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Dragon Bound By Thea Harrison Sophie Eastlake,

  • Title: Dragon Bound
  • Author: Thea Harrison Sophie Eastlake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Half human and half Wyr, Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon, Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful and passionate of the Elder Races.As the most feared and respected oHalf human and half Wyr, Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon, Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful and passionate of the Elder Races.As the most feared and respected of the Wyrkind, Dragos Cuelebre cannot believe someone had the audacity to steal from him, much less succeed And when he catches the thief, Dragos spares her life, claiming her as his own to further explore the desire they ve ignited in one another.
    Dragon Bound Half human and half Wyr Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies But after being blackmailed in

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    1. 4.5 stars Oooo, smut smut smut smut smut D Is it terribly shallow to admit that I snapped up this book because I heard there was hot whispers dragon sex in it I rarely read paranormal romances these days, but all of the reviews I saw for this book were raves, so I was wild with curiosity Besides, I have a serious weakness for shapeshifters, which has sometimes led to disastrous reads and sometimes led to really fun ones I m happy to report that in this case, the book than lives up to the hype T [...]

    2. Why did it take me so long to discover this series Dragon Bound is the 1st book in Thea Harrison s Elder Races Series The world that she s created is unique, fun and so cool A world where shape shifters, vampires, dragons and humans all trying to live together.I loved this book It had everything I want in a story An unique and fresh plot, romance, tension, action, unforgettable characters, exotic settings and great dialogue.Dragos Pia are my new favorite fiction couple I adored them being togeth [...]

    3. Dragon Bound was an awesome book I loved just about everything about it I m not even going to pretend that my favorite element wasn t Dragos, cause it was I have an unnatural attraction to possessive, jealous, stalkerific heroes who are scary as heck, and Dragos is going on my list of favorite heroes of this type I liked that although Pia started out as a thief who dared to steal from him, she became his own personal hoard He acted like a dragon of old, used to having his way in all things Even [...]

    4. 5 stars Paranormal RomanceA M A Z I N G This time the author endorsements and reader hype are than justified I haven t been this blown away by a paranormal romance debut or as energized and jazzed about a new PNR series in a long time Not since diving into the addictive worlds of J.R Ward s bold, unbeatable Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lara Adrian s mesmerizing Midnight Breed, Larissa Ione s distinctive, dark Demonica, and Nalini Singh s unique Psy Changeling have I gotten such a thrill from disco [...]

    5. You know what is totally awkward Listening to sexy books in audio format There was a really great moment while I listened to this one when a friend of mine got in the car, I turned on the engine, and the narrator said something along the lines of he caressed her breast as he pushed her legs further apart and I frantically tried to switch to the radio, stumbling all over myself and hitting all the wrong buttons Awkward City, population 1 Chalk that up as one reason I prefer listening to murder m [...]

    6. Loved Dragos and Pia They meet after Pia achieves what no other has done before and steals from the Wyr leader She goes on the run and he catches than just his little thief The connection between the two was strong I loved Pia as a heroine because though she was physically weaker she was of strong conviction The story was full of great action, progressive plot development, and written well The characters are complex, unique, and pretty darn awesome The world that the writer has created is capti [...]

    7. Buddy read with my MacHalo Freaks Warning my reviewing mojo is still AWOL This will therefore be a Super Crappy Review SCR I really didn t feel like writing it, and tried to get out of it by subcontracting to one of my ungrateful dear friends, but not a single one of these wimps lovely people felt up to the task So it s their fault if you have to suffer through this Piece of Crap PoC.Confucianism Confusion is me There usually are two possible outcomes when I read Freaking PNR Novels FPN 99,99% o [...]

    8. 4 1 2 I m In Love With A Dragon Stars There are so many fantastic reviews for this book that my two cents won t bring anything new to the table, so I ll just say that if you like paranormal romance, this is one of the best It s delightful, unique, humorous, and, oh, so sexy To top it off, I dare you not to fall head over heels in love with a dragon

    9. Dragos and Pia You took a 1962 penny, Dragos said His teeth were gritted You left a 1975 penny It s no replacement She stared at him Oh my God, it s scary you noticed that I know everything in my hoard and exactly where it is, he told her Down to the smallest piece You could go to a doctor, get checked out for OCD, she panted There might be medication for that His chest moved in a silent laugh.My God I love Dragos And Pia You cannot find easily a couple so well matched in PNR.And how can you not [...]

