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Behind the Hood By Marita A. Hansen,

  • Title: Behind the Hood
  • Author: Marita A. Hansen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • PLEASE NOTE This is not a romance book, if you want romance start from book 2 See additional notes at the bottom of the blurb.Life on the rough side of New Zealand.In this South Auckland neighbourhood where gang culture, drink, drugs, sex and violence is already a way of life, a vicious attack on a teenage girl sparks a ripple effect of revenge and fury Live the carnagePLEASE NOTE This is not a romance book, if you want romance start from book 2 See additional notes at the bottom of the blurb.Life on the rough side of New Zealand.In this South Auckland neighbourhood where gang culture, drink, drugs, sex and violence is already a way of life, a vicious attack on a teenage girl sparks a ripple effect of revenge and fury Live the carnage through multiple viewpoints as the tale unfolds to a bloody climax NOT for the fainthearted WARNING Language and sexual references are graphic 18 Additional notes This book has no M M It has different main characters from book 2 and 3 The Rata brothers are minor characters in book 1 and major characters from book 2 onward My suggestion is to start from book 2, then read book 3, and if you like those two then you could try book 1 Graffiti Heaven is a prequel series based around Ash Rata when he was younger.
    Behind the Hood PLEASE NOTE This is not a romance book if you want romance start from book See additional notes at the bottom of the blurb Life on the rough side of New Zealand In this South Auckland neighbourhood

    One thought on “Behind the Hood”

    1. DNF I will refrain from rating this book because it s my bad after all that I even considered reading Behind the Hood.This pic depicts why I wanted to read the book Don t we all love a delectable tattooed hunk Even though YA is not my genre the blurb says SPECIAL NOTE Although some reviewers have classified this book as YA, this is not a YA read The main characters may be teenagers, but they are living in a harsh adult environment.I should have known betterupid me I downloaded both books at the [...]

    2. 5 NAIL BITING STARS Hold up, I need a drink before I can even attempt thisAlrighty then Behind the Hood is a tragic, violent and emotional tale in which chronicles the trials and tribulations of youth Gang members in South Auckland neighborhood It is NOT for the faint of heart, in fact I will probably be prescribed blood pressure medication at my next doctor s appointment The story revolves aroundTama Tama, Tama, Tama Ugh How do I begin to explain this fucktardcharacter I know Tama is the self p [...]

    3. The main characters from BEHIND THE HOOD book 1TAMA HARRIS the biggest arsehole you will meet in any of my books He s self centered and extremely selfish He does what he wants and stuff the consequences He will piss you off so much that you will need to grip onto that ereader tight so you don t throw it at the wall Don t let him put you off book 2 He doesn t have a POV in that one Instead, the gorgeous Rata brothers and Corey take center stage in book 2 Some people loved BEHIND THE HOOD, others [...]

    4. 5 MEGA ULIMATE GHETTO GANG STARS J to the H to the C What a freakin story.I couldn t put this book down once I started the first page all the way up to the end If I could have read while driving I would have And you know it s a good book when I hold in my pee for 8 hours while I m at work cause I don t want stop reading at my desk.This book was one of those types it moved fast so freakin fast I could have used cliff notes oppssrry giving away my ageI meant Spark Notes to keep track.I think what [...]

    5. I battled with my rating on this one The writing was good, nothing to complain about fact than a few times I was impressed with how Marita A Hansen was able to transport me to the world she had created What I mean by that, is the fact that I was reading about these teens young adults that lived in the hood and their dialogue was very authentic, and I felt part of the crew This author, in my opinion did a bang up job on realistically creating the lives of all these hoodlums Was the story nothing [...]

    6. Spoiler Free Review4 STARS out of 5Genre YA MatureSetting New Zealand I HATE TAMA UGGGGHHHH My personal thoughts I really wish i had a slang dictonary for some of these New Zealand colloqualisms, because at times i was slightly lost but i still managed to keep up First off this book is a hard read but i knew this goin into it Yet still i cringed at certain places during my reading Behind the Hood is told in 1st person by various characters through out the book The story evolves around each perso [...]

    7. Okay, so I ve read this twice, which says one thing, I LOVED IT I tend to prefer dark stories, gritty ones that don t hold back, and this one DEFINITELY didn t hold back It was heartstopping right from the very first chapter when Maia decided to take off to a party and in the process walks past a gang of boys, the leader Tama, who s on the cover having already had MAJOR issues with her brother, and not to mention Maia had previously kicked him in the nuts for grabbing her breasts, soooo you can [...]

