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Gift of Fate By ValerieKing,

  • Title: Gift of Fate
  • Author: ValerieKing
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 104
  • Format: ebook
    Gift of Fate RETIRED

    One thought on “Gift of Fate”

    1. Jillian s journey is one most may never walk, but secretly long for The Gift of Fate glides the reader to savor details in a place where imagination can slip unnoticed into a sweet reality Each step speaks to the young heart and calls them to embrace and taste its exciting stages The beautifully written prose tugs at the heart to engage in deep reflection, to step into passionate adventures and accept vibrant hope Jillian s journey into herself, her fate, her new life ,the lessons for the reader [...]

    2. When I was contacted by indie author Valerie King to read and review her first book in the Fatum series, The Gift of Fate, I was skeptical I m always skeptical when it comes to series books, so it takes a lot of convincing to swing me in their favour But then I saw the GORGEOUS cover for the book Seriously, one of the prettiest covers I ve seen and I absolutely adore covers The lettering and fonts are perfect as well as the entire layout So, naturally I said yes.I quite enjoyed reading The Gift [...]

    3. Valerie King s novel, The Gift of Fate, tells the story of Jillian and later Connell two people who turn out to be much than they appear.Readers are immediately introduced to Jillian, a fetching I always wanted to write that young woman who s about to have her life turned upside down, inside out, and all kinds of other distortions She s plagued by visions, dreams, a mysterious woman who mails long letters out of the blue, and hell, I ll say it parents who might be too good to be true LOLWhat fo [...]

    4. Book Review by Lorilyn Roberts of The Gift of Fate by Valerie KingMysterious and Hauntingly Beautiful What if you had the ability to know your fate That question lingered in my mind as I read The Gift of Fate It challenged me to think, if I did, how would I live my life differently By the end of the book, my whole being had embraced the question in this hauntingly beautiful story which seemed real than imagined If you like a story that asks profound questions, you won t be disappointed The Gift [...]

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