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The Buddha Walks into a Bar...: A Guide to Life for a New Generation By Lodro Rinzler,

  • Title: The Buddha Walks into a Bar...: A Guide to Life for a New Generation
  • Author: Lodro Rinzler
  • ISBN: 9781590309377
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s a new thirst for spirituality among young people today but they re less inclined to adjust their lives around traditional religious forms than they are to look for transformation within their existing lifestyles And they have a natural affinity for Buddhism This is a book for them by one of them Lodro Rinzler speaks the language of Generation O, as his compatrioThere s a new thirst for spirituality among young people today but they re less inclined to adjust their lives around traditional religious forms than they are to look for transformation within their existing lifestyles And they have a natural affinity for Buddhism This is a book for them by one of them Lodro Rinzler speaks the language of Generation O, as his compatriots are known, and he s a respected Buddhist teacher in his own right His book is a complete introduction to Buddhism, without the cultural trappings, in language that anyone can understand but that will be especially appreciated by young people today under thirty It s entertaining, chatty, and often funny, but also very serious It s for anyone who wants to use the Buddha s teachings to awaken like he did.
    The Buddha Walks into a Bar A Guide to Life for a New Generation There s a new thirst for spirituality among young people today but they re less inclined to adjust their lives around traditional religious forms than they are to look for transformation within their

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    1. I read a fantastic book and I want to share it with you I was wandering around Barnes and Noble I know, big surprise, right when I ventured into the Eastern Spirituality section to look at books on Buddhism when I encountered this title for the upteenth time This time I decided I had better buy it and see what it was all about After all, the title is enough to grab you all on its own and the author s introduction to the contents only reinforced it It begins by saying this isn t your grandmother [...]

    2. I picked up this book because I really liked the idea behind it how to apply Buddhist teachings to daily life situations How to live your life with compassion and mindfulness It is, after all, a philosophy of action I thought the cheeky title was a nice touch I m always a little weary of people who write books about Buddhism and meditation and who take themselves way too seriously, and Rinzler seemed to have the necessary self deprecating touch to make his book appealing He writes from the Sha [...]

    3. There are far better forced spirituality books out there Yeah, I get it this is Buddhism for a new generation of alcoholics and womanizers chomping at the bit to fill the void after Chogyam Trungpa s reign but, seriously, it falls so short If you want a taste of this sort of modern Buddhism then read anything from Brad Warner or Noah Levine and have fun with it Both are good authors have led interesting lives, written memoirs and did a good job of applying Dharma principles to modern life Lodro, [...]

    4. There are few engaging, relevant and hip books on Buddhism This is one of them I ve been buying copies and handing them out like free shampoo samples to all my under 35 year old friends not that they need to wash their hair, mind you These friends who enjoy games, furtive or not so furtive love making and the odd drink, just don t connect with Definitional Dharma as I call it lots of Pali, sanskrit and commentary with a fair slew of lists of how to be good , whatever that is.Whilst The Buddha Wa [...]

    5. I judged this book by its cover and I judged wrongly.Look at that cover See how cleverly Buddha is hiding on the liquor shelves Doesn t that seem like it will be a whimsical little book Like E.T hiding in the stuffed animals whimsical I whipped out my phone, snapped a pic of the cover of this book and its counter part Walk Like a Buddha Even if Your Boss Sucks, Your Ex Is Torturing You, and You re Hungover Again, and sent the picture to my husband as a Christmas present recommendation Ah, I am s [...]

    6. It does not bode well for my entrance into Buddhism that towards the end I could not really keep track of the lessons from a book with this title Maybe I need to step down and get a Dummies book.1 Qualities of the TigerDiscernment not looking away from your ATM balance GentlenessPrecision2 Qualities of the Snow Lion The snow lion does not get hooked by being dragged down by her emotions, remaining vibrant, energetic and youthful She uses compassion, virtue and the 6 paramitas as tools Generosity [...]

    7. I really enjoyed The Buddha Walks Into A Bar A Guide To Life For A New Generation by Lodro Rinzler I came across the book at the perfect time I d gotten away from meditation and spiritual pursuits due to the complexities of life that we all face Ironically, it is just those complexities and the hustle and bustle of our fast paced society that makes meditating all that important.Rinzler, who is a meditation practitioner and teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage, has written an engaging guide [...]

    8. This book is trying too hard to appeal to young people It seems like the author is trying desperately to be cool which often feels condescending and out of touch At one point early on the author refers to a former relationship as a hot chick on his arm I found it hard to take anything he said after that very seriously.I hope Rinzler will choose to mediate on the path of Right Speech before his next lecture on compassion.

    9. Moralistic therapeutic deism is an insipid, watered down version of Judeao Christian religious traditions in which nothing much is expected of anyone just a kind of vague, try not to hurt people if you can avoid it , but lots is expected by everyone the purpose of life is to be happy and if you re not then something has gone horribly wrong wherein God is basically a disposable life coach.Rinzler s version of Buddhism seems to be a spiritual path for folks who think even MTD sounds a little too a [...]

    10. While it can get redundant, I still feel that this book was a wonderful guide and a great introduction to Buddhism He covers his bases here and keeps a good balance between giving some anecdotal, modern, examples as details and yet keeping the themes open, flexible, and accommodating I appreciated the easy way he laid out the thought process in exploring the ideas and concepts One other review commented that the book talks a lot about being good, but never quite gets at what that means I tend to [...]