    8. Five can I get a hell yeah Stars How in the world can I put this amazing story into wordsIts almost impossible The story revolves around a single incident that intertwines the lives of a few okay alot of peoplebut Mrs.Hansen manages to pull it off flawlessly This story pulled me in from the beginning.s raw.s gritty and not for the faint of heart So you ve been warned Behind the Hood starts off with 14yr Maiawho s walking home and ends up being chased by a gang of boyslead by Tamatior Tama as he [...]

    9. An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Marita A Hansen s Behind the Hood is a realistically frightening chase.First of all, if you enjoyed the author s Broken Lives series then you would surely like this too, not just because you would get glimpses of Dante Rata in it, but due to the familiar thrill of danger that you knew from Dante s story.Tama Harris, our antihero, was a violent young man who did everything to claim anything he desired The story started when he sta [...]

    10. 5 Plus Brilliant Intense Stars This is the first book in Marita A Hanson Behind the Lives seriesOnce again its a raw and realistic story of gang life on the streets of New Zealand.It is YA but in this case it means a story about young adults, there is no Disney here folksThe story starts with a young 14 year old girl being chased by a gang as she is returning home from a night out.This then kicks off a chain of rollercoaster events.Tama is a complete psycho, he s the gang leader His family life [...]

    11. 5 SLAP TAMA IN THE FACE STARSUploaded with ImageShackJKHSKJLDHFLJHLKSJIOEHOUIHUHSD LKNFLKSJDILJ Okw that I have gotten that outta the way.let s get to this.Uploaded with ImageShackIn Behind the Hood, we meet Tamaeffing TAMA He has an uncanny ability to screw everything up and hurt people He lacks compassion for most people with the exception of his Momma, his sister, and his cousin He doesn t take responsibilty for his actions and is only out to get ahead for himself What a rotten, hateful, egot [...]

    12. See the character on the book cover That s Tamati, generally known as Tama, a nearly sociopathic young man with a Maori tattoo who is sex obsessed, violent, and delusional, but loyal to his friends and gang buddies and his family members He is one of a vast number of viewpoint characters in Marita Hansen s amazing debut novel Behind the Hood The Hood is a neighborhood in Auckland, New Zealand, where a mixture of Maori, Samoans, and whites try to make their way through lives scarred by poverty, i [...]

    13. One word is all it takes to describe this book INTENSE sit on the edge of your seat intense it s a side of our New Zealand culture that s very rarely shown to the public eye, always behind closed doors and dealt with by family or friends which I thought the author conveyed convincinglyOne thing though man I wanted to jump in that book and slap Tama side ways he was like a train wreck waiting to happenlolGets my 5 5 stars and thank god I have book 2 to carry on with

    14. I felt a bit lost at times with the slang but overall it was an emotional read, very intense Gang life in New Zealand sounds just as zany as it is here Tama is a prick I felt nothing but hate for him, I wanted to reach through the pages and beat the crap out of that little shit He was just so fucked up I m angry I think I need a break from reading to calm down lol

    15. Wow What a great read I don t even know what to say about Tama but this character will stay with me for a long while I went into this book knowing nothing about New Zealand and Maori culture and just found myself fascinated by it Starting book 2 now

    16. You are living with a book you love, hurtling through the final chapters You hit the dread, that foreboding of the post story void you know awaits when the story is done but your lust for it is not You start to hoard pages, to slow your reading, anything to prolong the pleasure, to deter the moment when you tumble over that dreaded final full stop.That is how I felt as I read Marita Hansen s BEHIND THE HOOD.Why Because Marita Hansen is a brilliant story teller.Trust me, the story is a winner wit [...]

    17. In 2008, a thriller movie came out called Vantage Point, starring Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker, William Hurt and Matthew Fox that detailed five different perspectives, of the same event Not until the end when everything came together would the truth of what really happened, finally be revealed It was incredibly well done and memorable because of it Behind the Hood is the first novel by New Zealand author and artist, Marita Hansen To say this lady is definitely going places, will surely prove to [...]

