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ಪರ್ವ [Parva] By S.L. Bhyrappa,

  • Title: ಪರ್ವ [Parva]
  • Author: S.L. Bhyrappa
  • ISBN: 9788172016593
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Parva considered to be the Magnum Opus of Bhyrappa, is the interpretation of the Mahabharata from the point of view of 20th century mind The Mahabharata story is removed from its mythological elements and the whole theme and characters are placed in the historical time of 12th century B.C in India Bhyrappa spent five years in researching the social, economic and culturalParva considered to be the Magnum Opus of Bhyrappa, is the interpretation of the Mahabharata from the point of view of 20th century mind The Mahabharata story is removed from its mythological elements and the whole theme and characters are placed in the historical time of 12th century B.C in India Bhyrappa spent five years in researching the social, economic and cultural details of the period.
    Parva Parva considered to be the Magnum Opus of Bhyrappa is the interpretation of the Mahabharata from the point of view of th century mind The Mahabharata story is removed from its mythological elements

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    1. I started this book out of curiosity I was curious to know what logical reasons S.L Bhyrappa had tried to give in his book de mythologizing the original tale in a believable way, which is quite a challenge in itself Well, I must say this interpretation of Mahabharata is very practical and convincing It gives realistic reasoning to all most all the mythical facts Basically this book focuses on telling how all characters here are just humans with no super power and how they act and react to a giv [...]

    2. Parva means Festival in Sanskrit And it also means chapter or lessonParva uses monologue as a technique for the non mythological retelling of the MahabharataIt is written by acclaimed Kannada author S L Byrappa I have read this book in two languages One in the language it was originally written Kannada and in english Dr K Raghavendra Rao s translation is not only true to the topic, but also gives complete justice to the book i was afraid the original essence will be lost In Parva very character [...]

    3. For the past year or so I have been trying to cover most of the books from the mahabharata.quora Note and while I am nearing the end of that reading list, this book stands out as the best demythologized version of the Mahabharata I have read so far In this book, the all too familiar epic is narrated from the point of view of many of its participants, each stripped of any possible divine connection and treated as flawed human beings Apart from creating extremely believable characters the author a [...]

    4. Mahabharatha mythology or history This is not just a novel but an well researched book on the subject Must have won a Nobel if not written in Kannada language

    5. This is a FANTASTIC book on the Indian epic Mahabharat While there is debate on whether this story is mythology or an actual event, the author has done a spectacular job of writing the epic in a believable, it could have actually happened way The author spent decades in researching the actual customs traditions in ancient India has justified many actions events outlined in the epic, that otherwise is regularly classified as fictional godly.The epic is an important revered book for the hindus, wi [...]

    6. Mythology rarely provides an explanation for their characters motivation or offer reasons to their actions Parva retells Mahhabharata stripping it off its mythological elements and giving the characters humanity that can be related to Will be reviewing in detail

    7. I have been dabbling in interpretation of Mahabharata by various authors in past few years Started with R K Lakshman then Gurcharan Das then Chitra Divakurni and then Devdatt Patnaik Devdatt tried a little bit to make Mahabharata humane and tale of people during those ancient times He started good but then later fell into trap pf glorifying characters in the epic He teased me to see The Epic as a reflection of society of ancient people and there evolution then a Mythology SLB takes from where [...]

    8. By far, the best book I have read about Mahabharata If you are interested in understanding how the real life would have been, instead of bollywood style two flowers touching each other, who actually would have begot whom, and than that, what those human beings would have thought and done this is the book to read.

    9. A brilliant original take on Mahabharata stripping it completely of its divine elements and holiness of characters A dozen point of views thru a lot of monologues, a no of questions and observations that i have not found in the dozen other books on d epic that i have read.

    10. One of the most best books on Mahabharatha fromeach characters point of viewBhyrappa is a hidden gem in regional Indian literature Happy I got to read his translation

    11. De mythologized Mahabharata This has got be interesting A retelling of Mahabharata in a new format characters reminiscing their lives, with replacement of divine and mythical events in the original with realistic ones Consider me intrigued.

    12. PARVA Well, by far my favorite Kannada novel I wish fantasy directors like Peter Jackson take a look at this gem of a novel by S.L.B Parva is one of the rare documentations of the epic Mahabharatha, which is logical and based on Science rather than on stories and legends A must read for all Kannada novel fans.

