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Nairobi Heat By Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ,

  • Title: Nairobi Heat
  • Author: Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ
  • ISBN: 9781935554646
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • For fans of smart foreign crime books, an action packed crime story in an unusual setting Kenya and rooted in fascinating African historyIn Madison, Wisconsin, it s a big deal when African peace activist Joshua Hakizimana famous for saving hundreds of people from the Rwandan genocide accepts a position at the university Then a young girl is found murdered on his doorstep.For fans of smart foreign crime books, an action packed crime story in an unusual setting Kenya and rooted in fascinating African historyIn Madison, Wisconsin, it s a big deal when African peace activist Joshua Hakizimana famous for saving hundreds of people from the Rwandan genocide accepts a position at the university Then a young girl is found murdered on his doorstep For local police Detective Ishmael an African American in an extremely white town it seems like the kind of crime that happens in an area where the Ku Klux Klan still holds rallies But then he gets a mysterious phone call If you want the truth, you must go to its source The truth is in the past Come to Nairobi It s the beginning of a journey that will take Ishmael to a place still vibrating from the surrounding genocide, where big oil money rules and where the local cops shoot first and ask questions later And although it s the land of his ancestors, it becomes a disorienting and terrifying quest through the slums of Nairobi, a place where knowing the truth about history can kill you.From the Trade Paperback edition.
    Nairobi Heat For fans of smart foreign crime books an action packed crime story in an unusual setting Kenya and rooted in fascinating African historyIn Madison Wisconsin it s a big deal when African peace activ

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    1. America meets AfricaI just love to travel around the world in my living room Ngugi takes us from Madison Wisconsin to Africa and back again Along the way he walks us through social problems in both places He does great job of providing a mini history and political culture lesson of the Rwandan genocide and its impact Racism and violence are highlighted but so is the energy of the African people and how deeply they care for one another despite the corruption When Ishmael, who is a black American [...]

    2. I wanted to like this book, particularly as the author s father is Ngugi wa Thiong o, an incredible writer But this book is so bad, you guys SO bad.The writing is awkward and off putting, the story unconvincing and predictable, the main character terrible at his job, and the plot absurd A local police force in a small city decides to send its lead detective to Kenya because he received an anonymous phone call An entire nation goes totally bonkers over the murder of an unidentified woman because [...]

    3. Heading Greed, Trickery, and JusticeThe call came at 2 AM from the police chief of Madison, Wisconsin a murder had been committed in the wealthy exclusive enclave of Maple Bluff Detective Ishmael Fofona, an African American on the mostly white police force in an extremely white town, knew that if the call came directly from the police chief there had to be a political angle to the crime An unidentified beautiful blonde woman is found dead on the front steps of the home of Joshua Hakiziman, an Af [...]

    4. The good news is that this is a quick paced, entertaining police procedural It only took me a few hours to read and I felt like I did not waste my time I enjoyed the crime and the very over the top action, but in the end, the things that I hold onto are the moral questions that are presented Should we feel guilty for not helping a person in need Can we buy our way out of this guilt The answers to these questions are not really answered in this novel, but they are important questions to bring up [...]

    5. Concise but written with a craving intrigue, this crime thriller fiction investigates the past in Africa and connects it to the present from Africa to America with a salty suspense Leading the reader through the twists and turns of crime investigation punctuated with bloodshed, smoke and sex, the novelist presents issues relating to justice, race, power, genocide and self identity.Although the protagonist detective appears too lucky, making the story to appear a bit unrealistic, it is still impo [...]

    6. Most books are lifted from the realm of just good to great usually through the advancement or elevation of parts of the writers craft Story, plot, characters, pacing, structure, etc Think Raymond Chandler and his elegant use of language in a tough guy setting or James Ellroy and his staccato sentences and telegraphic prose style Others use original themes in the pacing James Patterson s short chapters for instance drawn almost as scenes from a film or Hemingway s short, declarative sentences Oth [...]

    7. I m always excited to read crime stories set in other cultures, and so I picked up this Kenyan set book with great anticipation The story actually opens in the American college town of Madison, Wisconsin, where a beautiful young white woman has been found dead on the doorstep of a visiting Rwandan professor A local African American police detective named Ishmael catches the case, and is soon sucked into a whirlpool of confusion involving the legacy of the genocide in Rwanda 15 years in the past [...]

    8. A dead white girl in a cheerleader uniform lies on Joshua Hakizimana s front porch Hakizimana is a hero of the Rwandan massacre, responsible for saving hundreds of lives He is now a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and involved with a large charitable foundation dedicated to victims of genocide Ishmael, a local African American police detective, is assigned to the case That cheerleader outfit turns out to be a school uniform from the Rwandan school Hakizimana was connected to W [...]

    9. There is a pretty good novel hiding in this book, if it edited and rewritten.The novel reads like a first draft There are many points at which you feel like an editor could have pushed an author to make changes For example, the author touches on issues of race being an African American in the US vs in Africa as well as the role of white in Africa colonial exploiters and others who appear to be well intentioned missionaries but these themes are not well developed and the character s discussion ju [...]

