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Spinsters in Jeopardy By Ngaio Marsh,

  • Title: Spinsters in Jeopardy
  • Author: Ngaio Marsh
  • ISBN: 9780312966690
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • An exotic end for an English spinsterEn route to a family vacation on the French Riviera, Inspector Roderick Alleyn glimpses from the train a shocking tableau In a moonlit window a white robed figure raises a knife to a woman s shadow Thus begins his incognito exploration of the Chateau of the Silver Goatwhere a jet set cult s Way of Life could spell death for a maiAn exotic end for an English spinsterEn route to a family vacation on the French Riviera, Inspector Roderick Alleyn glimpses from the train a shocking tableau In a moonlit window a white robed figure raises a knife to a woman s shadow Thus begins his incognito exploration of the Chateau of the Silver Goatwhere a jet set cult s Way of Life could spell death for a maiden lady of a certain age and even for Alleyn s own young son unless he can unveil its illicit mysteries
    Spinsters in Jeopardy An exotic end for an English spinsterEn route to a family vacation on the French Riviera Inspector Roderick Alleyn glimpses from the train a shocking tableau In a moonlit window a white robed figure

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    1. I don t know that the 17th book in any series can really be expected to be one of the best ones, so I m not really sure what I was thinking here Other than this When I was a kid, probably about 10 years old, Agatha Christie was my favorite writer Marsh is often compared to Christie, and I thought Spinsters in Jeopardy was the most delicious title imaginable I also really liked old ladies, I don t know what that was about I was a weird kid Anyway, I tried to read it several times, but I thought S [...]

    2. Very much default three stars This one is a mixed bag.I hate kidnapping in general, but I especially hate child kidnappings Very much not on board for the kidnapping of Troy and Alleyn s young son.I always like the Troy Alleyn dynamic, but on the other hand I m not sure I entirely buy their reactions to the kidnapping of their son Troy s is realistic Also, Ricky Alleyn is far too much of an overly precocious child, who often does not sound like any child I have ever heard But then, perhaps that [...]

    3. The Alleyns take a family trip, with Troy and Ricky joining Rory Alleyn in the South of France in Ngaio Marsh s Spinsters in Jeopardy They find themselves in a situation where Detective Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn gets sent by MI 5 to look into how drugs are entering into England But also, in Roqueville, near the location of the chateau where Alleyn is to be sent, Troy has an eccentric third cousin once removed, Moinsieur Garbel, who has been sending her strange letters, complete with used t [...]

    4. While I prefer her English manor home murders, I love anything Ngaio Marsh writes, including when she just goes for the crazy and fully embraces it like she does in this book Here, her intrepid detective and his family come into close and dangerous contact with a cult Mistaken identities, kidnappings, and goat statues all come into play, and it is a fun wild ride.

    5. Another glimpse of Alleyn s family life, this time with the addition of young son Ricky I wonder what happened to Alleyn s mother

    6. This was my second Ngaio Marsh book, featuring British CID detective Roderick Alleyn There were two aspects in this book that struck me as out of ordinary for a Marsh novel.1.There were no references to the theater and play The plot was without any connection to the stage Most of her works are very much related to the stage, as her greatest passion was theater.2.This was not a whodunnit, this was much , a thriller, where the good and the bad were defined and segregated from the first chapter So, [...]

    7. The book is great But the audio book narrated by Nadia May made my skin crawl I just cannot stand that woman s voice and mannerisms Does anyone else feel that way She sounds like her mouth is full of mashed potatoes I suppose that is what the adjective plummy refers to, but in her case it is not about social class it is just her enunciation I looked up other Ngaio Marsh audiobooks and was relieved that at least one third of them are read by other actors.Sorry to be negative I just want to add an [...]

    8. This case takes Alleyn, with wife and son tagging along, to the French Riviera, where he gets mixed up with a strange cult and someone kidnaps his son A local man, Raoul, takes the role of sidekick normally held by Fox who doesn t appear at all in this story This was a good mystery, and I enjoyed it My main quibble with the book is that the bad guys didn t have the complexity that I have come to expect from Marsh which made the novel less interesting There was also very little question of who do [...]

    9. What to say about this one I might be burned out since I was on a binge and this was my fourth Marsh excels when she s dealing with the in the moment descriptions and thoughts of her main characters Through the minds of Troy and Alleyn, she is dry and funny and creates a vivid scene in the reader s mind Unfortunately, some of the situations are far fetched and stretch my willing suspension of disbelief to the breaking point This was another book chock full of stereotypes and stock characters wit [...]

    10. Oh for heavens sake I agree with the reefer madness references in other reviews and I have, indeed, seen that very silly movie Now that marijuana is legal, I can state without fear of arrest that reefers absolutely have no such effect or addiction potential So there I really like this one one of my favorites it s just fun Love Ricky.

    11. I am re reading this for the third or fourth time it was published in late 1981, probably purchased in the 90s or early 2000s this paperback has no ISBN, oddly enough When I picked it up for re read, I had a vague feeling that I didn t really like it but couldn t remember why Now I remember the topic is slightly gruesome, concerning evil cults and drug trafficking, as well as murder and kidnapping That said, the story is still riveting Alleyn takes Troy and their 6 year old son Ricky along to Fr [...]

