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Ty Cobb By Charles C. Alexander, Ty Cobb Tyrus Raymond Cobb December , July , , nicknamed The Georgia Peach, was an American Major League Baseball MLB outfielder He was born in rural Narrows, Georgia Cobb spent seasons with the Detroit Tigers, the last six as the Ty Cobb Stats Baseball Reference Statheads want to know Get scores, news and notes in your inbox every day View a sample email.It s also available for football, basketball and hockey Subscribe to our Stathead Newsletter Ty Cobb Stats, Fantasy News MLB Ty Cobb Stats, Fantasy News Year AVG Rank . th in AL . th in AL . th in AL . th in AL Ty Cobb American athlete Britannica Nov , Ty Cobb, in full Tyrus Raymond Cobb, byname the Georgia Peach, born December , , Narrows, Georgia, U.S died July , , Atlanta, Georgia , professional baseball player, considered one of the greatest offensive players in baseball history and generally regarded as the fiercest competitor in the game Cobb, Ty Ty Cobb. Cobb, Ty Baseball Hall of Fame Cobb received the most votes of the five electees and came within four votes of unanimity The greatness of Ty Cobb was something that had to be seen, and to see him was to remember him forever, said fellow Hall of Famer George Sisler Cobb died on July , in Atlanta, Ga. Ty Cobb Society for American Baseball Research Ty Cobb Perhaps the most competitive and complex personality ever to appear in a big league uniform, Ty Cobb was the dominant player in the American League during the Deadball Era, and arguably the greatest player in the history of the game. Ty Cobb The Official Licensing Website of Ty Cobb As the exclusive licensing agent for Ty Cobb, CMG Worldwide is dedicated to maintaining and developing a positive brand image for our client We actively seek out commercial opportunities that are consistent with our brand positioning goals. Ty Cobb Baseball Stats by Baseball Almanac Ty Cobb was born on Saturday, December , , in Narrows, Georgia Cobb was years old when he broke into the big leagues on August , , with the Detroit Tigers. Who Was Ty Cobb The History We Know That s Wrong Imprimis Ty Cobb was one of the greatest baseball players of all time and king of the so called Deadball Era He played in the major leagues mostly for the Detroit Tigers but a bit for the Philadelphia Athletics from to , and was the first player ever voted into the Hall of Fame. Ty Cobb attorney Ty Cobb born is an American lawyer He was an Assistant U.S Attorney for the District of Maryland in He has been a partner at Hogan Lovells in Washington, D.C. From July until May he was a member of the Trump administration

  • Title: Ty Cobb
  • Author: Charles C. Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780195035988
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ty Cobb was one of the most famous baseball players who ever lived The author puts Cobb into the context of his times, describing the very different game on the field then, and successfully probes Cobb s complex personality.
    Ty Cobb Ty Cobb was one of the most famous baseball players who ever lived The author puts Cobb into the context of his times describing the very different game on the field then and successfully probes Cob

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    1. Ty Cobb is one of the icons of the modern era of baseball which began in 1903 His playing years were 1904 1928 and he was in his mid 40s when he retired, although he probably should have retired earlier But baseball was his life, his only life and he just didn t want to give up on the game he loved.Cobb was noted for being a very difficult person, both professionally and personallyhe would sharpen his spikes and use them with abandon on his opponents curse the umpires, players and the crowd woul [...]

    2. I purchased this book on a whim because practically gave it away 1.99 and I knew next to nothing about Mr Cobb outside of his considerable baseball achievements His.367 lifetime batting average will NEVER be broken I knew that anecdotally he was not popular with his teammates due to his surly disposition.This is a very worthy read We not only get perhaps the best bio of Cobb but also a sense of how much the game and its associated artifacts baseballs, playing fields, etc has changed over the yea [...]

    3. To say that Ty Cobb is the greatest baseball player to ever live wouldn t raise too many eyebrows in disagreement, but even agreed upon by the general public is Cobb s supposedly contemptible personality Another reviewer referred to Cobb as a despicable human being Those are pretty strong terms for someone like Cobb What kind of action makes someone despicable Let s throw all the accusations at Cobb that we can, true or not, that he was mean, racist, prone to participating in brawls, and used M [...]

    4. Charles Alexander s biography of Cobb is acknowledged to be the best book available on the complicated and volatile man Alexander avoids sensationalism by not repeating the many unsubstantiated stories and rumors of which there are a great many and does a great job sticking to the facts without passing judgement The result is a book that probably comes as close to the truth as is possible.Unfortunately for Alexander, Cobb s career was so long and so consistent, that the re capping of each playin [...]

    5. I listened to this book on tape, and thoroughly enjoyed it It was a great book describing the great and tragic life of Tyrus Cobb His story seems made for a movie A young boy who yearns to play ball, at first against his father s wishes, and then in order to prove himself to his father, and to honor his memory.Ty was raised in Royston, GA, and began playing ball for a local semi pro team that acted as the minor league team for the Detroit Tigers He was picked up by the Tigers in 1906 at the age [...]