    10. Wow I loved this one Dragon Bound was the best new paranormal that I have read in a long time, I am so glad to finally be excited about a new paranormal series.Pia Giovanni is forced to do something that is basically suicidal steal something from the most powerful dragon shifter in the world She knows Dragos will react swiftly, most likely with a torturous death for her but she has no choice because of a spell and blackmail from a sleazy ex boyfriend Dragos is an ancient Wyr dragon shifter who r [...]

    11. Holy crackers, I loved this book The world that Thea Harrison has created is flat out unique and amazing It was so refreshing and so engrossing There were amazingly tender moments, extremely sexy moments, laugh out loud moments and moments where our hero and heroine kicked some serious ass I m a sucker for a great fantasy novel, and Harrison does not disappoint with Dragon Bound.Harrison introduces us to a powerful alpha predator, Dragos Even the name is fierce No, itty bitty cutesy dragon here [...]

    12. First read of paperback, July 22, 2011 See below for audiobook comment Yes, five full stars One of the best paranormal fantasy books I ve read this year I wanted to read it faster, but real life got in the way As it was, I had it planned for a future buddy read and peeked at the first few pages Three chapters later I was e mailing my GR friend to hint around about moving this one up in our queue luckily, she agreed Ha Indeed, she finished the book before I did This is the first one this year tha [...]

    13. So, is that your long, scaly, reptilian tail, or are you just happy to see me This is funny, paranormal smut The guy is a dragon, and the girl shifts into something so OTT that you will have to laugh.Is that my voice So, our girl, Pia, steals a penny from the dragon man, Dragos, and he s pretty pissed off Until he gets a whiff of her lovely girly smell You all know by now that girls smell like sunshine and flowers and boys smell like leather and masculine trees It s nature.Could be worse A lot w [...]

    14. It happened, a dragon book we BR ed that didn t suck dirty pond scum Now my rating may be a bit high, but I will explain why and I have low standards for dragon books any The dragon guy was a badass monster If you re a dragon, you should be badass and not a pansy dragon wimp like the ones in Dragon Tales on PBS Sexy times Yes, there were sexy times in this book That s important, because it s a paranormal novel and a that s always present, b seems like something that d be part of a dragon s viril [...]

    15. Guys, this is 100% vaginal fantasy, and I enjoyed it There were things I DID NOT enjoy about it, that take the stars down, but honestly I m picking up the next book, so clearly I liked it and feel like this series can only get better I think my favorite thing was all the hugging I seriously noticed I felt happy when the Dragon dude hugged the so helpless I want to kick her heroine It s something that isn t in a lot of romance, that sort of casual affection between two people, and I really though [...]

    16. 3.70 A buddy read with my MacHalo Freaks This is very much a Paranormal Romance and the rating is very much exactly because of this fact I had no idea what expect I thought it would be either Urban or just a classic Fantasy After all DRAGONS If anyone knows me, I am the biggest fan of Dragons there could possibly be I like them powerful, arrogant, growly, selfish, ruthless, vain, merciless, and fabulous in their dragonly majestic wonderfulness I like them all This book has as the leading male on [...]

    17. Reto 4 PopSugar 2018 Un libro que involucre un roboRelectura de uno de mis libros favoritos de todos los tiempos y me gust tanto como la primera vez Incluso, si es posible, me he enamorado a n m s de Dragos Me derriti cuando aprende a decir por favor y luego lo usa para todo es un manipulador de lo m s encantador Tambi n me sigue gustando el acierto de la autora al caracterizar la personalidad wyr de la pareja principal con los antagonistas m s inmemoriales de la literatura fant stica, son la es [...]

    18. I m sorry, the message said.The theft was a violation of privacy It was an unbelievable act of impudence and disrespect Not only that, it was baffling He was murderous, incandescent with fury He was older than sin and could not remember when he had last been in such a rage.He looked at the paper again.I m sorry I had to take your penny Here s another to replace it.Yep, that s what it said.One corner of his mouth twitched He gave himself a deep shock when he burst into an explosive guffaw.And thi [...]

    19. OH WOW Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this book would be this good I absolutely adored it Helloooooo new favorite I m totally hooked, and I can t wait to see books released in the series.What s not to love about a Dragon shifter Dragos Cuelebre HAWT You just don t have any idea how hot this guy was Seriously, my fav in a while, I loved everything about him The guy was totally alpha material, a caveman on the loose, LOL He was all you re mine and there s no discussion about it I [...]

