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The Puzzle Master By Heather Spiva,

  • Title: The Puzzle Master
  • Author: Heather Spiva
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Twelve year old Marshall Thompson s favorite place in the world is Luke s Junk Store With one last trip in before school begins, he s intent on finding the perfect thing to take on the first day back to impress his friends But his great find ends up being a girl and a friendship begins that will change him forever.
    The Puzzle Master Twelve year old Marshall Thompson s favorite place in the world is Luke s Junk Store With one last trip in before school begins he s intent on finding the perfect thing to take on the first day back

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    1. I try not to get emotionally attached to books I fail 99% of the time, but I do in fact try Today s book was especially difficult for me But before I explain why, let me tell you HOW exactly it was that I came to read THIS book at THIS moment in my life.It was a fluke.Once I agree to review a book I put it and all of it s info into a folder in my inbox titled Reviews To Do Yes, I know I m a genius Anyways, every few days or when my kindle gets a little low on books I go to this folder and grab t [...]

    2. The Puzzle Master is a great story that really took me by surprise by it s depth and realism, something I didn t really expect from a young adult book Without giving too much away I ll just say that 12 year old Marshall begins with the concerns of an 12 year old an annoying younger sister, trying to get in to the cool kids club at school, etc , but as the story unfolds he forms a profound friendship that changes his life forever Great writing, compelling characters, and a moving story make The P [...]

    3. Engrossing story, with engaging characters This novel could stand beside Bridge to Terebithia in a classroom it s that good Well, the prose is a little less polished, and I hesitate to 5 star novels with typos and prose that could be tightened, but The Puzzle Master is such a page turner, I decided to be forgiving.The white crane was my tip off normally, I would put the book down and refuse to go on if I suspect tragedy ahead But the characters are all so well drawn, I had to keep reading Congra [...]

    4. The Puzzle Master is exquisite Like a puzzle itself, the story pieces together the lives of two young people who both struggle with illness and need each other, but don t realize how much until the puzzle is complete It is a stunning work of fiction that pulls you in and keeps you there until your heart and soul are changed Marshall is a pretty typical 12 year old with a bratty little sister and an annoying older brother His mom is always distracted and his dad is never home any because he s alw [...]

    5. Twelve year old Marshall has just discovered a new passion rummaging at junk stores for that perfect treasure And Luke s junk store is the best, so crammed full of stuff that a person can t begin to see everything in one visit That s why Marshall spends so much time there But his mother doesn t approve She thinks he should spend time at home with his older brother and little sister Never mind that his brother is totally fixated on girls and getting a car, or that his little sister is a spoiled [...]

    6. Being asked to review a writer s work is always a privilege and never so than with Heather Spiva s YA novel, The Puzzle Master.What s the secret of writing for a teenage market Don t lecture, don t patronise but top of the pile, write a book anyone would want to read.And that s what Heather has done.Marshall is a young lad, growing up in Sacramento As the middle sibling he s frustrated by his young sister s whining and elder brother s arrogance As kids we all want to fit in at school and with o [...]

    7. Although only a short book, this story touched my heart.Marshall is a 12 year old boy, just starting middle school who suffers from asthma However he has a great love for puzzles and hanging out at the local junk store He hopes to find something amazing there to help him fit in at school however when the owners niece comes to stay he gets a true friend he can share his puzzles with She is recovering from cancer and the two enjoy each others company throughout the book learning about how harsh li [...]

    8. An excellent book geared for young adults, but all will enjoy The story of an ordinary kid, who develops an extraordinary friendship Anyone who has been impacted affected by cancer will love this book Make sure you have time to read this in one sitting because you won t want to put it down

    9. This story had no flaws at all It gave you every emotion This book completely broke my heart But it is the best thing I have ever read.

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