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Touch Me By Callie Croix,

  • Title: Touch Me
  • Author: Callie Croix
  • ISBN: 9781426892974
  • Page: 435
  • Format: ebook
  • Arriving home on leave from his tour of duty, Army Captain Alex Montoya knows there s a beautiful woman waiting for him his best friend s sister She s always been off limitsuntil now He fully intends to move them out of being just friends and encourage her to release the sexual needs he senses she s buried deep.Tianna McIntyre is starting over after her marriage endArriving home on leave from his tour of duty, Army Captain Alex Montoya knows there s a beautiful woman waiting for him his best friend s sister She s always been off limitsuntil now He fully intends to move them out of being just friends and encourage her to release the sexual needs he senses she s buried deep.Tianna McIntyre is starting over after her marriage ended Her ex husband weakened her self esteem and caused her to deny her true sexual desires But being around Alex brings all her dormant fantasies to the surface, and now Tianna feels the stirrings of her secret, submissive wishes.Determined to help repair the damage Tianna s ex did to her self worth, Alex will use whatever means necessary to convince her they re meant for each other, including tying her down to make sure he has her full attention while he takes her to the heights of pleasure she s always dreamed of
    Touch Me Arriving home on leave from his tour of duty Army Captain Alex Montoya knows there s a beautiful woman waiting for him his best friend s sister She s always been off limitsuntil now He fully intends

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    1. Touch Me by Callie Croix is a fun, sexy, friends to lovers story that I read in one sitting It s the kind of story you look for when you want to read something hot and romantic, but not too emotional or angsty Ms Croix gives us characters to believe in and care about, and does it very well considering the shorter page count She knows how to balance sexual tension, burn up the pages sex, and sweet romance for steamy good times For those who might be interested, this book contains oral sex, some v [...]

    2. I find it very sexy that Tianna has been living in Alex s house all this while when he was away on duty abroad She has been sleeping in his bed, using his shower and eating in his kitchen Absolutely SEXY And I personally loved the part when he arrived home for a little R R after getting injured, it was so full with sexual tension Tia s espresso eyes met his, and he felt an unwelcome punch of heat in his lower belly This was his best friend s twin sister he was ogling, but somehow his brain didn [...]

    3. Review originally posted here thebookpushers 2012 01 11 Publisher Carina PressPublish Date Out Now How I got this book eARC from NetGalleyWhen I first heard that Kaylea Cross had a pen name to write steamy erotic stories, I hunted down that name and continue to keep an eye out for any new stories she writes When I finally was able to sit down and read Touch Me, I couldn t put it down Alex is home on leave, healing from an injury while fighting overseas Although he wants to be back fighting with [...]

    4. Tianna has been going through an emotional journey with the issues her ex husband left with her after their divorce Dealing with self esteem issues, left her to deny her on sexual fantasies But when Army Captain Alex Montoya comes home on leave after being injured on duty, he has his mind set on bringing out all her hidden desires and to help with her deal with issues of low self esteem, even with the fact that Tianna s brother is Alex s best friend.This book was amazing I really enjoyed the con [...]

    5. After being in a verbally abusive relationship, Tia is just getting over a terrible divorce She s fortunate enough to be able to stay at her long time friend s home while he is away at war Tia has always felt for Alex, but never revealed her true feelings, fearful it would jeopardize their friendship When Alex is sent home for a two week stay after an injury, there s no hiding her attraction, and, to Tia s surprise, that attraction is very much mutual.This was an okay, quick read The heroine is [...]

    6. Nicely done little erotic novella Not a lot of plot just a couple of days in the life of a soldier home on medical leave and his best friend s sister She is getting over a bad divorce and they let out the feelings they ve had for each other Believable emotions and nicely done hot sex scenes.

    7. This is the summary off the back of the book.Arriving home on leave from his tour of duty, Army Captain Alex Montoya knows there s a beautiful woman waiting for him his best friend s sister She s always been off limitsuntil now He fully intends to move them out of being just friends and encourage her to release the sexual needs he senses she s buried deep Tianna McIntyre is starting over after her marriage ended Her ex husband weakened her self esteem and caused her to deny her true sexual desir [...]