    18. INTENSE I could probably leave my review at this one word and that would say it all What a nerve wracking read At first I thought there were going to be too many point of view characters for me to get involved emotionally, but they all tied back to each other perfectly I had no problem keeping track of who was who and how they related back to each of the other characters By the last three quarters of the book I had the phones turned off and the Do Not Disturb sign hung on the door I had to know [...]

    19. When a friend of mine asked me what I think about this book, all I said was that it kept me heavy hearted for the entire time I was reading it Not in a bad way though but because it was written so vividly I can even say it felt so much like everything is happening right before me Each chapter is told by different characters, and surprisingly enough, each voice is owned, authentic and sounded so much like being told by different persons You get to peek into the minds of all characters understandi [...]

    20. The story focuses on the issue of the harsh gang culture in a South Auckland neighbourhood where, drink, drugs, sex and violence is already a way of life, a vicious attack on a young girl sparks a ripple effect of revenge and fury The subject matter was thought provoking, the plot interesting and the characters real, even though some were despicable At the very mention of TAMA, I want to scream This book took me, tuned me upside down, then grabbed me and shook me, next it bitch slapped me and le [...]

    21. In Behind the Hood, Marita Hansen weaves a violent, but compelling, character driven tale straight from a suburb of Auckland that shouldn t exist, but does This is not the New Zealand most people have heard of and this revelation alone makes it worth a read The characters are vivid and three dimensional, each with their own goals and motives, each with their own problems, and it is the depth of the characters that is the key to the success of the storytelling It takes quite some skill to craft s [...]

    22. Raw and honest.Marita A Hansen provided a very realistic portrait of life at its ugliest.I won t say , the book speaks for itself.Just some caution This book is not for the fainthearted It contains use of drugs and alcohol, graphic sexual situation consensual not , violence, rather colorful language and stares not the most likable protagonists they re not all that bad either.

    23. I didnt know whether to give this book 5 starts, 3 stars or 0 stars I liked it but then I hated it and want to throw my blackberry at the wall upon finishing it I took up the authors offer and got it on kindle for free off I instantly liked the book from the beginning I loved Jess and Nikes relationship but felt that what happened to Jess was SO UNCALLED FOR Thats when I wanting to throw my phone I couldnt even read that section I skipped a few pages Id also like to mention that the story dragg [...]

    24. 06 04 13 Re reading the series so I m ready when Behind The Lens Behind the Lives, 3 comes out at the end of this month So excited Wow Another crazy intense read from Marita Hansen that s two for two I liked Graffiti Heaven a little than Behind The Hood I just overall liked some of the characters better, and it had Ash in it.Definitely a nail biter First I was worried about Maia, and then I was worried about Jesse, and then I was worried about Mikey, and then Nike While it was intriguing to rea [...]

    25. Started this last night and finished it this morning What a page turner At first I thought I wasn t going to like it because alot of the characters are unlikable, the sort of people you would cross the street to avoid Then we get introduced to Nike, Jess and little baby Jakey and although Nike wasn t what you would call someone who walks the straight line in life, I found myself rooting for him And even though Jake didn t have a big part, I could totally picture when he hits Nike in the face wit [...]

    26. Strong in character, persistently at pace, Behind the Hood follows the delinquent Tama after he cuts a girl who is hospitalized His flight from one mate to the girls from his street gang, and finally to the married girl he has wanted, links characters who become invested in the street crime and too often are hospitalized Tama s sultry but offending sexuality, driving him, builds a plot that entangles too many into a domino of violence The book is compellingly written, woven in both descriptive a [...]

    27. I got this when the author had it free on for kindle for only one day and damn it, I enjoyed it so much I have to get a real copy now The story is non stop, not one dull moment, with characters you love to hate, love or just laugh at Tama was a complete hole with a twisted code of ethics but he did have some funny thoughts that made me laugh I really thought his part was going to end different but I can t wait for the next book in the series And wow, what a great ending, I literally had my mout [...]

    28. Wow This debut work by Marita Hansen just resonates with authenticity It is violent and no holds barred, but not OTTI see flashes of these mentalities and lifestyles in the families of some of the children I teach Not yet available in mainstream NZ bookstores set as it is in South Auckland , but certainly should be Will have to buy a copy for my son via in the meantimed I look forward to from this author.

    29. Love, love, love a book that keeps me going oh my god Oh no WTF From beginning to end, masterful story telling that kept me interested, angry wanting for .

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