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Romancing the Mob Boss By Mallory Monroe,

  • Title: Romancing the Mob Boss
  • Author: Mallory Monroe
  • ISBN: 2940012790460
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Nook
  • Trina Hathaway is a waitress in a Las Vegas strip joint who spends a romantic evening with a good looking hunk she met at the club Hoping to see him again, but not disappointed when she doesn t, she goes on with her life But a week later, when she interviews for a job at the renowned PaLargio Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip, and discovers that the owner of the hotelTrina Hathaway is a waitress in a Las Vegas strip joint who spends a romantic evening with a good looking hunk she met at the club Hoping to see him again, but not disappointed when she doesn t, she goes on with her life But a week later, when she interviews for a job at the renowned PaLargio Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip, and discovers that the owner of the hotel is the man she had slept with, a man who very much wishes to rekindle what they had captured that passionate night, her entire life spirals into a new and dramatic world where family ties and ever increasing violence ropes them in.Reno Gabrini is a man s man who knew, the first time he spent an evening with her, that Trina was the woman for him But he soon discovers that capturing her heart was not going to be as easy as ordering his minions around, especially with his mob connections that keeps their romance in a constant state of uncertainty But his love for Trina makes him bound and determined to do all he can to keep her, even if it means forsaking all others.In an interracial romance that tests the very essence of love, Reno and Trina discovers that there are no easy answers, and no perfect endings, but that their love and devotion to each other can help them find the way.
    Romancing the Mob Boss Trina Hathaway is a waitress in a Las Vegas strip joint who spends a romantic evening with a good looking hunk she met at the club Hoping to see him again but not disappointed when she doesn t she g

    One thought on “Romancing the Mob Boss”

    1. Good Grief.This had SO much potential and I can tell Ms Monroe has a lot of potential for storytelling But it did not come to fruition in this book, lol For one, I had to assume that the way she had Reno Co speaking was her attempt at maybe a NY Bronx Italian wise guy accent I don t know But it was like wiseguy hoodrat rolled into one Inconsistent and kind of sorry Two, what is UP with the persistent, repetitive, COMPLETELY overzealous usage of the freakin word pound with this book I mean, liter [...]

    2. I was really disappointed with this book It has such a great story line and so much potential and then it was written in the worst English I have ever been forced to readI didn t want a book written in horrible ghetto language Soooo badddd.The story itself was okay It seemed super rushed to me It could have been so much better, but something obviously went horribly wrong along the way Wording was a huge part of thatThe fact that the word pounding was the word chosen to describe their sexHow unro [...]

    3. The plot was actually pretty good It held my interest and I liked the characters well enough I think with a bit of editing, it could be a three star book The sexy times were not well written though At all Period If I had to read the word pound one time my eyes were going to roll back into my head never to return.

    4. romancenoveljunkies for book lovers and readersIEF SUMMARYTrina is a waitress in Las Vegas, trying to make a living While in Vegas, she meets Reno, who is Italian and the owner of the Palargio Hotel and Casino After falling for Reno, Trina learns that he could be connected to the mob With her discovery, Trina must decide if she can weather the storm with Reno THOUGHTSI really enjoyed this book, but there are a few BUTS that really had me disputing the rating I wanted to give the book The story d [...]

    5. Trina Hathaway is anxious to see if the interview she has at PaLargio Hotel and Casino will lead to the management job she has applied for What she doesn t expect is that the owner is the man she just spent a night with Reno Gabrini knew when he saw Trina he had to have her but he never expected to fall hard for the strong woman who has no problem putting him in his place He needs to tell her he is the son of a mob boss, will she be able to stay by his side once she learns the truth.This had a f [...]

    6. The Ultimate Mob connection What better connection is there to have with the mob boss than being his lady There really is no higher position especially if he loves you and you love him The only thing that can spoil this love match is uncertainty Reno and Trina genuinely have a strong attraction to each other which turns eventually rather quickly into love So there is no question there The problem happens when Reno s father who is a total badass and definitely a mob boss gets into it with another [...]

    7. Romancing the Mob Boss is a passionate and entertaining IR read Trina and Reno, the main characters, share an amazing connection Although past relationships, the mob, and family troubles test often the durability of the couple s love.What I enjoyed most about the narrative is that Dominic Reno Gabrini, is not a typical hero , as stated in the story, he s no saint He s a strong man who makes no excuses for his actions or family connections I loved that the story took place in Las Vegas one of my [...]

    8. There were so many flaws with this book that it took away from me really enjoying it I found myself not liking Reno The way he spoke was ridiculous The repetitive use of words in the same conversation drove me nuts Then I couldn t even handle the sex scenes Too much pounding and nothing else.

    9. Fun story, but the grammar is pretty horrible Also, it s spelled Luigi , not Louwegie I am excited to read the rest knowing the crossover between the characters and her other books.

