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  • Title: The Choice
  • Author: Lorhainne Eckhart
  • ISBN: 2940011396915
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Nook
  • Marcie Hollis is a Wiccan, who s always played by the rules That s until she meets Dan McKenzie, a man who she believes to be the knight in shining armor shersquo s been searching for all her life However, Danrsquo s not who he appears to be He lures Marcie into his world of lies, greed and high grade marijuana But fate intervenes on Marcie s illicit trip forMarcie Hollis is a Wiccan, who s always played by the rules That s until she meets Dan McKenzie, a man who she believes to be the knight in shining armor shersquo s been searching for all her life However, Danrsquo s not who he appears to be He lures Marcie into his world of lies, greed and high grade marijuana But fate intervenes on Marcie s illicit trip for Dan to New Orleans, when she s robbed in a crowded airport The thug not only makes off with her suspicious backpack, he knocks her down, her head slams on the concrete floor, and she loses her memory right in the path of DEA agent, Sam Carre After a six month investigation into the activities of a big time drug dealer crumbles, the same day damming evidence is found stuffed in Samrsquo s locker evidence suggesting he s the notorious leak on the team, Sam jumps on the first plane home Arriving in a crowded airport in New Orleans his reputation and loyalty are in question But even though Sam s tired, disillusioned and haunted by a past that gives him no peace, he stops to help an attractive stranger when she falls in front of him Then in an act of chivalry, he takes her to his home until the police can identify her When questions arise about Marcie, and what she s involved in, the answers lead them to the exact felons Sam investigated in the Pacific Northwest When her illusive memory returns, this complex case pushes them both to explain the unexplainable, and leaves Sam with a haunting question Was she set up, or was this a game she played Sam s forced to make a choice, walk away from the attraction that connects them, or risk losing everything.
    The Choice Marcie Hollis is a Wiccan who s always played by the rules That s until she meets Dan McKenzie a man who she believes to be the knight in shining armor shersquo s been searching for all her life How

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    1. Check out the Blog Tour for The Choice by Lorhainne Eckhart Be sure to stop at behindamillionandonepages for my review on the 20th March 2012 I don t want to start off on a sour spot with this novel, but it is a blurb novel This is the only reason it got bumped down to 4 stars instead of the 5 it deserved It was just the blurb that got to me It gave away too much information I read the blurb after I finished the novel and it just gave away too much of the story line When I joined the blog tour a [...]

    2. Please note I read this book in January 2012 from a copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.My Synopsis Marcie is crazy in love with Dan, and will do anything for him even carry marijuana on the plane from Washington state to New Orleans However, once there she is robbed and shoved, hitting her head on the cement in the process and losing her memory Enter Sam, a former DEA agent whose investigation against Lance Silver one of the biggest drug lords th [...]

    3. A large scale marijuana operation, a drug lord, dirty cops DEA agents, a tarnished reputation, old letters, ghosts and a dark entity from the past come together in this contemporary romance with some paranormal aspects This is a story about a woman who forgets her roots, gets taken in by a man full of and surrounded by dark entities, is manipulated into becoming his drug mule and marijuana cultivator, loses her memory, meets a good man and they, along with some friends, set out to bring this ver [...]

    4. Actual Rating 3.6 This was an enjoyable read I thought the story could have been suspenseful However, I thought the supernatural element of the story was unique I never would have expected a supernatural element in a romantic suspense novel The characters were enjoyable I thought the relationship between Marcie and Sam was a lot better than the relationship between Marcie and Dan That can be due to the fact that I did not like Dan as a character Overall, an interesting and great read.

    5. Sam and Marcie s lives intersect at a crucial juncture Marcie has gotten herself in too deep in the world of high grade marijuana, and Sam has left the DEA to do his own investigation to discover who set him up as the fall guy in an international drug bust gone bad Both victims of past love, there is a lot of mistrust between them But they hold on to each other throughout and keep each other safe.The Choice by Lorhainne Eckhart has an interesting paranormal twist Marcie is able to read auras and [...]

