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The Eagle's Gift By Carlos Castaneda,

  • Title: The Eagle's Gift
  • Author: Carlos Castaneda
  • ISBN: 9780140059991
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Eagle s Gift The Teachings of Don Juan 6 , Carlos Castaneda 1 The Teachings of Don Juan A Yaqui Way of Knowledge 1968 1365 2 A Separate Reality Further Conversation with Don Juan 1971 1364 3 Journey to xtlan Lessons of Don Juan 1972 4 Tales of Power 1974 1363 5 The Second Ring of Power 1975 1364 6 The Eagle s Gift 1981 1365 7 The Fire from Within 1984 1368 8 The Power of Silence, Further Lessons of don Juan 1988 1368 9 The Art of Dreaming 1994 1374 10 Magical Passes The Practical Wisdom of the S [...]

    2. I particularly liked this one and remember it as having as much substance as any of these works of an ethereal nature June 2011Another box of books has been reopened for cleaning, sorting, and reevaluation and lo and behold, many of the collected works of Carlos Castaneda are part of the contents.Many years have gone but I remember this author and his works vividly Now don t get any ideas as to an allusion I may or may not be making At some point I stopped purchasing in the series and put them [...]

    3. the review is from my blog artang.wordpress 2010 12 1ed the eagle s gift by carlos castaneda carlos s books are very engaging, now that the book is finished i somehow miss it, i feel somewhat connected to his group, and i feel i know and like a few of theme book starts very mysteriously unknown happenings, magical figures and spirits of the dead warriors connected with the chichen itzas and other power places then it continues by unraveling these mysteries and connecting them back to the memorie [...]

    4. I am going to give the same review to all the Carlos Castaneda books I read in that series, simply because they are all outstanding I was lucky to come across Castaneda very early on my magickal path My spells and rituals have always relied on the power of intent, and I have found no better education on how to focus your intent than in this series of books Back then 1994 they were classifed as nonfiction Lately, they say they are fiction All I know is much of what is in these books works And hav [...]

    5. Castaneda was a graduate student studying Anthropology and was doing his thesis on Mexican Shaman and their use of regional plants and herbs to induce psychotropic effects in an attempt to cure people of various illnesses Castaneda starts off with a scientist view, as a skeptic and later is blown away by what happens to him, which then becomes his life long pursuits If you plan on reading these books, start with the Yaqui Way of Life, which is the first book and be prepared to be engrossed in Do [...]

    6. This one is out of my league For the advanced only The path of heart, however, is still the only safe one From Buddha and compassion, to Jesus and love, to Aurobindo and bakhti yoga, H Rednick and the Way of the Beloved, the paths call for the same Good journeying.

    7. Would highly recommend reading the previous Castaneda books to easily follow this one However if you ve read the previous books this one seems a bit tedious I found my self jumping ahead a few pages at a time None the less I enjoyed he journey of the book.

    8. Another great one in an uneven series This is the first one where Castaneda introduces the concept of the Eagle, which seems like a theistic God concept Everything, all creation, life organic and inorganic matter emanates from the Eagle So this book introduces that concept in his form of Shamanism Don Juan is back in this volume There are times throughout the series where Don Juan s concepts are kind of dry, pedantic and lacking creative magic At other times they are magical and deeply interesti [...]

    9. A lot happens in this book Much of it stems from the emergence of memories suppressed in the warriors by the sorcerers Much structure is revealed among the warriors and sorcerers, with details of different warrior types The general tenor of discourse changes as well to relating details of events with enough information about inner states to maintain the narrative without their close examination This change brings back the question as to whether all the events in the series actually happened or a [...]

    10. It was a great time to read this book, right when my Magical Passes class is beginning Casteneda hadn t mentioned Magical Passes, yet, when he wrote this book Don Juan and all the warriors in his party are described as being in amazing physical shape even though they were all like 20 years or older than Casteneda I m sure Magical Passes had something to do with that, but then being an impeccable warrior would include a lot of habits that would keep you in damn good shape Physically and mentally [...]