    11. A really great read that brings the principals of Buddhism into your everyday life your REAL life Rinzler talks about how, by examining motives behind actions, you can live mindfully without necessarily having to give up some of the vices we all enjoy Using the four dignities, he shows how we can embody their characteristics to help us achieve a happier and fulfilling life I great read for anyone, not just those in their 20 s I m 41 and I liked it

    12. Meh This one didn t have anything particularly novel The watered down buddhism for westerners approach is filled with platitudes and canned techniques The whole thing felt like an infomercial.

    13. Really heady so it s hard to get through, also formulaic and pander y at parts But boy is this guy brilliant at the same time

    14. Buddhism for the rest of us If you re curious and intrigued by the concepts of Buddhism and how they can work in everyday life, this may just be the book for you Think of it as a Buddhism for the rest of us guide to life.The book is highly readable and applicable The author does an impressive job presenting the essence of Buddhism in a down to earth and easy to try for yourself way His realism and humor shed light on the journey to enlightenment We have a long path ahead of us, and as we travel [...]

    15. A fast and largely superficial read, but my first brush with Shambhala Buddhism how many are there now This isn t my first Buddhist reading, and at times I grew frustrated with Rinzler s fast pace and elementary approach to the material On the other hand, I m still a n00b Overall, this text was helpful and, my pretensions aside, precisely the right kind of text with which one such as myself can sharpen his or her teeth on before tackling in depth readings on a body of religious philosophical st [...]

    16. I thought this book was interesting and it was a nice introduction to Buddhism Honestly though I had a hard time getting through it because I already knew so much of the information Not through Buddhism but through living a good life and reading by the barge load It turned into something like this wow another philosophy I ve held for two years is actually a Buddhist philosophy And so on to the point that I started to skim sections For a person brand new to good life philosophies this would be an [...]

    17. The Buddha Walks into a Bar presents Tibetan Buddhism at its optimistic best a life of practice, moderation and basic goodness It shares the approach of Stephen Batchelor Buddhism Without Beliefs , checking dogma at the door and remaining nearly silent on the concepts of karma and reincarnation This is Buddhism for western skeptics and religious castaways, but the overall feel is that West must come to East, from a generous helping of Sanskrit terminology to the anthropomorphic silliness of the [...]

    18. I really wanted to like this book, but in the end I just found it much too distracting The author comes from the Shambhala tradition and espouses a lot of Chogyam Trungpa isms as well as Vajrayana mysticism While it was initially entertaining to read about Snow Leopards and Garudas, I finally gave up trying to use these ideas to enhance my own understanding I did highlight a considerable number of passages, so I ll have to come back to this in the future to see if it makes sense I m also not to [...]

    19. This book was initially described to me as a book for anyone who has ever said to him or herself I agree with a lot of Buddhists but I am not one myself Or perhaps I might be In a modern voice with ancient wisdom, the truths are explained in simple, hip terms for young adult seekers Additionally, meditation topics and anchoring grounding techniques are introduced One can move at one s own pace through the material and take as much time and reflection as one would like Additionally, I can see mys [...]

    20. I read this in anticipation of attending a workshop taught by the author While there are plenty of good ideas and wisdom in this book it s hard not to agree with most aspects of the dharma, at least for me it was presented in a way that wasn t for me This book is definitely geared towards a younger person who is new to Buddhism and Shambhala I m no expert, but I ve read enough that this book was pretty redundant, and he had few new insights or information to add to an already huge gamut of Sham [...]

    21. I definitely believe that if people believed in their basic goodness and were able to sit on a cushion and meditate on a daily basis, the world would be so different We d see the innate goodness in others, even our adversaries I read recently that some schools in the country were piloting mindfulness meditation sessions for their students I m a supporter of this idea The book does a great job of simplifying some of the esotericism of Shambhala Buddhism But I still feel I need a teacher.

    22. This book is nonsense Full of sexism, privilege and just total assumptions of what life is like for all millennials I agree with other reviews stick with writers who actually cite their sources in a useful way and explore texts that are primary if you really want to dive into something as gigantic as Buddhism.

    23. This audiobook was worth the 4.99 that I spent on it I liked the narration from a young man talking about Buddism I underlined several passages as I also have the book A nice listen or light read for someone interested in the lighter side of this religion In my opinion, Buddism is simply being kind to people and things.

    24. Clearly I am not the target audience for this book Even so, it didn t help that the narrator also the author was not very good poor annunciation, sounds like a kid The narrative was all over the place and hard to follow Luckily I was able to get a refund on my 2 Thanks Audible I m sure there are better books on Buddhism Life s too short

    25. Redundant, rehashes every other watered down Buddhism book out there There are much better books out there for people who are new and interested in basic Buddhism Also, the constant use of the nickname Sid for Siddhartha and the author s chummy tone gets really unbearable really fast

    26. I couldn t get into it figuratively and literally and stopped after a couple of chapters Might be for some people I won t let it bother me I learned that much.

    27. Aspire to be like the Tiger, Snow Lion, Garuda, Dragon and Honey Badger Yep Extremely readable, excellent introduction to Vajrayana Buddhism for the neophyte under 35.

    28. A reasoned reinterpretation of the classic teachings Witty Thoughtful Not for the Adept, but solid for any beginner or intermediate.

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