    6. originally appeared on Bookshelf Confessions I won a free copy of this e book in a LibraryThing Member Giveaway The Choice literally the title of the book says what it it s contentThe book is all about making and doing the right choices in life that would lead our heroine to destruction or salvation.e story is soo good,with good moral lessons from here and there opens readers minds to simple things like listening and following advicese story is well written and the characters are depicted for th [...]

    7. This book is a good mixture of thriller, action, mystery, romance, and a bit of supernatural thrown in for good measure The main character becomes a drug mule of sorts but things happens that put her into the path of the other main character who will become her love interest This is a long book, at times a bit too long, but the author managed to bring everything together really well in the end I like strong women so found that the female lead character was a bit too teary eyed all the time and g [...]

    8. From the beginning, I was enthralled with the way the author wove the details of this story together The incident where Marcie met Sam in New Orleans started a whole chain of events that kept the plot moving Between witchcraft, police business, marijuana grow ops and life on a small island, there was a lot going on all the time The secondary characters were interesting and they added to the overall mystery and to the romance blooming between our hero and heroine.The villain was believable someti [...]

    9. A very interesting and fascinating mystery, detective, romance novel I was intrigued by the way the author, through a woman s sense of the spirit world, delved into the crime world At the onset one would think that the story is going to be a detective story and how a drug operation is brought to an end but it is really a story on how a woman, through the choices she made ended up involved with both sides of the story Plus she is being aided by spirits from the past if she would only open up her [...]

    10. Enter contest here thetbrpile.weebly 1 post 2This book successfully blends universal spiritual beliefs and virtues with passionate players Although a little slow in the beginning, it redeemed itself quite nicely after about 60 or so pages With her finger on the pulse of human emotion and life choices very closely linked with everyday issues, Ms Eckhart is spot on with the chemistry between our hero and heroine Their lives are emotionally drained and to the brink of hopelessness, however their de [...]

    11. My review will be shorter than some of my others but with such a detailed Blurb, I don t want to give away too much.The Choice was not quite what I expected but it was a great read I was drawn right into the story and lives of the characters to the point I stayed up late just to finish it I do that a lot with the MM romance reads but not with with many others so, for me, that said a lot about how engrossing and powerful the story was.As a proud Wiccan, this story intrigued me before I even opene [...]

    12. I received this ebook giveaway free through the author with a Smashwords coupon The Choice by Lorhainne Eckhart,started out fast paced from page one Marcie is going down the wrong path and being controlled by a drug dealer grower, Dan She makes a run to drop off drugs and ends up getting robbed In the process she developes amnesia and gains the help of a DEA agent, Sam He is going through struggles in his own life and in his work It seems as if their paths are meant to meet There seems to be a s [...]

    13. This is the worst end of the year book It was predictable, full of cliches and half of the time I don t know what s happening There are no explanation for things happening The witch and magic thing seems to be a one big deus ex machina The lead characters, who are all stupid, are given information on a silver plate by a ghost named Jerome Cops and federal agents believing the words of a ghost They are also outsmarted all the time by the bad guys Stay away from this book.

    14. I received this book through Library Things early reviewers Sadly, life got in the way and I wasn t able to read it until now.This was a good book The characters were likeable well, except Dan, he was a great bad dude You just knew he was rotten from the get go.I am itching to find out what happens to everyone

    15. I found this book to be a very interesting read A bit of magic and romance as well as suspense thrown in For people who are in to one, two or all three of these things, I would recommend this book This is the first book I have read by Lorhainne Eckhart and I am hoping to read some of hers.

    16. Good readBit of action bit of romance Not too heavy Would be interested in following the series Enjoyed the alternate ways.

    17. GoodThe story was good It was intense at times with suspense and heavy drama than romance I would have liked romance.

