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Brocart de toamnă By Teru Miyamoto Angela Hondru,

  • Title: Brocart de toamnă
  • Author: Teru Miyamoto Angela Hondru
  • ISBN: 9789736893278
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • C nd so ul ei este descoperit z c nd ntr o balt de s nge, ntr o camer de hotel, al turi de corpul ne nsufle it al unei tinere, lumea lui Aki se pr bu e te Yasuaki supravie uie te, dar iubirea care i lega pe cei doi so i nu Pe fiecare l a teapt un calvar care dureaz zece ani via a lui Yasuaki devine o nesf r it cobor re, al c rei deznod m nt amenin s fie fataC nd so ul ei este descoperit z c nd ntr o balt de s nge, ntr o camer de hotel, al turi de corpul ne nsufle it al unei tinere, lumea lui Aki se pr bu e te Yasuaki supravie uie te, dar iubirea care i lega pe cei doi so i nu Pe fiecare l a teapt un calvar care dureaz zece ani via a lui Yasuaki devine o nesf r it cobor re, al c rei deznod m nt amenin s fie fatal c ci t n rul ajunge s fie h r uit de Yakuza , iar Aki ncearc s i uite trecutul printr o c s torie aranjat Exist oare karma Pl tesc cei doi pentru p catele comise ntr o via anterioar , sau pentru c nu au ncercat s i salveze iubirea La cap tul lungului drum pe care l au parcurs dup ce s au desp r it, Aki i Yasuaki i leap d m tile i caut r spunsul la ntreb rile pe care nu au ndr znit s i le pun p n acum.
    Brocart de toamn C nd so ul ei este descoperit z c nd ntr o balt de s nge ntr o camer de hotel al turi de corpul ne nsufle it al unei tinere lumea lui Aki se pr bu e te Yasuaki supravie uie te dar iubirea care i l

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    1. Miyamoto is the second Japanese author I read a book from It was a present from my friend At first I left it unread, although I usually cannot wait to start a new book, discover a new world Because that s what this was for me I do not know very much about Japanese habits, traditions other than the usual things about geisha s and that there is a punctual railroad system.I was afraid that I might not like the book, because it was a novel in letters I find it difficult to read letters in a book and [...]

    2. Kinshu Autumn Brocade by Miyamoto Teru is a beautiful tapestry of love, forgiveness, and healing This novel takes the form of letters between two people once married ten years before Yasuaki and Aki.A chance encounter begins the novel And like all events in life, chance imposes its own way, without our consent, in a seemingly capricious manner Aki, the ex wife of Yasuaki, is driven by desire to come to terms with her past and begins a correspondence with Yasuaki.The plot is intruiguing throughou [...]

    3. This book is an English translation of a Japanese novel written in the form of letters exchanged between a divorced couple after running into each other by chance after ten years Through their letters we learn of the events leading up to their divorce and how their lives have unfolded since Themes of karma and choice, failure and redemption run throughout this book The storyline was interesting and I was eager to learn of this couple s history as the letters progressed The translation seemed a [...]

    4. A beautiful prose, like a delicate lace It s very appropriate to have it titled as brocade.Many things look clearer when looked from a distant, whether in space or time.

    5. I ve read this book twice now and really enjoyed it each time The tone is lovely and gentle I wish the publisher would print of this author s work in English translation.

    6. The problem with epistolary novels, as I see it, is they re unrealistic at the core Real people don t write letters with such novelistic attention to detail and an unfailing memory of dialogue that is necessary to make the novel absorbing in the first place Thus it s difficult for me to look past that inherent unreality and simply enjoy the contents I began and abandoned Kinshu many times before telling my mind to shut up and proceed, so it s a shock to me that I finally became compelled enough [...]

    7. H i k v ng qu cho cu n n y n n b th t v ng o n u c a cu n n y nh m kinh l n c, may m v sau c chuy n c a Reiko v nam ch nh qu n t n r i c u v t l y o n u ch n kinh khi p y.

    8. The book is in the form of different letters between the two main characters The style is very interesting and I enjoyed reading this book In moments, it got very deep and spiritual, but that s to be expected with Japanese culture and what I love I really liked this book, it was different from anything I ve ever read I don t think I ll remember any detail after a month, meaning it didn t give me the WOW feeling of being so original and mind blowing Therefore 3 stars.

    9. Reader won t understant the book if he knows nothing about Japanese culture If you do, this book will open new doors in your brain A conversation between main characters shows flip side of the Japan Book is very interesting, breathtaking.

