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Conjure By Lea Nolan,

  • Title: Conjure
  • Author: Lea Nolan
  • ISBN: 9781620610985
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Be careful what you search forEmma Guthrie expects this summer to be like any other in the South Carolina Lowcountry hot and steamy with plenty of beach time alongside her best friend and secret crush, Cooper Beaumont, and Emma s ever present twin brother, Jack But then a mysterious eighteenth century message in a bottle surfaces, revealing a hidden pirate bounty LurBe careful what you search forEmma Guthrie expects this summer to be like any other in the South Carolina Lowcountry hot and steamy with plenty of beach time alongside her best friend and secret crush, Cooper Beaumont, and Emma s ever present twin brother, Jack But then a mysterious eighteenth century message in a bottle surfaces, revealing a hidden pirate bounty Lured by the adventure, the trio discovers the treasure and unwittingly unleashes an ancient Gullah curse that attacks Jack with the wicked flesh eating Creep and promises to steal Cooper s soul on his approaching sixteenth birthday.When a strange girl appears, bent on revenge demon dogs become a threat and Jack turns into a walking skeleton Emma has no choice but to learn hoodoo magic to undo the hex, all before summer and her friends are lost forever.
    Conjure Be careful what you search forEmma Guthrie expects this summer to be like any other in the South Carolina Lowcountry hot and steamy with plenty of beach time alongside her best friend and secret crush

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    1. This e arc was provided by Elana Johnson, Entangled Publishing thank you One word Fabulous I love a good Hoodoo magic book, and Conjure by Lea Nolan did not disappoint Nolan did an outstanding job capturing the mysterious and sometimes gross elements of Hoodoo, which made the book so much enjoyable Nolan created a fantastic world filled with danger and adventure that at some points left me saying out loud, I don t know any Needless to say, I enjoyed reading Conjure Emma, the main character, is [...]

    2. I read an pre pub version of Lea s fabulous creative Hoodoo story and am so excited it ll be in print soon Can t wait to dive into its magic again

    3. First off I want to say this book had me from the first page and didn t let go until the end I loved everything about this book especially the Gullah history part of it I wanted to read this book after I learned it was about the Gullah world being a Lowcountry native I love books that tell out awesome history and the author didn t disappoint me at all I loved the world building that she created with all the descriptions and the amazing back story she gave us about the town the story was set in T [...]

    4. Hoodoo, South Carolina Low Country, a cute love story, pirates of a sort, a curse, what is there not to love about this book I was drawn in by the setting I spent my first visit to Charleston last weekend but didn t get to do much traveling around because it was a Boy Scout visit to the USS Yorktown That was a wonderful trip, but I must admit I was intrigued by the low country because my parents visited Charleston the year before and brought us back some spices from the market from the Gullah wo [...]

    5. CONJURE was a nice book that took me on an interesting journey into the world of hoodoo This story is full of magic, a cute romance that will make you smile, and a race against time to save loved ones Nolan s debut novel is a quick read fully of fantastical elements.The characterization in this book, for the most part, is incredibly strong My one problem with this novel is that the characters seem to completely disregard their intuition, specifically Emma Her gut would be telling her the proper, [...]

    6. 3.5 StarsWith Halloween just around the corner what better way to start off the season than with a little magic and mayhem Add in a nice story filled with creepy monsters, hoodoo, hexes and skeletons and you have one heck of a fun story perfect for the spookiest season of them all A small dash of romance doesn t hurt either.This really was the perfect read to add a little mystery and creepiness into the atmosphere and totally get me in the mood for Halloween I loved all the detail about the Hood [...]

    7. Conjure is about a group of young teen in South Carolina Emma and her twin brother Jack, 14, spend their summers in the south with their father One day on the beach with their best friend Copper, Emma, finds an old bottle with a note inside The note, over 300 years old, speaks of long lost treasure and the curse that follows it The boys are intrigued and set off to find it on the grounds of the old plantation owned by Coopers family Emma has a bad feeling When disaster strikes, Emma along with t [...]

