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Words in the Dust By Trent Reedy,

  • Title: Words in the Dust
  • Author: Trent Reedy
  • ISBN: 9780545336994
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zulaikha hopes She hopes for peace, now that the Taliban have been driven from Afghanistan a good relationship with her hard stepmother and one day even to go to school, or to have her cleft palate fixed Zulaikha knows all will be provided for her Inshallah, God willing Then she meets Meena, who offers to teach her the Afghan poetry she taught her late mother AndZulaikha hopes She hopes for peace, now that the Taliban have been driven from Afghanistan a good relationship with her hard stepmother and one day even to go to school, or to have her cleft palate fixed Zulaikha knows all will be provided for her Inshallah, God willing Then she meets Meena, who offers to teach her the Afghan poetry she taught her late mother And the Americans come to her village, promising not just new opportunities and dangers, but surgery to fix her face These changes could mean a whole new life for Zulaikha but can she dare to hope they ll come true
    Words in the Dust Zulaikha hopes She hopes for peace now that the Taliban have been driven from Afghanistan a good relationship with her hard stepmother and one day even to go to school or to have her cleft palate fi

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    1. A children s book, written by a soldier about an Afghani girl, set in the recent past That s a toughie There are a lot of easier books out there to review too Why aren t I writing one about the adorable little girl who wants to be Little Miss Apple Pie or the one about the cute dog that wants to find its home Well, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone, which I suspect is what author Trent Reedy wanted to do here With an Introduction by Katherine Paterson and enough backmatter to s [...]

    2. I count this among the finest first novels I ve yet read I was most impressed by the tremendous empathy, Trent Reedy, a U.S soldier, was able to find for his main character, Zulaikha, a young Afghan girl He wrote so deeply in her perspective that if I were told that the book was written by Zulaikha, I d completely believe it.Part of what makes the writing so outstanding and believable is the level of detail Words in the Dust incorporates Reedy has obviously spend countless hours researching the [...]

    3. The usual caveat I edited this, I m biased, etc.But what makes this book really, really good is first, how beautifully low key and specific it is about Zulaikha s life in western Afghanistan how she and her sister do housework all day, her stepmother s coldness, the teasing and low self esteem that come with her cleft palate and then how naturally the world opens up for her, through learning to read at last and surgery to fix her face and how wonderful and also painful are the changes that follo [...]

    4. A solid contribution to the small but growing downtrodden Middle Eastern girl genre Zulaika has an interesting story arc, in that in the beginning her hopes and dreams are rather modest and it s only as she s exposed to the world outside of her home that she begins to dream of going to school and getting her cleft palate fixed Her desire to gain an education doesn t come out of nowhere or from a desire to be like her brothers it seems it generally hadn t occurred to her prior to hearing that the [...]

    5. POTENTIAL SPOILERSPOTENTIAL SPOILERSPOTENTIAL SPOILERSBravo, Mr Reedy, BravoWHAT A STORY THIS BOOK IS FOR ALL AGES To say this book isn t breaking my heart and sucked me in from page one would be a total lie It has been several months since I have considered a YA book to be a worthwhile read and this one than exceeds my expectations as a 43 year old woman I am heartbroken by the treatment of the main character, Zulaikha, yet as the book continues on.at heart break turns to heart warming as the [...]

    6. As Katherine Paterson puts it in her introduction to this heartwrenching debut novel, you will never read the news about Afghanistan again without remembering that you have a friend there a girl named Zulaikha with whom you hoped and suffered and rejoiced and prayed.

    7. I received this book through Words in the Dust is the story of a young Afghani girl, Zulaika, with a cleft lip and palate The story explores her daily life in Afghanistan and the changes brought by the arrival of American soldiers Zulaika lives in a modest dirt home with her father, stepmother, her older brother and sister Zeynab , and her two younger brothers Her mother had been killed years before Initially, Zulaika s life consists of chores, as school is not even a consideration for most peop [...]

    8. I won this book through GoodReads Having the privilege of a first read was lots of fun I really enjoyed this novel The story follows the life of a young Afghan girl, Zulaikha, who, born with a cleft lip, struggles with her own self image as she comes of age In a country previous wrought by the restrictions of the Taliban, Afghanistan is in a time of change under the presence of the American soldiers Zulaikha comes into direct contact with American soldiers as they help her fix her cleft lip and [...]