    10. I loved this little number I might have found it a tad boring had i read it when i was younger, but it now tastes like ripened wine Affairs of the heart are always up my alley

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    12. Th ch nh t cu n n y l i v n phong m m m i, uy n chuy n v s n, r i t i nh c Mozart4 sao v rung ng l ng m nh, v th y ng c m

    13. 1 extremely dramatic piece of literature 2 this book would probably make a great Japanese soap opera 3 this book also possesses the only instance I ve seen the word rattletrap used for car yway, Miyamoto s Kinshu is a brief collection of letters between two reconnecting by chance divorcees like many other pieces of Japanese lit I ve read, our author Miyamoto takes time to illustrate each emotion our two characters feel the realistic and refined descriptive writing in this book is vaguely reminis [...]

    14. Review in English followed by review in French Critique en anglais suivie de critique en fran ais I can t express how much this book moved me I wouldn t even be able to explain why Maybe it is because lots of things in this story remind me of my own life, even though the context is extremely different But I don t think this is the only reason The writing, the style, are beautiful and carries a very strange poetry which find its strength in the triviality of life This story is not tragic or sad a [...]

    15. Divorced couple after 10 yers In past, hero cheated on heroine, he had mistress his former classmate whom he loved all his life but his wife, too , who killed herself and atempted to kill him, too Heroine s father demanded their divorce She didn t want it, but he felt terrible guilty toward her and he divorced her because it It so remind me Murakami s novel South of border She married another man, who cheated on her again and with him she had damaged child Her former husband messed his life comp [...]

    16. C u chuy n n gi n, kh ng c g c bi t C ch k chuy n b ng th nghe qua c ng h i s n s a Nh ng n u kh ng l t tr n h t y u u i v nh ng suy ngh r i qu n trong ru t gan th c ph i l ng i ta v n h t ng y n y qua th ng kh c l a d i nhau v l a d i ch nh m nh kh ng L i t s th t th c a h th t khi n ng i c b cu n theo m ch truy n i u c bi t n a l ch t nh c v ch t h a trong S c l Momiji S c a c a ho i ni m v tr n tr , sau nhi u gi ng t cu c i C n nh c Mozart c khai tri n theo chi u k ch tri t h c v con t o xoay [...]

    17. Premisa era buna Cu zece ani in urma Aki a aflat ca sotul ei, Yasuaki, plecat intr o calatorie de afaceri, a fost gasit de politie intr o camera de hotel provincial, injunghiat de doua ori si aproape mort Langa el, cu gatul retezat, se gasea o misterioasa si frumoasa tanara Divortul a venit rapid si oarecum firesc, si fiecare a incercat sa isi refaca viata Se regasesc intamplator dupa zece ani si incearca, prin scrisori, sa se regaseasca fiecare pe sine si fiecare pe celaltalt Celalalt, devenit [...]

    18. Aki and Yasuari were once a married couple, but after an incident where Yasuaki faces near death, and Aki finds out about her husband s infidelity, life changes drastically for the both of them.A chance encounter stimulates a correspondance between Aki and Yasuaki, exchanging long letters, allowing a free flow of emotions and feelings that have long since been kept secret Through this exchange of thoughts, the past is explained, the present becomes clear, and the future seems to hold hope than [...]

    19. An epistolary novel letters exchanged between a divorced couple long out of touch Surprisingly, something of a page turner, owing to the dramatic events of the past that unfold in the letters I want to go to the Mozart Cafe, where one of the characters goes and comes to love Mozart, the cafe s exclusive soundtrack I didn t love this book it felt like a pleasant diversion But how condescending that sounds Overall, though, it seemed sentimental and the voices in the letters seemed not quite true, [...]

    20. O carte pe cat de frumoasa, pe atat de trista De citit intr o duminica ploioasa de toamna, nu atat datorita titlului, ci pentru ca mi se pare ca are exact farmecul anotimpului cu pricina frumusetea frunzelor ruginii cu atat mai frumoase cu cat sunt deja batute de melancolia sfarsitului, dar soptind intre ele despre speranta in viata cea noua din primavara urmatoare.Este povestea unei iubiri tradate, spusa cu o delicatete uluitoare , dupa cum comenteaza Washington Post, un roman emotionant, in ca [...]

    21. A very emotional novel, a mature analysis of relationships, karma and the will to take lead of one s life The book is a poetical reflection upon the big questions in life, inspired by the melancholical beauty of Japanese autumn on the Za mountain The style through which the main characters actually unveil their deepest emotions and untold feelings is perhaps the most personal possible besides face to face handwritten letters Throughout the book, the parallels and contradictions between Aki and Y [...]

    22. I took this book thinking it could be a mystery book because of suicide attempted murder of one of the characters, which is itself the incident that sparked this correspondence the main characters were holding but I found something very different an exchange of letters of a former couple, with all their feelings and experiences past and present flowing in and out It is a book very different to what I usually read but I am quite surprised that I enjoyed it The characters grow on me easily and the [...]

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