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Finding Ava By Jennifer Loren,

  • Title: Finding Ava
  • Author: Jennifer Loren
  • ISBN: 9780984733637
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Held captive in a room built just for her, Ava Kelley crouches in the dark corner, waiting for the mad man who has spent years following her every move She never knew he was patiently waiting for his opportunity to make her his forever If it were not for the memories of Sean s warm smile to hold onto through her captors brutal attacks, she might never have had the strengHeld captive in a room built just for her, Ava Kelley crouches in the dark corner, waiting for the mad man who has spent years following her every move She never knew he was patiently waiting for his opportunity to make her his forever If it were not for the memories of Sean s warm smile to hold onto through her captors brutal attacks, she might never have had the strength to try and escape As her heart is beating louder than the breaths she tries to silence, she watches as the blackened room lights up, and evil appears in her sights She has but one opportunity to escape Once she does, she can never look back and never stop hiding because Spencer Jefferis will never stop looking for her She is his obsession, she is his.Sean Grant finds himself in the midst of a new career, which has taken years of hard work Now movie roles are abundant, women are clamoring to simply be noticed by him, his private life is available at every newsstand, and he can now be seen at every theater available As one of the most sought after movie stars of the day, Sean s life should be easy, but thanks to his mother meddling in his love life, it has become exceedingly difficult, and yet, he still cannot find someone to erase the memories of her It has been years since that chance meeting in New York, it was but only a few minutes, but he continues to hold onto the memories of those blue eyes His attraction for her grips him like no other and if not for his meddling mother, Sean would have never been able to find Ava again.Finding Ava is only the beginning Holding her after her nightmares, kissing her tears away, Sean struggles to keep Ava safely hidden from the mad man that is fixated on possessing her How do you keep someone you love hidden, when the lenses of hundreds of cameras follow your every move It is a maddening effort but with the help of a mysterious old man, Sean receives the words of advice that may help save her life.Find out about this book and read preview chapters at findingava
    Finding Ava Held captive in a room built just for her Ava Kelley crouches in the dark corner waiting for the mad man who has spent years following her every move She never knew he was patiently waiting for his

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    1. I received a copy of Finding Ava as a First Read giveaway through I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the book A short time after being rescued by extremely attractive, then unknown actor Sean Grant when a mob of screaming fans swarm after his well known actor brother Ethan, Ava was kidnapped and held for 9 days by a stalker who had unbeknownst to her been following her for years One day he made a mistake and she took advantage of it to make her escape Several years later, she has relocated and [...]

    2. Finding Ava Jennifer LorenI was first introduced to Jennifer Loren s writing style when I broke down and purchased The Devil s Eye s series I knew she had another book out starting a series Not sure what pulled the trigger for me to purchase this new series but I m glad I did.Finding Ava plays out like a movie You have this beautiful young lady who is not only beautiful, but intelligent and stubborn as hell Her best friend and partner in crime is Kyle They are both struggling Architects and damn [...]

    3. The whole time I was reading this book I kept trying to figure out why exactly I have never heard of Jennifer Loren before now This author is amazing This story had just the right mix of humor, romance, angst and painful subjects dealt with brilliantly I really related to Ava s character, a working woman in a man s world wanting to be respected for her brains but, also knowing her power as a woman and not being afraid to use that I must say though,her relationship with Jasper about drove me nutt [...]

    4. It would be clich to say that I am lost without you and I am found with you, so I will just say Ta mo chroi istigh ionat My Heart is Within You and only you Ava SeanI loved this book.I adore Avad Sean even .I relished their story and I m infatuated with Jennifer Loren.I am addicted to her books If you haven t read any Jennifer Loren, then you should like right now Her books are so addicting and Finding Ava was no different Ava and Seans story had me hooked from the beginning Ava was so likable a [...]

    5. Totally thought this book was going to have a Captive In The Dark feel to it, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong.I love this book Ava is so strong Sean was an ass, lets be honest, BUT he came around and I fell madly in love with him.Spencer When that year apart shit happened By the end of the book This book was amazing it s one I will totally read again.