    8. Touch Me is one of those short, hot guilty pleasure type books The kind that you can read in a few hours that makes you just melt Alex had that hot guy in a uniform thing going on, he s an alpha male hero who has always wanted Tianna but as friends with her brother she s always been off limits to him Tianna was quite vulnerable, her ex husband s brain injury and resulting threatening behaviour has left her with zero self confidence Tianna has been house sitting for Alex who is now home on leave [...]

    9. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.Quick, sexy, hot Those are the first three words that come to mind when I read this story What do you do when a hot serviceman comes home from duty Well take care of him the best way you know how I ve enjoyed other reads from Callie Croix, and I wasn t disappointed with this one She managed to get things steamy with a storyline too For those erotica readers this tasty bite might just be up your alley My book boyfriend is Alex of course HOT

    10. This was a quick little short about 2 people facing their feelings about each other and about the woman taking back her sexuality after it was beaten out of her with words by her ex.I liked that Tia knew what she wanted and how even though her ex s words did their damage somewhere deep she knew she shouldn t give them credence I also loved that Alex realized just what Tia needed and he gave it to her, even when she tried to run The best part of the book, though, was when Tia finally gave it to h [...]

    11. This a hot, erotic novella that features Tia, who has been house sitting for her brothers friend while she goes through a divorce and he serves overseas in the military Alex returns home for a couple of weeks and his desire for Tia emerges His dominant nature recognizes her natural, but untried, submissiveness This story was absolutely worth my time I enjoyed every moment of their passions.

    12. Touch Me by Callie Croix is a short but incredibly hot and emotionally satisfying read If you are looking for a story with fabulous characters, a touching romance and deliciously carnal sex, then you will love this delightful novella To read my review in its entirety, please visit bookreviewsandbykathy.

    13. A great steamy short read The story line was believable and worked The chemistry between the characters was strong and due me in I highly recommend

    14. Army Captain, Alex Montoya is home on leave from an injury he sustained when the vehicle he was in hit an IED Sent home to heal for two weeks, he is trying to prepare himself to see his best friend Brian s twin sister, Tianna Newly single, available and divorced from an ex who cut her down Tianna has been living in his house for the past eight months and trying to get back on her feet She s a dangerous combination of sexy and sweet and already half in love with her, Alex tries to keep his distan [...]

    15. 3.5 Stars, Review can also be found on Book Lovin MamasI love reading books that have some terrific endings to them and also has a lesson learned to it The character Tia, is going through a divorce with her husband, David who by the way I want to go into the book and punch him What a friggin jerk I can t stand man that belittles a woman s self esteem Tia just wants a fresh start to a new life and she wants to forget her ex husband but he makes it difficult for her She has been living at Alex s h [...]

    16. Touch Me by Callie Croix Release Date 1 2 12 I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Alex is being sent home on leave against his will because he is injured He is looking forward to seeing Tianna again though She has been staying at his house since she split from her abusive husband He has been in love with her for a long time but he hasn t been able to tell her.Tia s ex husband is suffering from PTSD and became abusive than he already was She is finally f [...]

    17. E book provided by NetGalley This review is my honest opinion.After being wounded while in service to the military, Army Captain Alex Montoya comes home on leave to heal He has loaned his house to his best friend s sister, Tianna McIntyre, whom he has been in love with forever She is off limits to him, but her very presence stimulates and draws him with every breath Keeping the friends act up is harder than he expected since she is getting divorced from an abusive husband.Tianna is ready to move [...]

    18. Alex Montoya torna a casa dall Afghanistan con una ferita superficiale, sapendo che ad attenderlo trover Tia, sorella del suo migliore amico, che si sta riprendendo dal divorzio Quello che lei non sa che da anni popola i sogni erotici di quello che ha sempre considerato un amico, per essere precisi il migliore amico di suo fratello gemello.Tia sta faticando a rimettere assieme i pezzi della sua vita, dopo che il suo matrimonio naufragato per via di un marito abusante che ha inflitto un grave dan [...]

