[E-Book] ¾ Searching for and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart | BY ↠ Jacques Philippe

Searching for and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart By Jacques Philippe,

  • Title: Searching for and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart
  • Author: Jacques Philippe
  • ISBN: 9780818909061
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Paperback
  • This classic work is a short treatise on peace of heart in a world where restlessness and anxiety too often take the place of the confidence and peace which ought to be ours.
    Searching for and Maintaining Peace A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart This classic work is a short treatise on peace of heart in a world where restlessness and anxiety too often take the place of the confidence and peace which ought to be ours

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    1. FINAL REVIEW Some books really are life changing Searching for and Maintaining Peace is one of them There really aren t enough accolades I can give this book If you happen to already be a calm peaceful person who takes whatever happens to you in stride, you may never need this book As for me, I am still working toward that with the help of God s Grace and this book I have found it to be invaluable in that endeavor and have recommended it to many and given it away as a gift than any other book e [...]

    2. It is really interesting to see how God works I have been a Catholic actively trying to live my faith for than two decades This book has helped me profoundly than any book I ve read in the last ten years What is a mystery to me is why the message of this book has not sunk into me sooner than it did It is not as though it is presenting something that is new or alien to the Gospel But it must have taken all this time for me to get to a point where I could hear and receive it.The title accurately [...]

    3. One thing that I like about this book is its constant reference to the Bible It reminds us again of the spiritual warfare that is ours and which battles to choose and which battles are placed in our way by the devil to drain our resources and sap our energy and divert us from the main battle that the Lord promises us certain victory in We have to fight on the real battlefield and by God s grace we are certain of victory.The first goal of spiritual combat is not to always obtain a victory over ou [...]

    4. For such a small book, it really manages to pack in the material I may be digesting this one for some time to come

    5. For anyone who tends to let worrying get the better of them at times, this book is a helpful tool to combat that little pesty worry demon.

    6. If this book sticks with me for a while, I ll come back and give it five stars I took my time with it, as it s only 110 pages This book presumes a solid foundation of Christian Faith, which is probably why it s so short Books on achieving inner peace can probably fill whole libraries, and as long as they keep ignoring the truths in this skinny little book and they will , there will always be The proposition is simple, Christ came to give us peace The catch is that Christ can t do much with us u [...]

    7. All the reasons that cause us to lose our peace are bad reasons Fr Jacques page 13 The first goal of spiritual combat, that toward which our efforts must above all else be directed, is not to always obtain a victory over our temptations, our weaknesses, etc , rather it is to learn to maintain peace of heart under all circumstances, even in the case of defeat page 12 This book is my second favorite of the trio of small mini retreat books Fr Jacque has written the other two I read recently being I [...]

    8. A wonderful little book on how to maintain peace in your spiritual life in the midst of trials and stresses A very quick read too, which is helpful Very highly recommended for Catholics probably other Christians too, though some might have theological differences with Fr Philippe.

    9. For me, the constant noise of this world, noisy clamoring voices, a thousand opinions on everything and everyone, of course, is right, busy ness, programs, and then the disappointments we feel about ourselves and others and the sorrows in our own and others lives, all of which we know about because we re so plugged in to the whole world it all makes an interior peace nearly impossible to keep This little book has such a brilliant perspective and though I ve just finished it, I m going to read it [...]

    10. Just what the doctor ordered Even though the information in the book isn t new, for some reason it finally stuck While I don t think I am miraculously free from strife, this book can help reel me in from being scrupulous For years I have tortured myself that I wasn t great What is my role in this world as a catholic wife mother etc Why am I hidden away washing clothes and sweeping, why am I not like St Joan of Arc I m at where I m at because that s where I need to be.Trust in God, that s it You [...]

    11. This short book is packed with insightful practical guidance in living with our hearts full of peace Some quotes The our soul is peaceful and tranquil, the God is reflected in itThe devil does his best to banish peace from one s heartLearn to be at peace of heart under all circumstances, even in the case of defeatYou made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You St Augustine God does not permit unnecessary sufferingMy thoughts are not your thoughts So high ar [...]

    12. Life changing read Philippe tackles tough spiritual topics but all in a conversational manner I often find that spiritual books are either too full of fluff and platitudes or too rich or spiritually esoteric for a mom living with a dearth of sleep, but this book is an exception It challenged me without frustrating me and gifted me with wisdom that I am to implement every day would lead me to a contented heart and peaceful life.

    13. This book is just excellent Can t think of any scenario in which anyone would not benefit from reading it I wish I had years ago

    14. Beautifully written, good Biblical advice, and no nonsense logic I loved it and it was the kick in the pants I may have needed to remember God s good Grace to give us peace in times of hardship.

    15. Publicado originalmente en anunusualstory.e Hace ya un tiempo que o hablar bien por primera vez de un par de libros de un tal Jacques Philippe La libertad interior y La paz interior De modo que cuando me encontr en una estanter a husmeando por casa este ltimo suerte que tiene uno de tener muchos libros en casa , lo agarr sin dudar un segundo y lo coloqu en mi mont n de pr ximos libros que voy a leer No fue una decisi n muy meditada pero no todas las buenas decisiones lo son.Con la paz pasa un po [...]

    16. This book is a wonderful guide for reflecting on God and the meaning of peace It is well written, easy to understand, and makes for great bedtime reading I found it very fruitful to read a section or two and reflect on it each night Whereas other books are best read in large blocks of time, this one is easy to stop at any point and not lose the message.My favorite message from the book is that you must have a peaceful soul in order for God to work through you Think of your soul as a lake When it [...]

    17. M s que nunca, todos buscamos tener paz interior, nuestros tiempos son tiempos dif ciles en los que tener paz interior parece imposible Este libro es una gu a para saber qu nos quita paz por qu nuestras luchas por tener paz interior fallan d nde podemos encontrar esa paz interior qu debemos de dejar para ganar paz En cap tulos muy cortos, de 2 o 3 p ginas, este libro es un manual de supervivencia para reflexionar sobre d nde depositamos nuestra paz y obtenerla plena y permanente Muy recomendable [...]

    18. I found this small treatise on peace of heart useful in helping me to better understand my relationship with God and respond to the movements of my life in order to remain faithful to Him As a devout Catholic at this point in my faith journey, I found Father Philippe s insights about reliance on ourselves vs reliance on God particularly applicable After reading this work, I feel I can better understand and live Jesus words without me you can do nothing John 15 5 and rest in the peace and joy of [...]

    19. This little book is incredibly insightful It s only 110 small pages, but I found myself wanting to savor parts, and I read several sections twice Using Scripture, Fr Philippe discusses how God works with and for us, and how Satan works to discourage and distract us For example, he says Satan makes use of our desire to do good to trouble us by making us scrupulous, or by presenting us with a certain good that we must realize but which is beyond our present strength.

    20. This is a nice little book It s a fairly short read and is not theologically dense, but offers some new insights It also provides counters to very familiar situations as a Catholic However, for some reason, I could not really appreciate Father Jacques writing style perhaps because this is a translation But, I couldn t seem to read this book with an easy flow Despite that, this is a nice little compact book that offers valuable advice to all Catholics

    21. So thought provoking, a book I would benefit from reading over and over again Simple, practical, yet deep Inspires me to live differently and changed my perspective somewhat on prayer in daily life.

    22. This book, though small, is packed with so much great information Everyone needs some part or all of this book.

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