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The Scarlet Letter and Other Writings By Nathaniel Hawthorne Leland S. Person,

  • Title: The Scarlet Letter and Other Writings
  • Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne Leland S. Person
  • ISBN: 9780393979534
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • The text of The Scarlet Letter is based on the 1850 third edition, the first set in stereotype plates and the basis of subsequent printings in Hawthorne s lifetime An invaluable selection of contextual material includes five Hawthorne stories that are closely related to The Scarlet Letter, along with relevant letters and notebook entries A substantial excerpt from HawthoThe text of The Scarlet Letter is based on the 1850 third edition, the first set in stereotype plates and the basis of subsequent printings in Hawthorne s lifetime An invaluable selection of contextual material includes five Hawthorne stories that are closely related to The Scarlet Letter, along with relevant letters and notebook entries A substantial excerpt from Hawthorne s campaign biography of Franklin Pierce offers a revealing glimpse at Hawthorne s political thought, especially regarding slavery and abolition Criticism provides a comprehensive overview of early and modern commentary on The Scarlet Letter and the stories in this edition, including nineteenth century reviews of the novel and critical essays by Robert S Levine, Nina Baym, Larry J Reynolds, and Jean Fagan Yellin A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included.
    The Scarlet Letter and Other Writings The text of The Scarlet Letter is based on the third edition the first set in stereotype plates and the basis of subsequent printings in Hawthorne s lifetime An invaluable selection of contextua

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    1. Once upon a time I took a Hawthorne class got thoroughly hooked Though I have not read all his short stories, all the novels I have and I ve imagined them as being some of the best ever written Maybe the stories themselves lack quicker plot pace, but the writing is FLAWLESS Scarlet Letter , House of the Seven Gables , The Blithedale Romance The Marble Faun are all part of the literary canon because Mr Hawthorne seems to touch upon very dark elements sprites and devils magical fauns haunted house [...]

    2. This is a GORGEOUS novel ARGH I have to eat every comment I ever made about Hawthorne He is a genius I sort of hate myself for missing everything important about this novel the first time the beautiful love story, the strong protofeminist single mother Hester Prynne, and the tightly constructed web of symbolism I am officially abashed, but happily so

    3. I hadn t read The Scarlet Letter since I was in high school, and it was quite amazing to revisit it I am looking forward to teaching it in American Lit this fall

    4. When I read this book in high school, I drudged bitterly through a couple meaningless symbols, wrote some half hearted papers about The question of morality, and shrugged off what I d deemed a cliche, over done little story.Upon a re introduction to the novel in college, I was confronted with, not Hawthorne s dramatic social commentary, but his HUMOR I fell in love with the antics of the demon child, I laughed at Hester s subtle attitude, and I was generally just blown away by how much I had mis [...]

    5. This novel has become than a classic It is a myth, a cult To cover this romance properly we would have to explore so many levels and details that thousands of pages would not be enough I will concentrate on the child, Pearl, and then widen the discourse to the novel s historical value.We must keep in mind that the twelve gates of the messianic Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation are twelve pearls in a wall of jasper on twelve precious gem foundations 18 And the building of the wall of it was of [...]

    6. The Scarlet Letter is a classic book that keeps you on the edge on of your seat as the plot slowly unfolds into a dramatic tale of two lovers and their hidden secrets as they go about their daily lives The setting takes place during the sevententh century with a little purtian society in Boston as we see the fight of a young adulterous woman Hester face the judgers in her town while trying to raise a feisty child pearl on her own in a isolated cabin on the edge of town life, all the while the da [...]

    7. This book was amazing Sweetly and complicatedly written, this book pulled me into the tragic story and left my heart hurting It was so somber, so sad, so unbearable Even though the style and rules of writing have shifted to a different level since that day, the writing was no less glorious The big words and fancy style in some ways made it enjoyable, especially because it was so detailed and flowed so easily Definitely a book worth reading

    8. i think waiting to read this until college really made this better for a laugh, compare the scene with hester and arthur in the woods to the scene in The Age of Innocence with ellen and whats his name in the met and not just because i wrote a paper on it good times

    9. I have tried however, I am just not a fan of Nathaniel Hawthorne Best part was when Pearl didn t know her mother, Hester, when she wasn t wearing her A Otherwise, the book dragged.

    10. What a beautiful story It made me teary eyed a few times Hawthorne does a great job portraying daily themes in this book The judgmental women, the purity of love, the penitence of sinners who chose to go thru with their own Gethsemane and heed to none but their creator, the darkness and misery of a soul that succumbs to vengeance and hate, the crowd who learns to forgive and and accept the shunned as part of their community All were well embodied in the story and brilliantly written.

    11. I was surprised by how engaging the story actually is I have been less than thrilled with other American Romantic authors, but this actually kept me wondering, What next Hawthorne s descriptive abilities and deep symbolism serve to provide us with a vivid experience.

    12. I can see why other people might not like The Scarlet Letter but I will always love it It seems to hit you over the head with its points but it is definitely a head scratcher when you start puzzling through it, as is evident in the wonderful supplementary materials in the Norton edition I was planning on just reading a couple of the critical pieces but I ended up at least skimming the whole book There s just so much there, so many fine distinctions to make I wonder how much the academic perspect [...]

    13. This book is about a girl who just had a baby, but her husband isn t the father Now she is being punished She wears the letter A to say she s sorry I think this teaches how to say sorry for something you do wrong and to not punish someone who says sorry and to know how to be sorry Majanja A 10th grade

    14. The Scarlet Letter is about a woman accused of adultery and in the beginning she was led out of jail The whole town knew about the Scarlet Letter A on her bosom and stood out to the town She would use her child Pearl to cover the Scarlet Letter from the town and stand on top of the scaffold Other characters like Chillingworth and Dimmesdale are in the story Chillingworth was the man who came into the prison while Hester was still there He helped Hester out because he gave her child medicine Dimm [...]