    9. Words in the Dust by Trent Reedy.This is of the YA genre but I still enjoyed reading it DONKEY FACE Donkey Face Can you imagine hearing that chant every time your mother sent you to the market Neither can I but Zulaikha lived with it Always pulling her chador tighter across her mouth.Zulaikha is a young Afghani girl with a cleft palate Zulaikha s life is not easy Her brother and others make fun of her The Taliban while no longer in power has violently taken her mother from her and she lives her [...]

    10. Sweet and caring Zulaikah is the second oldest girl in her large family They live in a small village in Afghanistan a country that places a lot of importance on marriage prospects for their children For Zulaikah, this reality is hard to take because she has a cleft palate, which makes her less desirable for a match in marriage After watching her sister get married to an older wealthy man, Zulaikah wonders what her life will become other than helping to raise her younger siblings and doing chores [...]

    11. HEEEEE HAAAAAW Donkeyface For Zulaikha, a 13 year old Afghan girl with a severe cleft lip whose front teeth stuck straight out from her mouth, the torment came on a regular basis In her society, women are expected to marry, but who will ever want her Even her little brother makes fun of her She yearns to learn to read and write like her mother, killed by the Taliban because she dared to read, but that too seems to be out of her reach Words in the Dust, Arthur A Levine Books, 2011 the debut novel [...]

    12. If you have middle schoolers high schoolers who are finally getting tired of reading about vampires and werewolves, steer them to this wonderful novel The most amazing thing about it is, had it been published anonymously, I would definitely have thought it was written by a woman, and probably by an Afghani woman at that Instead, it is the debut novel of a man who served in the U.S army in Afghanistan.Which is amazing, since the author so deftly enters the mind of young Zulaikha, a girl whose fut [...]

    13. Zulaikha s life, by any measure, is limited She is taunted by boys who call her Donkeyface She is bound by culture, laws, time, and war Barely any stories of girls in Afghanistan survive the scouring forces that turn their lives into wind blown dust And yet, here, despite the odds, is a life painstakingly held to the light.The author was a soldier in the Iowa National Guard and is a Facebook friend The editor is Cheryl Klein, my editor for Operation Yes The book is graced with the poetry of Afgh [...]

    14. I won this book on the Giveaway When I first started this book I was skeptical because it was the first person narration of a thirteen year old Afghan girl, written by a member of the US military I got it in the mail last night and figured I would read a little bit before bed Well, I ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting I was enchanted by the young girl and everything that she and her older sister, Zeynab had to go through I felt like I was really inside of her home and watching her i [...]

    15. The author is a National Guardsman who served in Afghanistan in 2004, not killing bad guys, but working to improve life for the good Afghans He tells a story about a girl that moves my heart She was born with a cleft palate, and the US soldiers wanted to help her, and they did Lots to learn about their culture, and he does it in a beautiful way There are some very tough parts in that, of course I would love to convince my SYC Book Club to select it for next season Be SURE to read the author s no [...]

    16. Words In The Dust brings to life two young girl s plights in Afganistan after the U.S invasion One crippled by a birth defect, the other crippled by the culture It gives a realistic look at what the Americans do well including medicine and jobs But it also shows the ways in which their understanding of the culture is lacking and disrespective to the Afghani people I really enjoyed this book and plan to share it with friends.

    17. Wonderful book, It s a great addition to my classroom library My students enjoy reading books about other cultures and try to understand lives lived by others especially in situations such as Zulaikha s She is a strong and brave girl, and is a great example to all the teenager girls who are going through tough times on a larger or smaller scales.

    18. A poignant and relevant read for both children and adults in today s political climate As an American, I hear the word Taliban and get angry Before reading this book, I had no idea what the Taliban had done to ravage Afghanistan s people and culture Trent Reedy is a quiet force and tells a beautiful story Please read it.

    19. I learned a lot about Afghanistan and the complexity of the issues there This was really a well written and tender book.

    20. I won this ARC copy of Words in the Dust from the Firstreads giveaway program.Zulaikha lives in modern Afghanistan, when the Taliban have been brought down and the Americans are still making progress in her country She lives with her Baba father , her Madar mother but not her birth mother , brothers and sister Her father and older brother are welders and work hard to provide for the family Zulaikha would live a very normal life except for one thing Her mouth Her ugly, cleft lip, her twisted teet [...]

