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Baby No-Eyes By Patricia Grace,

  • Title: Baby No-Eyes
  • Author: Patricia Grace
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tawera and his sister are inseperable, in a relationship that is impossible for others to share In fact his whole whanau is bonded by secrets, a genealogy stitched together by shame, joy, love and sometimes grief.
    Baby No Eyes Tawera and his sister are inseperable in a relationship that is impossible for others to share In fact his whole whanau is bonded by secrets a genealogy stitched together by shame joy love and som

    One thought on “Baby No-Eyes”

    1. This novel is my first encounter with Patricia Grace and also with literature of Maori origin I regret that both of these meetings took place so belatedly, but I can at least promise to keep in touch from now on For me this read as a close parallel with Louise Erdrich s book Love Medicine because it shares that book s co narrated and non linear structure, unrolling a diffuse narrative through several distinct voices belonging to three generations Family ties are deeply important, but these are n [...]

    2. Baby No eyes, by Patricia Grace, is a disturbing book to read I was quite taken aback when I realised the significance of the title, and spent some time thinking about my instinctive emotional response It s not until later in the book that the motivation for what happens is revealed, so it was the act that repelled me, and since I don t share Maori spiritual beliefs, I was quite unable to rationalise my response.Yes, I know I m being mysterious about this, but I want readers to share the experie [...]

    3. There s a way the older people have of telling a story, a way where the beginning is not the beginning, the end is not the end It starts from a centre and moves away from there in such widening circles that you don t know how you will finally arrive at the point of understanding, which becomes itself another core, a new centre The tale of Baby No Eyes unfolds via the perspective of four protagonists Gran Kura grandmother , Tawera grandson , Ta Paania mother , and Mahaki Maori tribal lawyer and f [...]

    4. I m a huge fan of Patricia Grace, and have read this one than once I reread it recently and it was just as good as I remembered.Because her books are so rooted in New Zealand, other readers might miss the intent of some cultural references but they ll be rewarded so richly by reading her An exquisite writer not be missed

    5. it s not necessarily a bad book, but i couldn t stay interested in it for the life of me good luck should you choose to read it, or any other of patricia grace s books for that matter they are all fairly similar.

    6. This multi layered book is about a Maori boy who is raised up by his mother, grandmother, two uncles and the ghost of his 4 year older sister, Baby No Eyes Told by several generations, we learn about a sit in to return a Maori ancestral land.

    7. This book of Grace s just didn t rock my boat It felt too forced somehow too forced in terms of edgy fractured structure, and too forced in terms of making big political statements related to indigenous rights within health genome studies, etc.

    8. A story that has neither a beginning nor an ending There are hints and insinuations and the reader never really grasps the full story That is what makes this book such a page turner.

    9. Gorgeous Perfect blend of poetry, family drama, activism and history I was a but let down by the ending but overallwhat a find I want to read all her other books now.

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