[PDF] ☆ The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre | by ☆ Dominic Smith

The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre By Dominic Smith,

  • Title: The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre
  • Author: Dominic Smith
  • ISBN: 9780743271141
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Barnes Noble Discover Great New WritersSmith s compassionate and thought provoking novel reinvents a famous life with delicacy and precision At the age of 12, Louis Daguerre fell in love with women and light on the same day Several decades later, the founder of modern photography invented a process that ignited 19th century Paris and secured his wealth and fame But theBarnes Noble Discover Great New WritersSmith s compassionate and thought provoking novel reinvents a famous life with delicacy and precision At the age of 12, Louis Daguerre fell in love with women and light on the same day Several decades later, the founder of modern photography invented a process that ignited 19th century Paris and secured his wealth and fame But the years following find him delusional and ill, racked with terrible fevers Slowly dying from repeated exposure to mercury, the very means by which he was able to capture image and light, Daguerre is now convinced the world will soon end Fashioning a Doomsday List of ten photographs he must take before The End, perhaps none is urgent that that of Isobel Le Fournier, the object of a youthful crush, lost to Daguerre years ago.Navigating the Paris streets with his friend Charles Baudelaire and a mysterious prostitute named Pigeon, Daguerre encounters a city awash in excess, cafes charged with the talk of revolution, and a countryside blanketed by the smell of gunpowder As the search for his doomsday subjects intensifies and his health grows precarious, Daguerre learns, quite improbably, that he may actually have one last chance at love.In The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre, Smith has fashioned a novel as beguiling as it is strange an intoxicating blend of history and imagination Summer 2006 Selection
    The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre Barnes Noble Discover Great New WritersSmith s compassionate and thought provoking novel reinvents a famous life with delicacy and precision At the age of Louis Daguerre fell in love with women an

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    1. I consider myself a scientist as much as an artist, Louis said, placing the phials beside each other And this is science Asking strangers to pose naked for you I m a student of light, Louis said And a poet No, I leave that to Charles Baudelaire My job is to capture things before they disappear Am I going to disappear, Monsieur Daguerre No, I meant capture things in their essence Daguerreotype of Louis Daguerre.Louis Daguerre is a lonely, brilliant man He has never married, and as this tale unfol [...]

    2. I ll admit it I cried.To write some back cover copy, This is a finely wrought tale of love lost, found, and then lost again And then misplaced somewhere in that damn garage No, seriously, this is quite a lovely book I chose The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre because I thought it was going to be the portrayal of an artist the inventor of photography, Louis Daguerre going mad, wandering Paris and experiencing hallucinations Something I hope to do someday I was mistaken The mercury visions in th [...]

    3. 3.5 s I open the eye of the camera to something I sense is there but cannot fully name or see The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre is the debut novel by prize winning Australian born author, Dominic Smith Louis Jacques Mand Daguerre s claim to fame was as a pioneer in the field of photography, inventing the Daguerreotype By the latter portion of his life, he knows that the mercury vapour has poisoned him physically, but is unaware of the mental changes it has wrought He is gripped by a delusion [...]

    4. I was so into this book until the end I hate when I read a great story and read a disappointing end It was all right, but the love storyline superseded the photography storyline and that s just not what I planned on reading You could have substituted anyone for Louis Daguerre and acheived the same ending The history was fascinating, the setting ideal, and Smith certainly knows how to tell a story But it s like he changed his mind halfway through and went a completely different direction Dagurre [...]

    5. A clever depiction of Louis Daguerre a historical figure set against the backdrop of an authentic 19th century France results in this alluring historical novel by emerging novelist Dominic Smith The beauty of this piece is in the balance between the story about a man s obsession with capturing forever a fleeting moment and the storytelling Daguerre, having invented the daguerreotype, finds that his brain has been poisoned by the mercury process he discovered Believing the apocalypse is near, he [...]

    6. Dear Desperately Dull Novel,Alas, I ve given you up I m sorry to have abandoned you in the laundry room I hope your heart isn t broken Simply put you re well written, but you fail to hold my interest I hope the lady with the purple basket treats you better than I have With Regret, Larissa

    7. This fictitious account of the life of Louis Daguerre is at a vivid and sensuous tale Small nuggets of fact coated with a candy sheen of fiction.

    8. Love is not like choosing a partner for whist It has a life of its own Our duty is merely to follow its call While suffering from mercury poisoning, Louis Daguerre father of the daguerreotype has a vision of Armageddon and becomes convinced that the world is ending very soon But before the end, he has a list of daguerreotypes that he wants to take, including one of the woman he has always loved The completion of his list, with the help of a poet and a prostitute, takes him all over Paris The que [...]

    9. Louis Daguerre fell in love with women and light on the same day pg 17 The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre , by Dominic Smith is a wonderful and haunting story, well and beautifully told Dominic Smith is a phraseologist of the first stripe Let me borrow the words to further illuminate this novel, my own being inadequate An unforgettable novel from an award winning writer, The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre is the story of enduring love, fame unraveling, and a prodigious mind coming undone f [...]

    10. Filled with historical detail that brings 19th century Paris alive An interesting novel about the man responsible for developing the daguerreotype the precursor to our modern day photograph and his muse A good read for those interested in art and photography.

    11. Loved this book combines my interest in early photo history, the streets of Paris in early 19th Century turmoil and the story of a complicated man and artist Hmm, maybe I ll read it again.

    12. The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre was a surprise package for me I didn t know what it was about and had little expectation going into it so just rode with the book This novel tells the story of Daguerre, one of the father s of photography After a decade working with the lethal mercury he suffers a prophetic hallucination The world will end in one year and he must photograph ten objects before the apocalypse, including the mysterious Isobel Le Fournier.I do love the concept of taking a sliver [...]

