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The Queen Geek Social Club By Laura Preble,

  • Title: The Queen Geek Social Club
  • Author: Laura Preble
  • ISBN: 9780425211649
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you re somebody like Shelby Chappelle, a smart, witty, pretty geek army of one, you can t just put a poster up at school and advertise for somebody to be your best friend But now freakishly tall Becca Gallagher has moved to town, with her dragon tattoo and wild ideas Suddenly Shelby s madscientist father and their robot, Euphoria, seem normal They become best friendsIf you re somebody like Shelby Chappelle, a smart, witty, pretty geek army of one, you can t just put a poster up at school and advertise for somebody to be your best friend But now freakishly tall Becca Gallagher has moved to town, with her dragon tattoo and wild ideas Suddenly Shelby s madscientist father and their robot, Euphoria, seem normal They become best friends instantly But Becca wants to shake things up at school and look for others of our kind d decides to form the Queen Geek Social Club.The thing is, this guy Fletcher Berkowitz keeps nosing around, asking lots of questions about the Club He s cute, and interesting, and possibly likes Shelby Therefore, she must torture him One good thing about being a loner no one can break your heart.
    The Queen Geek Social Club If you re somebody like Shelby Chappelle a smart witty pretty geek army of one you can t just put a poster up at school and advertise for somebody to be your best friend But now freakishly tall Be

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    1. The Queen Geek Social Club is mediocre at best It tells the story of Shelby Chapelle, a sci fi geek who somehow is exceptionally unpopular but gets dates with all the jocks Her dad is a mad scientist inventor, and her mum is dead As a replacement mother her dad invented a robot, Euphoria, to act like a mix of servant, bodyguard and foster parent.When Becca Gallagher joins Shelby s school, they become fast friends joined in their geek solidarity Becca is aiming for world domination, so she starts [...]

    2. I really wish we could do quarter, half, and three quarter stars as this book, for me, was like a 3.5 instead of the 4.0 I ve given it.

    3. This book was cute and well written but there were A LOT of inconsistentencies, stereotypes, cliches, and reasons to get offended All in all, it was one of those books that isn t good, but isn t bad either.Below are problems I had with the book.1 Shelby is an unpopular geek who goes on dates every single weekend 2 Shelby isn t really a geek at all, which explains why she felt she never understood the Queen Geek Social Club.3 Becca and Shelby don t seem to have a real connection.4 All the popular [...]

    4. I only gave this book 25 pages because 1 Shelby, the titular Queen Geek, has no geeky qualities She herself seems to believe that her high G.P.A and her smug self satisfaction qualify her as a geek, a notion I find offensive to geeks.2 Shelby spends pages 7 and 8 describing her own extreme gorgeousness in abundant detail I think one page of gorgeousness is the absolute limit Becca, Shelby s new friend and the second Queen Geek, is also a bombshell.3 The family robot, Euphoria.Euphoria is a life [...]

    5. I did a YouTube Review on this book which you can find at the following link youtu wUpO Lxvjgc Trigger Warnings Death MentionFatphobiaHomophobiaNazi MentionSexual AssaultMy Notes SPOILERS pg 3 Nice, let s start otu with some sexual assault there seems to be a lot of pop culture references, even just a few pages in 7 8 Doing that damned describe your clothes and body thing also, boob fixationpg 9 she admits that she thinks she s better than everyone else, iirc that was the whole lesson of the boo [...]

    6. Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadTooEverything was perfectly fine for Shelby Chapelle After her mother had passed away, she was used to her life being just about her father, her robot, and herself She was fine with the fact that she was not the most popular person at her school Sure, she kept to herself most of the time, but she did go on dates with guys from her school, she was smart, and she knew some people Shelby s life seemed normal to her But then everything chan [...]

    7. The Queen Geek Social Club by Laura PrebleShelby Chapelle is a geek and fine with it She s smart and pretty and can easily get dates, but all she really wants is a Best Friend That role is filled by the wild Becca Gallagher Becca is also a geek and proud of it The girls instantly bond and become best friends But Becca is a bit on the radical side she wants to find others of their kind, and thus the Queen Geek Social Club is born The main goal of the club is to empower these geeky girls through [...]

