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All That Lives By Melissa Sanders-Self,

  • Title: All That Lives
  • Author: Melissa Sanders-Self
  • ISBN: 9780446690737
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • Robertson County, Tennessee, early 1800s.
    All That Lives Robertson County Tennessee early s

    One thought on “All That Lives”

    1. Absolutely dreadful I very rarely do not finish a book, but this one I literally threw down in disgust The writing was poor, the dialogue felt contrived I have read books written during the period in which this was based and no one talked the way these characters talk and worst of all about halfway through the book I came across I scene where the spirit was taunting John Bell who had only ever been called John up to this point, I believe and said and I quote All work and no play makes Jack a dul [...]

    2. This was my first experience reading a ghost story well, other than Wuthering Heights I was comfortable with the old fashioned writing style, the story kept me engaged, and I liked the characters Towards the end I struggled with some of Betsy reasoning, and to have the main character barely fourteen years old understand things beyond my own comprehension was bewildering For me, the book ended leaving one huge question unanswered I would be interested in knowing if other readers were satisfied wi [...]

    3. I was wrapped up in this story until maybe three fouths through then it got a little repetitious like it could have been wrapped up with about 100 pages less Then the ending.I m still confused about the ending view spoiler I was expecting a reason for the spirit to tell Betsy, Do Not have Josh Gardner but there was never any kind of explanation I thought maybe he was a player, maybe he had other girls, or there was something malicious or psychotic about him This wasn t the case at all He seemed [...]

    4. This book is the epitome of OK The writing is well done, with the dialog the most obvious flaw I think the author made the mistaken assumption that people spoke the way they wrote I liked the historical details and the immersion into the time period and setting The haunting was okay with some nice malice at times The talking spirit device never really worked for me and I thought it was something of a cop out The action and the narrative should have made the spirit s motives clear The book was sl [...]

    5. I seem to be struggling my way through books this late spring summer I sort of knew the story of the Bell Witch, having struggled through a nonfiction account a few years back Why I thought I d like a novel I have absolutely no idea There are better ghost stories to read, and better historical novels as well I recommend giving this one a pass.

    6. I thought the plot itself was interesting and at first the line of events were fascinating However, too much of the Being inundated the family and too many things were left unexplained The ending left everything hanging, truly one of the worst ends to a book I ve experienced yet Probably not something I would suggest to somebody else, although it was nice to pass the time with.

    7. I have read and re read this book no telling how many times I find I enjoy reading it most in the fall as the book begins in the fall I ve loved the story of the Bell Witch haunting ever since I was 13 Beautifully written and very entrancing.

    8. Melissa Sanders Self s brilliantly rendered story of The Bell Witch is both haunting and seductive Her strength of character, vivid descriptions of the setting, and ability to conjure a community with all of the complexities of belief and family culture are a rare treat I hope she has work coming out soon

    9. This was a decent read, not too exciting in either direction To be honest, I picked it up when I saw it at the Goodwill mostly because I had seen the movie An American Haunting and thought it was alright, and I was hoping the book could expand upon the story given in the movie Well, it did, but it didn t really have the dirty details and the scariness I was really hoping for It was still an ok book though, I thought the author had a nice style, and the historic details kept it interesting when t [...]

    10. I read this book quite a while ago in 2002, and since it was one of my favorites, I bought it to have on my Kindle and am reading it again, which I rarely do Once I read a book I m done with it I love historical fiction if the facts are close to accurate, and because there are so many eyewitness accounts to the remarkable phenomenon known as the Bell Witch 1817 1821 28 , and because I ve read much on these accounts, I can relate with confidence that this fictional interpretation stays close to t [...]

    11. The book, All That Lives, written by Melissa Sanders Self, is a great book for people who enjoy heart pounding horror, as well as love stories The plot of the book is during the 1800 s, and is based off the legend of the Bell Witch In this story, a young girl whose life has always been full of wealth and joy is suddenly turned upside down An unseen force has chosen Betsy as its next victim With increasingly horrible attacks by this being, alongside her devastating love life, her entire family be [...]

    12. First of all, to be honest, I haven t finished this book yet, so the stars are only my rating with what I ve read so far, but I have added it to my to read shelf I may have a slightly small attention span, but usually I m able to get far into a book and even finish it in a reasonable amount of time This book is just really long and I feel it was getting repetitive, with the same things happening every night and it just seemed like it was taking too long to get anywhere further However, I don t w [...]

    13. I M FINALLY FINSIHED This book took forever to read and I shouted the above sentence in my head and then asked what the heck I had just read The plot was interesting enough, but the spirit being witch that terrorized this family constantly left a lot of things unexplained It was bad, but it was good, it was the devil, no it wasn t and the book just ended, nothing was wrapped up and like I said earlier, left me wondering what I had just read.I will not recommend this book to anyone.

    14. This is definately my favorite book I think it s a really good example of the bell family witch But, its not only that that makes this book enjoyable The writer pulls you into the time frame As the setting is 1815, the characters motives, and mentality all agree with the time It also kind of prys into the mindset of fear, and how so much of it, can drive people crazy On a supernatural note, it represents qualities of a violent spirt very well If you like stories about ghosts, you wouldn t pass [...]

    15. Started out pretty gooden drug on and on and became less gooden got really terrible I wish I could have my 450 pages worth of reading back to dedicate to something else If rewritten to only focus on only the good parts and to become a strong, cohesive story, then 300 pages would still have been than enough

    16. A fictionalized account of the Bell Witch that haunted the Bell family in early 1800s Tennesee Thirteen year old Betsy Bell hears tapping on her window one night and thus begins years of torment for her and her family.A little repetitious but an interesting supposition as to why the witch haunted the Bells.

    17. I watched the movie AN AMERICAN HAUNTING I believe is the title before reading the book I read a few chapters before growing bored of the narration and skipped ahead to where the story picks up Even then after just a few pages the narration got to be boring I don t think I d try another book by this author anytime soon.

    18. Rather slow moving, one must remember that this is set in the 1800s and involves a very religious family whose lives are forever changed by the Bell Witch of Tennessee Not as suspenseful as I d hoped, it was a good rendition of a classic American legend.

    19. I am not sure how I feel about this book I enjoyed it in the beginning and most of the way through However, the ending was a disappointment I am not sure that I completely understand what happened in the end I was hoping for a book that was scary but this one did not do the trick.

    20. I loved this book I know most people don t believe this story, but I so want to It s nice to think that a spirit should be able to kill a horrible father I was voting for the ghost this entire book.

    21. The first few chapters were REALLY engaging and spooky, but after those, I felt like there was too little material to work with to create a full length novel I put it down for a few days about 3 4ths of the way through and never felt the urge to pick it up again.

    22. I was not impressed with this book at all Seriously, it was ok until the end, which I hated so much that it ruined the rest of the book They recently made a movie of this book with Donald Sutherland, and I was unprepared for it to be the same story I hated it just as much.

    23. I liked that this book was sort of based on an old true ghost story but it left me a little unfulfilled, in many ways.

    24. A disappointment Very slow paced and not scary at all The idea itself for the story was good, but I didn t like the writing.

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