    13. This is a reinvention of the life of one of the pioneers of photography After a decade of absorbing poisonous mercury vapours as he processes his daguerreotype images, Louis Daguerre begins having visions and suffering delusions Believing the world will end in a year, he creates his Doomsday List 10 items he must photograph before the final day On the list is Isobel Le Fournier, the woman he has always loved but not spoken to in 50 years Assisted by poet Charles Baudelaire and Pigeon, a beautifu [...]

    14. Beautiful and moving, Smith unravels the yearnings and heartache of Louis Daguerre, one of the early inventors of photography, in a novel sprawling Daguerre s lifetime The descriptions invoke all of the senses, but sometimes the writing dips back into fairly plain prose, leaving the feeling that the novel is just a few paces off greatness The characters are well rounded, each shaped by time and revolution, while the plot feels gripping and tense in some moments, and stretched out and slow in oth [...]

    15. I d ready The Last Painting of Sara de Los and loved it, so I happened upon this book and excitedly picked it up Again, the writing is beautiful, the story compelling, and creatively imagined As not a lot is known about the life of Louis Daguerre, Smith invented one for him connecting him with Parisian contemporaries, analyzing a potential path to and side effects of inventing the daguerreotype, and adding a romantic interest Very readable, though not quite as complex as The Last Painting I ll d [...]

    16. I nearly didn t persist with this novel about Paris in the 19th century because the thought of spending hours in the mercury visions of the inventor of photography didn t initial grab me but I was glad I persevered It was one of the most lyrical and moving stories of love that I have read The language is rich and powerful and its a real imaginative feat Don t give up on this beautifully crafted book.

    17. I am giving this 4 stars because of the beautifully written love story However, I would have liked the true essence of Louis s life That s the trouble with historical fiction novels What is reality I purchased the audible tape liked the narrator but he put me to sleep Not sure if it was the narrator, the story or being sick with the flu In fact, I might have quit listening in the middle of the book, if it were not a book club selection.

    18. The Mercury Visions was not really what I thought it would be, I had hoped for about photography and less of a story about a broken hearted man Sadly that did not happen The first of the story did draw me and I read the first hundred pages or so before quickly becoming bored I only finished the story to learn Pigeon s fate Overall it just was not my type of story.

    19. This book greatly exceeded my expectations It was very visual and beautiful historical fiction novel The author really captured the look and feel of France, and especially Paris, at that time.

    20. Didn t finish this onehard going to read and not engaging despite the promise of getting a good insight into that period of history.

    21. There are times when a premise seems so out of the ordinary that a book becomes a sort of destiny The title alone makes the promise of visions The end times list of items that must be recorded sets up a search and also questions of why those items That these elements eventually make a circuitous path to a lost love becomes an intrigue So if you re like me, you enter the world of Daguerre expecting to be dazzled by strange and fantastic visions, an element of mystery, and a frenzied desire bubbli [...]

    22. Smith s prose is irritating it is usually just competent, but occasionally it starts to pick up a rhythm and a beauty to it, only to abruptly fall flat For instance He removed a speck of tobacco from his tongue and prepared to speak with some gravity He believed in Louis Daguerre s apocalypse as an invention of the artistic mind, no different than a belief in God or Beauty or Piety He enjoyed watching Louis, the pensioned scientist and artist, hatch and unfold inside this epic delusion, seeing h [...]

    23. I love an historical drama and this very early photographic experimentation was really interesting and obviously in hindsight very dangerous A love story with endurance, sadness, passion.

    24. Smith creates a fictional life for Louis Daguerre, his early years growing up in the country where he falls in love with Isobel Le Fournier, his rise and success as a young man nearly obsessed with his passion for art, and finally his confusion due to illness and disease after having exposed himself to the toxic chemicals used in the process of capturing a moment in time.I had a varied experience reading this book The majority of the time I thought it was really well written, funny, engaging, in [...]

    25. Dominic Smith, The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre, 2006 Having read Smith s most recent and very successful novel, The Last Painting of Sarah de Vos and enjoyed it I was interested in returning to the beginning and tackling his debut novel on one of the founding fathers of photography, Louis Daguerre And fascinating it is too With few details of Daguerre s personal life to go on, other than the basic life facts and his degenerating physical and mental health due to the toxic chemicals he was [...]

    26. Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre is an often beautifully written story of the development of the daguerreotype and the life of its inventor Daguerre is a passionate boy who grows up to be a passionate man, but the mercury used in his photographic process slowly eats away at his brain and body until, at the end, is suffers seizures and becomes erratic in his thinking It is a sacrifice he is than willing to make for his art When he is a boy, he falls in love with Isobel Le Fournier who is a maid [...]

    27. Here s an intriguing novel that becomes and engrossing as the story unfolds, and which ends being actually very moving Part historical biography Daguerre basically invented photography, and Smith narrates his life and career through fascinating flashbacks , part bittersweet love story Smith invents a rather tragic yet very romantic, never really fulfilled, love affair for Daguerre , this book is beautiful written, in a satisfying literary way that, somehow, fits the times and places it depicts [...]

    28. If you can stop short of a 100 pages, pick up this book If you can t, do some research and read an original biography of Daguerre If you want to give Dominic Smith a chance and read the entire 300 pages, be prepared to be thoroughly disillusioned in the transition between a well crafted story of the coming of age of a visionary to the pages that articulate the fate of two star crossed lovers in the face of death and deprivation The second part, which is essentially a love story crafted from remn [...]

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