    6. Exciting story hot arrogant actor Sean meets Ava on a street and rescues her from a mob of groupies then they go their separate ways He remembers her and makes an impression on Ava Years later Sean s mother instigates a meeting for Sean to meet Ava, neither of them knowing that they had met each other In the interim time from their chance encounter Ava endured a terrifying incident and is afraid of men Their relationship is rocky and terrifying Will Sean commit to Ava, will there be a HEA In ant [...]

    7. 3.5 starsI was kind of worried from the start that it might be boring but it s not The story s intriguing He doesn t remember her Which is understandable, I mean, it s been 5 years and it s not like he s been pining for her.I love it, I did breeze through some parts but I did read most of it.I don t know what s gonna happen on the second book, but it might be awhile for me to pick it up and read I kind of need a breather coz the story s quite long.

    8. This is a very engaging book with a nice mix of humor, love, doubt, angst and courage view spoiler However, I was disappointed that I really never felt any fear or angst regarding Ava s captor confinement since there was no detail to make me feel understand what she endured when she was kidnapped There need not have been sexual details but psychologically it would made the story powerful to me to fear or hate her antagonist As it was I felt nothing for him one way or another From reading the bl [...]

    9. 3 StarsGood story that could have been pushed farther The kidnapping could have been fleshed out a bit lot , especially how and why Spencer became an obsessed stalker and what exactly happened when she was kidnapped The timeline was confusing because time would pass and it could be months or years later, but you never know until something is mentioned later, almost as an afterthought, that gives you an idea of how much time has passed Hint of paranormal that was never developed Liked Ava as a he [...]

    10. I was on Facebook and just happened to see an ad for this book I read it in two days and afterwards was wondering where this author has been all my life This book was great A romance through and through but not a typical one The story was told in the first person from both of the main characters which isn t usually my cup of tea, but she seemed to make it work I was drawn into the characters, their struggles, and their connection.

    11. That was not dark It was very good however I loved the story It held my interest Ava, oh Ava, she was a fantastic character and Sean, I m so in love with Sean OH and the secondary characters all of them were just amazing I liked this story so much I will be reading the follow, rare of me I know Haha

    12. Ok so i kinda struggled to get into this book until at least 50% in the writing felt bitty the story felt like it jumped around abut too much with too much happening in a short few chapters BUT im nosey and i stuck with the book and im glad i did as the story evens out and gets better around 50% onwards This book tells the story of Ava who struggles through life making her way into building her careerwhen she is kindapped and assaulted by someone she trusted Sean is the brother of an actor who e [...]

    13. I purchased this book for my own enjoyment If I d have to describe this book with 4 words, I d use Witty, catchy, angsty and exciting I ve read other books from Jennifer Loren But this one is completely different from what I am used too Finding Ava knocked my knickers off Despite the fact that I enjoy the authors writing style, I believe this book shows a different, raw side of her talent Jennifer Loren s ability to make you feel her characters is unbelievable Even if there are many sub charact [...]

    14. The only word that I could form when I finished this book was cute This was the best romantic book that I have read in a long time, and is in the top spot at the moment The characters in this book were brilliant There was a lot of character development, especially with the two main characters Ava and Sean Ava A young architect, who was kidnapped and rapped by Spencer who is in jail is still traumatised by the event Even though years have passed and even with the help and support of her friends K [...]

    15. This is actually a book that I did not receive as an ARC from the author, however last year I received The Devil s Son A Devil s Eyes series book and I absolutely loved the series, well the first 3 books of the series soon I will finish the series Anyway, after reading The Devil s Eyes I began looking for some of Jennifer Loren s other books and found Finding Ava and of course I bought it I have so many books to read that it just sat in my Kindle waiting for me and I was finally able to get to i [...]

    16. Probably like a 3.25 It was a painful start but it really did get better At first, it seemed like we were glossing over some really major things in order to get to the love affair It would have maybe made Ava s behavior and emotion toward Sean a little believable if we had been exposed to those character shaping events At first you re thinking, Uhhhwait a second Then again, Ava s pretty nonchalant later, so maybe it was best I just think a kidnapping by a lunatic should have a little print sp [...]

