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The U. P. Trail By Zane Grey,

  • Title: The U. P. Trail
  • Author: Zane Grey
  • ISBN: 9781406927719
  • Page: 447
  • Format: None
  • 1918 From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure The story begins In the early sixties a trail led from the broad Missouri, swirling yellow and turgid between its green groved borders, for miles and miles out upon the grassy Nebraska plains, turning westward over the undulating prairie, with its swales and billows and long, winding lines o1918 From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure The story begins In the early sixties a trail led from the broad Missouri, swirling yellow and turgid between its green groved borders, for miles and miles out upon the grassy Nebraska plains, turning westward over the undulating prairie, with its swales and billows and long, winding lines of cottonwoods, to a slow, vast heave of rising ground Wyoming where the herds of buffalo grazed and the wolf was lord and the campfire of the trapper sent up its curling blue smoke from beside some lonely stream on and on over the barren lands of eternal monotony, all so gray and wide and solemn and silent under the endless sky on, ever on, up to the bleak, black hills and into the waterless gullies and through the rocky gorges where the deer browsed and the savage lurked then slowly rising to the pass between the great bold peaks, and across the windy uplands into Utah, with its verdant valleys, green as emeralds, and its haze filled canons and wonderful wind worn cliffs and walls, and its pale salt lakes, veiled in the shadows of stark and lofty rocks, dim, lilac colored, austere, and isolated See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.
    The U P Trail From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure The story begins In the early sixties a trail led from the broad Missouri swirling yellow and turgid between its green

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    1. This book was original published in 1918 It is considered a classic western The book is in the public domain now Gray was a dentist who quit to write primarily westerns His first novel was published in 1904 He became one of the most popular western writer and many of his books were made into movies I have read many of his books over the years but, somehow, I missed this one.This book is considered one of his best It also could be classified as a historical novel The book is about the constructio [...]

    2. Meet Allie Lee, the Most Kidnapped Lass in the West, and the sweetheart of Warren Neale, an engineer building the Union Pacific Railway When she isn t being kidnapped and getting people killed left and right in her rescue, and when he isn t working on the railway and moping about her being kidnapped, they love each other truly, deeply, and sweetheartedly.I was surprised when the book ended I thought Zane Grey had finally found the interminable plot.

    3. Tis a dom foine yorn the show hell on wheels is based on this bookNo joke, I recommend to all, this tale should not be lost to history s dusty shelves

    4. This story is what is so great and what is so bad about Zane Grey I want it to be clear that I say this is a great book and I recommend everyone to read it even if you are not a fan of the genre despite its minor flaws.For the vast majority of the book is Grey at his best as he tells the story of the building of the Union Pacific railroad thus the U.P Trail from the perspective of the men who helped build the line If it sounds like Grey was there at the time, he most likely was since he lived in [...]

    5. OK this guy knows how to write an action scene, and he gets that enough practice just in this one book What he doesn t know how to write is characters with personality, plots that make sense, natural dialog, and pretty much everything else that makes a book fun to read But hey, lots of people shoot each other in this book.

    6. I began reading this book because not only did I want an account of what life was like in the old west, I wanted to hear it from the mouth of someone not as far removed from those days Zane Grey was the perfect author for that When they say they don t write books like this any, they mean it The words used, the phrasing, even the sentence structure is unlike anything I d ever read before I read this book alongside a gentleman who goes by Bob R who recorded himself reading it, and it s really adde [...]

    7. I liked it It was the first Zane Grey book I ve read I like the older books Good plot and reading how they worked on the railroad lines was interesting

    8. They wrote em differently in those days Zane Grey s The U P Trail presents such a collage of emotions that one would be pressed to find the author s real feelings below the fictional veneer Does the author lament the taming of the prairies and mountains like the mountain man known as Slingerland Does the author resent the march of progress as represented in the immoral anomie of the boom towns that followed the rail building efforts Does the author see the vision of progress in the protagonist e [...]

    9. An excellent, fast moving tale of the building of the Union Pacific , Harassed by Sioux Indians the tale begins with introduction of Allie Lee, whose mother is killed by the Sioux while traveling within a wagon train on her return to the east Allie survies this harrowing experience and is discovered and rescued by a young engineer of the Union Pacific railroad Love develops and so does the story as obstacles loom in the young couples desire to be married Allie is once again in danger as she is k [...]

    10. Sigh, I haven t read very many Zane Grey books, but I am sure this is not among the best or else he would not have become such a popular writer Certainly this book had moments of magnificence, loads of action, and enough entertainment value to hold my interest The lyrical descriptions of the western terrain and the unimaginable hardships of the building of the Union Pacific were wonderful, and I would not be surprised if this book inspired the Hell On Wheels TV series, however, the love story wa [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this book even with all the twists and turns that teetered on impossible, it seemed to fit and I went along for the ride Zane Grey wrote so poetically throughout this book but especially in a few instances describing a particular scene or describing a character s feelings or circumstance This is a book definitely to read, you will not be disappointed The ending was superb.t often do I approve of an ending and the way it was handled is an epic snyposis It is a masterpiece on [...]

    12. I liked this book The story captures much of the excitement of building the transcontinental railroad as well as giving examples of many of the different types of characters that built it It has a love story mixed into the equation and it has ups and downs than a soap opera Some of this book is dated with its characterizations, but it follows all the old western movies that we grew up watching The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad, and the women are either pure or fallen All s well that [...]

    13. The first half of this book was excellent the second half you wanted to just push through to see how it ended A couple of times you felt like punching the main character in the nose The supporting character, Larry Red King was probably the best character of the book I would like to read a story from his point of view A rough gun toting rough Texan somewhat wrongfully accused in earlier life Some what similar it Grey s Lone Star Ranger character.

    14. Goodness the angst I think Zane Grey is the grandfather of the genre.Neale saves Allie Then he loses her Then she saves herself Then he loses her again Ugh the drama Eventually she is safe and sound Happily ever after ensues.Also in this story is a very detailed story of the beginning of the railroad going the whole way across America If that something that you are into, then this book will fascinate you.Warning this book contains some racist language.

    15. The book covers all aspects of the building of the transcontinental railroad including the driving of the last spike at Promontory Point I ve been there The story concerns the section of the railroad between Omaha, Nebraska and Promontory, Utah and the characters include engineers, Indians, mountain men, Irish laborers, settlers and the inhabitants of the railroad gambling camps.

    16. A typical Zane Grey western novel with the steady hero and the vulnerable heroine winning out in the end against the drama of the building of the transcontinental railroad, the greatest American engineering feat of the 19th century An enjoyable read, as I haven t read a Zane Grey western in some years.

    17. I loved this account of the men that moved the Union Pacific from the East toward Promontory Point The surveying methods used were primitive, but to get a railroad across that kind of terrain and cross that kind of distance is amazing.

    18. From my notes Neale finds Allie, and tries to take care of her He works on the R.R He loses Allie several times Each time he finds her He ends up as a gambler among other things in Benton, Red King His cowboy friend, brother of King Fisher, he almost kills.

    19. I don t expect this is as good as I remember but when I was eleven years old I loved this book I was so shocked when one of the most important characters in my eyes got shot, i cried and cried Happy memory of childhood.

    20. A lot going in this tale Almost a little too much How many times can one loose someone A typical Zane read Lots of descriptive details.

    21. A delightful and refreshing story about life, love, and sacrafice Throught the lives of very strong characters, an examination of life that still rings ture today.

    22. Started this, but left it up at the cabin, so it will be put aside literally until I can get back up there Looooong first sentence.

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