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Planet Tad By Tim Carvell Doug Holgate,

  • Title: Planet Tad
  • Author: Tim Carvell Doug Holgate
  • ISBN: 9780061934360
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tad has an agenda Survive seventh grade He also wants to grow a mustache, get girls to notice him, and do a kickflip on his skateboard But those are not the main reasons he started a blog Tad just has a lot of important thoughts he wants to share with the world, like Here is the first thing I have learned about having a dog in your house Don t feed them nachosTad has an agenda Survive seventh grade He also wants to grow a mustache, get girls to notice him, and do a kickflip on his skateboard But those are not the main reasons he started a blog Tad just has a lot of important thoughts he wants to share with the world, like Here is the first thing I have learned about having a dog in your house Don t feed them nachos Not ever.
    Planet Tad Tad has an agenda Survive seventh grade He also wants to grow a mustache get girls to notice him and do a kickflip on his skateboard But those are not the main reasons he started a blog Tad just has

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    1. Told in a diary style, Tad is a 7th grader who is looking to make a few changes in his life and he is bound and determined to survive the school year, grow a mustache, get girls to notice him, and do a flip on his skateboard From January 1st all the way through December 31st Tad tries his hardest, but things don t always pan out for him He ends up starring in an elementary school play, breaking his best friends already broken camera, and hacking off his parents a lot.Tad is a pretty insightful k [...]

    2. Tad, who is in seventh and eighth grade during this particular year when he begins blogging, is trying to find his way in the world His concerns are those of the typical middle grader he d like to find a girlfriend and become masculine His almost daily blogs are succinct and read like a series of jokes since he s constantly putting his foot in his mouth and getting in trouble One of my favorite parts of the book involved Tad receiving notes in his locker from a secret admirer The resolution of [...]

    3. This is a book about Tad blogging and surviving 7th grade He had 4 resolution s for the year The first one was to start shaving The second one was to do a flip on his skateboard Third one was to get girls to notice him, and his last one was to finish 7th grade Tad made me laugh with his funny antics like when he was watching deal or no deal with his father and thought to himself what if it was deal or no deal and eel I also learned to not give a dog nacho food, ever This book may cover all the [...]

    4. Planet Tad by Tim Carvell.If you like Mad Magazine you will love Planet Tad Tad is a 12 year old boy that is in 7th grade He decides to write a blog about his life The entries span a year and all the fun, mishaps, pondering and zaniness that is in Tad s life Planet Tad is fun for all ages well most all ages 8 99 and if you don t believe me, then your a square.Not only did I highly enjoy this laugh out loud book, but so did my wife and kids I kept having to steal it back from them I received this [...]

    5. Planet Tad falls in the survive middle school category of books It s like an alternate universe of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, except for the fact that it is a bit of a dirtier version of Wimpy Kid, one example being the reference to monkeys giving lap dances Tad is just a regular, mundane boy It didn t have any description of anything, which made me sad to have to look at illustrations to see what characters look like But the jokes were a bit funny

    6. For a book penned by the head writer of The Daily Show, I expected It s not like I feel like I lost hours off my life by reading it, but it wasn t my favorite read of the summer I liked Tad, and I got a pretty good sense of his life, but some of the situations seems like they were pulled straight from Everybody Loves Raymond Again, not a horrible read, but others have done better with the genre of dorky guy writes a diary blog journal.

    7. I am not entirely sure what to think of this book At times it was pretty good, at times it was just bad or made my eyes roll so hard they almost popped out of my head.I do like the format, the emoticons that tell us how Tad feels during that day, and I liked that he wrote something every day, even if it was just a short little part Not many kids would keep it up like he did, most would just give up, or end up just doing a few days and forgetting to do it every day But while this is all nice, it [...]

    8. This is an awesome and absolutely hilarious book I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the 8 12 age range, especially to fans of the Wimpy Kid series Tad is a boy in middle school who has an agenda on how to essentially survive seventh grade He also has many important thoughts he thinks he needs to share with the world, so he starts his own blog So the chapters in the book are his daily blog posts perfect for reluctant readers, or young readers fearful of long texts I think all young read [...]

    9. Tad is starting a new blog, trying to grow a mustache, and putting up with his annoying younger sister, Sophie Told in daily entries some of which are about things in his life, some of which are random observations like If breakfast cereal is so popular, how come nobody makes dinner cereal I d eat it page 137 , this is episodic than plot driven, covering everything from his interest in asking girls to dances to his science fair project Strengths This will be popular because it is funny and a No [...]

    10. 7th grader Tad has started a new blog in which he records daily events from his life, and his hilarious takes on pop culture From his family and friends, including his possibly evil genius sister Sophie, to film and pop culture, Tad shares his take on everything Tad s blog entries are short and sweet, and are accompanied by funny illustrations from Holgate This book is a fast read and includes some laugh out loud moments.I picked up this book because it was written by the head writer of The Dail [...]

    11. A pretty fun book featuring a seventh grade blogger who makes funny observations about a variety of things from the Wizard of Oz to the Gift of the Magi The book tracks one year in his life and is presented as if it s his blog though this is really merely a jumping off point, since the illustrations don t seem to be presented as though they re JPGs or anything like that I found the humor to be clever but at times, it started to just feel like a structure for allowing the author to compile a bunc [...]

    12. The book I read for my book report was Planet Tad by Tim Carvell The genre of this book is realistic fiction The story takes place at Lakeville Middle School where main character Tad and his best friend attend The book is basically about how to survive middle school and how stressful it is Tad feels left out He isn t popular and he wants people to notice him His parents say he should be himself He disagrees and still isn t viewed as popular I rated this book four out of five stars, because it sh [...]