    13. This book from Bhyrappa contains about the final war between Kauravas Pandavas This book has mainly 2 specialities 1 Depicting the story in such way that it looks possible in the current world we are living 2 Highlighting the war but not neglecting the back story ie he reveals in his sense the truth of birth of Pancha Pandavas.

    14. I am a fan of Mahabharata and will read anything of quality that comes my way.What I loved about the way SLB presented this story was how he tore away the curtains of all the drama of magic, Gods, super human strength and all that makes it a wonderful tale.He humanizes Bhim, Arjun to a point you are actually thinking, Oh, yes this is how one would think Arjun who was the best archer in the whole of Aryan land has a sense of arrogance and pride in his craft and it is justified.Bhim who is huge an [...]

    15. I had read Mritunjay and Radheya before this book but parva completely changed my perspective on mahabharat.It is basically a book which has removed all the godly aspects from the mahabharat and it gives us normals individuals who commit mistakes.Also bhairappa has cited many references when he writes about anything and also he has travelled extensively throughout india before writing this book.What i loved from this book was how he has explained that the five pandavas were born out of niyog whi [...]

    16. I read the Tamil translation of this Kannada novel It is a very notable modern renderning of the Mahabharata The author deconstructs the multiple layers of the story and presents it as essentially a great human drama set in the socio political, cultural landscape of ancient IndiaAll references to supernatural elements in the story are removed The novels narrative succeeds in beautifully portraying the inner struggles and conflicts of the various characters along with the outward turmoils and ev [...]

    17. There is no doubt that the story telling of SLB is awesome I really like his books, Gruhabhanga, Vamshavruksha But in parva , in effort of de mythologizing mahabharatha, he has twisted its story itself I do not recommend the book for those who wants to know mahabaharata and get some good from it I should say that , Parva is not the mahabaratha story , rather its just another social novel of SLB I would recommend the books by Devudu and K.S Narayanacharya to actually know about the epic and get s [...]

    18. The book showcases a different viewpoint of what happened during, before and after mahabharatha It gives the perspective of some of the characters in the story in a way which has not been done before It s like a good behind the scene view of what is usually portrayed as mahabharatha.The book has not been written well as it appears to be the direct translation from kannada, but if that bit can be ignored, the story and the information is quite captivating The book ends very abruptly.

    19. well.I am fortunate to read original Kannada version and this was my first bhyrappa novel oh what an experience.s most humanized mythological masterpiece I have ever readI liked self reflecting monologues that each character engages in it bheema,Arjuna or draupadi.s written in most innovative technique known in Kannada lit

    20. Fantastic rendering of the Great Epic as it might have happened, without the mythology or divine interventions This book presents the dilemma faced by individual characters of the epic, and why they did what they did Highly recommended.

    21. So far, Bhyrappa s best novel A reinterpretation of Mahabharatha by revisiting those elements of the epic which seem too far fetched and away from reality One of the best novels of Kannada literature and an indispensable part of its history.

    22. Superb worka fresh way of looking at the characters of Mahabharataally makes you feel pity for Draupadi and Kuntiquestions arise on the way we respect Yudhisthira and Arjunafantastic perspective

    23. amazing book Must read Rationally explained mahabharata I hope the english translation is made available so that non kannadigas can read this epic novel.

    24. A brilliant retelling of the Mahabharata as an ancient Indian political battle with morally grey actors Bhyrappa clearly did a lot of research and it shows in how geography and history combine to give plausible political tensions like the Panchala Kuru divide I liked that everything had a rational explanation and that the plot was devoid of divinity I would rate it 4.5 stars, one less for what I felt was the treatment of Karna as a minor character, and, what I felt was, the lazy treatment of Gan [...]

    25. We have a perception of all the stories that were told to us It takes a long time for us to develop our own perspective Some never develop any Mahabharata, Ramayana, are such stories They have been told retold in a particular fashion and any deviation from the so called standards is never tolerated.Well This is changing off late Many Indian writers are retelling the stories in their own way.Parva is one such book that is a reinterpretation of the Mahabharata Any attempt to explain it is a waste [...]

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