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Batman Beyond: Industrial Revolution By Adam Beechen Dustin Nguyen Darwyn Cooke,

  • Title: Batman Beyond: Industrial Revolution
  • Author: Adam Beechen Dustin Nguyen Darwyn Cooke
  • ISBN: 9781401233747
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • The alliance of Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne is stronger than ever after their battles in Hush Beyond But now a superpowered criminal has gotten in way over his head and the whole Justice League has come to Neo Gotham to hunt him down Also, there is much unrest at Wayne Power Industries Who is starting these riots and importantly, will Batman be able to stopThe alliance of Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne is stronger than ever after their battles in Hush Beyond But now a superpowered criminal has gotten in way over his head and the whole Justice League has come to Neo Gotham to hunt him down Also, there is much unrest at Wayne Power Industries Who is starting these riots and importantly, will Batman be able to stop them Collecting BATMAN BEYOND Vol 4 1 8.
    Batman Beyond Industrial Revolution The alliance of Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne is stronger than ever after their battles in Hush Beyond But now a superpowered criminal has gotten in way over his head and the whole Justice League has

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    1. I want to like Batman Beyond the character s a great design and it s Batman but in the future So why is it seemingly so hard to write a good Batman Beyond comic Industrial Revolution is a jamboree of stories an irradiated employee of the Justice League s Watchtower called Carson Jatts decides to steal some supervillain tech and take over a mall Batman tries to keep old man Grayson s secret identity as Nightwing from getting out some industrial action shenanigans take place at Wayne Powers and In [...]

    2. The artwork is similar to the TV show but be warned this is a jumble of tales than all of them being strung together logically.Terry McGinnes is the new Batman because Bruce Wayne has become too old and the latter gives tech support from afar the new Batsuit has all types of improvements and upgrades that would put the standard one to shame.I liked the showdown with the JLA and the face off with a mystery villain the most The section about Nightwing was the weakest.Written by Adam Beechen and ar [...]

    3. The addition of Batman Beyond to the full DC Universe begins here This volume opens with a formerly loyal Watchtower employee learning he has a few months to live Blaming the Justice League for his deteriorating condition, his plans for revenge result in his transformation into the newest Matter Master With his mother and brother trapped with the villain, Batman must put aside Bruce s animosity towards the League and rescue his family The volume continues to throw upheavals at young Terry Dana d [...]

    4. Everything about this volume was instantly forgettable, from the messy art to the competent, but ineffective storytelling To its credit, the comic reflects the Batman Beyond television series very well, reading like a handful of episodes, just not particularly good ones The characters are static, the villains are flavorless revenge stories, and the sci fi setting is barley illustrated here at all Also I guess in the future the Justice League is reduced to dealing with hostage situations in Gotha [...]

    5. Could have done a better job with the characters There are a few inconsistencies with Batman s suit though.

    6. Very solid World The art is good, it fits the TV show but also is stylized enough to be it s own thing The world building is also solid, building upon the TV series and the books before it The stage is set for stories and the changes in the status quo were good as down the road they will lead to better stories Story Solid The first story with the Matter Master was a but of a yawn but everything else in the arc was good Industrial Revolution is great and changes things having Wayne where he ends [...]

    7. A bit of an improvement over hush beyond There are good things and there are bad things.The good we finally see the return of blight.Inque finally gets an origin story after it only being hinted at on the show.We see the return of the justice league and it opens the doors for new stories.We get to see Maxine s side of the picture and we get a new side of Dana we didn t know about And now the bad the thing that irratated me the most was how Dana was portrayed in this issue, especially when Terry [...]

    8. it s helpful to know what you re getting when you pick up this graphic novel it s literally just a compilation of several different comic issues with no continuity at allat said, some of the stories are incredibly intriguing i really liked the varying perspectives, especially those of max and inque and the justice league tie in was fun, as well as entertaining with warhawk i would definitely like to learn about dana s brother, who was apparently in prison for being a joker dana s actually a lot [...]

    9. A collection of the short lived 2011 Batman Beyond comic book series, this story gathers two major arcs, the first featuring a Justice League story against a future version of a classic villain, the second bringing back a villain from the animated series as well as providing a couple of deeper dives into some of the female cast in the Batman Beyond future universe.In general, there is some solid storytelling The art is okay, but it s of a different style than the animated series so it takes a bi [...]

    10. There has been a good deal of fan support urging the corporate owners of this character not to forget about him and his supporting cast Really the premise does work For various reasons Bruce Wayne has found someone from out the Bat family to assume the role of Batman in the mid 21st century I enjoy how Bruce is written as a bit of crotchy old man, and Terry is a typical teenager, pushing against his parental authority Writer Adam Beechen does borrow a little bit from the Spider Man playbook at B [...]