    19. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review Tianna has been living in her brother s best friend Alex house Alex has been away with the army and when Tianna needed a place to stay after her divorce he gladly offered for her to stay there When he arrives home he tries his best to stay away from her because she is his best friend s sister Tianna is attracted to Alex but years of her husband killing her self esteem she doesn t think he will ever want her They [...]

    20. My Opinion I enjoy this well thought out novella I loved the fact that Tia was a strong character and got out of her terrible marriage This was a great example of love from afar that finally gets ignited Once they get together the sparks start flying I was completely into this book I could easily place myself in Tia and Alex s shoes and feel for both of them It s a tricky situation to like someone s sibling The book was well thought out and was free flowing and easy to read In fact it was a plea [...]

    21. An erotic, engaging tale of two people who have been caught in the evil people do to one another with war Tianna has endured her ex husband s Traumatic Brain Injury in the hope of healing and restoration of their relationship, all to no avail Alex is home on leave after being injured, not only in body but in his soul with the loss of some of his men in his outfit in Afghanistan These two people have longed for some kind of normalcy in their lives and Alex has had his eye on Tianna for years, in [...]

    22. A believable short story of love and lust, fear and trust Tianna has wanted Alex for years but he has always treated her as a little sister Being her big brother s best friend leaves Alex in an awkward situation when it comes to his desire for Tianna They each have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to having sex or a relationship I enjoyed reading their story I loved that Tianna wants and needs to be dominated, but is unsure how to let Alex know And her vulnerability makes th [...]

    23. Alex un capitano dell esercito di ritorno dal fronte Tianna la sorella del suo migliore amico che, per tutta la durata della missione, ha vissuto nella sua casa.Alex da tempo attratto da Tianna, dalle sue forme generose e dalla sua dolcezza, ma non ha mai pensato di farsi avanti, soprattutto per non offendere il suo migliore amico.Tianna perdutamente attratta da Alex, nonostante il suo animo ferito a causa di un matrimonio finito male che ha danneggiato il suo ego e la sua fiducia in se stessa.C [...]

    24. Touch Me Book Review I am so lucky to have received this galley This is a sizzling hot book, submission at its best This book sees a broken woman made wholed then some, when her twin brother s best friend, Alex comes home After her husband turns abusive resultant of his head injury while in the army Alex lets Tia stay at his house, the woman who has had him going crazy with for years, when he returns home suffering an injury things heat up A cute sexy read always a deadly combination, you ll roo [...]

    25. Callie Croix s Touch Me was a hot, sexy and funny story about 2 people who turn from friends housemates to sexy hot loversArriving home injured and on leave from his tour of duty Army Captain Alex Montoya is determined to take his friends only relationship with his housemate Tia a step further Tianna McIntyre has been living since her divorce in her brothers best friends house while he was on his tour of duty Alex unexpected return home brings all her hidden sexual fantasies to the surface, the [...]

    26. This was a great quick read It was well written, I loved the characters and although it was short it didn t really feel short at all like most novellas do Tia was a great female lead character She was strong even though she had been beaten down by the ex and when it came down to it she opened up and got what she wanted And I really liked Alex What a sweetie and yet still very masculine and dominating I love that they both always wanted each other but never knew The ex husband made me mad but the [...]

    27. A sweet and possibly educational romance.It was sweet because it was a pretty fabulous love story The war hero and the girl he s always crushed on but thought was off limits.It was potentially educational because of the experiences of the female protagonist, Tia Escaping from a once wonderful but now abusive relationship is something that many women have had to face Ms Croix wrote Tia s situation in a way that made it understandable and showed the strength she needed while also portraying the ci [...]

    28. This is a short novella I read in one sitting.Tianna is living in Alex s house while he is doing a tour of duty overseas He comes home for a 2 week furlong after being injured She is his best friends twin sister, and as soon as he sees her, he wants her And she wants him.Tia is going through a divorce with an angry verbally abusive man, and has self esteem issues She has fantasies that Alex can fulfill, but will she let him It was a cute little story of course a very sweet HEA

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