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Echoes from the Infantry By Frank Nappi,

  • Title: Echoes from the Infantry
  • Author: Frank Nappi
  • ISBN: 9780312332723
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Frank Nappi is a school teacher on Long Island who, over the last several years, befriended aging World War II veterans in his community As he heard their reminiscences he became absorbed in their stories of simple heroism and of trying to recapture what they d left behind when they returned home They are the stories of men who never asked for recognition or adulation,Frank Nappi is a school teacher on Long Island who, over the last several years, befriended aging World War II veterans in his community As he heard their reminiscences he became absorbed in their stories of simple heroism and of trying to recapture what they d left behind when they returned home They are the stories of men who never asked for recognition or adulation, only a place in the free and prosperous society they d built with their own blood, sweat and tears men who could never entirely leave behind the horrors of the battlefield, or explain them to their own children Now, Nappi has synthesized those reminiscences and crafted them into a heartwarming and at times harrowing novel Echoes from the Infantry It is the fictionalized tale of one Long Island veteran, the misery of combat, and the powerful emotional bond that connected him to his fianc e back home and that allowed him to survive the war with his soul battered but intact It is about a father and a son, and their ultimately redeeming struggle to understand the worlds that shaped each one one a world at war, the other a world shaped by its veterans.
    Echoes from the Infantry Frank Nappi is a school teacher on Long Island who over the last several years befriended aging World War II veterans in his community As he heard their reminiscences he became absorbed in their sto

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    1. This is an important novel It is a reminder that the soldiers we send off to war are really just boys When they come home after witnessing the horrors of war, they re often still boys broken little boys, hiding behind a veneer of manly strength.Using information gathered from a veterans outreach program, Frank Nappi has created a portrait of a WWII infantry soldier and the contrasts of his life before, during, and after his combat experiences The book is concise and straightforward, easily read [...]

    2. This review was first posted on Melissa s Midnight Musings on September 26, 2012.A few months ago, I read and reviewed The Legend of Mickey Tussler, and Sopho Campaign, both by Frank Nappi So when I was emailing his publisher to thank them for letting me review the books and hold that giveaway, she asked me if I d be interested in reviewing Echoes from the Infantry When I said yes, she let me know that it just happened to be free to download on that day, so I went and downloaded it right away An [...]

    3. This was a very disturbing novel on the effects war has on a young American man, thrust into a war 6000 miles from his home, his family and his girl and what his life and the life of his family becomes after the war is over But don t get me wrong, this is not a typical war novel but rather a character study of the McCleary family.James,a veteran of World War II, and eldest son, Jonathan, have always been at odds Jonathan has suffered his entire life from the indifference his father has shown him [...]

    4. Lost in memories, James McCleary struggles with his return to everyday life after serving in World War II.His eldest son, John has always had a turbulent relationship with his father With the loss of his mother John and his two younger brothers start to clear out the family home with James moving in with the youngest brother.In flashbacks for both James and John, the story of how their relationship fell apart is depicted The horror of war playing constantly on the mind of James causes him to shu [...]

    5. Moving from past to present throughout a story can be a difficult task Too often it results in confusion for the reader Not so with Echoes from the Infantry Frank Nappi creates a world where the two characters, father and son, engage the reader in a way that past and present become an intricate and heartfelt dance.James, a World War II veteran, has seen too much pain and suffering than his soul can bear in the day to day His youngest son, John, just wants a present father one who plays catch an [...]

    6. Let me preface this review by saying that when it comes to books that involve war the military, I am often rather torn in reviewing them The reason is that I know the author is normally painting a very honest picture of the military and the horrors of war, and the profanity is generally very strong I sometimes find that the profanity can be overlooked, but I feel the need to let my readers know that this is not one of those books I am not necessarily marking it down for the profanity, but I will [...]

    7. Echoes from the Infantry by Frank Nappi was the last book I read on my e reader this week I blame Frank for my whoosi feeling of being just a few inches above the floor He always leaves me this way I open up his books knowing that the story line is going to be this or that But no Frank does not play by the rules He changes your mind, makes you stretch your emotions and discover the path not taken What Frank does not know is that I have PTSD It is from childhood trauma but it is very real Many a [...]

