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Dragonborn By Toby Forward,

  • Title: Dragonborn
  • Author: Toby Forward
  • ISBN: 9781599907246
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Flaxfield the great wizard dies, his apprentice Sam is left without a master Sam has great power but he doesn t know it yet All he knows is that he needs a new master if he wants to finish his education in magic.With his dragon Starback at his side, Sam sets out alone on his quest But there are those who want Sam s power for themselves, dangerous forces who are waiWhen Flaxfield the great wizard dies, his apprentice Sam is left without a master Sam has great power but he doesn t know it yet All he knows is that he needs a new master if he wants to finish his education in magic.With his dragon Starback at his side, Sam sets out alone on his quest But there are those who want Sam s power for themselves, dangerous forces who are waiting for his first mistake so they can attack When Sam is tricked into making a mortal error, only Starback can save him, thanks to a bond between them that is deeper than either of them know.With a strong sense of adventure and a lyrical writing style, Toby Forward has created a page turning, accessible fantasy with the literary quality of a classic.
    Dragonborn When Flaxfield the great wizard dies his apprentice Sam is left without a master Sam has great power but he doesn t know it yet All he knows is that he needs a new master if he wants to finish his ed

    One thought on “Dragonborn”

    1. I promised Megan I would write wordy reviews Anyway.This book was sort of confusing The way it was written, the flow it all felt a bit like a fanfic than an actual book, although there were parts that interested me It was sort of disjointed throughout, and didn t really explore the characters as much as it could have The plot twists were pretty predictable and that kind of added to the fanfic feel, and I really am not sure how else to describe that and people s conversations in the book overal [...]

    2. This is a tough one to review For at least the 1st half of the book I was confused Characters asked questions, but other characters evaded answering or gave cryptic replies The whole plot felt like that, too Cryptic, confusing.I found it annoying for a while, but something compelled me to keep reading rather than give up At some point, I realized that this was likely intentional The world culture created here seems to need people to seek and choose for themselves, and even though the main charac [...]

    3. Dragonborn begins with these words Flaxfield died on a Friday Flaxfield had been teaching Sam to become a wizard Sam is halfway through his apprenticeship he knows some magic but not enough He is completely alone but for his dragon and best friend, Starback Everything that is familiar disappears in an instant Flaxfield s past apprentices come back to the cottage to honor their master as the rules dictate while there they question Sam and don t believe he is an actual apprentice They bully and co [...]

    4. This book is marketed to children, and I m not saying children wouldn t love it, but it s no a book for children just because the main character is 12 years old than it is a book for dragons because it has a dragon in it This is a book for anyone who appreciates depth over width in their reading I call this an iceberg book because so much of it dwells beneath the surface The author trusts you to be smart enough and creative enough and clever enough to fill in the blanks he so thoughtfully provi [...]

    5. First I was very exited about the book because Dragons but, it didn t hold up Way too little about the dragon, too confusing time jumps and changes of POVs without warning, talking about things that haven t been explained before and so on , too difficult to follow and so on.

    6. I suppose Sam had nowhere else to go after the wizard died, but it s a pity he had to go to school I m glad he got out of it at the end.

    7. This is a rather hurried review, but this book was great Very well written, very well thought out Enjoyed it immensely, as should you There is a few creepy parts, but if you don t mind beetle eating maniacs as villains and wizards galore, you ll like it just fine For sure getting the second book.

    8. my rating 2.8 starsi will start off with an explanation of my rating This book is aimed at junior primary children I m in senior school and the book confused the shiz out of me so much that well I got confused The age rating on this book was stupid and so was the layout of events That s why it only got 2.8 stars get really comfy because after a while this book get quite interesting unfortunatly my revew isn t lol view spoiler The book starts off with the Sam s main character teacher dad figure, [...]

    9. Dragonborn, by Toby Forward, is a fictional book that is full of fantasy and magic The book begins with a curious boy named Sam who has just witnessed his master s death His master, Flaxfield, was a smart wizard with great power Sam, his apprentice, is now left alone and seeking a new master His only friend is a dragon called Starback While running away from wizards that may be good or bad, he meets Megatorine, a roffle A roffle is a very small person who lives below the earth Megatorine convinc [...]

    10. I am kind of scratching my head on this one It has a good cover and a good quest tale However, it is at times almost a little esoteric I couldn t help but wonder if it might be a little too out there or slow to keep kids attention In the end it is a good story, classic fantasy themes of good and evil, power corrupts, orphan turned hero etc Good for strong fantasy readers 4 6th grade Note the evil forces are really evil, AND pretty scary AND sometimes gruesome They made my skin crawl which I like [...]

    11. By the end of the first chapter I was captivated by this book The way it is written draws the reader in and paints a wonderful picture of the characters and settings around which the story is skilfully woven I don t want to say anything about the story because I don t wish to spoil it for those who are yet to read it Suffice to say, this book will not disappoint and by the end you will be ordering the next book in the series.Jim Kay s illustrations are fabulous

    12. Fantastic new middle grade series for lovers of The Magic Thief and Septimus Heap When the wizard Sam is apprenticed to dies, Sam was annoyed because the old man hadn t told him he was going to die, and Sam missed him With his dragon Starbuck, Sam sets out to find a new wizard to finish his training He has no idea that he isn t the only one who wants his magic.