    17. Book Title Finding AvaAuthor Jennifer LorenPublished By DAB PublishingRecommended Age 18 Reviewed By Lee Ann Graff VinsonBlog Reviewed For Great Minds Think AloudRating 3.5 Ava Kelley is a talented architect with a terrifying past Sean Grant is Hollywood s most sexy bachelor who is unable to attach himself to any one woman A fated day connects them both and the realization of their attraction to each other forces each of them to confront their fears.This novel reads almost in a diary format Writ [...]

    18. Ms Jennifer Loren has done it again I absolutely LOVE this author her writing has a way of really drawing you into the world of the book really connecting with her charaters That is a very important thing for me personally as a reader I have found that even if the story itself is not all that exciting, I will still love a book if Im able to connect with the charaters and really get inside their heads Luckily for me Ms Lorens books are both very exciting like non stop cant sit still EXCITING and [...]

    19. Ava Kelley is a talented architect with a terrifying past Sean Grant is Hollywood s most sexy bachelor who is unable to attach himself to any one woman A fated day connects them both and the realization of their attraction to each other forces each of them to confront their fears.This novel reads almost in a diary format Written in first person narrative, you delve deeper into the minds of the two main characters as well as the villain who is keeping them apart My only complaint lies in the some [...]

    20. I m such a huge fan of Jennifer Loren after reading her Devil s Eyes series, but I was a little bit disappointed with this book and I feel bad for writing this review Major events were glossed over, such as Ava s kidnapping, and given only a page s worth of mention Some things were a bit over the top and you really had to suspend disbelief The biggest problem that I had with this book was the grammar and editing mistakes Sometimes, I had to reread sentences to understand what they were saying an [...]

    21. I enjoyed this story but there were a few major things that were, well, odd Ava story about being abducted is not there, until she reveals it to the H Sean , not saying I wanted the gory details but there is like nothing I think the Chapter should have started with 1 Year Later or something I had to guess it was WAY after the abduction when she mentions a trial Grammar issues all over the place Quotes not where they should be and often never ending a sentence There is another timeline issue that [...]

    22. Ava and Sean met briefly and years later they are brought together again by his mom A lot has happened in those years to both of them They fight to overcome some difficult issues I loved the main characters, Ava Sean, and some of the secondary ones, Randy Kyle There wasn t as much violence mentioned as I expected Great romance I would recommend this book There is a sequel to this book, Reckless , that you can get, but it is not necessary This is a complete stand alone story.

    23. good book overall, its scary funny how sean s mom found the her son s wife s man ava is a nice strong character and I truly do love her joel and Rebecca need to get a clue on how much they hurt sean by there deceit I love randy would have loved to see of his character or maybe a story on him, and kyle too it was nice to see that ava could find love after what she went through with spencer.

    24. This book is full of typos and wrong words conceded instead of conceited Where the hell was the editor And the story is very hoppy and at ones confusing Ava and Sean went from hating each other on the plane to having fun together in the blink of an eye Couldn t finish, it s a hot editing mess and is making me crazy Done

    25. I LOVED this book I admit I flew through the book and enjoyed every minute of it The synopsis kind of tells part of the story, but in order to really understand what s going on, you need to read it Jennifer Loren really writes a great story Now I m off to read Recklesse sequel to Finding Ava

    26. Ava and Sean really made me chuckle throught this book with their banter Ms Loren really captured the art of simple, funny conversation between people in this book It felt like friends messing around with each other with funny, sarcastic remarks I enjoyed the book and just started to read Reckless.

    27. Finding Ava was a wonderful read I loved Ava and her stubbornness, and Sean, Mr Grant at first I couldn t believe that he was the sweet humble guy that was first introduced when he met Ava for the second time So full of himself But still lovable and yummy as ever I m happy to have stumbled upon this stunning read from Jennifer Loren, and I cannot wait to bite into Reckless

    28. Couldn t finish it because of the poor editing.Missing punctuation, weird sentences poor sentence structure It was like marking one of my students stories and I teach primary school The idea was good but didn t work out.

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