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Il cancro mi ha reso più frivola. Una testimonianza a fumetti By Miriam Engelberg Susanna Sinigaglia,

  • Title: Il cancro mi ha reso più frivola. Una testimonianza a fumetti
  • Author: Miriam Engelberg Susanna Sinigaglia
  • ISBN: 9788850212712
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • a cartoonist examines her experience with breast cancer in an irreverent and humorous graphic memoir.
    Il cancro mi ha reso pi frivola Una testimonianza a fumetti a cartoonist examines her experience with breast cancer in an irreverent and humorous graphic memoir

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    1. I intended to like this graphic novel I almost feel bad that I didn t It s about a woman who undergoes cancer treatment at a young age and takes up cartooning during the process to record her experience I love the title of this book and it conveys a type of coping method that sometimes offends and is often overlooked as healthy humor I think it s fair to say that it s difficult to discuss life threatening illness and Engelberg opens the doors of discourse by making her readers comfortable and al [...]

    2. I read this immediately after being diagnosed with breast cancer and loved loved loved it The clumsy drawing style put me off at first but I was quickly drawn into her humor and style It was the perfect antidote to all those people looking at me with sad eyes and saying gently, How are you Some days I wanted to be as shallow as fingernail polish and this book helped me to feel like that was not only okay but like it was a.what A cool response to a wicked hard time My daughter, 13 at the time, al [...]

    3. If you are one of these people who s like comics has to be drawn good also the lettering better be TIGHT might I suggest you sew yourself into a sack of dicks and huck your dumb carcass in the lake.This is a very very good read.

    4. Another breast cancer journey in form of a graphic memoir, alas, this is one that doesn t have a happy ending I think it s a case of the right book at the wrong time for me Whilst Miriam Engelberg injects a healthy dose of humour into her drawings and the dialogues thought processes, the book was certainly overshadowed by the sad fact on page 1 that the author is survived by her husband and son More serious and depressing than Cancer Vixen Miriam Engelberg s account of her breast cancer instille [...]

    5. This book tracked my own post cancer diagnosis thought process beat for beat, from self blame did she cause cancer by eating too much cheese Miriam Engelberg wonders , to worrying that your doomsday thoughts are foreshadowing in the movie of your life, to becoming hopelessly addicted to terrible TV Either Miriam Engelberg and I have a lot in common, or breast cancer is a completely predictable, universal experience I feel like she would hope it s the former, just like I do although I m sure ther [...]

    6. People look at me strangely when I say how much I love this book Miriam Engelberg left us a wonderful gift in tracing with such realism and wit her day by day experience of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment It is unbelievable that cancer proved stronger than this vivacious and funny, not to mention beautiful woman How is it possible that her memoir makes me laugh out loud and to the point of tears on nearly every page I guess her book is not for everyone, but if you like maybe dark humor, yo [...]

    7. First things first don t let the title or the artwork scare you off The title, if you can imagine it, is tongue in cheek like the rest of the book, it s at once honestly vulnerable, deeply personal, and improbably funny The artwork, while messy, is as idiosyncratic and as interesting as handwriting What might seem odd or challenging to read in the first few pages quickly becomes fascinating and subtly communicative, and is just as enjoyable as poring over every jot and tittle of a friend s handw [...]

    8. More and I believe in comics as a very true way to communicate And, I m glad I have lived long enough to discover this Similar to my discover rediscovery of picture books so much truth can be in a very small frame I haven t had cancer myself, and don t know what it in store for me, but after watching and being with some loved ones who have survived, but are now gone, I know that it is so very different for everyone And though the whole positive attitude thing might be what makes being sick comf [...]

    9. I imagine some cancer patients can relate to Miriam s reactions to all this cancer thing, reactions that are quite contrary to what people expect from someone diagnosed with cancer Seems like a death sentence gives anyone the license to be shallow.

    10. You know how whenever you hear about someone getting diagnosed with cancer, it always seems to make them realize what s important and devote their lives to that, and throw themselves into experiencing life at its fullest, and stop worrying about the little things, and love everybody It seems like it s always something like that This book is compelling because it presents a counter example someone who has none of those experiences and actually admits it It s told in a series of cartoons, many of [...]

    11. I really wanted to like this , but so much about it fell completely flat I really really support people drawing comics just because, even if you aren t super good at it But I also feel like the you draw the better you get at it, even if it s just a teeny tiny bit You don t even have to try You draw a lot, you get better at what you re doing, even if what you re doing is speech bubbles or repeated patterns or aliens or oncologists I love atypical drawing cartooning styles like Lauren Redniss, Es [...]

    12. LOL funny about a subject where laughs are hard to find.This darkly funny comic book memoir gave me brief reprieve from the pain of dealing with cancer.I laughed out loud It feels good to release some of the pent up emotion at the hand of someone who knows the agony of cancer.Engelberg s book was published in 2006 Sadly, she did not make it.My favorite parts of Engelberg s observations Booklet World Engelberg observes that there is an upbeat educational booklet for almost every medical procedure [...]

    13. At a glance, a lot of people didn t seem to like this book, but I did The drawing is not great, not professional or impressive, but herein lies its strength for me, in a way she makes herself accessible to us, she is not above us, she is one of us The book catalogues her breast cancer and finally, she dies in 2006 Grim Well, yes, but she is often very funny, and unfailingly honest in her wish to escape through tv, crossword puzzles anything not to think about it and escapes through humor, of cou [...]

