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Endgame By Dee Davis, Endpoint Protection Platform for Enterprises Endgame Endgame is a certified AV solution They performed very well on our anti malware test, both on blocking malware and avoiding false positives Avengers Endgame Apr , Directed by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo With Robert Downey Jr Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth After the devastating events of Avengers Infinity War , the universe is in ruins With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers assemble once in order to reverse Thanos actions and restore balance to the universe. Avengers Endgame Endgame Definition of Endgame by Merriam Webster Endgame definition is the stage of a chess game after major reduction of forces also the final stage of some action or process How to use endgame in a sentence. Endgame Books Teen Young Adult Literature Fiction Teen Young Adult Action Adventure Teen Young Adult Survival Stories Teen Young Adult Science Fiction Avengers Endgame Rotten Tomatoes It all comes to an end in the epic superhero film Avengers Endgame In the wake of Thanos mass genocide the Avengers come up with a plan to get everyone back.

  • Title: Endgame
  • Author: Dee Davis
  • ISBN: 9780373770366
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • FBI profiler Madison Harper and CIA undercover operative Gabriel Rourke go together like oil and water, but there s no denying the physical attraction As they work together to track down a murderer, Madison finds herself in the killer s sights and she and Gabriel must trust their instincts to keep her alive Includes preview Enigma.
    Endgame FBI profiler Madison Harper and CIA undercover operative Gabriel Rourke go together like oil and water but there s no denying the physical attraction As they work together to track down a murderer M

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    1. Endgame3.5 StarsMembers of a consortium involved in economic discussions with China are being picked off one by one FBI Profiler, Madison Harper, is partnered with CIA operative, Gabriel Roarke, and together the two must overcome their differences to stop a determined killer before he strikes closer to home.An action packed plot and a steamy romance, but it does require a certain suspension of disbelief The Last Chance team is tasked with investigating a series of murders, but none of the group [...]

    2. I found it somewhat laughable that Madison is apparently this badass profiler, but spends most of the book saying she needs evidence before she can profile the killer Not to mention, her contradictory gut feelings , and the fact that some of her intuitions turn out to be completely wrong Then, lo and behold, she stumbles upon the killer having absolutely ZERO clue that they are the killer, until they try to kill her GO FIGURE This had potential, but ultimately left me wanting and expecting .

    3. In Dee Davis s Endgame, the first instalment in the Last Chance romantic suspense series, you ll be thrown and blown away in this novel When Madison s godfather Cullen Pulaski asked her to join his Last Chance team, this tenacious FBI profiler seeks him out in New York to find out about the problem When she joins his joint task force team with her friend Harrison, things aren t what it seems to be And then she met Gabriel Rourke, a man who s intrigued by Madison at first, a man who s kept person [...]

    4. Overall Rating 4.35Action 2.0 Emotion 3.0 Romance 3.5 Sensuous 2.0 Suspense 4.0 Laughter 1 Giggle 1 Tears 0 Teary 0Endgame 4.35 Davis, a favorite author, knows how to tell a suspenseful story She immediately draws readers into this book with well written, descriptive scenes, richly described characters, and keeps them turning the pages to see what is going to happen next not only with regard to the investigation, but also to learn how she is going to develop the relationship between the hero and [...]

    5. Another awesome book by Dee Davis Extremely well written with an amazingly intriguing and intricate plot I usually manage to figure out the bad guy beforehand but I was caught by surprise this time around Loved the romance between Gabe and Madison the bit of strength they showed in overcoming their own mindsets perspectives.

    6. Really, so many characters you want to smack upside the head It was a good read though May just have to keep reading the Last Chance, Inc series.

    7. Riveting Great plotting and characters to root for Enjoyed the ride Lots of suspense and sizzling romance Kept me guessing until the end.

    8. Fun mysteryWill keep you guessing until the end Plenty of drama and a bit of romance Of course its fantasy but had a good pace and the characters keep you engaged.

    9. OK readYou have to pay attention in this book because there s LOTS of characters Madison, Gabe, Cullen, Harrison, Evan, Nigel, Payton, Sinclair, Jeremy, Tracy Braxton, Philip Merrick Madison s father , Candace Patterson and Erndardt Schmidt soon became murder victims so they were mentioned all the time, and 6 other murder victims that everyone mentions on a daily basis, and all that was before 50% of the book So, if you don t like a lot of players in your books this one isn t for you This book d [...]

    10. 4.5 StarsYears ago I used to read a lot of romantic suspense It was my go to in romance During that time, I read a few of Dee Davis books and remember liking them Then, this past summer I ran into Dee Davis at a conference It was after we d both just finished signing and she was walking by my table I saw her badge and said, I ve read you She smiled, and responded that hearing that never got old We chatted for a few minutes and at the time I wished I would have had one of her books with me so tha [...]

    11. X rated brain bubble gum She s small he s big they fit together She spits sparks he glares grim heavenly match Read between the lines, sex is not love, and preserve virginity forever What choices do hormone powered bodies really have FBI profiler Madison Harper and undercover CIA Gabriel Roarke are hired by her influential godfather Cullen Pulaski to solve six murders and prevent further assassinations of American board members in a consortium promoting cooperation with the Chinese government On [...]

    12. Overall Rating 4 Romance Rating 3.5 Suspense Rating 4.5 Humor 2 Action 3.5 As the first book in The Last Chance trilogy, Endgame did a very good job of allowing you to get to know the characters while still leading into a interesting suspenseful novel Dee Davis did an excellent job creating immediate tension between Gabe and Madison and allowing it to realistically develop into a romantic relationship while still allowing them to complete the task at hand Gabe is a polar opposite from Madison al [...]