    8. The Queen Geek Social ClubSeptember 05, 2006 by Berkley TradePages 336 9.99Laura PrebleISBN 13 9780425211649Put yourself in a situation where you were once a loner in your school, and then the next you have become the most popular person in the school It s like a fairy tale The Queen Geek Social Club is a fascinating book that you can learn alot from Such as, love, friendship, family, and when it is the right time to do something that will change a person or a situation Laura Preble engages the [...]

    9. This book What do I even say about this book that hasn t been said It s been years since I ve read this book, so I m not entirely sure on a lot of the details What I do remember is that there is a girl with not many friends and with a widowed father, who invented a robot to fill the empty position of mother And then Becca moves to town and they are suddenly best friends with a social club under their wingsspecifically, the Queen Geek Social Club For Queen Geeks, though I m not entirely sure what [...]

    10. There are so many reason to just love this book First it is a book that isnt just about teen romance ewww but its about teens who are diffrent, out there, not like the others They know they look good the way they are and dont have to look like a model The book centers around a girl named Shelby Chapelle her dad is a scientist and they have a robot named Euphoria She is known to be a geek a her school And for the longest time she is the only of her kind Till one day a new girl comes in to her sch [...]

    11. I chose this book because I thought this book looked interesting reading the description on the back This book The Queen of Geeks of Social Club has so many point that can relate to your life based on their perspective in the book like how you re going to become a freshman starting high school without your middle school friends The book is about a high school girl who starts out having no friends until she meets her best friend Then everything changes because she starts a club and starts meeting [...]

    12. It started out great I mean, I almost wanted Shelby s life because she has a a cool robot, a dad who leaves her alone most of the time and tons of dates with hot guys But then I dislike her as the book progresses She get whinier and just plain unlikable And I don t see how she s a geek Just because she gets good grades and likes bad sci fi movies Note like Not even an obsession.Sorry, maybe my definition of geek differs.I don t get the motive of the queen geek club AT ALL And the double standard [...]

    13. After finishing reading this one, the first word that comes to mind is cute To get a little detailed, The Queen Geek Social Club is a cute story about girls who are proud to be themselves, and make it their new mission to find others of like minds and help them learn to be proud of themselves as well They are not the popular, trendy, accepted kids, but the smart, dorky, outcasted kids who suffer through high school on the sidelines The ones that you look at and quickly dismiss as a geek This st [...]

    14. The queen geek social club is a comedic story about a girl named Shelby who lives in LA Shelby wade my your ordinary geek she had everything looks, curves, and guys She was a beautiful girl but being geek beautiful had its downs, Shelby longed for a girl to be a best friend someone she could relate to someone like her That s when she meets Becca a tall colorful haired girl with a dragon tattoo on her calf She realized that she wanted her as a friend Not so long that Becca and Shelby become the b [...]

    15. It s an interesting idea for a book Basically two geek girls want to form a club They want to get other girls like them to gather twinkies and send them to a modeling agency as a sign of protest for starving the models They think that there is too much emphasis on beauty and not enough on smarts and other things They also have a Invisable Boy Day where they ignore all boys.The main character s name is Shelby and her father is a scientist Her mother has died three years earlier and they have a ro [...]

    16. Shelby is a self professed geek and has never felt she s had a real friend Then Becca moves to town during their freshman year of high school and the two become fast friends And Becca comes up with the idea to create the Queen Geek Social Club, a school club of geeky girls who work to make a difference in their school first, and the world second First on their agenda a food drive of junk food to send to a modeling agency in protest of their anorexic looking models.Shelby is likeable for most of [...]

    17. This book had some cute moments, but overall it was tough to get through I didn t really sympathize with Shelby, which I think is important for a main character She complained and overreacted about stuff a LOT, which was annoying Don t even get me started on Becca I really didn t feel the bond between her and Shelby at all She was bossy and acted quite strangely and mean sometimes I thought Fletcher was cute even though we didn t get to know him very well But if I were him I would have kicked th [...]

