about stealing through the house in the middle of the night with a special goal in mind I didn t really like the art [...]

    24. A young ninja goes on a mission at midnight Pages of illustrations show how he climbs, sneaks and moves toward his target Then he gets out his tools and the lights turn on His mom catches him eating a midnight snack and sends him back to bed.The story is simple and concise just like a ninja s moves The illustrations are great The shadow of a ninja goes over brilliant textures and shapes I especially like the ninja s silhouette over the full moon with the bamboo leaves in the foreground And then [...]

    25. A Publisher s Weekly Best Book of 2012.Caldecott contender Yes Ed Young wrote and illustrated The House Babba Built Nighttime Ninja, written by Barbara DaCosta and illustrated by Ed Young, is the story of a nighttime ninja on a mission Both he and the reader get surprises in this book The text is sparse here so the beautiful illustrations done in cut paper, textured cloth, string, and colored pencil tell as much of the story as the text Both author and illustrator do a nice job of building up to [...]

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