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Prince Philip: The Turbulent Early Life of the Man Who Married Queen Elizabeth II By Philip Eade,

  • Title: Prince Philip: The Turbulent Early Life of the Man Who Married Queen Elizabeth II
  • Author: Philip Eade
  • ISBN: 9780805095449
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rich in drama and tragedy The Guardian , here is a mesmerizing account of the extraordinary formative years of the man married to the most famous woman in the worldBefore he met the young girl who became Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip had a tumultuous upbringing in Greece, France, Nazi Germany, and Britain His mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, was born deaf she Rich in drama and tragedy The Guardian , here is a mesmerizing account of the extraordinary formative years of the man married to the most famous woman in the worldBefore he met the young girl who became Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip had a tumultuous upbringing in Greece, France, Nazi Germany, and Britain His mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, was born deaf she was committed to a psychiatric clinic when Philip was eight His father, Prince Andrew of Greece, already traumatized by his exile from his home country, promptly shut up the family home and went off to live with his mistress, effectively leaving his young son an orphan.Remarkably, Philip emerged from his difficult childhood a character of singular vitality and dash self confident, opinionated, and devastatingly handsome Girls fell at his feet, and the princess who would become his wife was smitten from the age of thirteen Yet alongside his considerable charm and intelligence, the young prince was also prone to volcanic outbursts, which would have profound consequences for his family and the future of the monarchy.In this authoritative and wonderfully compelling book, acclaimed biographer Philip Eade brings to vivid life the storm tossed early years of one of the most fascinating and mysterious members of the royal family.
    Prince Philip The Turbulent Early Life of the Man Who Married Queen Elizabeth II Rich in drama and tragedy The Guardian here is a mesmerizing account of the extraordinary formative years of the man married to the most famous woman in the worldBefore he met the young girl who bec

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    1. I like reading about royalty I know that sounds bad Why would anyone care about the British royal family Especially an American Didn t we fight a war to get rid of them Well, I still find the family interesting Especially the older generation So when I stumbled across a book about Prince Philip, I thought I would give it a go My own image of him is as a crusty old man, a crank who seem to love to tweek the press and say whatever is on his mind, no matter how racist or dated But, after reading th [...]

    2. Interesting background on Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh before Elizabeth becomes Queen Background on his parents and grandparents, answering the questions I always had about why was he known as Philip of Greece Here you ll find out His childhood was one of being shuffled around from family member to family member, not seeing much of his mother at all who had a nervous breakdown and he d go for 5 years at a time without seeing her His father, not much either Yes, despite all of this, he became [...]

    3. Enjoyable, highly readable and informative bio of Prince Philip s life up until his wife s coronation Must admit, I didn t know much about Philip s background other than he vaguely belonged to the royal family of Greece and that he Elizabeth were distant cousins and I found it much interesting than I expected to Interesting insight into the man who has been our Prince Consort for the last sixty years.

    4. A fascinating account of the early years in the life of Prince Philip from the the history of his Greek royal family till just after Queen Elizabeth s coronation in 1953 It includes the instability of Greece in the early 1900s, his birth on 10th June, 1921, the break up of his family due to the problems in Greece leading to his being shunted not only from country to country, but also from one member of the family to another After spending time at a German boarding school just before the war, he [...]

    5. Like many, I ve been fact checking The Crown while binge watching on Netflix While a republican, I enjoy watching and reading about the royal family The episode on the Profumo Affair brought me to this book What an interesting life, Philip had And how inbred are the royal family Cousins, great uncles, great great grandparents The family relationships and ties are many generations deep, sharing family members from paternal and maternal sides of both Elizabeth and Philip It took my hours to work o [...]

    6. I had no idea that Prince Philip had endured such a traumatic childhood I feel I understand him a little better now This was a fascinating biography which I really enjoyed My only complaint is that the audiobook I listened to seemed to have a fault A new chapter would begin, and it would be the previous chapter repeated I had to keep switching between two devices to get the next chapter to load I don t think I missed anything, but the worry that I would spoiled the experience for me somewhat.

    7. A good read about a fascinating man I became addicted to the series The Crown and interested in learning about Prince Phillip He had a heckish type of a childhood yet became a man s man who has been a dedicated prince consort A recommended read The author very smoothly handled the complicated royal blood lines and the tumultuous times of the 1930 s and 1940 s.

    8. I was inspired to read this book after watching the first season of The Crown on Netflix The TV series had prompted me to look up information on Prince Philip on and this brief introduction to the Prince was intriguing enough to make me want to read .This book traces Prince Philip s life from his Great Grandfather s history to Queen Elizabeth s coronation Probably the most interesting part of the book is the quick overview of Philip s ancestors, from his Great Grandfather suddenly being appointe [...]

    9. An enjoyable easy read biography of an interesting man Eade seems to take a neutral view on his life with a fairly balanced account I cannot imagine any of the royals are thrilled to be written about but being in the public domain as they are all is fair.Focused primarily his early life up to the early married life to the Queen, Eade shows how this man of royal birth weathered a very turbulent upbringing being passed off from one relative to the other in the absence of his recovering mother and [...]

    10. This is the first official book that has ever existed to tell the story of Prince Philip s childhood and how he grew up Most books about him are showcasing him from his marriage to Queen Elizabeth II and on I had always wondered about who he was as a person and what made him decide to give up such a promissing career with the Royal Navy to become the Prince Consort He can be very blunt with who he is, but I liked this book because even though he is who he is, he wasn t afraid to be who he was A [...]

