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Gasparilla's Treasure By Scott Clements,

  • Title: Gasparilla's Treasure
  • Author: Scott Clements
  • ISBN: 9781475028539
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trip Montgomery has no idea what is in store for him when he finds the dusty old trunk hidden under the floorboards in his mom s attic The trunk reveals a series of mysteries that send him on the greatest adventure of his life Will his best friend Josh and his new friend Sarah be able to help Trip solve the clues that lead to the greatest treasure ever known to man Or wTrip Montgomery has no idea what is in store for him when he finds the dusty old trunk hidden under the floorboards in his mom s attic The trunk reveals a series of mysteries that send him on the greatest adventure of his life Will his best friend Josh and his new friend Sarah be able to help Trip solve the clues that lead to the greatest treasure ever known to man Or will Trip s obsession with the treasure drive him deep into the disorienting dreamland of his great grandfather Pappy Paperback 7.99, Kindle 2.99 available here Gasparillas TreExcerpts from reviews I was so excited to get my hands on this book I certainly was not let down.I cannot wait for the sequel, this was like a National Treasure for kids.The characters are very well developed, and they re relatable and likeable.Sometimes funny, sometimes mystery all ages will love this book I got lost in the epic ending Described so well that it is like watching a movie in mind If you liked Goonies, read this book.This story is rich The dialogue is tightly written and smart It s very approachable and witty It s definitely worth the read Gasparilla s Treasure definitely ticked all the boxes for me and I have no hesitation in recommending it to any lover of adventure with a good touch of humor thrown in for good measure.Will someone please make this into a movie, it s the Goonies of this generation.I ve always been a fan of treasure hunting stories, and this one doesn t disappoint the clues to the location of the treasure were really clever and the ending of the book was thoroughly satisfying.When my parents told me to go to bed, I couldn t put this book down I live near St.Augustine and I can relate to all the historical sites Thank you Scott Clemets for writing Gasparilla s Treasure There is action, adventure, and even a bit of romance, as well as lessons about standing up for yourself, respecting your parents, dealing with hardships and loss, and being a good friend.
    Gasparilla s Treasure Trip Montgomery has no idea what is in store for him when he finds the dusty old trunk hidden under the floorboards in his mom s attic The trunk reveals a series of mysteries that send him on the grea

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    1. This is a great treasure hunt adventure It s an easy read, and I think boys will really be able to relate to this one.OK, fine I love the book because I wrote it are you happy

    2. Gasparilla s Treasure is like the movie National Treasure, set in Florida for middle graders Three kids try to solve a puzzle dating back centuries and find a treasure hidden somewhere in St Augustine, the United States oldest city The legendary pirate Gasparilla has left clues to its whereabouts.We meet the bad guy, school bully early on, but the main plot develops slowly So, encourage young readers to keep going to a sensational climax worthy of the big screen The likable main character is thi [...]

    3. Wow That s pretty much all I have to say I couldn t put it down and I am practically speechless I loved this book The characters seemed so real and I felt like I was a part of the book I felt for the characters Gasparilla s Treasure was so great It was well written, thoughtful, and made me smile Just wow I can t wait for the sequel.

    4. With a captivating lead in akin to a Cussler novel, Clements punctuates school days with mystery, intrigue and adventure Set in historic St Augustine, Florida, Gasparilla s Treasure has wit and charm to please any reader.

    5. I want to start off with the simple truth You have to read this book I started reading it this morning, and under five hours later I was done I did not pass go, I did not collect 200, I just sat and read it from start to finish The BEST part about this book, is that their is a definite sequel, which by the way I can NOT wait to read Trip has a true gentleness about him and he is filled with love for his grandfather His whole quest is not for personal gain, its passion for the well being of his f [...]

    6. First ReadsI won a copy of GASPARILLA S TREASURE in a giveaway.Fantastic I read this in one sitting I enjoyed every single page, and every single character Well, maybe I didn t like Eli and the goons so much, but who likes bullies I loved how fun this treasure hunt was, and how clean the content was Clements has done an amazing job with his debut novel, and it s packed full of action and a little teen romance I believe my favorite character is Josh Although, he s quite the lazy, video game craze [...]

    7. Thursday, May 17, 2012Gasparilla s Treasure by Scott Clements 5 STARSThis story grabs your attention fast and holds it It s a treasure hunt trying to find the pirate Gasparilla s treasure.Trip always visits his grandfather in the rest home Someday he is recongized and others not He even talks and plays game with some of the others in the carecenter Trip is 13.One day Trip s grandfather told him to find the trunk in the attic his family needed the money.Trip tells his mother and she gets upset th [...]

