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Shadow on the Wall By Pavarti K. Tyler,

  • Title: Shadow on the Wall
  • Author: Pavarti K. Tyler
  • ISBN: 9780983876908
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rape Murder Extortion All in a day s work for the nefarious RTK, the brutal, self appointed morality police controlling modern Elih, Turkey In these dark times who can stand against their iron fisted rule Enter Recai Osman Muslim, philosopher, billionaire and Superhero Shadow on the Wall is Book One of The Sand Storm Chronicles, which tells the epic transformation oRape Murder Extortion All in a day s work for the nefarious RTK, the brutal, self appointed morality police controlling modern Elih, Turkey In these dark times who can stand against their iron fisted rule Enter Recai Osman Muslim, philosopher, billionaire and Superhero Shadow on the Wall is Book One of The Sand Storm Chronicles, which tells the epic transformation of a complicated man from mogul brat to superhero.
    Shadow on the Wall Rape Murder Extortion All in a day s work for the nefarious RTK the brutal self appointed morality police controlling modern Elih Turkey In these dark times who can stand against their iron fisted

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    1. I have the distinct honor of writing the book club discussion guide for this novel, which means I get to be one of its very first readers Yay

    2. Recently I was given the opportunity to get an ARC of the new litfic novel Shadow on the Wall by Pavarti K Tyler For those of you not in the know, that s Advanced Release Copy It s probably my favorite thing about blogging If I just told you whether or not I liked it, my answer would be full of profanities ending with the word YEAH That being said, I m going to try and remain professional while conveying why this book rocks my socks off.The Set Up The heir to a multi billion Euro company, Recai, [...]

    3. Full Review originally at Fantasy Book CriticANALYSIS Shadow On The Wall is a book from an author that I had no clue about We received a query letter about it and the book s blurb along with its exotic setting heightened my interest in it I was curious to see how the author would portray Islam within the confines of the superhero and urban fantasy subgenres It was also marketed as literary fiction and this was also a plus point in consideration for me choosing it Shadow On The Wall is set in the [...]

    4. My review I read Shadow on the Wall by Pavarti K Tyler few months ago, but it took me some time to finally write the review Shadow on the Wall is a book which you read and then it haunts you in a good way It was a page turner for me, but it woke so many thoughts which I had to get settled before putting down the review.Shadow on the Wall is well written and even though it is a page turner, it is dark, raw and beautiful in the same time The writing is very smooth and the story flows on a quite qu [...]

    5. This is a fantastic and powerful read that grabs you right from the beginning I did not read this right away because I thought Muslim Superhero Ummm riiiiiiiight, and then I said to myself, oh gods a book that speaks against the violence of muslin women OK I am against it but do I want to read a book about it in the guise of a superhero novel So I put it off, BIG MISTAKE I read the author s other pieces and realized I may have jusged to quickly so Christmas Eve I gave myself an early present, pi [...]

    6. Shadow on the Wall is perhaps my favorite book of the entire year Why It offers diversity, strong and likeable characters with distinct backgrounds and voices, a view into a culture we not so often see as the focus of a fantasy story, great storystelling and a lot .The story starts with Recai Osman, owner of a multi million dollar corporation in the style of Bruce Wayne What s special about Recai is that he doesn t live in the middle of New York city, Manhatten or even the English country side H [...]

    7. Reviewed for FMB Book Tours I received a PDF copy of this book from the author for honest review I was not compensated for my review, and it is an honest representation and my own responsibility.It is rare that I find myself unable to put a book down That was not the case with this book We meet Recai Osman, of a Turkish father and a Kurdish mother orphaned at a very young age left with great wealth, a wonderful family legacy, and great guilt It is said that Art can bridge gaps whatever form they [...]

    8. Pavarti K Tyler writes well I had no doubt, as I read this meaty morality play with a superhero demiglaze, that I was reading an insider s expos of how the local authorities who enforce Sharia law in large parts of the Muslim world use some of what is found in Muslim holy writings to oppress anyone who gets in their way, especially but not exclusively women It shocked me to learn in the QA found at the end of the Kindle version, that Tyler is neither Muslim nor Turkish this reviewer lived in Tur [...]

    9. Get ready for another Batman Recai Osman is the multi millionaire young lad, whose life is not any easier than a common man When his mother committed suicide and his father left him with no parting words, Recai was a kid Dealing these things on his own has made him insecure and angry from the insidehe thinks he could have saved him mother from leaving him One day, he wakes up in a desert with no idea how he ended up there He was caught in a sandstorm and nearly buried alive, when Hasad, a nice o [...]