    8. Conjure is a unique read that you won t want to miss I ll admit the characters are a bit young for my tastes, but the leading character was not annoying I still enjoyed this book immensely The characters were well developed and progressed along with the story, the plot was intriguing, and the pacing was perfect This book will suck you in Emma was a terrific leading character The book was told from first person POV, and I never got tired of hearing from Emma She wa brave and selfless and everythi [...]

    9. CONJURE was a unique story about a girl whose brother is struck by an ancient curse and their journey to cure him The story started a tad bit slow but picked up and stayed on a nice course a few chapters in The characters were easy to like or dislike in some cases You tend to forget the Main character and her brother are only 14 at some times when they are thrust into situations that a normal 14 year old wouldn t be able to handle, then you turn around and feel that they are extremely immature a [...]

    10. Although Conjure by Lea Nolan is a YA book, it can easily be read by older MG readers because its tone felt a bit younger, particularly since the main character, Emma, was only fourteen and repeatedly thought about how dreamy her crush was While I liked Emma, I found her twin brother Jack to be whiny and kind of selfish To me, the most interesting and unique thing about Conjure was the incorporation of hoodoo I m not going to lie before I read the book, I wouldn t have been able to tell you the [...]

    11. This review was written by Amber Hansford, staff reviewer with the Fantasy Book Addict.There are always books that will grab you from that initial read of the blurb, and Conjure by Lea Nolan was one of them I m a Southern gal who happens to love YA and Fantasy, so this seemed like the perfect book to review for my debut on this site, and I wasn t disappointed to find that while there were a couple of things that left me with some mixed feelings at the end, this was a highly enjoyable read.You ca [...]

    12. Disclaimer the author and I are blogging buddies at Honestly YA, but don t let that stop you from believing me when I say this is a great book I love the coastal history, the hoodoo connection, and the nonstop action Also, I want Cooper Beaumont to be my boyfriend If only he weren t fictionald I weren t old enough to be his mom.

    13. This review originally appeared here at Tripping Over BooksCONJURE by Lea Nolan is one of those books that gave me mixed feelings, guys One the one hand, HOODOO I love reading about elemental magic because it seems so much real than, say, Harry Potter magic even though Harry Potter magic is THE BEST EVER Something about magic like hoodoo seems creepier to me because it seems likely to be possible in our world, and that is awesome, so big props for debut hoodoo On the other hand, though, I thou [...]

    14. Caroline for bigbooklittlebookCopy received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.Emma Guthrie lives for the summers her and her twin brother Jack, spend visiting their father on the island of St Helena A quiet and self contained loner, happy to live in the shadow of her popular brother, Emma spends the school year counting down the weeks to her lazy summer of sunbathing, swimming, and sailing The biggest pull however, is not the weeks of freedom from school or even the breathtaking s [...]

    15. To see my full review wp p1jhaj 3X1This past Spring, I went to a book festival in my area and had the pleasure of listening to Lea Nolan speak on a panel Up until that point, I had never head of Nolan, but as she spoke, and then read a snippet from her novel, Conjure, I knew I had to read this book, especially as it dealt with magic, mystery, and a curse that eats the flesh right off the bone Sound intriguing It is.This novel follows the adventures of Emma, Jack, and Cooper as they attempt to br [...]

    16. Review Posted on Reading Lark 10 17 12 readinglark 2012 I was originally drawn to this book because of its roots in the South Carolina lowcountry and Gullah traditions I have long been fascinated by both topics I am so glad that I decided to give this book a try It was a magical adventure with a dash of southern flavor It s also one of those books that I would feel comfortable recommending to my middle school students.Emma Guthrie is a fourteen year old girl who spends her summers on an island o [...]

    17. Conjure intrigued me beyond my expectations I enjoyed it There are curses, magic, treasure, and romance There s also nasty pirates not like my favorite pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean that pretty much helped kick start the curses Hoodoo magic I honestly don t know much about it, but I did love the premise of this book, and it was interesting to read about this ancient practice I wanted something refreshing A new take on magic and adventure, and Conjure gave me just that This was another re [...]