    8. Trip is a decent, reasonably hardworking young man, loves his great grandfather Pappy who is ill in a care home, and has just discovered a whole new world of emotions when he set eyes on a new girl in school Trouble is, the school bully has seen her too Fuelled by a few coherent words Pappy said, he searches the loft for a trunk, inside which there are papers and clues to be studied and unravelled Trip and his friend Josh are joined by a new friend, bright, attractive, and new to the school with [...]

    9. Gasparilla s Treasure is a worthy adventure read for middle graders I ll try to offer some useful comments without letting out any spoilers.The three central characters are your typical kids The main character, Trip, provides the link to the background story that leads to the adventure Josh is his goofy friend, and Sarah is a newbie to their school.As the story develops, so too does the friendship between the three characters There is a common enemy, Eli the bully, and the three need to work tog [...]

    10. I picked this ebook up for free during Scott s promotion About halfway through I felt like I was watching National Treasure, except being played out with tweens The historical references, the treasure hunting, the clues if you enjoyed that movie, you likely won t be disappointed by this book.I found the writing style to be on the understated side, which I prefer Mr Clements is not repetitious, nor does he rely on cramming in words trying to set a scene or describe an action The story pace is li [...]

    11. I am 40 years old and I loved reading this book I enjoyed following the kids on their adventure I thought it was well written, the pacing was good it moved along and I was never wondering when do we move on That happens to me in some books The characters were likable and a nice group effort was made, everyone had something to contribute.I learned a lot about St Augustine, Florida and now hope to visit someday.I used to read the Trixie Belden Mysteries as a child and this reminded me of those adv [...]

    12. Well, I liked the chapters of this book that didn t have as much of the school bully threatening and trying to beat up Trip and of the quest Trip and his two friends were on About part way through I got kinda tired of the school bullies and Trips yelling Mom However, Eli the school bully did play a part in Trip and his friends being able to find Gasparilla s Treasure in that Eli had followed them with the Gasparilla book he stole from them and Trip was able to get it back so they could complete [...]

    13. We did get this for free from the first reads program I say we because I listened to this with my son he s never really heard an audio book before but this is the kind of book that holds his interest Yes, he s a little young for the demographic of middle grade but he s reading that book group anyway He really enjoyed it, he wanted to find out what s happening next and the book wasn t too long so it held his interest The narrator did a fantastic job in his reading and his voices for the different [...]

    14. Gasparilla s Treasure is set in St Augustine, Florida and follows Francis please call him Trip Montgomery on a classic buried treasure adventure Except Trip is not your usual 13 year old boy he discovers after visiting his great grandfather in the nursing home that he comes from a long line of treasure hunters Together with his video gaming best friend, Josh, and strikingly pretty new girl, Sarah, he sets of to find the lost treasure of fabled pirate Gasparilla.This was a quick, fun read especia [...]

    15. This was a nice quick read as the story flows well and is entertaining I almost gave the book a 3 because of the villain Eli, is this middle school or the Sopranos as Eli was a bit over the top But I really enjoyed the book and hope there is another adventure.

    16. This is a young adult read Actually maybe a teen read.I was originally interested because of the title Gasparilla s Treasure Ie Jose Gaspar I lived in Tampa,Florida most of my life and every year we have a Gasparilla festival I enjoyed the book very much.

    17. I won this book from librarything s member giveaways in exchange for an honest review.Gasparilla s Treasure by Scott Clements is an adventure for middle school readers that stars Trip, a middle schooler himself, that discovers an ancient chest in his attic and goes on a hunt for lost treasure a hunt that has haunted three generations of his family He has the help of Josh, his pudgy sidekick, and the lovely Sarah, who is the girl of his dreams Their hunt is interrupted with the school bully, Eli. [...]

    18. I don t believe I was the right audience for this, which confused me since I got it at a horror convention Skipping the fact that it s middle grade I like the history of everything, though it felt rushed, forced in some spots, and unbelievable in others It definitely needs to be through another round of edits, at least since 2012 since that s when I got my paperback copy There were a multitude of typos It is a very clever story and a fun little treasure hunt, also a nice opening for future books [...]

    19. A treasure of a story for the young and mature as wellI choose this rating because I think it appeals to all Nicely written, exciting, keeps your interest and teaches lessons and love and compassion.

    20. Glenn Hascall did an amazing job with the narration of this book A joy to listen to Check out the preview on audibleaudible pd ref sr_1_1

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