    10. Recai Osman is a handsome and wealthy businessman in the city of Elih, Turkey, living every man s dream But his life turns into a hellish nightmare the day Recai opens his eyes to find himself buried in sand, beaten and hanging on to the last string of his life Someone has left Recai to be swallowed whole by the desert and never to be heard of again.Recai is saved by Hasad, who hides the stranger in his home, though fearing that the monopolized community police, known as the RTK, is linked to th [...]

    11. I haven t read a book this good in a very long time Touted as Book 1 of a new series, I sincerely hope there are many to come I believe the author has a real passion for the premise of the series.The book takes place in Turkey, highlighting practitioners of Islam and Judaism Islam is predominant, and the new superhero, Recai, is a devout Muslim Other Muslims at various stages of religious practice, or non practice, are depicted as than flat, stereotypical cartoons As I was reading, I felt shad [...]

    12. I received this book for free from a First Reads giveaway I m not being paid for this review, but I do appreciate getting a free book Thanks Flags go up for me when I see white American non Muslim women writing about Islam and Muslimahs, so I was than a bit relieved to find that Tyler did this mostly right I m knowledgeable enough about Islam and Judaism in Turkey that I was able to follow the cultural nuances I spotted, and not knowledgeable enough to know if there problematically inaccurate r [...]

    13. As part of Novel Publicity s Book Club Bash Event, I was given the pleasure of reading Pavrati K Tyler s Shadow on the Wall This novel is surprising in all kinds of wonderful ways Reminiscent of a Salman Rushdie novel, Shadow on the Wall, tells the story of Recai Osman, a child of privilege turned superhero after he witnesses a series of abuses in the city of Elhi in Turkey Tyler touches on questions of morality, women s rights, the dangers inherent in religious fundamentalism, and ethnic and co [...]

    14. Gripping is defined as Taking and keeping a firm hold of grasping tightly.A simple word really when you actually think about it BUT one that can potentially hold mounds of meaning.Yesterday I gripped my husband s hand as we watched TV The day before that, I gripped a fishing pole with 3 year old daughter.Gripping Taking a keeping a firm hold on things.People Objects Memories Emotions Stories Shadow on the Wall Recai Osman Muslim, philosopher, billionaire and Superhero Controversial and daring, S [...]

    15. Review originally posted here pocketfulofbooks 2012 I couldn t put this book down It is extraordinarily gripping from the first page to the last, and the characters are so unusual and well developed that you just want to discover about them The book is set in Turkey, in a real place called Elih fun fact Elih is the Kurdish name for a real Turkish town called Batman Nice Although the Elih that the author creates is fictitious and nothing like the real place, she chose the Turkish setting because [...]

    16. This review was originally posted on my blog on the 3rd June 2012, hereI didn t know exactly what to expect when I started reading Shadows on the Wall, but I am glad to admit that I was blown away by what I did read This story is so captivating and powerful that I simply would not hesitate to recommend it almost everyone that I know It was a novel that really grabbed at me, that I couldn t stop thinking about, something that made me think and one that I just instantly fell in love with It is a b [...]

    17. AGone Bookserk PerspectiveFirst off, this novel really took me on a surprising ride Every once in a while a novel will come along that will enrapture you into a meaningful and purposeful experience This is a book in which the narrative tone reminded me of a wise person whose stories are elegant and naturally honest The placements of the events and memories throughout the book are full of depth There is also a switch of events from the past to the present and vice versa, and even that is so perfe [...]

    18. May have slight spoilers.I really liked this book, going in did not know what I was expecting honestly it had been a long while since I read the book description and I just picked it up and started reading I read it in about five hours, and I am a slow reader usually.Recai is a wealthy man and wanted for pretty much nothing but recent events has set his life on a course that will push him though trial after trial Recai woke up in the desert without recalling how he came to be there, with the sun [...]

    19. One man, witness to a terrible crime, paralyzed to help, and tormented by his inability to save a soul leads to saving a new soul that sparks a revolution across a city of corruption and greed Is he the new prophet come to save their very souls and help them rise up again Or is he too far beyond his own redemption to deliver his people from the dark as The Sandstorm One word Turkey A place where Tyler creates her controversial novel, Shadow on the Wall A place built of sand, wretched souls, hero [...]