    18. Wonderful storyThis story was wonderful and kept me in suspense the whole time The story is full of twists and turns that keeps me wanting .

    19. I started reading this book after deciding to host a few authors on my blog for part of a virtual book tour I chose authors who had a book that sounded like one I would enjoy reading so that after hosting them I could review their books You can read Lorhainne s guest post on my blog showard76.wordpressThe Choice caught my eye first of all for its cover and title, I really am one to judge a book by its cover I noticed that the genre was categorised as Romantic Mystical Suspense to be honest the w [...]

    20. Summary Marcie Hollis has learned from a young age that she has a strong spiritual connection She feels one of those connections is with her boyfriend Dan However, since becoming involved with Dan, her spiritual training has fallen behind Then Marcie heads down to New Orleans from Seattle This was supposed to be a trip with Dan, but when they get to the airport he tells her the plans have changed and she ll be going on her own She s left stunned and devastated that he won t be going with her Aft [...]

    21. Can Find Original Review Here interestedmindsreviewsspo3.5 StarsMy ReviewWe all know I am a lover of suspense Add in some romance and you have a winning combination for me I think that is what got me about this book The romance was just missing Don t get me wrong, it was there just kinda not there Make sense The synopsis of this book is what pulled me in I mean really from the sounds of it amazing right Staying hooked once I started however, was a bit challenging For me, this book started a litt [...]

    22. My Opinion When I fist started reading The Choice I thought I wouldn t like it very much, mainly because it s starts off a tad slow for my tastes After I was about 20 pages in I started to change my mind Why did I change my mind Here s why The Plot is fascinating The plot is very original, and I wanted to keep on reading to find out I decided about 50 pages in, Yeah, okay, I m feelin this The Choice is well written Lorhainne pieced together a very well done book, simply because I could see clea [...]

    23. I can t believe I am finally done this book I am a fast reader but this book took the life out of me I don t remember ever reading a book this long before It was a good book that didn t seem like it had much filler, but it could have been shorter WAY shorter It begins off with Dan and Marcie He is sending her away with his backpack and it is her job to get it to the right person since the bag contains marijuana Marcie loves Dan and will do anything for him, even if it meant trafficking drugs Whe [...]

    24. WOW Not what I was expecting But so much I haven t had a book grab me so hard that I read it at every possible time

    25. this book was ok I m of a romance novel kind of reader and this book was mostly directed on the mystery of a world known drug dealer that they re trying to bring down the beginning of the book made things interesting since Marcie had a slight concussion and lost her memory for almost a week then after that everything is revealed to her and she s being helped with the hands of a cop after she s been helping a drug dealer Dan so the book faces around her choice to get back on the right path with [...]

    26. I m giving this two stars rather than one because there was an actual storyline in there somewhere and I was interested enough to finish the book, although I skimmed through the last quarter of it I wanted to find out what happened, but I had to force myself to finish The Choice could use a professional edit The descriptions were tedious, detailed, and repetitious The book could have been about half as long because we heard the whole story at least twice Every time a character would tell another [...]

    27. Do you need a second opinion on this book Visit and explore oceanpearlbooks.wordpress OceanPearl Books endeavors to provide well informed book reviews, business readings, parenting tips, and consulting services for our clients worldwide And it s all for Free OceanPearl Books Book ReviewBy a freak of accident, Marcie looses her memory Rather, she is a mule to carry drugs for her boyfriend, Dan She is willing to do anything for the man she loves Only, she d been tipped off by some drug dealer Her [...]

    28. Although this story had supernatural aspects to it, I would say it was romance and a touch of crime story thrown in Marcie is an an abusive relationship with a charismatic man who has the gift of persuasion He has convinced her to become involved in his business that deals with drugs and to gain his love and acceptance, she agrees Marcie is an empath who has lost her way and sees dead people as well as spirit guides When a delivery goes wrong, she finds herself injured and loses her memory Sam [...]

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