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  • Title: Here There Be Dragons
  • Author: Jane Yolen David Wilgus
  • ISBN: 9780152017057
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Here There Be Dragons, dragons appear in every guise ghastly, ghoulish, gentle, gargantuan always endowed with the author s ingenious touches Each piece is introduced with the fascinating, and often revealing, story of its making and is illustrated with the intricate, moody pencil drawings of David Wilgus.
    Here There Be Dragons In Here There Be Dragons dragons appear in every guise ghastly ghoulish gentle gargantuan always endowed with the author s ingenious touches Each piece is introduced with the fascinating and ofte

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    1. Quite frankly, the cover is the best thing about this anthology of poems and short stories featuring our favorite fire breathing beasties by Jane Yolen Remarkably unspectacular yawner, except for Story The Old Man Said which is the shortest selection offered The artist who did such a fantastic cover unfortunately dis not read the text or just skimmed it when doing his her its work For example, one story clearly refers to the protagonist being Oriental The illustration shows a European kid WTH Th [...]

    2. I am on the part when Jakkin s dragon Red has to fight in a competition against Bottle O Rum Jakkin s dragon gets hurt I think Jakkin s dragon will win because, the dragon has a specail power and has a specail attack Jakkin taught the dragon how to use the attack and control it in the hidden sands I like this book sofar because, it has magic, dragons, adventure, and battles Jakkin s dragon won the match against Bottle O Rum by using a specail attack volcanoe alley then he used a spell called pea [...]

    3. A fun collection of dragon focused poems stories Lots of different ways of looking at dragons in here and they were all intriguing

    4. I m loving this book of magical poetry short stories about dragons Jane Yolen is a wonderful author I ve read several of her books.

    5. A collection of poems and short stories about dragons with the inspiration behind them included Some would make good read alouds during a fantasy unit.

    6. collection of her poems and stories that gives the background and reasoning for the stories, very beautifully done with pictures and explainations

    7. Want a fantasy escape, with wonderful messages and folklore woven in Jane Yolen has masterfully told several tales to spellbind Read them aloud to a friend Imagine

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