    12. I read most of Ngaio Marsh s Inspector Alleyn series 20 years ago, but somehow missed this one It took a little effort to get into Alleyn and his wife, Troy speak in upper crust mid 20th century British English It has been awhile since I ve read that style But once in, I did enjoy the book.Marsh is a master of involved plotting In this case Alleyn is officially investigating a drug running business in southern France with wife and son in tow as a cover Troy has been in contact with a distant cou [...]

    13. This is the only Marsh that I struggled to get into It s a departure from her usual set up murder investigation like a thriller, with Alleyn and, unbelievably, Troy and their son going undercover to investigate a cult which of course has all the usual Marsh dramatic flourishes The set up is rather long winded, but in the end the pay off is probably worth it kidnapping murder secret rites and not one but two young couples finding True Love during the investigation another Marsh staple Very defin [...]

    14. Change of setting for Alleyn, and this story included his young wife and Ricky, their 6 year old son Marsh really fleshes out the domestic familial feel and relations of the Alleyn family and in somewhat surprising ways considering she was not married herself I loved Raoul his French policeman helper in this story , and the language issues between those who speak French or English and those who do not added some levity.

    15. This is the most sinister of Ngaio Marsh s books, I think Twisty and dark and summed up well by this about one of main bad guys He has a genius for defilement Along with the esoteric erotica, the drugs, and the murderous agenda in the castle, along with little Alleyn son, Ricky, playing a part in the plot, it is a page turner after which I felt like I needed a shower.

    16. Another wonderful Marsh read by the wonderful Nadia May Great descriptions and interesting character development Plot is a bit over the top, but it s a fun outing Nice chance to practice my French comprehension as well

    17. 4.5 stars Troy And Ricky It would ve been five stars if Fox had been there, even with the sort of cult stuff at the end that I really don t care to read about.

    18. I couldn t decide between one star or two I finished it for the sake of my completism The cult stuff is disgusting and stupid The kidnapping is practically pointless And the title is lame Dang.

    19. I like Ngaio Marsh s style of writing, and it s very similar to Agatha Christie s Spinsters in Jeopardy was a good mystery, and I enjoyed it Some parts of the plot were confusing, but I liked the other parts There was a lot of suspense and drama, which made the book very enjoyable to read I like Inspector Roderick Alleyn, and having his family appear in the book made it enjoyable too I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery.

    20. This is only the second Roderick Alleyn mystery I ve read, and there was an interval of at least 10 15 years since the first one I believe this was probably not typical of Marsh s writing.Cross Foyle s War with Father Knows Best with Reefer Madness, and you might get an idea of this book.Alleyn takes his wife and precocious little son Ricky with him to the south of France, to combine business involvement in an international investigation of bad behavior with pleasure family vacation that will in [...]

    21. Here is proof that a talented writer can produce a pretty bad book Spinsters in Jeopardy is a total departure from the sixteen previous Alleyn mysteries In a sense it is a very dark remake of Death in Ecstasy 4, 1936 , and devoid of the wry humor which made the previous book work It s also of a thriller than a classic British mystery, which was a disappointment.Yes, dark, so atypical of the rest of the series to date The plot is asinine, and most of the characters are very flat I m reminded of [...]

    22. 1954, 17 Roderick Alleyn, vacationing with family, Southern France superb genteel police procedural with creepy undertones Also published as THE BRIDE OF DEATH.A joint investigation by the CID and French police leads Alleyn undercover into an otherwise lovely small village that is dominated by some lordly bad guys Drug dealers, occultists, interesting villiagers, and the titular older ladies , are all deftly delineated, and while stereotypes abound, they don t bother the terrific pace nor the wo [...]

    23. Originally published on my blog here in October 1998.Much though I think Ngaio Marsh writes better when she goes beyond the standard situations of the crime genre, Spinsters in Jeopardy doesn t really work It is a thriller rather than a detective story the identities of the bad guys are known from the start and it is just a matter of accumulating evidence, which is done by infiltrating their headquarters a medieval castle now the home of an exotic cult which is a cover for a drugs cartel and cat [...]

    24. Book 17 in the series, and in many ways it reminds me of her fourth book, Death in Ecstasy since both mysteries feature spurious religious cults This one is set in the South of France, and hints about sexual corruption of virgins without ever being explicit It opens with a Hitchcockian scene in which both Alleyn and his wife Troy briefly witness through their train window what may be the stabbing of a woman in a fortress like home that they pass, although they initially pass it off as a macabre [...]

    25. Reminiscent of Agatha Christie s 4 50 from Paddington, police Inspector Roderick Alleyn catches a glimpse of what he believes to be a murder through a train window as he passes a villa He, wife Troy and their young son Ricky are en route to the French Riviera for a much needed holiday Ah, an inspector can never take a vacation from crime especially when Ricky goes missing in an attempt to dissuade Alleyn and Troy from investigating Chateau of the Silver Goat, the scene of the crime But can the A [...]

    26. Quite enjoyable And what an excellent title Us spinsters need all the airtime we can get, even if it is only to be in jeopardy This is a Roderick Alleyn mystery, and I did really like him and his painter wife Troy how nice to have a detective lead who is not an alcoholic misanthrope, for one Alleyn and Troy are much dashing and well adjusted than your average protagonist Though, sadly, I thought their son Ricky was a work of the devil This book was written in 1954, but did 1950s six year old bo [...]

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