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Running the Maze By Jack Coughlin Donald A. Davis,

  • Title: Running the Maze
  • Author: Jack Coughlin Donald A. Davis
  • ISBN: 9780312554958
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the aftermath of great floods, a doctor on a relief mission in northeastern Pakistan discovers the remains of a collapsed bridge that reminds him of a bridge near his childhood home in Ohio He snaps a cellphone picture and sends it to his sister just before his entire team is slaughtered His sister is Beth Ledford, a Coast Guard sniper, who suspects that the answer toIn the aftermath of great floods, a doctor on a relief mission in northeastern Pakistan discovers the remains of a collapsed bridge that reminds him of a bridge near his childhood home in Ohio He snaps a cellphone picture and sends it to his sister just before his entire team is slaughtered His sister is Beth Ledford, a Coast Guard sniper, who suspects that the answer to the mystery of her brother s death is in that cellphone picture No one believes her until she finds Kyle Swanson, once the top sniper in the Marine Corps and now the key member of a secret special operations team known as Task Force Trident When Kyle takes Beth into Pakistan to investigate, they find the true secret behind the mass murder what may be the last, best hope of victory by al Qaeda and the Taliban over allied forces Now the two snipers have their sights set on one man, an American diplomat who has become the biggest obstacle to victory in the war on terror The only question is which of them gets to pull the trigger
    Running the Maze In the aftermath of great floods a doctor on a relief mission in northeastern Pakistan discovers the remains of a collapsed bridge that reminds him of a bridge near his childhood home in Ohio He snap

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    1. A doctors without borders type goes on a hike in Pakistan, sending his sister a picture of a flooded bridge After which, he is executed by terrorists Said sister just happens to be a sniper on the Coast Guard She follows up, trying to find help, which eventually leads her to Kyle Swanson.Swanson spends most of the time acting like a jerk He gets sent with the sniper to find out what s what, and finds a secret underground base at the site of the bridge.Some exciting parts, but Swanson was not at [...]

    2. I won and advanced reader copy of this book from Library Thing I have never read any books by this author and I liked this book a lot The author has an impeccable record in the military and the book was very nail biting to read, a high intensity, faced pace thriller I liked the characters in the book and how the author s use of his own military background helped to shape the characters I have never read a military fiction book, always non fiction, but found myself thinking I was reading non fict [...]

    3. Running the Maze by Jack Coughlin is not a novel that I thought I would enjoy reading Much to my surprise, I found myself caught up in the story as soon as I started reading it and couldn t put it down It is the story of a Coast Guard sniper, Beth Ledford, and a Special Agent, Kyle Swanson, who need to team up and find out what was happening in Pakistan Beth s brother, a doctor on a medical relief mission in Pakistan, is killed due to something he saw Beth is determined to find out what was so i [...]

    4. A military thriller which could have been taken straight out of today s headlines Fast paced, action packed, yet believable Even if military thrillers are not your cup of tea , this is a book which can be enjoyed by anyone who simply likes a good story.I received this book free through I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorseme [...]

    5. Running the Maze a high octane thriller begins when a medical team on an aid mission to Pakistan are butchered Before his death, Dr Joey Ledford sends a cellphone picture to his sister Coast Guard sniper Beth Ledford of a collapsed bridge that resembles one from their childhood which she suspects holds the key to her brother s mysterious death With no one willing to believe her and probe into the murders, Beth turns for help to Marine Lieutenant Colonel Sybelle Summers the Operations Officer for [...]

    6. The fifth in the series to feature sniper Kyle Swanson working for a small Government black ops team In this book, he teams up with a female Coastguard sniper to investigate dodgy happenings around a new bridge in Pakistan.It s an odd book, somewhat spoilt by a couple of farfetched plot lines but there are also some good bits It starts off well with a medical team getting wiped out near the bridge, sufficient characterisation that we actually care about them and regret their passing But it is Sw [...]

    7. I won this as a first read Really do not read military thrillers Did find this a interesting read Right out of the pages of life today The book is well written and the characters are very true to life.This is military thriller with a lot of face pace to it and many twist that gives you a heart stopping thrill.You will find yourself kept guessing and asking question We are following to military snipers sent in to find out what happen to a medical team that was executed and what a picture holds to [...]

    8. I won this book in a first reads giveaway When I first began the book I thought it might be a realnd of a deep, too much military type jargon type deal, I wasn t too sure I d be able to get into it I am happy to report that was not to be the case I found that it turned out to be quite a cat mouse plot, kept the reader interested There was alot of military in it it was really good, actually So I found myself to be pleasantly surprised enjoyed the book I may actually look into the previous books i [...]

    9. Took a bit long for the action to perk up Then it peaked a bit early And the ending was predictable Still, it was a decent read The concept and threat were interesting And the action, when it finally started, was well done But I d recommend the first book in this series T was much better.

    10. I really enjoyed this book I received as a Advanced Readers Copy The story was true to life and felt like something that could potentially happen in today s crazy world I look forward to books from Jack Coughlin and Donald Davis.

    11. An entertaining elite SEAL story that doesn t get hung up on a lot of unbelievable stunts and endless array of acronyms I found Running the Maze to be a suspenful, action packed tale that kept me in a non stop reading mode Very pleased to have won this ARC through Goodread s giveaway site.

    12. I like these Swanson books a lot but not enough to keep them in my collection They are good books, but I would not reread one I look forward to reading exploits of Swanson and the Trident team At least this book explained sorta what happened to the women in Swanson s life and it makes sense For someone working in this black of an outfit, personal relationships are going to be very difficult.