    10. A pulpy murder mystery, which takes place a little bit in Madison, WI, and a lot in Kenya I never figure out Who Does It, but it s nice to be along for the ride I liked the setting and the African tidbits even though it is not a part of Africa I ve spent much time in, much of it was familiar I grew to like the characters, flaws and all The backdrop of the Rwandan genocide cast a darker shadow over the whole plot.After reading and thinking a lot about race lately, this book s approach seemed very [...]

    11. I REALLY wished I would have liked this book better.It had so many elements that could have made it awesome But the characters just did not live up to the lives and times they were supposed to be leading.The Rwandan genocide, trauma, African diaspora in the US, racism, East Africa, NGOs in Africa, corruption and aidSo many things that could have made a crime novel outstanding Just never gelled for me.I was never in Nairobi completely in this book, I got glimpses, but it was a different one from [...]

    12. I picked up this book to exchange at a murder mystery bookswap and it was a fresh reminder of why this genre is so exciting This book is a short pleasant read, where you re figuring out each step of the African American cop s journey in Africa finding the past history of the African man on whose doorstep a dead blonde woman was found There is no connection between them, but the cop thinks otherwise and after a random phone call from Kenya, he is compelled to go there and figure out what clues he [...]

    13. Pretty good and entertaining detective story, set in the US Midwest and East Africa Kenya mostly Quite a bit of killing, which didn t always seem justified, but I guess that added to the hardboiled character of the hero Ishmael The plot is a little complicated, but in the end all is resolved sort of Still I enjoyed it and look forward to reading of Ngugi Jr s books.

    14. It was actually engaging than 2 stars but the ending disappointed me and there was just a bit too much foul language for my liking, coupled with my general disinterest dislike even in crime novels But being set in Kenya and the US was refreshing and not something I d read before 2.5 stars.

    15. I liked it, i did but it didn t feel consistent in the quality of writing and sometimes the story seemed a little too complex but i hope he continues to write crime thrillers because i have this feeling he will become better and better at it.but really, does my cynicism need encouragement ha.

    16. it was fun reading about different neighborhoods in nairobi, but generally i found this book pretty poorly written and filled with overwrought, cliche phrases a bit disappointing.

    17. Nothing in this book is remotely believable or plausible Plot, characters, motivations and consequences are all equally ludicrous.

    18. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and its fast pace relentless action as well as its humorous comments by the main detective, a black American, who finds himself cast for the first time on the shores of Africa As well as the historic references to the recent Rwandan genocide, interwoven in the character s histories, it exemplifies the globalisation of our everyday narrative, reflected in the crossborder crime scene I d like to read of this kind set on the African continent, but with a link back to A [...]

    19. Mukoma Wa Ngugi s hard boiled crime thriller relies heavily on contrivance to keep the plot moving but is very strong both on the difficult subject of the Rwandan genocide and the complicated relationship between corporations and the charitable interests resulting from it and on what it means to be black in America and Africa, the Kenya setting is vividly depicted and I found Ishmael to be interesting enough to want to read the sequel.

    20. This was a pretty trashy book that I definitely enjoyed reading, though I doubt I ll ever revisit it Still, it was a nifty story set in a cool location The kind of book I recommend if you like the occasional detective story and find it for cheap.

    21. A decent novel but altogether not that memorable and too reliant on clich s of the outsider cop travelling to the ghetto but this time it is is Nairobi The romantic subplot was strained and felt unnecessary But it was fun to see cop drama being played in a Kenyan setting.

    22. This is the first crime novel by an African writer that I ve ever read and I can honestly say that I liked it Perhaps that s due to the fact that I cannot really label it, say that is that it belongs to one genre or another The non stop action, the blood splattered scenes and the twists and turns, somehow remind me of an American thriller its social background though is so solid and realistic, that maybe I would do it a disservice by saying that this is just a thriller and nothing It all begins [...]

    23. This police procedural novel mystery thriller had an original, engaging plot.The beginning is set in Madison, Wisconsin where Ishmael, an African American homicide detective works under the direction of a black police chief The setting is predominately white, and the Ku Klux Klan still hold rallies The mystery begins when a pretty,young blond girl is found murdered on the doorstep of a University professor, Joshua Hakizimana No one can discover the identity of the girl.Ishmael questions Joshua, [...]

    24. It s a rather weird set of circumstances that leads Detective Ishmael from Madison, Wisconsin to Nairobi, Kenya An unidentified woman turns up dead at the Madison home of Joshua Hakizimana, an immigrant professor dubbed the black Schindler for his heroic role in rescuing women and children during the Rwandan genocide As every lead in Ishmael s investigation dead ends, a mysterious phone call sends him to Kenya in search of justice Instead, he finds truth.Along with Nairobi detective Odhiambo, Is [...]

    25. Nairobi Heat by Mukoma Wa NgugiThe setting for Nairobi Heat switches between Madison, Wisconsin and Nairobi, Kenya When the author first takes the reader to Africa, e real Africa, I thought I d stumbled upon a page turning summer read O veered off the main road and onto a dirt track and the city disappeared from view We travelled on, headlights tunnelling through the darkness then turned into a short, dirty street that ran between two rows of poorly built wooden houses we almost ran into a dilap [...]

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