    20. Shadow on the Wall takes on a lot of hot button topics religion, politics, sexism, misogyny, greed, corruption, abuse, and This is not a story for the faint of heart Author Pavarti Tyler pulls no punches in her depiction of what it s like to live in the Middle East Elih, Turkey specifically Rich or poor, women in particular must endure a hard life living under Sharia law, and the author does not shy away from creating a realistic visual for readers.The author is to be congratulated for not lett [...]

    21. owltellyouaboutit posts shadow on the wall After reading and enjoying Pavarti K Tyler s Two Moons of Sera, I jumped at the chance to read Shadow on the Wall I had no idea what I was in for Unlike the quirky fantasy that is Two Moons of Sera, this first installment in The Sandstorm Chronicles is dark and sometimes hard to read Still, I couldn t seem to tear myself away from the story It didn t take long to catch my interest, and it kept me in horrified, stomach wrenching engagement until the very [...]

    22. Gripped from the first page, I will begin by saying how much I m looking forward to the rest of the series Although it is not an easy read, I enjoyed the challenge.This is a brutal, harsh, yet honest look at the human condition and its entanglements with faith, and about how the two can so tragically conflict.It is set in Turkey, in a place called Elih, which is governed by a corrupt authority called the RTK, who are an extreme Muslim group, come armed and dangerous especially if you re a woman [...]

    23. I won a copy through a giveaway from Fighting Monkey Press.Content Warning Rape Explicit, In Scene, Multiple , Abuse, Bigotry, If you re religiously sentimental and cannot handle reading about other culture s beliefs then I d only recommended it if you re willing to expand your horizons It s not like recruiting material or anything so I don t see the problem personally But I m not religious so w e It s just there as a part of the culture like Christian countries People just don t see how ubiquit [...]

    24. First off I will say that this book is not for everyone as the author does not pull any punches when she is describing the despicable acts that are perpetrated by the villains in this book It has a very dark, gritty feel that helps to add a real emotional edge, but is not suitable for all audiences.Shadow on the Wall is a new take on the Batman mythos A man who is very rich through his families dealings has tragedy strike very close to him and totally changes the way he looks at his world When t [...]

    25. For as long as he can remember, Recai Osman has been the keeper of secrets Secrets that have bogged him down to the point that he s wished for death in ways than one Throughout his entire life, he s lost his loved ones and every remnant of his life He s clad many times for release from the earthly realm he lives in, but Allah has other ideas Recai is meant for many things and Allah s will must be done.Witnessing atrocities committed against him and his people, Recai has no other course of actio [...]

    26. Step aside, a new hero rises from the desert.I like this new take on the rich, orphan boy turned super hero, because this one comes from a very different sphere.With that out of the way, I have to stress other things.It seems a little excessive the amount of foreign words, phrases and verses in this work I understand Pavarti s intention to immerse us in the culture Nevertheless, in my opinion, fewer foreign terms would have helped us to be in tune with what was happening without the constant in [...]

    27. Tyler gives us a triumph in feminist literature, while supplying a believable superhero Recai possesses no overt unearthly powers, but instead relies on his faith in knowing of what is right and wrong In reality, he is just a man standing up for what he believes in, within the confines of the predetermined regime The humanity which is displayed throughout the story is what makes it a success Tyler is also not apt to shy away from graphically violent scenes to save those who wish to hide from the [...]

    28. Ok, now don t go letting that synopsis throw you I know it talks about Allah and I was wondering if it was going to be a deeply, overly religious book but I was pleasantly surprised Yes it is about a culture who worships Allah and that is added in but it is not overly religious Actually with how some of Recai s powers work out there could probably be a little bit praise and I still wouldn t have been thrown off.This is an intensely interesting story about a culture that is so very different fro [...]

    29. 4 Out of 5 Stars Strength is not always how much you dead weight you can pick up, how many presses you can do, or how hard you can hit Strength is also something inside of you that pushes you to do what is right and stand your ground when others want to force you to change your mind This book is full of strength The women are in a world that has them restricted to certain laws and hidden behind mask and veils But the women of this book stand against them in their own ways Not afraid to speak the [...]

    30. Wow So What seems like forever ago I got an email from the author asking me if I d be interested in a Middle Eastern Batman story, and I didn t just say yes, I said HELL YES I may be a little biased because I m a well known Batman lover, but I am so amazed by the final product Recai s struggles and brattishness was so well written, it held my attention from start to finish.Hasad is easily my favorite character I loved the father role he took up for Recai, and I loved the way he was with his daug [...]

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