    11. Based on his habit of verbal gaffes and aloof reactions to the modern world, the Duke of Edinburgh is one of the least beloved of the newly interesting British royal family This is s realistic, but sympathetic biography recounting Philip s chaotic early life as an exile from a government coup in Greece and the disorder of WWI s aftermath, abandonment by a playboy father and mentally ill mother, shuttling around relatives with varying degrees of interest and Victorian disciplinary ideas or Bohemi [...]

    12. I read the biography of the Queen last year so I decided to read about her husband I found many of the details of his life fascinating Who knew that he had so much early tragedy or that his mom became a nun I definitely felt sorry for him as a child having no real roots or parental support The book ends soon after Princess Elizabeth ascends to the throne I would have liked to know about his life as a parent and as the Queen s husband I gave the book only 3 stars because though the story was fa [...]

    13. I read this as a companion to Pamela Mountbatten Hicks s memoir, Daughter of Empire, a really fascinating look at life in the British upper class and royal circles in the early 20th century Pamela s cousin, Philip, now the Duke of Edinburgh, popped in and out of that book, piquing my interest This biography is a thorough exploration of his family s background, his unusual childhood and family life after post exile from Greece, and his courtship and early years of marriage to the future Queen Eli [...]

    14. I knew nothing about the Duke of Edinburgh before reading the book, well that s not totally trueI knew about his many moments of open mouth, insert foot I found the book fascinating and learned much about Philip One being that he was an equal match in royal pedigree to his bride Elizabeth I had no idea It s a wonder that a man s man like Philip has been able to serve his Queen these many long years without exploding with frustration I do wish that the author had including a lineage chart to eas [...]

    15. Full of good information, I felt that the writing was unnecessarily dull The subject is fascinating, but Mr Eade manages to make events that should be full of drama, boring I got lost among all the names in the first 60 pages, as the book read like the begats chapters of the Bible Honestly, and I can t believe I m saying this as it goes against every book is better than film bone in my body watch the Netflix series The Crown rather than read this book You ll learn about as much about Philip and [...]

    16. Mr Eade has done his research very thoroughly, and his tone is authoritative and impartial only when describing the moments of loss or hardship does a certain note of sympathy creep in My impression of the young Prince Philip is that he was gifted in so many ways, devastatingly handsome, enthusiastic about life in general, and after the breaking up of his family he was very much in need of love and stability, which he found with our future Queen Read my full review the hazel tree 2013 06 30

    17. I really enjoyed learning about Philip s early life He had no real home when he was a child, moving about among relatives and going to boarding schools This book only goes up to when Elizabeth was crowned, so I would like to read about his life as a father and as consort to the Queen He gave up a career he loved the Navy after Elizabeth became queen and they were definitely not expecting that huge change in their lives so soon after they got married 5 years It must have been hard for him to cha [...]

    18. In general I enjoyed this book It covers Philip s family extensively as well as his life leading up to his marriage to Elizabeth and a few chapters on his life after marriage until she was crowned queen It talks A LOT about his military service, but then I guess that is to be expected since that was a big part of his life before Elizabeth His life really was filled with a lot of tragedy when he was a young child, it gives some insight to the person and character he comes across as today Overall [...]

    19. What a great book.I saw a small review on this book and wanted to know Reading this book took me two days but I was amazed at his skills, charm and accomplishments, even before he married Elizabeth Philip of Greece would have been a successful man in the Royal Navy or another career but he chose Elizabeth and she chose him The Queen knew she would need support and She chose well A great read.

    20. Loved this book It was very readable but heartbreaking to learn of his early life without home, family, emotions He may be sometimes difficult now for those around him, but is certainly understandable and even admirable for the way he has supported the queen all these years To accept such a background role shows tenacity, strength, and loyalty Plus, he is such a good looking man he really looks like a Prince Charming should look

    21. Not a quick, easy, or light read, but very informative I learned a ton about the ancestry of much of the royal families in Europe Also learned about why Prince Philip may have had such a hard time being a father himself Also didn t know that Prince Philip gave up his opportunity to one day rule Greece Had only heard his Greek family was exiled, but at the time he decided to marry Elizabeth that was not the case Good Read.

    22. Very interesting insight on Prince Phillip from childhood to marrying Elizabeth.Found him to have a sense of humor, a temper, loves children and sometimes an introvert,depending on the situation Somewhat strict with Prince Charles when he was growing up.Phillip wanted to continue his Naval career, but that all changed when he married.I recommend this book to is interested in Royalty and historical facts.

    23. This was an interesting, easy to read book with a lot of history of Europe that I had not known, especially how much of the royalty wererelated in many countries Philip is an intriguing character and Ireally thought he came across as a man who overcame adversity as achild to live a life of quiet duty He had his small faults but I admire his loyalty.

    24. A look at the early life of Prince Philip of England Born to a family of royal connections, but no money, Philip has to rely on the goodness of relatives as he is growing up.Philip dreams of a Naval career Unfortunately that ends up being put aside when he marries Queen Elizabeth II.This book gives a good background on Philip.

    25. An interesting look into Prince Phillips life as a child and during the war up to the time he married Queen Elizabeth II It offers a whole different story than most biographies based on after they became famous.

    26. Much better than I thought it would be The first half in particular is very reminiscent of something Judith Krantz would have written, what with all of the inter related royalty across Europe the ties to Nazi Germany.

    27. Very interesting The Duke has not had an easy life in terms of a disrupted childhood and a life where he has been unable to use his strengths and talents to the full He has however been extremely supportive to the Queen and helped her perform her duties to the utmost.

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