    13. There was no plot to this book No problem, no resolution, no adventure or magic or pirates or anything BUT WAITAT WAS THE POINT, PEOPLE It s a BLOG Did you THINK it would have a point Jeez The humor in the book was great It really made you think about things you d never imagine thinking about Including, how there isn t an i in team , but there is a me in team Or why exactly it matters that the guy in Green Eggs and Ham doesn t like green eggs in ham Or how Luigi never gets upset about the game b [...]

    14. This book was super funny A good laugh if you have been having a bad day The best part of this book is I think all of the unexplainable references that Tad makes to certain events that go on in his life I espically like how he thinks about his sister Sophie s actions, and the fact that he is mostly jealous of the attention that she gets The thing that makes me love this book so much is the little emojis on the top of the page that state how Tad felt that day It really helps set the mood of the b [...]

    15. I would recommend to kids who liked The Strange Case of Origami Yoda or Diary of a Wimpy Kid This book is an almost completely character driven blog of humorous pop culture observations Had a conversation with a boy who let me know this book hit its mark.

    16. Tad keeps a daily blog, offering readers one highlight from every day of the year I thought this was a hilarious and easy read Definitely would recommend to reluctant boy readers.

    17. Written by a former head writer for The Daily Show, Planet Tad describes twelve year old Tad s seventh grade career, one hilarious blog entry at a time.Will Tad grow a mustache Get girls to notice him Survive his summer as a hot dog Ever learn not to feed his dog nachos You ll have to read his blog to find out.Why The Ten Year Old likes it It s like a gateway into his emotions.

    18. I mean, don t get me wrong, it was a good book, but it was kind of all over the place Random thoughts throughout the book distracted you from the plot If you are an elementary middle school boy, you might enjoy this book.

    19. This kid Tad has multiple missions to do like getting girls to notice him or knowing how to do a kick flip Mainly to finish seventh grade There is another which is to start shaving Can he complete his missions Will he survive seventh grade I like how each day he has a mood for it and how you could relate It s kinda like the diary of a wimpy kid books especially having it take place in school If you like the diary of a wimpy kid books you will like this.

    20. I liked this book so much I read it again This book is about tad Tad is a middle school blogger who has written about his life especially at school This is in a blog format That means it has the date on the top and a few paragraphs below it For a deeper insight look at my review on Return Of Planet Tad.

    21. I got a copy of this book to review through the Vine program It s not the type of thing I normally read, but sounded so funny that I had to give it a try This ended up being a very well done book and a highly amusing read There were parts of this book where I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears.Tad is your typical twelve year old and has some specific goals for the upcoming year 1 start a blog, 2 shave for the first time, 3 Get girls to notice him, and 4 do a kickflip on his skateboard Ad [...]

    22. I d originally thought that this book would be a collection of the Planet Tad articles from Mad Magazine, so if you re like me and wondering if that s what this is, it s not Luckily you won t be disappointed, because this book is really funny.One of my favorite parts of the book was that it had a wide age appeal If an adult were to pick up this book such as myself , they d be able to get into it pretty easily Not once was I bored while reading this and I managed to finish it in one night since I [...]

    23. A hilarious take on a 7th grade boy s life from the pen of Tim Carvell, head writer at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart The book is in diary format and follows Tad on various adventures life lessons throughout the year Whether he is fighting with his younger sister, Sophie, disagreeing with his utterly uncool parents, or getting into trouble with his friends Chuck Kevin, Tad s observations and escapades deliver solid laughter A typical day in Tad s life goes something like this JANUARY 11 mood an [...]

    24. Tim Carvell is an Emmy award winning writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart so it s no surprise that his book Planet Tad succeeds at creating dozens of laughs The book fleshes out Carvell s series for Mad Magazine also named Planet Tad The book consists of blog entries from twelve year old American boy Tad We follow him as he flounders through the school year and into his summer which is in no way what he expected it to be He has a smart and conniving younger sister, Sophie, whose adventures [...]

    25. Intermediate Book Planet TadAPA Citation Carvell, T 2012 Planet Tad New York Harper.Summary This is a story about a boy Tad which told in a diary style.Tad is a 7th grader who hopes can make a few changes in his life and has four goals survive the school year, grow a mustache, get girls to notice him, and do a flip on his skateboard For all years during his seven grade, he started blogging and trying to find him in the world He has made funny observations about a variety of things Although he tr [...]

    26. In the book, Planet Tad written by Tim Carvell The setting took place in Tad s school and Tad s home In this book Tad the main charecter or the somebody wanted to get out of the 7th grade alive due to all of the silly and dumb things he has done But, some other goals he wants to achieve are getting a mustache, getting girls to notice him, and finally to do a kickflip on his skateboard So, that was not the main reason he started to blog, Tad wanted to share things with the world like for example [...]

    27. The head writer of The Daily Show expands his Planet Tad column from Mad Magazine into a book that is formatted into blog entries by a 7th grader named Tad Diary of a Wimpy Kid was huge and spawned countless imitations in the world of tweenaged fiction Therefore I presumed that Carvell would be mining that vein in vain Upon reading Planet Tad however, I hereby decree that it is the best of the Humorously Self Deprecating 9 12 Book Formatted as a Diary genre of children s literature It is funny f [...]

    28. Tad got a new computer for Christmas and has decided to start a blog, a diary of sorts Tad is a twelve year old going into middle school and he has a thing for Natalie Portman Anyway, Tad faithfully puts an entry into his blog every day telling us something of what happened that day and the mood he was in that day Tad has a very unique way of seeing things almost like a comedienne For instance, when Rex goes to the vet to get fixed, he comes home with a plastic cone over his head When his sister [...]

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