    11. Overall I really liked it There were parts that were difficult to get through Perhaps I didn t understand the depth of the subject matter or perhaps it just wasn t my cup of tea But overall, I really like Castaneda s work

    12. The Eagle s Gift is the last in a series of six books by Carlos Castaneda about the time hs spent learning from a Yaqui Indian shaman called Don Juan Matus This book focuses at least in the first part on Mr Castaneda s time with the other apprentices of Don Juan after Don Juan has left them Even so, the progress of the narrative is not that linear and so Don Juan plays a large part of it in flashback But somewhere around the middle of the book, the narrative seems to meld with the flashback and [...]

    13. A very interesting read but probably very confusing for someone who hasn t ever read the books of Carlos Castaneda I d read probably 6 of his other books before reading this one and I am not certain of the order in which his books were written but its extremely helpful in understanding the books to read some of the earlier ones before reading this He talks a lot about these very abstract concepts and with each book he builds upon them Its even hard to write about the stuff he s written but if yo [...]

    14. What a great deception Last week I was flying next to an eagle for some time despite the fact that I m just an beginner paraglider That was when I decided to start reading this book again, since I ve stopped here years ago Than, after a short searching on net I ve found BBC documentary about Castaneda I feel sadness and anger that I need so many years to find that a man don t need this kind of teacher to fly with eagles.I know that is sounds banal, but can any of you say how is it to fly with ea [...]

    15. Carlitos and La Gorda have regained their memories from their left attentions and can contextualize all of the teachings of Don Juan Matus and his party of warriors as they prepare to cross into the third attention and guide each other through the crack in the world Very cool I especially resonated with the seven tenets of stalking, and dreaming continues to interest me If I could only find my damn hands

    16. Only the most faithful of Castandea s readers will get through this somewhat tedious book I love his stuff but must admit that were times when the existential principals set forth had me wondering if i should bother to turn the page You really only need his 1st 3 ot 4 books.ter that it becomes an exercise in drifting to and fro between fiction and non fiction.

    17. Veramente molti anni sono trascorsi da quando il mio interesse per il peyote e una certa assurda spiritualit new age mi port in contatto con questo volume, ma non ho scordato quanto pessimo fosse e ancora oggi non posso fare a meno di pensare a quanto malata mentalmente possa essere la gente per seguire certe idee.

    18. This was he 6th of his books if I counted correctly I am not going to make a full review until I have an opportunity to reread it Like many others we went through a period where Castaneda affected our thinking and perhaps even our lives at some point in time He made an important contribution to anthropology, mysticism, literature and spirituality.

    19. All books of Carlos Castaneda are very important to me He and his Don Juan , Vadim Zeland writer from Russia, quantum physicist and Alexey Bachev an unusual psychologist from Bulgaria, protagonist of my book Life Can Be a Miracle have shaped my way of thinking, perceiving, experiencing the reality Very grateful for showing me the miraculous way of living

    20. This book of Castaneda seemed to be scientific than the later ones It was even convincing that those experiences could be really authentic I enjoyed reading it, it really shifts the way howe we think about the world.

    21. Having finally gone off the deep end, Castaneda is less convincing than ever here, and boring Even with the introduction of cartoonish bad guys, there s no entertainment here, and certainly no insight But at least there are blobby spirit energies blooping around.

    22. Personally I have no concern with whether these books are fiction or non fiction, I found them to be good friends Some very enjoyable tricks learned in the choices I makes when interacting with my environment.

    23. One of the most fascinating looks into another culture s belief system about our place in the universe that I ve ever read All the ones after this keep getting better and better An incredible mentorship and friendship between the author and his Yaqui native shaman mentor.

    24. The perfect accompaniment to my trip to mexico The 6th book in this series, so no point in reading it if you haven t read the others, but lemme tell ya, it all comes together finally in this book.

    25. Uf, se me hizo costoso adentrarme en el mundo de conciencia afinada del se or Castaneda Duro, cr ptico, a ratos brillante Menci n merecen los personajes que lo rodean, como La Gorda, Silvio Manuel o la mujer nagual Por lo dem s no me pill en un momento muy receptivo.

    26. If it has one star I liked it a lot If it has two stars I liked it a lot and would recommend itIf it has three stars I really really liked it a lot If it has four stars I insist you read it If it has five stars it was life changing

    27. I did not really enjoy Eagle s Heart as much as I thought I would It got a little confusing in the middle for me and I got lost in the end So far I loved all Castaneda s books , so I m hoping the next one will be better.

    28. I got about a third of the way through this book before I couldn t stand it any It s not nearly as gripping as its four predecessors.

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