    10. Sheesh He pounds her on 25 separate occasions But then there was that one time when he was too emotionally distraught and he, and I quote didn t pound her the way he usually did, he caressed her with his lovemaking Girl whet.lolol

    11. Nice story and good dialogue that is often funny However, the constant use of pounded and banged to describe lovemaking was beyond tedious I can only hope the author s word choice improves as the series progresses I do love the dynamic between Tree Reno.

    12. This book is such a good read I didn t know what was going to happen next Reno, that man is something special and he is tough, loyal, and has a heat that is special You will love this book.

    13. I loved it It was a great read and I love how Reno loves Trina and wants to protect her from the dangers of his life.

    14. Rough but alright Trina was a bit too gullible for me in this one On one hand she had backbone and on the other she was a puppet Reno s character seemed so stereotypical that it was kind of insulting The way he talked and interacted seemed like a bad mob movie interpretation He went from tough guy to crying his eyes out in a paragraph The situation with his family was brief and not really believable If his father was as strong as we should believe what happened shouldn t have happened Aside from [...]

    15. Could have given this four stars but some serious editing is needed Also, Reno s dialect had me stumped I wasn t sure if he was speaking broken english or if he was a thug from the hood I expected him to sound intelligent, since he was a respected business man Other than that, the story held my attention and kept me wondering what would happen next Trina was a strong character that didn t take no bull Reno finally met his match with her but his softer side shone through, which made him likeabl [...]

    16. Good grief I m in love Well this was a gift from a friend and I read it slowly just to get the full taste this man Reno and his boo Tree If you want to know what had me laughing, cheering and singing this couple praise Come get the book

    17. This book was amazing I fell in love with Reno and Trina in the third chapter OMG I just wished I was Trina Reno falls hard for her Love it Love it.

    18. interesting readI was pleasantly surprised and read the book cover to cover in one day The h and H are believable and likable, despite the wise guy and ghetto language.

    19. I was about halfway in when I realized I m wasting my time There s a plot that wants to be good somewhere in this, but the author doesn t know how to write it And what s with all the pounding Microsoft Word actually offers a suggested synonyms feature Can the hero do something besides pound At one point he prodded her and poked and even scraped her insides Scraping is not hot Most women do not desire to be scraped, right I think it s safe to say that a woman who feels scraped is a woman who is n [...]

    20. UncertainHow to even begin, Trina was childish and immature The way her and Reno spoke was something to be desired, a complete turn off I am not sure what was missing, but the book fell flat I wish I could get my money back, for a over priced book It should of been priced at 0.99.

    21. This book has me intrigued to continue on with the series, but there were a few things that I thought could have been done better The storyline was interesting and it got better as it went along, but the writing style in the beginning mid way through the book was a bit elementary I almost wanted to put the book down Trina and Reno had good chemistry together, but their love scenes could have been way better All they did was a lot of pounding not my word but mentioned in the book many times For t [...]

    22. Good plot poorly executed The wise guy lingo was a bit much It took the are you talking , yes i m talking to you, are you talking to me you must be talking to me to a whole other level i waited until the end of the book for the the female lead to romance the boos as the title implied I would have settled for him romancing her and making the title imply that she was in fact the boss of his heart or something there was absolutely no chemistry between the 2 leads The female lead was flakey and the [...]

    23. This is an ok book I don t like to leave bad reviews for a book because I think the effort the author puts in deserves credit, however, this book was a waste of time The characters are not developed enough, the editing was poor, the end scene was a jumble and the whole book felt like it was rushed This is also a very skinny book with very large font The sex scenes are repetitive and poorly written also, not that it truly matters, but the book cover is very amateur if you want a quick read with v [...]

    24. ROMANCING THE MOB BOSS The Mob Boss Series Book 1 Dominic Gabrini is a legit businessman with a father who s The Mob Boss from Vegas He meets Katherine Hathaway, a waitress at a dive strip club Long story short, Dominic likes Trina and hires her to manage his upscale club, falls in love and changes her lifestyle This novella was pretty s l o w and couldn t keep my interest long enough to finish It was bland.Perhaps the storyline picks up in this series with a lil bloody warfare, believable confl [...]

    25. This book was just OK for me The characters were not developed enough for me and there were not enough details to make me invested in the story The book felt like it was 50% sex and 50% story After reading Sienna Mynx s Battaglia Mafia Series, I guess I was spoiled with well developed characters and well written, researched material I will say that there were some funny parts and Reno came across as a wise guy However, I felt the price for the book was too much for this short story I m not sure [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this story but there were a few things that did not sit well with me and as I read other reviews this seems to be a problem that quit a few reviewers hade word pounding every time they had sex was so irritating.but all in all it was a entertaining readThe plot was actually pretty good and Reno and Trina did have GREAT chemistry so I will keep on to the next book since I have become a big fan of mob stories.

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