    11. I remember loving the animated series when I was younger, so I just saw the comics and thought I d pick one out and I don t think this one is the first one, but I had no idea at the time I was pretty engrossed in it right away, and enjoyed the different stories in it a couple not so much, which is why it gets a four really Also because there were a couple of times I felt the characters were way out of character, but that might just be me I ll definitely buy the other ones if I ever get around to [...]

    12. Playful yet heavy, mired in Bat tradition yet wholly new and accessible Truly excellent The art is exactly the kind that appeals to my sensibilities and the characters are deep and entertaining Themes of industry, sex, trust, relationships, responsibility and age, workers rights and the implications of living in a world of metahumans and superheroes stand out The last story about Inque gave me veritable chills Also LOVE this costume, LOVE the diversity of the cast, LOVE the combination of large [...]

    13. Okay I m upfront here Batman is one of my favourite DC characters who else blends the lone wolf with the greatest detective, all rolled into a very human character No super powers here, just the ability to think beyond and above with a pinch of paranoia thrown in.So Batman Beyond introduces me to another Batman one I d never met before one who talks a lot than the Batman of yored I liked Terry as Batman he s intriguing enough for me to go back and read some of his adventures s also good to see [...]

    14. Batman Beyond has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, and I still dive into it from time to time When I spotted this at my library, I grabbed it on a whim.The artwork seemed a bit jarring at first, but I became accustomed to it, and settled into the story I enjoyed the Blight storyline, as I d always wondered if he d survived going down in that submarine I smirked a bit with the Justice League part, because Batman doesn t often play well with others, no matter which of them is behind the mask [...]

    15. Flat out gonna say the art was just such a let down for this because the writing was good, but I just could not get past the bad art Whether it was craggy faced characters, weird proportions, or that everyone looked like they d taken an iron to the face, it was just not good And that was a huge distraction from everything else even though I got to see Terry dress up as Nightwing, I liked that a lot Still, I did enjoy it but just the art And it s so disappointing cause Nguyen s cover illustration [...]

    16. Two small arcs and a standalone that showcase the relationships and good guys and bad guys These issues come after the Hush Beyond mini, so it ties into Batman Incorporated Inc isn t required reading, which speaks to Beechen s ability to pull in necessary Bat history without overwhelming the reader.It s a good, solid read that ll set you up nicely to pick up the story in the digital first series.

    17. Adam Beechen does such an amazing job with Terry McGinnis and this Batman Beyond world Seeing the future s connection to the past our present is fantastic Its like the 2099 world by Marvel except its good, very good Terry s interaction with Bruce Wayne are always a delight and they grow as all relationships do Ryan Benjamin s art is a joy and he walks the line between dark and light very well Overall, a very fun entry in an equally fun series and world.

    18. I haven t seen any of the series, but would like to, so grabbed this when it showed up on the library catalogue.I really like the interplay between Bruce and Terry, but would like background and to find out what happened to other members of the bat family in the interim There was an appearance by Dick, but that part of the storyline then moved on and it was left hanging I ll have to go hunting research.

    19. It s classic Batman Beyond as you ve always wanted it The art of the book is a bit of the step up on the Hush story Sometimes you wish it was a bit true the Bruce Timm days, but it s enjoyable It is nice to get a nice ending to the whole Blight situation, though how that character was handled wasn t ideal But it s Terry McGiniss.It s a shame that it ended very much in a cliffhanger, continued today in the Batman Beyond Unlimited monthly comic today.

    20. MehI liked that it was all neoGotham villains, no old baddies The overall story arc wasn t all that enticing, but some secondary characters started some good lines Grayson, Max, and Inque.

    21. This book feels very much like a saturday morning cartoonwhich is pretty much what I was hoping for The artwork is perfect for the title Storylines are decent I really liked the opening arc featuring the Justice League If you liked the cartoon, you ll like this.

    22. A shame Could have been an excellent continuation onto the timmverse stories Instead we get a mishmash pile of boring tropes set in that world with no cohesion Even worse is the hamfisted insertion of DCU world continuity over the already established and enjoyable animated one Messy.

    23. Not as good as the first volume I prefer a solid story over short ones I really liked the inque chapter as she was one of my favorites from the show The main story arc did nothing for me but I liked meeting Aquagirl.

    24. i read everything that is released under the batman beyond label and this continues to impress, will remain on my must list for a nother six months i guess.

    25. Suspect this requires familiarity with this character and the cartoon than I have Also, hello old blue Nightwing costume I don t mind the red too much, but I miss the finger stripes.

    26. An old enemy of Batman comes back and tries to destroy Wayne Industries Its a decent story with industrial strikes and fights It continues Terry s character arc too A good read.

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