    18. NOTE I received this book for review from Entangled Publishing.I hoped that Conjure would turn out to be a book I love, and I wasn t wrong It was a very unique read that got me engulfed from the very first page and kept me going on and on until I reached the end And now I just want MORE Can t wait for the second book to come out It was so engrossing, I finished it in barely two days I loved the story, not only because it was unique, but also because it wasn t at all connected to voo doo of any s [...]

    19. Lea Nolan s Conjure The Hoodoo Apprentice 1 is a fun story full of mystery, intriguing supernatural elements, and cute romance.Fourteen year old twins Emma and Jack Guthrie are spending their summer like they always do, with their father on the coast of SC, hanging out with their neighbor and best friend and Emma s secret crush , Cooper Beaumont But a mysterious 18th century message found inside a bottle turns their boring summer into one of life or death Opening the treasure they find unleashes [...]

    20. Review can also be found on my blog The Mis Adventures of a Twenty Something Year Old Girl.First off, I must say, what a fantastic read I absolutely loved this book It was such a refreshing read Emma and her twin brother Jack along with their friend Cooper think they are in for a lazy summer They couldn t be wrong First, there s a mysterious note that they find buried beneath the sand Then there s the treasure box they find However, when Jack tries opening the treasure box, he contracts The Cre [...]

    21. I have quite a few books on my Kindle that I haven t gotten around to reading, so, instead of deliberating on some new thing, I just threw my Kindle at Hubby well, it was of a playful toss and told him to pick something.And this is the one he chose.I had no idea what to expect which was amazingly nice and didn t even look at the synopsis Yep I just went with it.The concept Twins Jack and Emma Guthrie and their friend Cooper discover a message washed ashore at Cooper s family s vacation home in [...]

    22. After doing the cover reveal for this book a while back, I was excited to be part of the blog tour First off, the cover is gorgeous, and then the book description is awesome Hidden pirate treasure, an old curse, and magic This sounded too good to pass up I really loved the adventure and the hoodoo magic in this book This was a very fun and quick read.So Emma is the main character in this and I really did like her She was a little obsessive about her crush on Cooper, but I totally get it, she s y [...]

    23. Conjure is the first book in The Hoodoo Apprentice series I read the synopsis and thought that this sounded intriguing I haven t read anything with Hoodoo magic, and I was pleasantly surprised when I finished reading this.We have a brother and sister duo and Hoodoo and ancient curses Emma, Jack and Cooper are planning on spending a fun summer in South Carolina Boy, were they in for a surprise After finding the bottle that not only contained a message but a terrible curse A mysterious girl appear [...]

    24. Before Conjure came out I was lucky enough to be a part of the cover reveal The cover was gorgeous but on that later.Now is the time when a lot of YA mistake misrepresent strong heroines for as hard headed and stubborn I was leery of reading a novel from a new author It is always a bit like Russian roulette I loved Emmaline LINE not keen or Lynn She was such a realistic character Young but already a glimmer of the person she will grow into That person will make mistakes but is times than not, [...]

    25. An entertaining answer to How did you spend your summer vacation for teen readers The Guthrie twins, Emma and Jack, love spending their summers visiting their dad in the South Carolina Lowcountry Days at the beach with Jack s best friend, Copper Beaumont, who also happens to be Emma s secret crush, are what summer is all about But when the trio come across a strange bottle buried in the sand that contains clues to a hidden pirate treasure the mention of a curse just seems silly Until Jack at the [...]

    26. All Emma wanted to do was have a good summer hanging out with her twin brother, Jack and her best friend and longtime crush, Cooper But no, she has to stumble into ancient curses and everything goes crazy With a flesh eating curse creeping up her brother s arm and her would be boyfriend s sixteenth birthday approaching upon which his soul will be stolen and he ll turn into a grade A jerk like all the males in his family , Emma races against time to learn Hoodoo magic from an old practitioner and [...]

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