    15. I felt that this book was full of irony and confusion Hester comes from this European country, with a so called wonderful husband, and then she comes to America, all by herself, all alone She ends up having an affair with a reverend They end up having a child together,all the while Hester still has her husband back in Europe It is always sad to read a story about someone committing adultry, knowing that it happens so much in real life Hester was a little inspiring because she gained a little ind [...]

    16. First of all, I m not sure why this novel is taught in American high school The themes are far too complex for most high schoolers to understand, let alone emphathize That is why there are generations of students who abhor this novel Sadly, it is one of the greatest novels written, but so many people have been turned off by it because they encountered it too young They will never get the chance to experience the beautifully structured sentences or be jostled around by the narrator s dueling atti [...]

    17. Nathaniel Hawthorne s The Scarlet Letter has impacted the view of the American public for many years now and I can now finally say that it has shaped me as a writer I did not read the book until recently and feel sad that that was the case because it is such an inspiring book I absolutely love how all of the character are their own persons and yet grand metaphors in the views of Puritan society As a writer I too want to be able to write characters that are not only their own being but also a rep [...]

    18. I finally read it This book made me wonder what scarlet letters do I wear Is the scarlet letter really necessary One of my favorite scriptures in the Old Testament is found in Isaiah and it says Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow Though they be as red as crimson, they shall be as wool I think that it is important to recognize your transgressions but I don t believe anyone has to carry their sins with them their entire lives Even an a Scarlet A could be made as white a [...]

    19. I liked the book, however it was difficult to read in the original text Despite this, the further into the novel you got, the easier and comfortable I became with the words used and with the writing style This is a great book for AP English III I believe it should be left in the curriculum for three reasons first, it allows for readers to really have to dig deep and struggle to understand what the author was trying to say Second, because there are many romantic and puritan writing styles incorp [...]

    20. This story, much dreaded and maligned as required in high school English class, was a stunning in it s brilliance Yes, the language was challenging and arcane Yes, the Custom House introduction was an endurance test Yes, the sensibilities of the time period are distant compared with today s morals However, this psychological drama unfolded without a number of pieces of information usually given to the reader which leaves the reader to create her own story line to embellish and help explain Mr Ha [...]

    21. I ve been brushing up on my classics This was a good read and brought up a lot of good memories of high school and 11th grade English class All I could remember while reading Hawthorne s description of Pearl was my friend Kenya s reaction to her behaviour We were all appalled and bewitched And the descriptions of Roger Chillingsworth EGADS Of course, while I was reading this, I kept looking for all of the different meanings of the letter A within the story, putting my English major skills to wor [...]

    22. I truly wanted to love The Scarlet Letter, but as much as I tried, I couldn t I am usually a fan of flowery language and imagery, but this was too over the top Every chapter seemed to be one plot point mixed in among pages of fluff That said, I found close reading certain paragraphs to be intriguing and surprisingly revealing I learned a lot that I otherwise would never have thought about I appreciated the understanding goals that Ms Selvin gave us, because they applied to the book in an interes [...]

    23. I heard horror stories of this book growing up In high school, lots of kids had to read it and I never did Now that I ve finally read it for my thesis in my senior year I can say very surely that I adored this book Hawthorne is a genius of story telling Yes, perhaps he can be very formulaic, but beneath what appears to be a very simple, straight forward story about concealment and revelation reveals itself to its nuances and complexity Hester, despite having so many faults, chief among these acc [...]

    24. Despite the fact that I was required to read this book for school, I still enjoyed it and found it to be fairly entertaining, to an extent There were definitely points in the book that seemed much slower and less important for lack of a better term than other points, however, I still found that the overall plot paired with the abundance of symbolism and underlying morals messages made the book quite enjoyable yet still challenging enough It placed me and my fellow classmates in a position to dis [...]

    25. well.let s see here is what I learned avoid the Chillingsworth s of the world They are the most terrifying people ever and especially don t marry one that s a whole other subject , it s the coldnes my English professor described Chillingworth s activities as digging the finger that he pointed at her into her soulnetrating everything and healing nothing Also, the letter that is assigned does not, in any way, describe us We wear it with dignity, we change the meaning and we learn from what it supp [...]

    26. one of my all time favorite books first read it in high school english class and i think i actually rented the demi moore craptastic film adaptation to get an incorrect synopsis because i was lazy thankfully, i re read it in college and found it so full of fascinating ideas about women, how they conform to what their culture wants them to be, and the freedom of living marginally that i wrote my senior honors thesis on these ideas the A wasn t the stigmatizing badge of horror it was meant to be, [...]

    27. I recently read this novel I just listened to it gain this week How long do you suppose Rev Dimmesdale and Hester knew each other Did they by chance know of each other in England What happened that brought Dimmesdale to realize at lest I think so that he really wasn t going to leave with Hester but die instead and knew that he must show his hidden sin to all before he could die and be free What type of sin today would receive such condemnation within our community Or within our religious communi [...]

    28. I ll be teaching this for the first time in years It s one of those books that people groan about, I suspect, often not having read it Don t be fooled it s a white hot psychological novel on the order of Dostoevsky s best It s all right to skip the introduction, The Customs House, a dense satirical sketch that explains how the author was liberated from a deadening job by political beheading and allowed to dedicate himself to writing The novel itself features a love triangle in Puritan America an [...]

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