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The Grim By J.L.M. Visada,

  • Title: The Grim
  • Author: J.L.M. Visada
  • ISBN: 2940012758330
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Nook
  • Sergeant Joseph Reaper has fought all around the world, but when his last mission ends in tragedy he returns to America a broken man He is so mentally, and spiritually damaged that he is sent to a mental institution where they treat all his statements about Jinn s and magical torture as the ravings of a madman After being told all that all his suffering was a lie JosephSergeant Joseph Reaper has fought all around the world, but when his last mission ends in tragedy he returns to America a broken man He is so mentally, and spiritually damaged that he is sent to a mental institution where they treat all his statements about Jinn s and magical torture as the ravings of a madman After being told all that all his suffering was a lie Joseph finally escaped and has been in hiding since When they finally find him, the military needs him to build a new team This team is unlike any he s ever led A group of strong willed supernatural women will challenge Joseph in ways he s never experienced, or expected These five powerful women will force him to reexamine himself, and what he s always believed Leading a beautiful Scottish vampire, a gothic witch, a sensitive lesbian werewolf, and the ghost of an excommunicated nun would be a lot to ask any soldier, but they may be asking too much when Joseph is asked to lead the very same Djinn that tortured him and his team for three months Joseph is determined to give his best.He s trying to pull the team together, but there are complications He keeps finding himself distracted by Penny despite all the danger that might come with having a relationship with the vampire Also, when Alhambra tells him that he s in danger Sergeant Reaper can t decide if it s just another attempt by the Jinn to mess with his head, or if there is a larger conspiracy Either way Joseph is going to do everything he can to protect his team even if it kills him, and it just might This is a full length novel, and the first of a new urban fantasy series.
    The Grim Sergeant Joseph Reaper has fought all around the world but when his last mission ends in tragedy he returns to America a broken man He is so mentally and spiritually damaged that he is sent to a men

    One thought on “The Grim”

    1. This book makes me very sad It started off with so much promise only crash and burn.The first warning flag was the clich fat, happy, smart girl that instantly lusted after the main character It bugged me, but it wasn t a deal breaker, even with her incessant need to grope the main character Then at eight percent Grimmy has an awkwardly written graphic sex scene with a ghost Still not a deal breaker, I can skim with the best of them Then there is the meet, and greet with Grimmy s harem team Meet [...]

    2. Sergent Grim has had a hard year, but things get stranger when he is commissioned to train a new unit for the military Here are my thoughts, bad and good Negatives I probably would have liked this book better except for two things all of the proselytizing and the fact that it read like a 14 year old boys dream journalwet dream journal It s a strange combo I know Lets face it Joseph Grim has a harem He is one man alone with seven women One is old, one is fat in other words undesirable , and one i [...]

    3. This book wasn t really what I was expecting But that is not said in a bad way, it was a great book, just really not what I thought it would be.There is Grim, he had a horrible experience and was drowning himself in booze when the Army catches back up with him and assigns him to train a group of extremely different women When everything starts hitting the fan they all come together to try and save the country Its hard to summarize what was going on without giving a lot of the book away so I have [...]

    4. I skipped several pages I m not against sex, and I m not against morally discussion, but this was at times similar to Anita Blake s books 9 to 15 in her worse logorrheic moments But it was funny to read on, even if it s quite scary to be in the mind of a sexually oriented man.

    5. great story already diving into next book.I would spend time fleshing out this review but that s time I would rather spend reading the next installment.just go read it for yourself

    6. One good thing I can say about this book is that I read it through and came to the last page without being bored.Conflicted, yes Perplexed, of course Irritated, check But not bored.This book popped out on Am even if there the author s name is J.L.M Visada among gay fiction and I really do not understand why as it only casts two lesbians as side characters while the rest of it is a macho sex apotheosis with the main character managing to bed all the women.I am a man myself if a very gay one and I [...]

    7. This is a hard book to rate I know a lot of other reviewers have pointed out the issues with proselytizing and lack of line editing, so I m going to skip that I kind of want to skip all of the negatives because I m pretty sure other reviewers have already hit on them The errors are what they are and I m not defending them I would just rather focus on the positives Because, honestly, this book had the potential to be great.As an origin story for a modern Grim Reaper, Joseph s journey from broken [...]

    8. This book isn t made to be taken too seriously you can tell by the tone used from the beginning and the situations that crop up, a lot of which would otherwise beggar belief It s outrageous, funny, and very steamy.It s very much a male fantasy and I think it will appeal most to young men The main character, Grim, is put in charge of a team of women who are all hot in different ways and they all fancy him of course and he basically goes about fixing all of their problems I think a lot of women wo [...]

    9. I m a woman and I loved this book If a book can make me giggle snort out loud, then it s a winner I even overlooked spelling grammar continuity mistakes because I liked the book that much I m tired of books that take themselves too seriously and in the process forget that they were made for the reader This book felt like walking in on private jokes amongst a group of friends and being included in that group I do have a lean towards urban fantasy with a healthy dash of black humour and a liberal [...]

    10. The premise was interesting At times, it was a bit sexual in terms of the focus of the narration In addition, I regrettably must affirm what other reviewers have mentioned It was clear that the ending would be a quick ending, simply by how close to the end the action actually began moving towards it, and in all honesty, the ending felt very rushed, as it was not given enough time to be set up, and one thing seemed to have not explanation beforehand Still, the ending did at least leave some thing [...]

    11. 3,5Let me start by saying this is what i think PNR for men would read like.What i really liked about the book were the well thought out characters, their relationships and dialog At times it made me laugh and snort, other times it made me sad and compassionate.While the plot had twists and turns the end was decidedly rushed and could have been polished All in all, it was an enjoyable read and i would recommend it to readers who like urban fantasy.

    12. Longbut made it throughI am not much of a syfy fan but did stick with the book to the end it was ok, but ready for something new It wasn t what I thought I ordered, so will be careful in my selections next time.

    13. I am all about fantasy stories, supernatural stories esp Stephen King and fiction based on historical figures i.e King Arthur This little book was engaging but to my taste a little campy for me It was like supernatural beings meets 50 shades of gray It was alright.

    14. Not exactly what I thought it would be but it was surprising in a good way A good blend of action, fantasy and romance Will definitely follow.

    15. I really enjoyed this story I had two different friends recommend this book and I loved it Read it in one setting It was a fun, action packed and a unique story Definitely worth the read.

    16. Great Bookwell I have to say it been awhile since I read a good book that was free and it was funny if u hadn t read this book give it a try

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