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The Sheriff of Shelter Valley By Tara Taylor Quinn,

  • Title: The Sheriff of Shelter Valley
  • Author: Tara Taylor Quinn
  • ISBN: 9780373710874
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Sheriff of Shelter Valley None

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    1. The Sheriff of Shelter Valley is the sixth book in the Shelter Valley Stories series by American author, Tara Taylor Quinn Beth Allen and her son Ryan have been in Shelter Valley for six months Beth has a cleaning business and tries to keep a low profile, but it isn t easy with Sheriff Greg Richards taking a romantic interest in her Greg is perplexed by her reticence, but what he doesn t realise is that Beth doesn t know the answers his questions about her past because she has no memory of it Al [...]

    2. The book had a Sheriff and the author name begins with Q, as I had to read a Q book for another spell it challenge, I chose this book.It was a small town cop romance with an amnesia heroine and a small child Though there was a small amount of suspense, the story stayed mainly with the main characters It was a fast read The hero was a cute cop He was the one to root for The heroine did not trust him till the very end to tell her secrets which kind of frustrated.

    3. Very surprised that I liked this story I would not have picked it because of the book cover but it was a bonus book that was included with Suspicious The Sheriff of Shelter Valley by Heather Graham

    4. I read this because it was in another author s book as an extra I really didn t like it though I didn t like the story line and it didn t seem plausible to me

    5. AmazingMystery,suspense and plenty of thrills.This one has it all.I never figured out just what was really happening.Kept me guessing right up to the end.

    6. Beth Allen wakes up with a little boy and no memory of her past She reads an article about Shelter Valley Arizona and how it helped another woman cope with her past and decides that would be the best place to reside with her son while working on remembering The Sheriff of Shelter Valley is interested in Beth Allen This is scary for Beth since she doesn t know her own history or that of the little boy she calls her son Can she build a relationship for her and her son while coming to terms with a [...]

    7. Beth Allen and her son Ryan have found refuge in the small town of Shelter Valley Beth is suffering from amnesia and feels that she is threatened by something or someone but cannot remember Gregg Richards, the sheriff, is attracted to Beth but frustrated that she won t tell him anything about her past Then he sees a postcard with a photo of a missing boy named Brian He could pass for Ryan but Ryan has auburn hair Did Beth kidnap and run with her child Gregg is also investigating recent carjackin [...]

    8. This was meant to be complete escape listening while accomplishing another project Turns out the only escape I wanted was from the book Overblown, unbelievable and wrapped up in about 30 pages after lots of angst I definitely do not recommend.

    9. This was a relatively complicated story There is her amnesia and what she s running from, then he s investigating carjackings that lead to murders and drug runners An awful lot going on in small town USA but the storylines are clear and both pieces, plus the romance really work well.

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