    13. Endgame it s the kind of book that you should read on a friday as you ll probably end up staying up all night, generally speaking I don t appreciate when the male character it s a moody dark special agent, Gabriel Rourke is a classical example of exception to the rule.We have the two opposites attract theme in here, on one side is FBI profiler Madison Harper, Madison is a steely cold professional, very talented at what she does, her family has power and money which means she had to work really h [...]

    14. This is the first book in the Last Chance trilogy, followed by Enigma and Exposure Gabriel Roarke and Madison Harper are assigned to a same special ops team, at the request of Madison s godfather, Cullen Pulaski, to investigate the deaths of several business associates If you re looking for a book with a decent plot, some action, and a hefty dose of romance, this police procedural will do Could have qualified for a 3 star rating, but I dropped one star because of the writing style, which often h [...]

    15. From They both know the games killers play FBI criminal profiler Madison Harper understands dangerous minds Tough, tenacious, with nerves of steel, she s the best of the best So is her new partner, Gabriel Roarke, a crack CIA operative who likes to do things his way When the two are forced to jointly head up a task force investigating murder in high places it s no surprise that sparks begin to fly As they race through a shadow world of power, politics and deadly secrets, the passion that simmers [...]

    16. Oh man endgame, what a name and nothing in the book Last chance who gave them the job A Profiler, ex delta force, blacko ops guy, a computer geek and a british spy lots of professionels but not one investigator A story where poeple get killed and nobody besides this guys are investigating No police, no FBI, nobody A story where Dee Davis put hot and interesting guys together, a female profiler with problems on herself, a forensic team working on a private base, some romantic what got into sex.d [...]

    17. Good premise There were a lot of details that sometimes were very slow in forming Decent writing until there was actually a repeat of the same sentence a page apart EXACTLY the same I thought my Kindle went back a page Overall, just ok I may continue with the series, but only if they are free reads like this one was Oh, I should clarify it wasn t a cliffhanger The next book seems to take on a new story That, I was grateful for I hate the bait and switch to get you to purchase next book in series [...]

    18. Not bad for this first entry in the Last Chance, Inc series The tops in their fields, profilers, spooks, black ops, etc all gather at the behest of a billionaire who thinks there s something suspicious about a spate of deaths amongst his group Could it have something to do with the fact that all these high rollers are putting together a trade agreement with China and will open themselves and the US and its like minded allies to enormous wealth Hmmmm.Oh, by the way, there s a nice romance built i [...]

    19. Poor Nigel really got screwed Loved Harrison, I wish he got his own book The plot was so twisted it was hard to figure out just who was the bad guy, which I liked I didn t really connect with any of the other characters and honestly I went to bed without finishing the final ten pages because I didn t really care if Madison survived once I learned that view spoiler Kingston was the murderer hide spoiler.I will read the next one because Payton intrigues me and it s his story next


    21. I really enjoyed this, it was a great thriller and the chemistry between Gabriel and Madison was smoking, although both seemed to be reluctant participants to begin with The cast of characters were dynamic and complex, and each could easily stand alone in their own stories, with Payton appearing to be the most mysterious There was intrigue and danger and although i guessed at part of the ending the author surprised me with the final twist I eagerly look forward to the next installment.

    22. Madison is the profiler and I thought her character was good and well written I liked her from the start Gabriel Roarke was a great adversary for her They ended up working well together with some romance of course The story was good Kept me guessing, I thought I knew who did it but I was wrong Can t wait to read the rest of the series

    23. Got so fed up with the unnecessary description of every physical move the character made, and minute description of every facial expression can t a reader be expected to paint their own picture EVER that I can t remember if I finished this book Not helped by male narrator using a theatrically husky voice for the heroine this she is sexy

    24. Well doneWell doneQuality writing makes the world created by the plot and by the development of the characters Endgame is an excellent example of such a book I enjoyed getting to know Madison and Gabriel, and look forward to becoming better acquainted with Payton, Cullen, and the others.

    25. Endgame Last Chance Trilogy 1 Gabriel and Madison FBI profiler Madison Harper and CIA undercover operative Gabriel Rourke go together like oil and water, but there s no denying the physical attraction As they work together to track down a murderer, Madison finds herself in the killer s sights and she and Gabriel must trust their instincts to keep her alive Includes preview Enigma.

    26. I expected from the story so it didn t live up to what I thought it was going to be The relationship between Gabe and Madison happened a little too quickly for me to believe in it The whole guy gets girl, guy loses girl, guy gets girl back formula was very unexciting And I really expected suspense and excitement from the murder mystery aspect of the story.

    27. Standard romantic suspense Nothing overly memorable about the characters indeed I had read this before but didn t realise it til part way through but enjoyable enough if that is what you are looking for.

    28. Amazing Amazing This story was excellent Love the action andsuspense combined with a love story Dee Davis keeps you guessing till the end Can t wait to read the next book in the series

    29. Great ThrillerThis is a great FBI thriller A well written story and great characters This is my first time reading this author, but I enjoyed her style A good mix of suspense and romance and nice twists thrown in.

    30. 3.5 to 4 stars Surprisingly strong Romantic Suspense I really was taken by the story and engaged in what happened with the characters This is a trilogy, so I ll be interested to see what s in store for other characters in the story I d recommend giving this one a try.

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