    14. This book offers an antidote to all the cancer memoirs that suggest that cancer was the best thing to happen to them Without depicting too much of the physical trauma that cancer brings in its wake, Miriam Engelberg manages to portray the psychological maelstrom that envelops the cancer patient along with all the comments, well meant or otherwise, from observers that often make the experience daunting and inexplicable.Awfully sad, Miriam died in 2006, aged 48, from breast cancer diagnosed in 20 [...]

    15. This book was really good It was funny and smart and I laughed quite a bit Having been through breast cancer with my mom I could recognize a lot in it I saw a lot of myself in the author, in her twisted sense of humor, her questioning nature and her aversion to all things hokey It was hard to read just because of the familiarity and because I know how things turned out for her but I m definitely glad I read it.

    16. I found this book both hilarious and profoundly touching Miriam s sense of humor was fantastic, whether dealing with chemo or minor annoyances The drawing style was so expressive I also loved her embrace of her true nature.

    17. I recommend this book to anyone who now has, or has had in the past, a life threatening illness, PROVIDED you find the title appealing it was PERFECT for me

    18. The cartoonist doesn t find religion, become an activist, or inspire others because something dreadful happened to her Showing how she muddled through her cancer treatments in her own way through humor places this artist concretely on the ground Had I experienced cancer, or at least known someone who had, I m sure I would have looked at this book very differently As it is, I see a real woman dealing with her horrifying experience in the best way she can, without preaching or pretense at superhum [...]

    19. Stricken with breast cancer at a disturbingly young age 43 , Engelberg turned to cartooning to cope the resulting work is both powerful and very funny She starts at the very beginning, while awaiting her diagnosis The story follows the cancer trail all the way through surgery, chemo, support groups, wigs, the distraction of cartooning, moving house while completely nauseated and the horror of a second diagnosis In contrast to the heavy subject matter, Engelberg s artwork is na ve to the extreme, [...]

    20. Yes I loved reading this book, and I m passing it along to friends fo sho.Neurotic, anxious, pessimistic those qualities don t just disappear with a breast cancer verdict Patients don t all turn into glowing appreciate what God has given and focus on the positive sort of people And Miriam Engelberg walks the fine line between the pink ribbons and the cancer sucks stickers with an honest humor and wit that we can all relate to This cartoon memoir has the feel of Alison Bechdel s Fun Home, which m [...]

    21. Would make a good companion to Wit by Margaret Edson who is a much better writer Not really skilled at drawing but gets her point across Very existential she ends up coping by becoming fixated on tv guide crosswords and People magazine An excerpt I met with a friend who had breast cancer seven years ago Whatever happens, this is a wakeup call for you about how you re living your life Loves to garden, makes crafts, supports women with cancer Yea, you re right This is a chance for me to spend time [...]

    22. I first read this book in 2010 and I can t remember why It might have been the subject my dad had colon cancer or it might have been the fact that I like comics and memoirs Fast forward to today when I myself have breast cancer and I thought I should read the book again What I hadn t remembered was that Engelberg had stage 4 cancer It had spread to her brain and her bones I decided to Google her and learned that she died in 2006, the same year as, and shortly after as far as I can tell, this boo [...]

    23. This book is mainly about Miriam Engelberg dealing with cancer and how people around her react to the fact that she has cancer At first, she rejected the idea that she has cancer, then the rejection slowly turned into anger and finally, at the end of the book, she slowly accepted cancer in her life She also talks about how differently people with cancer and without cancer react when Miriam tells them she has cancer This book mainly talks about the author s thoughts and how she overcomes problems [...]

    24. This is a graphic memoir told in a series of cartoons about one woman s experience with breast cancer While certainly not a normally hilarious subject, Miriam Engleberg has made it a very human, touching journey, which is by turns hysterically funny, very knowing, and very poignant I am considering doing a graphic memoir of my own and am looking through a few others to see how different people expressed themselves Miriam was not a trained artist, but her cartoons are extremely effective and very [...]

    25. When Miriam Engelberg finds a lump in her breast, she is faced with the most frightening diagnosis of her life cancer.As she undergoes surgery, radiation, and chemo, Miriam experiences illness as she has never before experienced it She cannot help but to view her life differently cancer has given her a new context.Honest and open, Engelberg s memoir takes readers on an unforgettable journey If nothing else, her revelations will force readers to reconsider how they treat people who are ill, cance [...]

    26. I ve never had cancer and I ve never known anyone well who has had cancer, but, just as a regular person, I found this book genuine, funny, sad, clever, dark, and contrary to the title a little deep Engelberg tells the story of her sudden immersion into the world of the cancer victim and the cancer survivor with painful honesty It is, despite the awfulness of the cancer, a funny story, too It s the truthfulness I liked best about it, pulling away all the made for tv movie sweetness that seems to [...]

    27. This is a memoir in comic strip form about a woman going through breast cancer and its treatments I found it to be poignant, funny, sad, and interesting I generally don t enjoy graphic novels and don t enjoy sad books, but this was different I really cared deeply about the author by the end of the book and I felt that she did a good job of communicating what she has been through in her funny comic strip vignettes I don t know if people who have had cancer would appreciate this book or not, but I [...]

    28. I cried in the middle of Borders when I first picked up Miriam s memoir After working with so many women going through cancer diagnosis and treatment, I knew how it could completely gut a person s sense of humor By laughing at cancer, she showed that cancer does not rob you of everything.This book is an absolute gift to anyone who has cancer, loves someone who has cancer, or who works with people who have cancer It really helps keep things in perspective Bless her for writing this may Miriam res [...]

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