    21. Words in the Dust is the story of Zulaikha, a 13 year old Afghan girl born with a severly cleft palate Like many Afghan girls, Zulaikah does not attend school, is unable to read or write, and spends her days tending house with her stepmother and pretty, older sister, Zeynab Zulaikha regularly faces torment from cruel neighborhood children about her disfigured face and abuse from her stepmother, but is able to keep her dreams for a normal life someday alive.When American soldiers roll into town a [...]

    22. What to say about this fabulous book Hmmm It was a surprisingling good story I was a bit hesitant when I set out to read it because I knew it could get political and wasn t sure how the author was going to portray the Americans and the Afghan people He was fair and compassionate about both I took a while letting myself get into the book and like it because I was wary I initially read it because I m going to be leading a book club at my daughters middle school and wondered if this book might be a [...]

    23. I started this book on Saturday morning and really couldn t stop until I finished it on Sunday night It is a well told story of a young girl s struggle overcoming adversity I knew with the book set in Afghanistan, that Zuluaikha was going to have a hard time of itt only because she is a girl in a man s world or because her mother is dead and she must please the next wife or because she is poor.but because the Afghani people have been through so much.This book shows how the beautiful nature of th [...]

    24. I won a free copy of this book from first reads.This Young Adult novel provides a captivating look into the life of a fictional girl with a cleft palate living in Afghanistan The main character, Zulaikha, was very believable and easy to love and cheer for In fact, most of the characters in the novel felt very fleshed out and real The author introduced many aspects of life in Afghanistan in a natural way I feel like I learned much about the culture there, with many cultural traditions and daily r [...]

    25. I received this book for free through First Reads I enjoy reading books of the YA genre, and this was no exception The book is recommended for children ages 9 13 This is the story of a thirteen year old Afghan girl Zulaikha was born with a cleft lip, and this book chronicles the challenges of living with her impairment, her surgery performed by the Americans, and some of her experiences that follow.I found the relationships in the book particularly interesting In her daily prayers, Zulaikha says [...]

    26. Words in the Dust is the story of a young girl in Afghanistan who was born with a disfiguring cleft palate Zulaikha s life is not easy She is teased by the local village boys due to her appearance and dreams of looking normal like her pretty, older sister She struggles to come to terms with her path in life One day she meets an older woman, who begins to teach her to read and write and dream about a brighter future When some American soldiers spot Zalaikha in the bazaar and say they can fix her [...]

    27. I received this book as part of a First Reads giveaway and I am so glad I was chosen to get one because this book is fantastic The copy I received was an uncorrected proof but it had no effect on the readability or beauty of this story Although I am from the US, the characters were familiar and relatable It is simultaneously a coming of age story and a story of what it is like to grow up in today s Afghanistan I thought it was fascinating to learn about their culture While some people might be c [...]

    28. I enjoyed every minute of this book Though Reedy is a white male portraying a young girl from Afghanistan, his portrayal is sensitive and believable.Zulaikha tries to keep her mouth covered at all times to avoid the ridicule of people who cruelly call her donkey face because of her cleft lip Surgery has not been an option in the rural area where she lives But when American soldiers on a peace keeping mission discover her problem, she may finally be able to get her mouth fixed.Reedy, a soldier in [...]

    29. There are no clear cut answers in this extraordinary novel, inspired by the author s tour of military duty in Afghanistan in 2005 06 Reedy presents Afghan culture and conflict with nuance and detail Zeynab is 15 years old She first meets her 45 year old husband, Tahir, on their wedding day And her first impulse is to be happy Zeynab s father is thrilled with the match because of the prestige it brings the family, yet he sincerely loves both his daughters Tahir proves to be cruelly indifferent Ze [...]

    30. Not quite 4 stars for me but it was an enjoyable read It is the story of a young girl with a cleft lip and her life in Afghanistan The author is an American soldier and I think he was able to really capture the feelings and concerns of a young girl in this war torn country I liked how the story showed that people are very similar no matter their country There are bullies everywhere and there are good people everywhere too We may have different customs but we are not so different when it comes to [...]

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