    20. 4 Dragon Lovin Stars Pia has done something very stupid She has stolen something in hopes that her ex boyfriend will keep his mouth shut about her secret Unfortunately, she has stolen something from Dragos who does not take kindly to anyone stealing from him, no matter what it is Dragos is a dragon who has been around for thousands of years He has collected a lot of treasures over the years He is amazed that someone was able to steal from him and actually live Once he figures out it was Pia who [...]

    21. Favorite Quote There s my bad boy, she whispered God, he was breathtaking.I read a lot of books I read a lot of paranormal books So when one comes into the Smexy household that is exciting, refreshing and just all around awesome, it is cause for celebration Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison is the first book in the Elder Races series Our hero, Dragos Cuelebre is of the Wyr, a group of powerful, ancient shapeshifters Dragos specifically is a rare dragon shifter created around the time of the solar s [...]

    22. I really was attracted by the story when I saw this book so said I gots to read it Plus some of my friends rated it well so I said what the hell.Now please don t kill me or anything but I didn t like it so much I ll even tell you why later on I have good reasons and hopefully you won t beat me up too much Ok so we have a dragon who s older than dirt, a selfish little or not bastard who loved to collect shiny things Then this girl comes and steals a penny She replaces the penny but still She stol [...]

    23. I debated between 4 and 5 stars, but it ended so well I just had to bump it up to 5 stars It was a really enjoyable steamy PNR story that never had a dull moment Loved the H h, the world building was solid, the humor was wicked fun, the steam hot, and the side characters were all well done too My only issue were the rapid mood swings between the H h toward the end While they were understandable, it was jarring in places I look forward to reading the next in this series Highly recommend to PNR fa [...]

    24. Well, this is a nice diverting piece of fluff, which is just what I needed to kick off this week The first week of school that magical time when adult Catie, after spending an entire summer in hiding to make way for playgrounds, camps, and story time, gets to come out of hibernation This book s main appeal for me was the surprisingly well developed fantasy world While it s obvious that the author has borrowed a bit from Tolkien and view spoiler Peter S Beagle hide spoiler , the mythical beasts a [...]

    25. Written October 22, 20144 Giggling Stars Another drooling Dragos Dragon lover girl is born here far away A lot of fun and so very lovely told It was the right time for some romantic Dragon Shifters This high raited popular m f PNR had been waiting for nearly two years It wasn t a day to late to at last start reading I went for the easy listening option again I am cursed with a terminal case of curiosity, he said I am jealous, selfish, acquisitive, territorial and possessive I have a terrible tem [...]

    26. Dragon Bound sizzling hot paranormal romance that should be on top of any RNR readers to be read pile Yep, this should be your next book If you love to read humor, danger, action, a dominating male dragon and some of the hottest sizzling hot sex well this is a must next read I probably wouldn t have read this book yet, but I got an email from a follower telling me how much she loved it I have to say a big thanks to her because I know I would have never gotten around to reading this so soon.Boy, [...]

    27. re read February 23, 2015Still a favorite.June 22 27, 2011It was so refreshing to read this story The world the author has created with her amazing imagination is wonderful, exciting, and could be scary as hell The characters are complex, and interesting, and the bantering between the H h is awesome.What can I say, the lead is a scary ass Dragon.How cool is that I highly recommend this book to all who love reading Urban Fantasy, PNR I don t think you ll be disappointed

    28. What a great book and an exciting start to a new series Dragos was perfect He was so alpha yet he was willing to bend for Pia I have a new place on my harem list and Dragos might have zoomed to the top Definitely a favorite for 2011 Update Yay I emailed Ms Harrison to tell her how much I like the book and she emailed me back and said Hi Jen Thanks so much for writing I m thrilled you had a good time with the book, and Dragos and Pia DO pop up in subsequent stories Currently it looks like they ma [...]

    29. I made a mistake before reading this book and I wish I wouldn t have Usually when I know that I ll be reading a book soon, I stay far away from reviews and conversations about the book It s not that I m afraid I ll be spoiled, it s just that I don t want to go into a book looking for a positive or a negative that someone else had Often I ll find myself focusing on things that I never would have noticed on my own, and I hate that I want to go in blind and see what my raw reaction is Since I know [...]

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