    6. This biography of Ty Cobb is among the best sports biographies that I ve ever read As an athlete and a reader, I really appreciated the author s ability to put me on the baseball field at the beginning of the 20th century, an era that is difficult to judge because of its distance from the present Cobb was a brilliant ballplayer and a complex person whose outbursts of temper and latent racism created problems for him both on and off the field Alexander describes the man, warts and all, with an i [...]

    7. I think Ty Cobb by Charles Alexander is a must read for any baseball fan I ve read other books about Cobb, but none compare to this one Alexander presents us with a very balanced, fair view of Ty Cobb that I found quite interesting and well written.This book is mostly recording Cobb s on the field accomplishments It does talk about his personal life a bit, but it sticks mostly to baseball while he was still playing I found some of Cobb s off the field antics quite interesting I think there were [...]

    8. As a baseball fan it was a really informative book about one of the greatest and most electric baseball players to ever play the game After reading this I learned that he is just like the high price prima dona players of today He never showed up on time for spring training, and took time off sometimes to golf during the season But I think he is the greatest hitter ever, and one of the greatest hitting teachers of all time When he took over managing the Tiger his teams always were right at the to [...]

    9. This book told the life story of Ty Cobb, with the bulk of it focused on his years in the pros I learned a lot from it, like that his mother killed his father with a shotgun, he was as racist as people say, and he lamented the way Babe Ruth and the live ball changed the game The writing was adequate I mean, I didn t expect much for 2, but I m just saying that I ve NEVER seen the word inasmuch that many times in one piece of literature But Alexander did a good job narrating the baseball games, an [...]

    10. A few years ago I worked in downtown Nashville and rode the metro bus quite a bit Read this back and forth for about two weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the ride so to speak I would confidently state as a result that Cobb s rude and crude disposition on the field is far overshadowed by his acts of charity and loyalty to his family.Would have liked to have known him personally but not necessarily in the early teens, 20 s 30 s His incredible talent and will to succeed with very few boundaries pretty [...]

    11. I was a bit disappointed I thought this would be an incisive character study and it was, in part But the overwhelming sense was season after season of baseball stats, all the seasons blending together as my eyes glazed over Still, there were those moments when something truly surprising was revealed about Ty Cobb And certainly the life of someone who played 24 years in the major leagues would seem like a lot of baseball So I guess I did get a sense of who this man was You can too, but you ll hav [...]

    12. I found this languishing in the bargain bins at work, and felt that Mr Cobb deserved better than that, so I have now revisited it after about ten years This is definitely one of the best written of all baseball biographies In his prologue, Alexander renounces a psychoanalytic approach to his subject, instead determining to rely on common sense, logic, a broader awareness of the history of his times, and, I would hope, an adequate measure of sympathy and compassion , and I would argue that he suc [...]

    13. I have always been interested in Ty Cobb and this was a solid biography of the man It tended to stay away from the sensationalist aspects of Mr Cobb, which was nice but did not sugar coat the meanness and overt racism Cobb was known for It also did a good job of describing the difference in the older style of baseball Cobb was known for and the home run based style now on vouge a solid read.

    14. It s impossible to ignore the racism that was a part of him but so too was the anger, passion, and drive to be the best baseball player of his time.Cobb was a man hounded by demons and a magnificent ball player.His life story was not just about baseball It was alot than the game An outstanding book.

    15. This was a wonderful way for me to prepare for the opening of baseball season Say what you will about Mister Cobb and plenty have done so he was one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, ballplayer of all time Unfornately, toward the end it relied too much on Al Stump s now discredited smear of Cobb in his final months but, overall, it was a delightful book to read.

    16. As a Detroit Tiger fan, it was interesting to read about Cobb and the early days of baseball in the Motor City The book, however, was filled with statistics and play by play events Cobb was a complex and controversial man, as well as a great ball player Although I enjoyed the book, it would have been nice to learn about what made him tick.

    17. For someone who s in the argument for greatest baseball player ever, Ty Cobb led an explosive life This is a great baseball read not for the faint of heart It was a different time and Cobb too often comes across as the villain He was eccentric to be sure, carrying around 10,000 in a paper bag after he retired It s a fast read, as was he, always taking chances to make his own breaks.

    18. Thorough and well done The greatest player and a bitter man Sad Baseball lovers only need bother, others won t enjoy.

    19. Very disturbing and yet I could not put it down, go figure so much God given athletic talent in a brutally honest, extremely intelligent individual and self educated.

    20. Thorough if at times dry I like piles of stats so this is saying something look at an important if unusual player Really loved the emphasis on the era and its influence.

    21. Ty was one of the greatest ballplayers ever He also was a very bitter and vindictive human being A great biography.

    22. This was a very good baseball bio Never read the Al Stump Cobb bio, but this one by all accounts is probably balanced A great look at the personality of this crazy person.

    23. Good story about one of the best ever to play the game This book helps to understand how much these guys loved the game.

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