    13. I m not saying the book was bad, I m really not It just was not for me I couldn t get past page 120 Truly, I didn t want to give up on the book I even tried twice to read it But I just couldn t get invested in the character.

    14. I loved this book, something in it spoke to me and made me feel like a child again discovering fantasy fiction for the first time I didn t want to put it down and can t wait till I can read the next one in the series.

    15. I don t know how I missed this when it first came out, but I m glad to have discovered a new book that I can recommend to the kids I know who loves stories with dragons and magic.

    16. Wow what an adventureIn this book the author portrays exactly how you would imagine Sam to feel I think I would like a pet Dragon

    17. Dragonborn, by Toby Forward was a very confusing book that I did not particularly enjoy nor disliked The book is set in a fantasy world with magic and strange creatures The book had very interesting ideas that were let down by the way the author structured the book The author split this book into separate books , which made me extremely confused because, I did not know if Dragonborn was one book or multiple books inside one book There were also point of view changes with no warning which confuse [...]

    18. This is a very slow book, but the writing and the descriptions are fantastic Take a look at Sam selected slender branches, young new shoots that had grown since the last winter, straight and smooth, with fine foliage, the tender leaves a lighter green than the older growth They had a plant quality of youth, easily curved and guided Sweet sap wet his hands as he stripped them He piled them under an oak.Most of the prose is like this It slows that the pacing terribly, but the strength of the prose [...]

    19. It was hard to get into the book The dialogue and action were confusing The I read though, the I realized that I was just as confused as the protagonist Once that realization hit, it was easier to read The story is interesting and I really want to see where it goes.

    20. This was a reread for me in preparation for finally getting to reading the rest of the series I enjoyed it the first time round and did enjoy it this time round too There was a problem for me that there was so many characters because for quite a few of them I didn t connect One of the characters I most wanted to see was Starbuck I didn t think there was quite enough of him It is quite a complex story that we really only know some of It seems like there was a beginning somewhere that involved Fla [...]

    21. At first I though this book was totally boring and stopped reading it But after it starting it again, it peaked my interest and after I finished it, I actually really like it A magical novel filled with wonder and dangers Sam is a really complex character after he searches for a purpose when his master dies suddenly All in all a great novel

    22. A multilayered story makes this book pleasingly complex But though than one story is being weaved together, it is never jumbled nor does it feel haphazard I would call this high fantasy lite it s not as dense or ponderous as Tolkien, but the world is well built, intricate, and interesting It s an easy read for those who like fantasy.Sarah

    23. Sam is the apprentice to an elderly wizard whose unexpected death is followed by the descent of all his former apprentices on the cottage Finding that the wizards are skeptical of his claim to be Fairfield s last apprentice, Sam runs away with his dragon to avoid being set to work in the mines He meets strange creatures, stays at a wizard s academy, tangles with a witch who tries to kill him, and begins to find out that he is chosen for some purpose he does not yet understand This book was bille [...]

    24. From May 2012 SLJ Gr 4 6 Sam is a wizard s apprentice whose master dies halfway through his education When former students of the great man quickly arrive on the scene with their own agendas, they are not impressed with the 12 year old s abilities, and he cannot imagine becoming an apprentice to one of them His closest companion has been Starback, a small dragon that has followed him loyally, but when he makes his escape from Flaxfield s little home and the wizards who now occupy it, even Starba [...]

    25. I m still trying to decide what I thought of this book It s written in that sparse, minimalist style that s so popular right now, and there s no backstory given, EVER It s like Valve storytelling in Half life you re just left to figure stuff out on your own.The story itself is like if Lyra from The Dark Materials trilogy and Conn of the Magic Thief trilogy somehow got mixed into a crossover and had an adventure together Complete with Lyra s magic church school thingy Those aspects of it were exc [...]

    26. This book is confusing, like frustrating somehow SOME WISDOM thou who art impatient, thou shall not read this book But the good thing is, in some parts, I found delicate flowing narration simple and subtle As for me, the apprentice notes are my favorite they are effortless yet mind tickling.I like how the author explored the emotion of a 12 years old boy It feels so so 12 years old However, it s bizarre that a 12 years old boy could make such a long journey on foot for a couple of times and sti [...]

    27. 12 year old Sam is halfway through his apprenticeship with the wizard Flaxfield when Flaxfield dies, leaving Sam adrift Flaxfield s previous apprentices distrust Sam and his claims, so Sam takes off with his dragon Starbuck, hoping to finish his apprenticeship with someone else His travels lead him into a treacherous world, where some are trying to lead him astray or even kill him and take over his special power of which he is unaware for their own dark purposes Seemingly abandoned by Starbuck e [...]

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