    8. Frank Nappi author of the book Echoes from the Infantry did a nice job in my opinion in the construction of this novel Starting of in James McCleary shoes of what its like in war, having to go through the difficulties of war But this was not just a normal war story as I have read a few with it being the topic of my classes right now This one was unique in he the way that the book followed one of James sons, John When his father came back he was suffering from what we call it now PTSD The book ha [...]

    9. Firstly, there were some redeeming qualities to this book For one, the author s ability to incorporate flashbacks so seemlessly was incredible Also, Nappi s character developement was supreme Besides these two things, I really wasn t overly impressed with this book I partially enjoyed it while reading, but once I was finished it had little impact on me I honestly didn t even feel the contentment of finishing a book At first, I found John and James relationship interesting and dark but after a wh [...]

    10. I thought the way the book was constructed was in a smart and creative way I have read books where they flash back in time but it is usually through memories that the characters have In this book, the main character s son, John McCleary John dicovers about his fathers past through old letters he finds in the attic of his fathers house He was going to put them away until he looked over one that had his mothers name on it It was from his father during WWII, a love letter John just kept on reading [...]

    11. This book was good in showing how some soldiers dealt with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder This book is about a soldier from WWII named James James son John, finds his letters to his mother during the war John s relationship with James isn t the greatest, when he finds these letters he sees a side of his dad that he has not ever seen and he is baffled from what his dad use to be like before he came back from the war The author has both characters have flashbacks and the way the author incorporate [...]

    12. A marvelous book telling the story of James Mccleary, an innocent young man thrust into the war in Germany It also tells of his life after the war and the struggles he has, especially being a father The book alternates between James s experiences in the war and his son John s struggles after the war to connect with his father It climaxes with the death of James wife Madeline While cleaning the old house John finds many letters and momentos from the war that give him of a younger James, a differn [...]

    13. Well this was another of those war books that you don t want to stop reading because the book gets you really into it The book is a little bit to understand, because it changes a lot, because the book mainly has to do with James, the main character The story is mainly about him, and his experience in the war In the begging the book starts off talking about James after the war, but then it switches and it starts talking about him in the war Other then the switching, this is a book I guarantee you [...]

    14. This was definitely one of the best war novels I have read James, the main character, struggles trying to be a good Dad to his kids as well as his son John trying to help build a good father son relationship is turned down countless times adding drama to the novel I would recommend this book to anyone, in fact, if you have heard of this book then you should read it immediately Good job Frank Nappi.

    15. I feel that this book was informative and interesting this book was about a man who was in WWII with his friends they fought and they lived and some die along the way The son of the Infantry man looks through and asks his father all sorts of questions about the war, and he starts to remember everything that happenedis story was interesting, but the ending left me wanting i wish that there was a sequel.

    16. I only made it through 8% of this novel The language included way too many profane references to Deity I mean no disrespect to the author and wish him the best I am just unable to read anything that disrespects the God I love As I explained to my son, the easiest thing would be not to comment at all However, the point of reviews is to help others determine whether or not they want to read a book.

    17. This gave me at least a glimpse of what must be the godawful weight trying to find a way of dealing with finding yourself sitting on a beach with your girlfriend after two years of death and killing and blood and pain and unending grief It was a sad book, a sad story Except for Madeline, what a strong woman.

    18. This was very interesting about a son who found his dad s letters in the attic when cleaning it up to move his dad out of the family house The son realized why he dad acted so withdrawn all his life after knowing some of what he went through in WWII.

    19. This book was definitely good book to read It was interesting, and i thought it was well written What i liked was how he used the flash backs of the father and than when the son was reading the letters i would recommend this book to anyone who has a liking for reading

    20. This book was free to my kindle It is a heartrending description of the lifelong effects of war on soldiers, and the ripple effects on their families through the years.

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