    18. The Queen Geek Social Club is all about a teenage girl, Shelby Chapelle, and how she handles being her geeky self as a freshman Shelby meets the new girl in town who recently moved in from L.A with her mom and they become instant best friends Shelby and Becca together start the Queen Geek Social Club to basically tell the world that, yes, they are geeks and they are proud to be them Of course, since it is high school, there is always a bit of teen drama romance that comes with such a gorgeous ma [...]

    19. I really liked this book The only thing that kind of threw me was some of the language, especially considering the girls ages Otherwise, it was a fun read Laura Preble really captured the awkwardness of the age and the moodiness that a lot of teenagers face And because the reader is in Shelby s head, we understand why she feels the way she does We re not on the outside, wondering what she s complaining about.

    20. This book caught my attention while I was browsing in the library Before deciding to read this, I ve scanned it first using my app to know how good it was And the reviews were not that bad so I gave it a try.The Queen Geek Social Club is about a club formed by two high school girls who felt the need to find people that are like them This book is an easy read I had fun reading it And if you want to do some light reading, this book is for you.

    21. This book is really cute My favorite quote is one in the middle of the book, and goes something like this I would just like to thank all the Gods, Goddesses, the Holy Spirit, Buddah, and the Almighty Walmart for this amazing opportunityPinch me Pinch me hard LOVED THIS BOOK, as you can probably tell from the 5 star rating I highly reccommend this book, as you might also be able to tell from my rating.

    22. Interesting story line The beginning was a little weird, but it steadily got better Shelby is a freshmen with a scientist for a father and a robot for a nanny She wants a best friend Then new girl Becca comes to school and it s like they are meant to be Becca has big ideas and decides to start a club for girls like her and Shelby The Queen Geeks This book tells the story of how the club tries to make their impact on the world while dealing with family, boys, homework, and friends.

    23. This book starts out great The main character Shelby I really liked But then the story keeps going and the main character sort of becomes annoying Shelby ends up becoming whiny and unlikable Also, while reading this book I was a little confused as to why she was stereotyped as a geek A geek isn t just someone who gets good grades and likes bad sci fi movies Lastly, I loved the writing it just flowed so well Also, I love the friends she makes Everyone needs a group of friends like this.

    24. Wow I loved this book seriously i think every girl should read it okay so its totally unrealistic, but wasn t that cinderella s claim to fame I kinda think that maybe guys should read a book like this so they actually know what girls are all about well maybe notywho id recommend it to any girl not really any girl but you know what i mean.

    25. Absolutely adorkable I laughed so much throughout this book I got yelled at by friends at least ten times Besides being a gut buster, the characters are loveable and mildly complicated I really wanted to join the Campaign for Calories and National Invisible Boy Day myself Cutest story even if it isn t entirely realistic.

    26. While reading this book i learned you have to accept people for who they are in order to be friends Shelby Chapelle is a average girl who has a robot as a maid and gets good grades but yet she is very pretty Which is not very common in clique books The reason i liked this book was because it is different from the average books it shows that being different is not bad.

    27. The Queen Geek Social Club is about 2 girls by the name of Becca and Shelby who start a club They send 3 hundered Twinkies to a Model ageny to get there supermodels fatter and not skinny Second, they come up with a day called National Invisible Day National Invisible Day is a day that girls ignore boys for one day They were also able to bring a better theme for the school dance.

    28. I thought that this was a pretty decent book It was funny and kept me reading The thing I didn t like about this was that at times, the main character, Shelby, seemed kind of shallow and it was diffiucult for me to understand why she did some of the things that she did This book was a light and amusing read, but not one that I could read over and over again.

    29. Aw, it s one of those sneaky books that doesn t look like much, and maybe still isn t much to remember, but turns out to be an awesome adorable story about friendship well worth a read.Plus, I mean, it has a basically sentient nanny housekeeper robot You have to come just for that.

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