    13. I don t understand why people didn t like this book It s an entertaining fictional book It has some silly statements like, blood surged through his veins Isn t blood supposed to surge through your veins But it s fiction Entertaining fiction at that.

    14. I was lucky enough to win this great book in one of the give away s I was slightly skeptical for a few reasons 1 My last experience with a give away was not so great and 2 this is not typically the type of book I enjoy Let me just say that this book made me take it to work and other places just because I wanted to continue to read it Kyle Swanson one of the main chars was very well evolved throughout the book and would definitely be someone that I would enjoy reading about Think Dirk Pitt in th [...]

    15. This was the fifth book by Jack Coughlin with Kyle Swanson as the lead character Gunnery Sargent Swanson is part of a highly classified super secret group called Task Force Trident which reports directly to the President of the United States A new character is introduced in this book, Beth Ledford who they nick named Coastie as she was from the U S Coast Guard She was a super accurate sniper but untrained in counter terrorist techniques She went through rigorous training to be a candidate for Tr [...]

    16. In the aftermath of a great flood a doctor on a relief mission innortheastern Pakistan discovers the remains of a collapsed bridge thatreminds him of one near his childhood home in Ohio He snaps a cellphone picture and sends it to his sister just before his entire team isslaughtered Beth Ledford is his sister and she is a Coast Guard sniperShe believes that the answer to her brothers death is in the photo butno one believes her until she finds Kyle Swanson who is a member of a secretoperations t [...]

    17. Always love these tall tales Fast paced, short, and unbelievable but believable aura about them There are some very minor appalling errors on military ranks that were absent from the previous four books We get a new female character and the traitor conspirator within the highest echelons of the government plot line in this yarn More Islamic terror from our friends in Pakistan but the attack that s being planned against the USA is quite unique and fresh Never knew how they would choose to end thi [...]

    18. I won this book through s firstreads this is far from my typical read or something I would pick up on my own I do not typically read military thrillers, also, this is the 5th book in a series that I haven t read any other book from That being said, this book was readable as a stand alone without reading the previous books in the series The book was an action packed tale that takes placed mostly in the US and Pakistan When a group of foreign doctors are found murdered in Pakistan, it triggers a s [...]

    19. I got this book through a Good Reads giveaway I gave it four stars, so I obviously enjoyed this book, but I can t pinpoint exactly why It is co written by a retired marine officer, though it is a novel It reads like it was a true story, not super great or lyrical writing, but clear and concise The story was slightly predictable, but in a sort of enjoyable way It is about a young woman who is with the Coast Guard, and a well trained specials ops soldier whose team answer to no one but the Preside [...]

    20. I received this book in a Giveaway I enjoyed the fast paced action and behind the scenes look at the current war on terror I have not read the previous books in this series but this did not deter my enjoyment of the story My only slight issue with the character development is having a minor villain possess Dissociative Identity Disorder This diagnosis occurs very rarely and seemed to be a flashy choice to replace the typical sociopathic villain angle Otherwise, I thought the story was interestin [...]

    21. Won an ARC copy on Giveaways man, I love unexpected books in the mail Can t wait to start reading it Will update review upon completiong Thanks.A very enjoyable military thriller in the style of Tom Clancy or Dale Brown with a little Matthew Reilly thrown in on the side This book has action enough to keep you turning the pages I highly recommend for fans of military, political action thrillers.

    22. This book was alright, but I thought the bad guys got killed off too easily, in fact everything went a little too well for the good guys This took away from what could have been a really good book By the time you got into one of the bad guy s head, he was easily killed off The story also seemed to deflate about 3 4 of the way through the book The middle of the book had some decent action and the book was well written.

    23. Although I am rating it a 4 , the plot was a bit contrived in reference to the acquisition of a new team member and the American terrorist s not very well thought out plot at the end, but I still enjoyed it I especially loved the end, when Swanson is on Oahu I happened to finish this book on December 7th.

    24. This book was enjoyable, if not a little choppy It could stand to have another proof read as there are multiple spelling grammar errors, and the dialogue seemed a little awkward throughout However, it was the action packed adventure that it promised If you like military adventures and are good with the terminology, you would probably like this book

    25. The development of the characters was done very well how you could easily see them operating in real world locations and situations However, the execution could have been done better, the dialogue needs some work, and I just really didn t think it was a good read I much prefer Tom Clancy books.

    26. Revenge for the death of a loved one is the focus of this novel A seasoned sniper takes a less experienced one under his wing in preparation for an operation aimed at killing the people responsible for the death of some aid workers It s an interesting tale, but not much emotional depth to the characters An okay read.

    27. An international medical team is murdered after seeing something suspicious in Pakistan and a team of American soldiers are sent to investigate.I found this a very enjoyable read, some of the plot points were far fetched, but still an entertaining book.

    28. I read this right after reading Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn This book made up for everything Flynn lacked Multiple perspectives, a well played climax followed by another, and a ending that left just enough room for the story.

    29. A corrupt astronaut, sniper rifles with a two mile range and a former British SAS fighter who is now a rich industrialist willing to support Trident clandestine ops with weapons and transportation, and Coughlin and Davis An Act of Treason, 2011, etc hit the action adventure 10 ring again.

    30. More excellent military action from Jack Coughlin This book is as good as the others in the series, though I will say the whole high tech, terrorist stronghold was a little far fetched Other then that, definitely an exciting page turner.

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