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Inside My Shorts: 30 Quickies By Adam Sifre,

  • Title: Inside My Shorts: 30 Quickies
  • Author: Adam Sifre
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When it comes to stories and other things I believe that size doesn t matter It s what you do with it that counts.Here you will find 31 quickies Romance, horror, comedy, and a bit of science fiction You ll laugh, you ll cry, you may even You may love them or hate them, but you won t forget them.I promise.I am Splinker Read me roar
    Inside My Shorts Quickies When it comes to stories and other things I believe that size doesn t matter It s what you do with it that counts Here you will find quickies Romance horror comedy and a bit of science fiction Y

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    1. This is a fine collection of stories The tales run the gamut from humor to horror, with an occasional story managing to comfortably mix the the two Here you will find ordinary people interacting with murderers, and revenge seekers caught in the act of getting exactly what they want The stories made me laugh and wince one or two of them even made me think Yeah, I know Can you believe it Meet a hoarder who houses a very special collection.Set off on an unforgettable fishing trip.Learn the horrific [...]

    2. 30 Quickies is actually a lot of stories And after about 20 I felt I had a good enough feeling of the author and wanted to move on Honestly, with so many stories and with such a varied collection, you re bound to find at least one that you ll like I of course found several Adam Sifre has a hilarious sense of dark humor and it s noticeable from the very first story But by the end of the book it began to weigh me down and the latter stories suffered because of my perspective, mood, and burnout an [...]

    3. This is a really eclectic group of short stories which I found very accessible and easy to read They included a couple of post apocalyptic stories and even these were very different from one another One followed the last man alive whereas one took the stance that the Artificial Intelligences were keeping everything running Many of the stories had a twist to them, or were from an unusual viewpoint There s a touch of horror, a good dollop of humour, all human life is here There was a real story te [...]

    4. This a fabulous collection of trendy, smart, rude, funny, creepy short stories that are in my humble are the best I ve read so far Adam Sifre has written stories that haunt me, made me laugh, ponder the real world and the one playing in my head.These stories aren t just written for and about the boxer wearing wedge pulling set They are written for everyone that appreciates real language and at times tawdry events I found that they are addictive and will evoke a full range of emotions Be prepared [...]

    5. My first book of 2012 is a collection of 31 short stories that I read on my Kindle.Although it contains different types of stories, a good majority are of the twisty horror variety with a good splash of humour To be honest there were probably only a handful of stories which really impressed me, a few that were a little bit on the dull side and the rest were just about average But, don t get me wrong, I think this young writer has plenty of potential, once he develops his voice as a writer The 4 [...]

    6. I loved them all, almost as much as I loved writing themazon Inside My ShortThere are places Inside My Shorts which are dark and scary, and other places where you ll laugh Just like college Many of the short stories in the book started off as entries in my Flash Fiction Friday contest and AuthonoDome challenges I m a big believer in the power of flash fiction To create a world, set a mood and tell a complete story in a thousand words or so takes effort than you might think The book actually con [...]

    7. What kept me reading the short stories in Inside My Shorts were the pivots on characters, each of them unique, neurotic, or just plain morbid Their interiors might be as individual or shocking in their intents while they go about seemingly mundane lives Sifre has a natural bent for black humor and a subtle approach to its depiction His style is flowing and detailed with ordinary life while he uses details to heighten the psychology of his stories They are quick in the telling but rich in idea an [...]

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